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05/05/19 Patch:


Fixed being able to see a big hole in the plane's cargo hold.
Fixed Miguel not spawning.
Fixed NPCs walking through windows in chapter 5.
Fixed robots disappearing in chapter 9.
Fixed robots in chapter 5 not patrolling properly.
Fixed the cell doors in UNATCO having the wrong texture scale.
Made some NPCs in chapter 1 patrol instead of wandering.
Made the level transitions in chapter 5 and 6 match.
Miguel now goes to the exit door when told to get a break for it.
Removed the fake cardboard box vent from chapter 5.
Reverted a keypad's code to 9999.
Reverted the strength of the fan in the Vandenberg control room.
Unlocked the big vent at the PRCS Wallcloud.
Unlocked a door in the final level.


ADS aug now requires a direct line of sight to the projectile to

detonate it.
AI can no longer see through bushes, trees, destroyed cars, vans,
vending machines, or trash bags.
Improved AI sniper accuracy.
Increased accuracy of GEP gun.
Increased accuracy of plasma rifle.
Fixed ammo for weapons sometimes not spawning if too close to a wall.
Made mantling height scale with skill level.
Military bots now do more damage to other robots.
Reduced damage of commando rockets.
Reduced damage of gray spit.
Reduced damage of taser darts.
Reduced damage of tranq darts.
Reduced the damage of gas clouds back to vanilla levels.
Reduced how often tear gas can hurt.
Removed "BPN-021" augmentation, replaced it with "Metabolic
Enhancement", moved Energy Shield to BPN-021's place, moved Metabolic Enhancement
to Energy Shield's place.
Slightly reduced some damage on 'Very Easy' difficulty.
Tear gas now blinds the player.


Added "SetCrossHairTo x" command to change crosshair graphics, x can be

any number from 0-18.
Added ability to disable passive augmentations.
ADS aug no longer detects grenades planted on walls.
AllAmmo cheat now gives ammo for secondary and tertiary ammos you don't
Allowed dragging items out of the inventory to drop them.
Allowed players to change weapons and use stuff while using Fly or
Ghost cheat.
Can no longer make datacubes fly away with explosive damage.
Disallowed gibbing in chapter 4.
Fixed decorations thrown with the muscle aug not taking damage when
hitting something.
Fixed water coolers playing a looping sound when used.
Fixed women sometimes making a male sound when dying.
Ported inventory swapping code from Vanilla Matters.
Ported item refusal from Revision.
Ported NG+ from Revision.
Security cameras now play their ambient sound again.
Trying to grenade climb in hardcore now makes the grenade fall instead
of explode.
Zyme now damages the head.

02/27/19 Patch:


Allowed mantling with no legs.

Changed stamina loss and regeneration rate.
Increased tear gas duration from 5 to 7 seconds when you don't have the
Made it impossible to throw bodies as projectiles with the muscle aug.


Fixed movement speed on ladders being increased when holding the 'walk'
Fixed NPCs not lip syncing in the intro.
Fixed UI drawing errors regarding secondary weapons.

01/29/19 Patch:


Fixed Ford Schick not being counted as saved.


Fixed dead pre-placed commandos having a glitchy name.

12/28/18 Patch:


Disabled HDTP for trees on Liberty Island to reduce poly count and
increase framerate.
Fixed upside-down turret in chapter 2.
Robots in friendly hubs have unlimited charges available.


Allowed grenades to be thrown through windows.

Being shot while holding an unconscious person sometimes kills them.
Disabled being able to upgrade the light aug.
Disallowed robots from being able to open or break doors.
Fixed upgrading the medicine skill still giving bonus health until it
was refreshed.
Riot prods and flamethrowers now deal damage to robots again.
Tear and halon gas now does damage every 0.5 seconds compared to every
1 to make it more reliable.
The player is now blamed for the deaths of anyone they set on fire and
killed with a flamethrower.

Added check box on character creation to enable/disable the perk system

in non-hardcore.
Fixed 'Neat Hack' perk saying that it gave an extra 20%, when it gave
an extra 50% (FYI, this perk does nothing for ATMs).
Fully overhauled the perk system to be more managable:
each skill can have its own perks defined, you can mix and match
these if you want a different experience, including swapping new perks for old
old perks can be re-enabled by setting Human.bUseOldPerks to
perks no longer are defined by text but by arrays.
perks now auto-update their names, descriptions, and costs, based
on the perks defined in the skill.
perks can now have a cost of 0.

Reduced bonus range from "WIRELESS STRENGTH".

Renamed to 'Feats'.
Replaced old perks with new ones (old ones can be re-enabled):
replaced computer trained perk "MODDER" (double STOP! worm
effectiveness) with "FILE GRABBER" (save emails to datavault).
replaced computer advanced perk "MISFEATURE EXPLOIT" (additional
resources from medbots/repairbots) with "OVERCLOCKER: REPAIR" (additional resources
from repairbots).
replaced computer master perk "NEAT HACK" (+50% credits from
credit chits) with "OVERKILL" (additional rate of fire from hacked turrets).
moved demolitions master perk "KNOCKOUT GAS" to advanced.
replaced demolitions advanced perk "SHORT FUSE" (-1 fuse on
grenades) with "IMPACT DETONATION" (grenades explode on contact with enemies).
replaced enviro master perk "TECH SPECIALIST" (tech goggles see
through walls) with "PERFECT SEAL" (hazmat suits protect from catching fire).
moved lockpicking trained perk "DOORSMAN" to advanced.
replaced lockpicking advanced perk "ARTIFICIAL LOCK" (unlock
trained/advanced perks without upgrading skill) to trained "SOFT SPOT" (crowbars
can open locks below 10% strength or 15% for wooden doors).
replaced lockpicking master perk "LOCKSPORT" (open any lock with
one lockpick) with "BARRICADE" (left clicking an unlocked door jams the lock and
makes the AI unable to open it).
moved medicine advanced perk "TOXICOLOGIST" to trained.
replaced medicine trained perk "BIOGENIC" (+5 energy from
biocells) with advanced "OVERCLOCKER: MEDICAL" (additional resources from medical
replaced stealth trained perk "NIMBLE" (silent while mantling)
with "DISTRACTOR" (melee weapons always make a sound when hitting walls).
replaced stealth advanced perk "NERVES OF STEEL" (no sound when
taking damage) with "RELAXED AURA" (animals prefer to eat than attack).
replaced stealth master perk "CREEPER" (stamina regenerates while
crouch walking) with "SECOND SKIN" (no longer slowed while holding bodies and
bodies reduce damage taken).
replaced atheletics trained perk "CLARITY" (no drug effect while
drowning) with "DAUNTLESS" (33% reduction in drowning damage).
replaced atheletics master perk "ENDURANCE" (double stamina
regeneration) with "IRON WILL" (arm health doesn't affect aim).
replaced electronics master perk "CRACKED" (bypass any device
with one multitool) with "COMMAND OVERRIDE" (multitools can be used to disable
replaced weapons: heavy advanced perk "PERFECT STANCE" (improved
recoil and sway when looking through scopes) with "RADIOWAVE TARGETING" (GEP gun
locks on to cameras/turrets/alarms).
replaced weapons: low tech trained perk "SHARP-EYED" (see path of
darts and throwing knives) with "LOOSE FIT" (increases holster/raise speed of melee
replaced weapons: low tech advanced perk "PIERCING" (more likely
to stun with melee weapons and +20% damage to robots) with "LOW BLOW" (increased
stun duration when using gas/prod).
replaced weapons: rifles advanced perk "GUNSLINGER" (+30% scope
speed) with "AFTERMARKET 20MM" (increased range when using 20mm ammo).


