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Site visit report

“A technical site visit to precast manufacturing plant to understand the process of precast
columns, beams, staircase, lintels, slabs & girders.”

 Date: - Saturday, 24th march 2018.

 Time: - 7.00am to 10.00pm.
 Location:- B.G.Shirke const. Tech. Pvt. Ltd. Taloja , Navi Mumbai.
 Faculty Coordinator:- Mrs.A.G.Tanawade, VIIT- ICI Chapter,Pune
 VIIT Faculty:- Mrs.S.L.Gore, Mr.A.D.Ladhe,Mr.Rahul Sawnat
 Non Teaching Staff :- Mrs.Hemlata Bankar

B.G.Shirke Team – Navi Mumbai

 Vice president : Shrikant Vaidya

GM : Shrikhande sir
Chief PM : YG Suroshe
PM : Kulkarni sir
PM : Pathak sir
PM : Sudhrik sir
 Sector 22 Site visit engineers
Er. Nitesh Chavan
Er. Chetan
Er. Salim
 Factory visit Engineers
Construction Manager : Bhosale sir
Er. Gayatri ma'am
Er. Sujit Deverker
Er. Pankaj
Er. Yogesh Jadhav
 VIIT Students – BE CIVIL – 50 nos


B.G.Shirke Construction Technology Private limited (BGSCTPL), formerly known as B.G.Shirke

& Company, was established in 1944 by its founder chairman, Mr. B.G.Shirke. It is a multi-
disciplinary civil, mechanical and electrical engineering consortium with seven international
technology tie-up and over 12000 workforces.
It is vibrant, dynamic and integral part of modern India, significantly contributing industrial,
economic, social progress.B.G.Shirke also pioneered and patented the “3S System” in India. 3S
System means – Strength, Safety, and Speed.

 Strength: - Trained & Skilled employees, fully automated plant is their strength.
 Safety: - For all the students they gave safety helmets.
 Speed: - for each & every activity there are machines, so whole work get boost up. Hence
they achieve speed in production, transportation and construction.

The company has so far executed more than 2, 00,000 dwelling units using 3S System both in
India & Overseas.

We were reached on site at 11’O clock. The Site details explained by Er. Shrikhande sir – GM
Project and further we had proceeded for visit with Project Manager Vaidya Sir other team

Slab platform

Machine set up
Site Observations:-

The visited site has proposed G+11 floors plan. The construction is in progress, the footing
construction is almost done up to plinth level. The building consists of around 1,00,000+ columns,
2,00,000+ beams, 54,000+ plinth beams, 18,000+ slabs. This entire units are precast units; all are
casted in factory as per specification under control system.

They have to construct around 180+ mass housing scheme, some of them are G+11 and some are
G+14. All building are resting on hard black basalt, about 90% building foundation are rest on
directly on basalt and only 10% on pile foundation.

Factory shed
Layouts of all Building

Completed Footings
The whole precast plant is fully automated plant all work is done by heavy machineries minimum
amount of labour are there. For each and every activity machines are used. i.e. For cutting of bars,
for stirrups, for welding etc. For lifting of reinforcement and precast member there are heavy

The factory consists of batching plant, storage plant. They cast all the units separately i.e. there
are separate place for slab, beams, columns etc. The whole unit is made sequentially by fully
automated machines and it takes around 40min to 45 min to complete one cycle.

We had seen the casting process during the slab casting is in progress, the placing of
reinforcement, its cover, its spacing, amount of concrete poured, its compaction etc. M30 grade of
concrete is used for the entire unit with vary slumps as follow.
Components Slump (from top) in mm
Slabs 50-55
Beams, Lintels, plinth beams 55
columns 0
footings 50-55

B.G.Shirke & Company is expert in the field of construction in following areas:-

 Mass housing scheme

 Residential multi-storeyed building
 Commercial buildings
 Industrial buildings
 IT parks
 Roads
 Bridge, flyover, underpass.
 Airports

B.G.Shirke & Company’s Clients: -

1. National Highway Authority of India, Delhi

2. Maharashtra Housing & Area Development Authority (MHADA)
3. City & Industrial Development Authority (CIDCO)
4. Hindustan Construction Company Limited, Pune
5. Pune Municipal Corporation Shivajinagar, Pune
6. Karnataka Housing Board, Bangalore
7. Kalyani Breakes pvt ltd, Pune
8. Bharat Forge Limited Mundhwa, Pune

Column Reinforcement Beam Reinforcement

Beam Casting Casted Beam

Slab Reinforcement Slab Casting

Bar Cutting, Welding machine

B.G.Shirke - Staff, VIIT Staff and VIIT Students

B.G.Shirke - Staff, VIIT Staff and VIIT Students

B.G.Shirke - Staff, VIIT Staff and VIIT Students

The visit was concluded with vote of thanks by Prof. A.G.Tanawade. The site visit was very
informative and the students got the feel and knowledge about the different processes required to
Manufacture precast elements for construction purposes.