'Skip Intro' option now only skips the intro when starting a game, not
when pressing the "Show Intro" button on the main menu.
Allowed all melee weapons to be secondary weapons without perks
Damage mod bar appears with damage mods installed.
Fixed crosshair reappearing on gameload.
Fixed errors when robots took damage from items.
Fixed FOV not resetting after using GEP scope.
Fixed Invisible War toolbelt not keeping items highlighted.
Fixed women sometimes sounding like men upon save+load.
Made the vanilla death option more vanilla, no more blood coating the
Turning invisible now kills your shadow.


Removed Invisible War sound when:

activating radar transparency.
opening the augs screen.
picking up objects.
running out of energy.
selecting an aug.
unequipping a prod, knife, or dragon's tooth sword.
upgrading a perk.
upgrading a skill.
using a public terminal.
using a watercooler.
using a basketball.
Reverted greasel spitting sound.

12/12/18 Release:
Intro Cutscene:

JC Denton in the intro, in the test tube, now has proper skin colors.


Added doors to the observation areas.

Removed the new training section GMDX introduced.
Fixed LAM guy being able to be blown up, because softlocks in training
are super uncool.

Liberty Island (All):

Replaced the external generator with an air filter system.

Liberty Island (Chapter 1):

Adjusted AI accuracy to not be so accurate.
Disabled HDTP for trees to reduce poly count and increase framerate.
Fixed an invisible wall.
Fixed pillars and other objects floating above the sea bed instead of
Fixed the NSF trying to attack Gunther due to being able to see him
through the windows.
Fixed the wire mesh at the commander.
Made Harley Filben hate being injured.
Made the false floor in Filben's room less obvious.
Made the dobermanns hardcore only
Made tool shed buttons unfrobbable.
Raised AI sight/hearing to normal ranges, instead of special ranges.
Readded rocket and 3006 ammo crates to the north dock.
Readded the battery back to the crate with the security login in front
of statue.
Readded TNT crates.
Removed a duplicate of the UNATCO sign.
Removed duplicate binoculars.
Removed the buckshot in the comvan.
Removed the crate inside the stairs.
Readded the face mask to the terrorist without one.
Readded the medbot to the medical container near the bunker.
Removed the path that lead to nowhere.
Removed the sawed-off shotguns from the enemies and placed it back in
the ship as a reward.
Removed the roller's ability to hear.
Replaced all NSF with shotguns to pistols.
Reverted pistol user back to sniper.
Reverted UNATCO sign back to original placement.
Replaced the 'wet floor sign' that was skinned to look and act like a
broken mirror to a proper brush based one.
Replaced the black textures on the generator.
Replaced the boxes pretending to be rocks with real rocks.
Reverted the crate above the medbots from tech goggles back to a gas
Reverted the crate behind the comvan to a lockpick.
Swapped out augmentations on augmentation canister near commander. Now,
melee strength is offered instead of melee speed... Just as vanilla had intended.
Texture fixes.
Unlocked the air vent in the statue.


Added door frames to doors that had them missing, in some cases some
maps had only half a door frame.
Added missing lights in a few chapters.
Added some cables that were missing in chapter 3/4.
All shelves in the medical closet have been remade.
Changed the false floor in Alex's office to blend in again instead of
sticking out.
Deleted objects in the void.
Made a new Carter front area locker area.
Moved Alex's water cooler so it's not right in front of the door.
Fixed bad pivot point on Scott's door.
Fixed Carter opening the armoury door in chapter 3/4.
Fixed crates clipping inside wall in medical closet.
Fixed many misaligned textures, example being the break room walls, and
a few concrete door frames.
Fixed the hovering Exit sign that has been there since this map was
probably first conceived.
Fixed the shelves in the medical storage closet.
Remade the cabinet near Carter, all are accessible during each visit.
Removed urinal texture in sinks.
Reverted Alex's closet code back to 2001.

Battery Park (All):

Added some railing that was actually half finished, even in vanilla
near the Memorial staircase.
Changed the subway entrance ceiling texture.
Fixed some lights floating.
Fixed textures and brushes for subway.
Fixed the boat dock buildings, had bad rooves.
Fixed various bsp errors surrounding the dock area.
Modified some texture trims on the stairs, less tiling and ugly now.
Placed player blockers in appropriate places, and sealed other areas
that weren't covered correctly.
Texture fixes.
Removed the boxes using a giant credits mesh and a metal texture that
looked like lumps of metal on the shanty buildings.
Removed that tile that was lifted up without any damage to the
surrounding tiles.
Updated the war memorials to be less off grid and more accurate.
Upgraded the roof of the subway.
Detailed Castle Clinton building.

Battery Park (Chapter 2):

Added some realistic falloff for the mud in the Castle Clinton
Changed the woman having man barks to female.
Fixed a few textures in the Castle Clinton tunnels.
Fixed a terrorist with no lines.
Fixed a typo that'd cause the shanty town to be immediately recognised
as safe.
Fixed alarm unit having no alliances attached to them
Fixed Anna not running to the player at the start.
Fixed Castle Clinton glass allowing you to see into the void.
Fixed the boat not having any lines when it's meant to.
Fixed the extremely ugly Castle Clinton tunnels bridge over the
The female hostage is now called "Former Hostage" like the male.
Removed lasers next to the ambrosia. The barrels of ambrosia in Castle
Clinton are now blocked by 2 medium crates.
Removed the hidepoint next to the ambrosia.
Unlocked the vent entrance to the subway.

Hell's Kitchen (All)

Added area just below the Smuggler lift, so it doesn't look like the
lift is going nowhere.
Completed the look of the basketball floor.
Completely remade the abandoned apartment. Made the safe painting work
correctly with the safe. You can no longer open the safe and move the painting at
the same time, creating clipping.
Fixed helicopters teleporting in near Osgood's.
Fixed intercom being spelt "intercomm".
Fixed part of a window being misaligned and letting you see into the
Free Clinic tunnel.
Fixed really bad basketball court textures.
Fixed the small rooftop building across from the Ton Hotel.
Modified the Smuggler vent entry area to keep players with mantling
enabled off of the backdrop areas.
Redid the side entrance to Smuggler. Buildings are accurately portrayed
on both sides.
Remade the garage storage area.
Remade the shop near the Underworld Tavern.
Remade the water towers that you can jump to from the building next
door to the Ton. The water towers were designed to be far away decoration that
would not be seen up close.
Removed the blocks of barbed wire that let you see through the level.
Removed the control panel that does nothing, along with the fence and
door blocking it.
Removed the tunnel to the Free Clinic.
Removed the weird shop with a shooting target texture for a sign.
Replaced bones with dart box model and concrete texture pretending to
be bricks with a proper class.

Hell's Kitchen (Chapter 2):

Changed the door in the new GMDX room to be locked.

Changed ugly cabinet textures.
Fixed 4 objects without a name and removed an out of bounds crate.
Fixed bum in the basketball court healing after taking damage.
Fixed candelabras falling to the ground.
Fixed the description for the Osgood's key.
Fixed the chimney in the new shop being blocked off by a piece of wood.
Fixed typo in the miniature statue.
Gave Jonny his shotgun back and moved him back into position.
Re-added the troops outside the clinic.
Removed the laser prevention you from climbing over the pipe at
Removed the random giant shop lights above Smuggler's.
The wooden fence near the basketball court has been reverted to what it
looked like in vanilla. All other visits to NYC Streets reflect the vanilla
textures, so set them the same in this map as well.

Hell's Kitchen Sewers (All):

Added corners to the pipes so you don't see that they just end.
Added landing for the bridge rotation.
Fixed bsp errors in the new room that can be used to rotate the bridge.
Also fixed some details in there.
Fixed details in the MJ12 area. Doors are fixed, tables are aligned
properly, made faucets reflect how they were in vanilla.
Fixed that additional pathway you can find beneath the water.
Fixed the bathroom mirror.
Fixed the safe in the barracks area.
Fixed the vent textures.
Fixed window of that new room above the lab. Also fixed the doorway.
Remade bridge that had bsp error on it.
Removed all greasels and karkians.
Removed badly implemented water run off textures.
Removed the bridge that essentially allows you to bypass half the
Removed the bum.

Hell’s Kitchen Sewers (Chapter 2):

Fixed alarm units having inconsistent alliances.

Fixed camera clipping in wall.
Fixed laser on Entrance A blocking ladder off for mandatory alarms.
Fixed only half of a light being formed.
Fixed path above armoury abruptly stopping.
Fixed the waterfall flowing upwards.
Made a shower door 'bIsDoor' so AI doesn't screw up when you're in the
Made the fridge door unbreakable and made the AI able to open it.
Stopped vent collapse trigger from triggering by player touch,
effectively disabling the trap in the vents.
Locked the vent that goes into the vent complex/supply closet with a
25% lock strength lock, to compensate.
Readded LAW. Appears on all difficulties, except realistic/hardcore.
Readded scramble grenade. Appears on all difficulties.
Removed the "hygiene assistant".
Renamed a wire (paper) to "Wire" in itemname, to not trip up targeting.

Free Clinic (All):

Fixed bad moon textures.

Fixed benches changing between chapters.
Fixed doors moving into walls.
Removed the unused tunnel.

Free Clinic (Chapter 2):

Added detail to ceiling.

Added details to surgery area.
Added stripped and damaged bathroom sink counters.
Fixed all the texture work in surgery area.
Fixed camera badly clipping in wall.
Fixed end tables in entryway.
Fixed invisible cagelight with collision.
Light fixture detailing.
Removed "hygiene assistant".
Removed the giant subtraction cube.
Updated a lot of lighting/texture work throughout the map. Lighting
should look a bit better in previously contrasting areas.
Updated reception desk.
Updated tables.

Ton Hotel (All):

Fixed the outside of the hotel obviously not matching the real outside
Gave Paul's wardrobe the same strength in each chapter.
Removed the elevator trap.

Ton Hotel (Chapter 2):

Detailed the reception desk a bit more.

Hid that NSF Terrorist a bit better, and gave him his mask back.

Underworld Tavern (All):

Changed bathroom ceiling from low shadow detail to high shadow detail.
Fixed being able to clip in the urinal.
Fixed floating fans.
Fixed portal splitting the level in two not working.
Fixed urinal water not acting as water.
Removed the animated textures on the sides of Shea's TV.
Removed the random "high voltage" sign next to Shea.

Underworld Tavern (Chapter 2):

Fixed the back exit sign being incorrectly positioned.

Smuggler's Hideout (All):

Added door frames where necessary.

Fixed all the safes.
Fixed bot garage wall textures.
Fixed garage door hatch leading to the security station.
Fixed some fences that weren't semisolid.
Fixed some texture glitches in the car park area on the ceilings.
Fixed textures on the walls in Smuggler's lobby.

Smuggler's Hideout (Chapter 2):

Fixed staircase when first entering Smuggler's area.

Fixed texture errors in robot area.
Made changes to Smuggler's hallway. Updated texture accuracy, and added
door frame.
Made Smuggler react to loud noises, futz, and shots.
Updated details in garage area.

Hell’s Kitchen (NSF Warehouse):

Texture fixes.
Fixed a pipe stopping midair.
Fixed textures on the back of the stand computers not having lighting
applied to them.
Fixed floating box.
Massively nerfed volume on generator shutdown noise.

Chapter 3:

All terrorists will turn friendly after reaching the end of the

UNATCO HQ (Second Visit):

Removed targeting aug in medical office.

Replaced scope mod in JC's office with a range mod.

Brooklyn Bridge Station:

Added a few tells regarding where the NSF datacube stash is.
Added appropriate barks to one of the Rook Gang Members and reverted
his face.
Changed an ugly wall texture.
Removed collision from a useless valve.
Tunnels near the Brooklyn Bridge Station:

Fixed AlarmUnits not having any alliances assigned.

Fixed strangely modulated wires.
Fixed two terrorists without barks.
Made the chest in the train open against the wall.
Reduced locked soy chest from 40% to 10% lock strength.
Replaced bad rock chips with good ones.

LaGuardia Airfield (Helibase):

Added a bit of detailing to the main door of the helibase interior.

Eliminated the basketball swoosh sound from grates falling.
Fixed 20 terrorists without voice lines.
Fixed a dozen and a half doors with bad destruction sounds and
Fixed a floating light in the boat house.
Fixed AlarmUnits not having any alliances assigned.
Fixed the carpets in the helibase interior. They were hovering, which
while small, could create a performance issue because of the extra faces.
Killed the terrorist in the radiation immediately.
Nerfed volume of metal sounds on grate falling.
Readded key to ladder.
Readded law. Appears on normal and easy difficulties.
Redid some brushes beneath the helipad. Added some drain grates.
Reduced damage from radiation room.
Removed camera above door near falling platforms.
Removed the hidepoint in the middle of a room.
Removed the lasers attached to the robots.
Removed the low poly erosion textures.
Removed the pipes at the steam puzzle.
Revamped the radioactive alternate path.
Turned the fake skybox the helicopter flies into to a real skybox.
Unlocked office door.

LaGuardia Airfield:

Added crates back to the 747 Barracks second level entrance.

Haphazardly just moved the boxes off the top to force mantling, put them back.
Fixed 3 crates spawning in the void.
Fixed 3 terrorists not having voice lines.
Fixed a gap between two containers.
Fixed a killer BSP error in the edge of the water.
Fixed a pier support being in the wrong position.
Fixed an absolutely colossal amount of shipping container texturing
Fixed gaps between the pier supports and the water.
Fixed multiple containers not being solid, and deleted the crates that
were used to try to hide it previously.
Moved the medkit to not be seen magically appearing during the level
Remade a bad door that let you see the invisible back of a keypad.
Replaced fake traffic cones with real ones.
Unlocked LAW case.

LaGuardia Hangar:

Fixed being able to see where the level ends in the plane.
Fixed the staircase in the corner having a brush missing and looking
low detail.

LaGuardia 747:

Fixed floating datacube.

Fixed misaligned lights in the cargo bay.
Texture fixes.
Removed the door that lead to a cargo container.
Unlocked conference room and removed rate of fire mod.

UNATCO HQ (Chapter 4):

Added fire extinguisher in the holder near Alex's office.

Fixed the electric box containing a biocell that was impossible to
Removed the custom music.

Hell's Kitchen (Chapter 4):

Fixed being able to make Jock teleport by hitting two interpolate

Fixed level transition to NSF HQ not matching actual level.
Removed a grate that looked exactly like the usable ones but was just
for decoration. Bad standards.

Hell’s Kitchen Sewers (Chapter 4):

Fixed the waterfall flowing upwards.

Underworld Tavern (Chapter 4):

Fixed the back and front exit sign being incorrectly positioned.
Removed the crate seat.

Hell’s Kitchen (NSF HQ):

Added window frames, and adjusted brush order of certain doorways.

Added a texture-break brush leading into the cafeteria/restroom areas.
Completely redesigned the building to the left of the level transfer.
Brush work, lighting, duplicated brushes and entities, the whole nine yards.
Deleted new augmentation canister with Energy Transfer/Melee Damage.
Fixed a building with a skybox texture.
Fixed a ramp not touching the ground.
Fixed a UNATCO trooper with no voice lines.
Fixed a UNATCO trooper spawning in the void.
Fixed bad textures on the back of all the monitors.
Fixed being able to walk backwards when the level loads to get out of
Fixed computers with wooden textures on the top.
Fixed doors with bad pivot points that made them slide or open into
Fixed doors that open into walls.
Fixed screens with bad textures.
Fixed the area outside of the map to the right of the HQ. Van is
properly sized, and made the road a "one way" in case anyone is capable of seeing
Fixed the basement blast doors, they have sound and an alcove to enter.
Fixed the semisolid misuse and hovering brushes in the main area.
Fixed the texture alignment on this big pipe that spanned all levels of
the HQ. Added some detail around these pipes as well.
Fixed the walls at the level transfer not being properly scaled.
Made the external door to the basement breakable like in the original.
Prevented being able to jump out of the level.
Readjusted backdrop building windows that were changed for eye candy.
The brushes were misaligned with the windows.
Redesigned the backdrop building next to the previously mentioned.
Redid a fence on the first floor of the NSF HQ.
Scaled down a few textures. Lighting actually falls nicer on lower
scaled textures.
Unlocked the women's bathroom.

New York Majestic 12 Facility:

Added an extra area next to the NanoTech laboratory.

Added doorframe at the entrance to the armory coming from the
Added small storage area next to nano-tech lab.
Added pipe decorations in walls near the maintenance bay.
Fixed a scientist having no voice lines.
Fixed being able to see the end of the level.
Fixed brushwork and texture alignment in the command center.
Fixed PS20 amount getting reset at the armoury.
Fixed the badly floating alarm light in the armoury.
Fixed the exit keypad doing nothing.
Gave augmentation container new code.
Made door frames, and new doors for the Greasel Lab doors.
Made new two level racks for the Player's inventory.
Modified a lot of textures that were off grid on their brushes.
Replaced a few textures that were too high in scale, also causing visual issues.
Moved mechanic so you're less likely to see him leaving stasis/t-pose.
Moved the mirror at the exit of the lab.
Possibly fixed some items not spawning in the armoury.
Readded 10mm in starting cabinet.
Readded LAW in armory. It appears on all difficulties, given the well-
stocked state of the armory.
Readded lockpick to dead NSF.
Removed lasers into the armoury.
Removed the crate in the animal pen.
Removed the mirror at the entrance, it creates some gameplay immersion
problems as the guard would easily be able to see you sneaking up on him or walking
up to murk him.
Removed the plasma rifle from the trooper near the medbay as it lowered
the value of the armory one.
Replaced brushes in hallways that were off grid.
Replaced the greasels at the medical lab with more karkians.
Reverted rollers to military bots.
Set various brushes in the armory entrance on grid.
Texture fixes.
Unlocked the vent to the greasel.

UNATCO HQ (Chapter 5):

Added pathing to the end of the level.

Fixed the cabinet in the armoury.
Fixed two Scotts appearing at the beginning and end of the level.
LAM in Carter's cabinet does not appear on hard or realistic any more.
ROF mod in carter's cabinet is now easy difficulty only.
Unlocked Alex's floor, replaced rate of fire mod with pepper gun.
Liberty Island (Chapter 5):

Removed the random thug out of bounds.

The cameras no longer get alerted.

Hong-Kong Majestic 12 Helibase:

Added a button to open flight control deck 2's door to prevent it

getting stuck closed.
Added trim brushes around a ladder leading to the roof for easier
Added trims for vents.
Fixed 4 NPCs with bad voice lines.
Fixed barracks door going into the wall when opened.
Fixed being unable to reopen the door when it closed itself.
Fixed the barracks door not having a key while having a key set.
Moved the datacube in Bay 2 from floor onto the console.
Moved the two guards in the flight control deck back into the barracks,
allows you to get the locker key and kill them with gas.
Moved the vending machine against the wall.
Removed a floating vent in one of the robot bays.
Removed the maintenance man.
Revamped the guard barracks. Including the bathroom and lockers.
Turned camera in the barracks back on.

Hong-Kong - Wan Chai Market:

Added additional ladder rungs to police station.

Added two portals for the compound.
Adjusted multiple incorrectly panned textures, for instance the wooden
trim along the overlooks from the second floor cafe.
Adjusted the ceilings, and remade certain portions of the police
Changed police basement floor.
Changed police station ceiling texture.
Chanced wooden texture in the temple that was on a stone wall.
Fixed an unsolid wall.
Fixed bad pivots on the compound doors.
Fixed being able to get softlocked near the canal road tunnel entrance
with mantling off.
Fixed being able to see out of the level in the new room.
Fixed Louis Pan not disappearing when he's meant to.
Fixed missing gunfire sensor on a pillar next to the police station.
Fixed the Buddha sign being lit on one side but not the other.
Fixed the gaps in the temple.
Fixed the portal for the temple.
Fixed the textures inside the police station having a bad scale.
Fixed textures in police station basement.
Readded LAW in police armory. It appears on all difficulties, given the
importance of the armory.
Remade decorative pipes near the HK Helibase entrance.
Remade ladder to the roof of the butcher shop.
Remade the small storage building across from the police station.
Remade the mover for the snack shop next door to the police station,
this mover was broken (scaled?) and you could just climb through it.
Remade the shop behind the Luminous Path base. Eliminated the majority
of the hovering brushes from the map in this area.
Removed strange 1 inch bulge in a building.
Removed the military bot.
Removed the pillows pretending to be wires.
Removed the step in the new room.
Removed the random ball with a cushion texture.
Replaced fake traffic cones with real ones.
Replaced the carpet texture on the floor/ceiling in the new room.
Replaced the crates pretending to be trees with real trees.
Retextured and moved vent subtracts into the correct space. Some
subtracts were inside other subtracts, basically eliminating some vents.
Vending machines next to the butcher no longer have the same texture 8
times behind them.

VersaLife Offices:

Added detail brushes beneath the first staircase.

Changed a room's wall textures.
Changed two of the same painting next to each other to one.
Fixed some alliances not working properly; originally was looking for
'Worker', should've been looking for 'Workers', alarm units had no alliance
Fixed some cops not turning hostile after stealing ROM.
Fixed some tables.
Fixed texture alignment on some of the carpets and walls.
Fixed the couches being off grid by one unit which were exposing extra
Fixed the people appearing on the street at VersaLife even if killed at
street level.
Fixed typo in Hundley's name.
Gave the fourth floor worker on break a name.
Made fears, reactions and stimulis consistent across all workers.
Made security and secretary react to alarms.
Modified the VL signs along the walls.
Removed the elevator music as it sets a bad tone.
Skybox now matches the street level.

VersaLife Advanced R&D (Level 1):

Added some decor brushes around doors, tabletops, and modified the
Troop Checkpoint across from the conference room.
Can no longer sequence break to level 2 early.
Changed the giant mirror behind the hand.
Conference room WiB only appears on realistic/hardcore.
Fixed augmentation canister clipping into the ground.
Fixed being able to jump over the alarm trigger.
Fixed the floor in the main hallway, small portions of it did not have
reflective surfaces.
Fixed the locker instantly closing (just setting the keyframe to 1
doesn't work).
Fixed WiB with no voice.
Greasels once again befriend you for releasing them.
Made the new hole in the barracks smaller so it doesn't look as
Modified the Troop Barracks near the lab to reflect changes made in HK
Helibase since they are prefabs.
Redid the Bob Page and Maggie Chow hallway. It was too thin, and had
some bad scaling.
Removed a "pillow" in the void.
Removed decor on the bottom floor of the elevator leading to the
Removed the lasers to labs.
Removed three fake bay doors and replaced them with consoles/crates.
Reverted MJ12 troop health to defaults.
Reverted plasma users back to GEPs.

VersaLife Advanced R&D (Level 2):

Added air spot to the pipe.

Added the DTS to Maggie.
Fixed all BSP issues in the UC area.
Fixed backwards keyboards.
Fixed being able to jump inside the blue stuff in the ceiling.
Fixed being able to jump through the glass.
Fixed one of the spiderbot hatches not having a hole for the door to go
Fixed the pipes in the end area, added details to the other side of the
fence where the weapon mod and bones are.
Lowered the radius of the radiation at the end of the level.
Modified some geometry computers.
Readded the ladder to the exit.
Remade the UC to be more stable.
Removed the useless key at the end of the level.
Removed toxic barrels at end of level.
Reverted karkian to its old position to give player a chance to get the
Reverted keypad codes to 01, 02, 03, 04.
Reverted Melee Damage/Energy Transfer augmentation canister to Speed
Enhancement/Run Silent.
Reverted minDamage for stairwell vent from 60 to 10.

Tracer Tong’s Lab:

Added another medical bot.

Fixed basket not spawning throwing knives correctly.
Fixed the really bad textures in Tong's room.
Removed a book in the void.
Removed the swimming area.
Reverted music back to original.
Zoned the level.

Canals near Wan Chai Market:

Fixed a knife spawning in the void.

Fixed a repair bot starting in a bad state.
Fixed flag trigger for finding the scientist being easily missable and
rarely triggered.
Fixed repair bot clipping through floor.
Fixed the obviously fake buildings to be a little more realistic
regarding size.
Removed a laser mod spawning in the void.
Reverted crate back to two rebreathers.

Tonnochi Road:

Added a broken ladder near the bottom of the ladder to Maggie's roof as
well as a small platform. This gives the illusion that the ladder broke at some
point, and the larger section was removed from the street.
Added buttons to open the storage areas from the inside.
Fixed a lockpick clipping into a wall.
Fixed being able to see the bottom of the level through the DTS podium.
Fixed Jock's painting bulging out of the back of the building.
Fixed modulated cables.
Fixed the skillpoint bonus for going into Jock's apartment being
Removed the lasers blocking the 718 keypad in Maggie's.
Removed the turret from the DTS room.
Unlocked Jock's bathroom.

Wan Chai Underground Mall & Lucky Money:

Added some additional lighting to some hallways in the club.

Added some frames and decorative brushes to various areas inside the
club. This makes the hard texture transitions less of an eye sore.
Fixed 6 NPCs with incorrect voice lines and/or names.
Fixed bad names on the VersaLife employees.
Fixed Max Chen's computer hanging over the desk.
Fixed texture glitches on various walls, staircases, and rails.
Lowered the keypad strength to the new area from 100% to 15%, matching
the lock strength.
Made the bedroom and bathroom in the new area taller so it doesn't feel
so cramped.
Made the Red Arrow inside the conference room only care about who they
see breaking the glass, rather than always blaming the player.
Made the sinks in the new room deeper than a centimetre.
Police and Red Arrow should no longer attack each other.
Reduced the size of the giant vents on the ceiling of the club.
Remade the shop with the hostile shop keeper.
Removed rate of fire from commando.
Removed shop prod ammo and throwing knives.
Removed shop silencer as pistols can no longer have silencers.
Removed the MJ12 guy on the stairs to the market.
Replaced poison dart crate in freezer with LAW crate. It appears on all
difficulties, except realistic, given the high cost spent to get to it. This
effective re-adds the LAW to the level.
Replaced shop multitools and lockpicks with 2 biocells.

Canal Road Tunnel:

Added a button to open the door from the inside.

Fixed pipes ending in mid air.
Fixed cops not turning hostile when going past the barricade like
Moved skillpoint trigger to be in better location.
Removed the piece of pipe inside the vending machine.
Replaced fake traffic cones with real ones.

Hell’s Kitchen (Chapter 8):

Changed all riot cop names to "Riot Cop" since some were different.
Changed the riot cop that literally laughed when he took damage.
Fixed 10 UNATCO troops having no voice lines.
Moved MJ12 troops to their non-GOTY positions.
UNATCO only spawn upon dealing with riot cops, like original.

Smuggler’s Hideout (Chapter 8):

Fixed a multitool spawning in the void.

Fixed the robot not remembering you if you've talked to Smuggler,
prevents a softlock.
Locked the window and added a lockpick to prevent softlocks.
Removed one of the robots.
Removed the flammable box behind the mirror as it'd cause graphical
glitches if set on fire.

Free Clinic (Chapter 8):

Fixed wall with wrong texture.

Fixed flask clipping in wall.
Fixed camera badly clipping in wall.

Ton Hotel (Chapter 8):

Fixed a fire extinguisher falling to the ground.

Fixed some riot cops not having any lines.
Reduced riot cops from 7 to 3.

NYC Dockyard:

Added a button to call the lift from the top of the crane and moved the
keypad to allow you to call it from the bottom.
Added missing key for sewer valve.
Deployed roller only deploys on hardcore.
Fixed a cabinet being destroyed at the start of the level due to a
soldier walking into it.
Fixed a crate being empty 70% of the time.
Fixed a soldier with no ammo.
Fixed a wall not being a fake backdrop.
Fixed bad coronas.
Fixed Jock teleporting during his take-off at the start of the level.
Fixed one of the gates to the weapon warehouse having a typo and thus
no key.
Fixed the barrel exploding at the start of the level due to a BSP.
Fixed the supply room key not having any keyID set.
Readded 2 removed LAW's. LAW count is now 3 on normal/easy, 2 on hard,
and 1 on realistic, total.
Removed the custom music.

NYC Dockyard (Fan):

Removed out of bounds barrel.

Removed the unused shipping area. Halved file size.

PRCS Wallcloud (Upper Decks):

Added a cache that was present in vanilla, that made breaking into an
area worth it. In GMDX, the loot was reduced, but entry cost of a multitool or two
is in place.
Fixed bad logos on the computers.
Fixed bad textures on the back of all the monitors.
Fixed fire extinguisher falling to the ground.
Fixed low shower heads.
Fixed pier support being in the wrong location.
Gave all Chinese soldiers voices like in the original.
Remade a bad door that let you see the invisible back of a keypad.
Removed the chair for the hardcore sniper.
Removed the killer chef.
Removed the large crate blocking the vent.
PRCS Wallcloud (Lower Decks):

Added a LAM to one of the tri-weld points.

Added a new storage area near the bilge pump room with a lock on it to
make up for the reduced amount of LAMs in GMDX.
Fixed a locker instantly closing.
Fixed a portal.
Gave all Chinese soldiers voices like in the original.
Made the bilge power need to be enabled to complete the mission like
Moved the backup soldiers that appeared if an alarm went off, even if
everyone outside the ship was killed to only appear on hardcore difficulty.
Rebalanced keypads to 20% each in the 9999 keypad hallway. This was as
intended in vanilla, and looks far less janky than the 5%/30% balance tossed into
Removed turret above bilge computer.
Removed urinal texture in sinks.
Reverted hallway camera to vanilla position.
Reverted keypad code to 9999.

NYC Cemetery:

Fixed 8 MJ12 Troops having no voice lines.

Fixed badly aligned floor in the gatekeeper's building.
Fixed glitchy dirt piles.
Made the van only appear when the elites have spawned in rather than
when you go into the crypt (it could appear behind the gate before the elites
Moved the van that was visible on the roof, moved it to where it's
meant to be.
Reduced ambush troops to be only 40% elites.
Removed the Invisible War music from the crypt.
Removed the multitool in the 100% keypad strength container and reduced
the strength to 60%.

Paris Streets (Near Denfert-Rochereau):

Added detail brushes to the subway entrance. A few empty shops and the
ATM area.
Fixed man with no voice lines.
Moved the troop with the flamethrower protecting the catacombs entrance
and made him only appear on hardcore difficulty.
Reduced the amount of radiation damage in the greasel tunnel.
Reduced the size of the radiation zone when you first enter the trap in
Paris, the zone portal was moved to include more of the doorway for some reason.
Removed the businessman with no barks. Placed the datacube back to
where it was in vanilla, and put an MJ12 sniper on a patrol route. There is now a
ladder that you can use to reach him, or if you infiltrate the office you can just
unlock the door from within. Lockpick strengths, door strengths all adjusted to
reflect this change so that it is all fair. The sniper is also on such a patrol
route that he can catch a clumsy player, but there is a forgiving gap in his path.

Paris Catacombs:

Added a path behind some of the breakable walls so its less punishing
to break the wrong one near the path towards the bot storage. Also, removed a few
of the walls leading to nothing.
Added some decor brushes in all bunkers.
Adjusted brush placement so there are less surfaces.
Changed the laser control panel situation a bit. The lasers at the end
of the above mentioned path have a new control panel, with 15% strength. The way to
solve the puzzle now are: TNT crate after expending lockpicks, multitool, personal
explosives, or EMP grenade, or crate stacking.
Fixed flare spawning inside a wall.
Made the laser trap only appear on realistic.
Readded 20mm ammo as reward to electrical puzzle.
Removed the MJ12 Commando room.
Removed the MJ12 guy from the top walkway.

Paris Streets:

Added invisible collision to the café sinks to prevent being stuck in

Added glass to the windows that had none.
Changed a building texture to make sense with the outer wall,and added
some windows.
Changed some nonsense textures.
Changed the door texture in the sewers,and put some barrels there.
Fixed café back doors being completely different heights between inside
and outside.
Fixed Guy sometimes disappearing.
Fixed the awfully scaled café sign.
Fixed the crates in the sewers being strangely heavy.
Made a new balcony.
Made new wardrobes.
Removed the extra cop in the hostel.
Removed the raped woman.
Removed the scope mod on a trooper.
Removed the sewer karkian.
Replaced the pillow with a broom mesh to a real broom.
Reverted the new outer wall sections back to the vanilla style.
Reverted the plasma rifle user back to flamethrower.

La Porte de l’Enfer:

Club staff now fight if you have a weapon out.

Fixed 8 NPCs having bad binds.
Fixed 3 out of bounds objects.
Made the storage closet pickable.
Removed urinal texture in sinks.

DuClare Château:

Added detail brushes to the large computer in the basement.

Added the lockpick back in the Château vent.
Moved the grenade at the window further away to allow the player to
stand when exiting the vent before trying to disarm it.
Moved various brushes to be flush with the rest of the map, eliminating
extra surfaces and hovering furniture.
Removed garage in the basement bunker, added a door that you can
lockpick, destroy, speed jump, or vault over.
Unlocked the bathroom.

Cathédrale de Payens:

Added a button to the computer vault door to prevent a softlock.

Added a new internal side room to the kitchen, along with a vent that
you can use to get exploration skill points and overhear the MJ12 troop
conversation easier.
Added an alarm and had the window trigger it in the overwatch tower in
Added turrets and lasers to the sniper tower window, as well as a vent
Added various door frames, and widened a few walkways that were too
close quarters for easy navigation.
Fixed texture misuse on a hidden door leading to the Gunther encounter.
Fixed the portal to Gunther's room not working.
Fixed the portal to the basement not working.
Modified some boundary brushes.
Lowered reinforcement spawn count, so that stealth is a practical
option when leaving the cathedral.
Redid a light that was about the size of a bottle.
Redid a lot of pathing, there were a few intersections and hallways
that had breaks in pathing.
Remade the sniper tower to the right of the Cathedral.
Removed Gunther's trap door.
Removed the boxes using a credits mesh and a monitor texture to look
like a monitor.
Removed the security system on the bridge.
Removed the unobtainable sword.
Removed the wine cellar entrance from the Cathedral, redundant due to
the multiple other methods you can use to get in.
Removed opaque windows that were blocking the view of sniper MJ12
troops inside the Cathedral. Added new windows to the Cathedral as well.
Repositioned some off grid brushes that were creating a lot of extra
unnecessary faces.

Metro Station near Cathédrale de Payens:

Completely removed the dancing hologram woman area.

Fixed a fire extinguisher holder having two fire extinguishers in it.
Fixed a floating fire extinguisher holder.
Fixed some grates going into the wall and not having a gap to go into.
Fixed two plants spawning in the void.
Improved pathing near the shop.
Made the sewer pipes to have angles at the end, rather than stopping
Mechanic now runs out of the subway when confronted instead of staying
in place and disappearing when not looked at.
NPCs only get angry at you if you broke the glass, not someone else.
NPCs will get angry with you if they see you break the glass or see you
in the room, they won't psychically know.
Removed giant metal door slamming shut if store is broken into.
Removed illegal items that were being sold in the shop, right next to
the police, in a country under martial law, occupied by MJ12.

Morgan Everett’s Home:

"Closed in" the skybox, it should be less of a look into the dark void
Added a metal frame behind the mirror.
Added frames along the walkway towards Everett's command centre. There
was a bit of an issue with texture transitions there.
Changed the vent in the ceiling to have a frame, and modified the
texture type.
Completely redid the Everett Panic Room.
Fixed a medkit spawning in the void.
Fixed bad zone portal.
Fixed the door, and moved the key in Everett's bathroom.
Fixed the wooden support beams in the kitchen area. They were off grid
by one unit, and had improperly applied semisolids.
Gave level ZoneInfos.
Modified some textures in the main lobby with Toby, they had an off
base V-Pan.
Moved the bathroom before the hidden area to be level with the
remainder of the bedroom.
Readded the key for the aquarium, removed the crates underwater.
Remade movers for the vents in the CC, added some decor brushes around
Unlocked Everett's fridge.
Updated the heliport to actually have a helipad.

Vandenberg Air Force Base:

Added a door to the bathroom.

Added more rockets to friendly Milbots, gave them 50 more HP.
Changed MiB's name to Man in Black.
Fixed two NPCs with no voice lines.
Fixed storage door having a bad pivot.
Increased size of comm building roof skillpoint bonus.
Made it impossible to get locked in the storage.
Made non-heavy troops not be elites.

Vandenberg Computer:

Removed the alarm panel.

Vandenberg Tunnels:

Readded some of the explosive barrels.

Removed the karkians and greasels, breaks the lore with X-51 having
defined "ethical inflexibility".
Removed the lasers that killed the jumping challenge.
Removed the spiderbot on the bridge.
Replaced the cube batteries with new models.

Gas Station:

Fixed the alarm being frobbable through the wall.

Made sniper on roof not have a chair or tech goggles, and normally
Made sniper on roof and guy in the convenience store only appear in
hardcore mode.
Stopped tanker from being locked, because it was prone to soft locks.
Stopped the convenience store's roof itself from being locked.
Stopped the vent into the convenience store's roof from being locked.
Readded crate near helicopter.
Reduced the vision of the enemies back to default values.
Removed metal crates blocking the window's crawlspace.
Removed the random greasel in the container.

Ocean Lab (Surface):

Added a button to call the elevator from the bottom to prevent a

Fixed antenna not being solid.
Fixed badly floating light.
Fixed being able to target the ocean plants and see that they're
Fixed crate having incorrect texture set.
Fixed light clipping through ceiling.
Fixed pillar bases not being solid.
Fixed staircase door pivot point.
Fixed the elevator covered with missing textures.
Fixed trashcans with alarm textures.
Fixed water clipping inside the elevator shaft.
Increased shack bonus from 149 to 150.
Moved the pipes and changed the lighting to be darker in the
underground corridor to allow you to hide behind the crates there again.
Moved the plasma rifle ammo from a general crate to a combat crate to
follow the standard.
Reduced non-heavy troops to only be 40% elites.
Removed the lamp in the middle of the elevator.
Removed the pointless minisub on the ocean floor and the two divers
protecting it.
Replaced crates pretending to be air tanks with real air tanks.
Replaced crates pretending to be wires with actual wires.
Replaced the boxes pretending to be rocks with real rocks.
Reverted diver health back to defaults.
Reverted keypads to 12.
Unlocked both vents and moved the crates off them.

Ocean Lab Complex:

Added button to open 5690 door to prevent softlocks if closed.

Fixed fire extinguisher being positioned incorrectly.
Fixed the southern wing skillpoint bonus clipping through the walls.
Made the animals and humans enemies.
Moved the karkian out of the stairwell.
Readded the GEP gun.
Readded the medical bot.
Removed the crates blocking the southern wing.
Removed the sound of the woman dying in the greasel lab.
Texture fixes.
Unlocked the hatches.

Ocean Lab UC:

Made the second giant spiderbot only appear on hardcore.

Missile Silo near Pasadena:

Fixed a broken portal for the missile area.

Fixed moon texture.
Fixed stretched textures near repair bot.
Fixed the footlockers having wooden fragments and break sounds.
Gave all MJ12 voices.
Moved the two ambushing commandos back to the missile so stealth
players can actually progress.
Readded the commando with the bathroom key.
Reduced non-heavy troops to only be 40% elites.
Removed a chair in the void.
Removed the radioactive storage area.
Reverted keypads to 12.
Reverted the MiB with Gunther's face back to a normal face.
Area 51 (Sector 1):

Fixed BSP error on a pipe.

Fixed doors opening through the void.
Fixed floating objects.
Fixed floating 2D fire.
Fixed the storage for the spiderbot being smaller than a spiderbot.
Fixed using the valve to turn off the gas not turning it off, and fixed
it staying on the IFF.
Made Xander stand instead of sit, too casual after being nuked.
Moved the commando on the walkway that would've seen Xander to onto the
Readded the key to the basement.
Removed the ambush that appears when opening the blast doors.
Removed the lasers and turrets in the hangar.
The elevator now goes all the way down instead of stopping and
requiring you to take damage.
Unlocked the fan route in the hangar.

Area 51 (Sector 2):

Added decorative brushes to the new storage area, added lighting, moved
over loot crates, a bot, and a LAM trap.
Added updated security cameras and turrets, all accessible by a
security computer.
Changed the large ambush at the start of the level to only appear on
hardcore difficulty.
Fixed a locker instantly closing.
Fixed bad pivot on door to the recreation area.
Fixed backwards textures.
Fixed badly floating sign.
Fixed invisible brush.
Fixed the electricity emitters and damage sparks for the spiderbots
being blown away by the fan and being deleted.
Increased to 18 zones.
Put one of the MJ12 troops inside the office area on a patrol path.
Removed a lot of unused geo outside of the level.
Removed the horizontal cargo path, re-added the vanilla vertical tube
that implies cargo is shipped deep into the facility, much like the deep elevator
you take at the end of the level.
Removed the spiderbot trap for trying to turn off the giant fan as it
was purely a beginner's trap.
Removed the troops outside the elevator.

Area 51 (Sector 3):

Changed MiB's name to Man in Black.

Fixed Aquinas Hub door having a bad pivot.
Fixed containers near the gray not having holes to go into and going
straight into a wall.
Fixed MIB voice lines.
Fixed pipes being cut in half by a fence.
Made the door at the end of the gray hallway unfrobbable.
Remade the clone tank room.
Removed the camera and turret to sector 4.
Removed the karkian disguised as a gray trying to dance with a proper,
error-free version.
Reverted the MiB with Gunther's face back to a normal face.
Scaled post-Helios commando ambush to various difficulties, ever so
Texture fixes.

Area 51 (Sector 4):

Changed MiB to only appear on hardcore.

Fixed backwards textures.
Fixed a gap in the walkway to Page.
Fixed two portals.
Fixed animals only having a 5% chance of respawning every second, 20
seconds after they last died.
Removed the forcefields to Page.



Added headshot hitboxes for animals.

Added hitboxes for robots, more damage can be done depending on
where is hit.
Alarms no longer affect aim, walk speed, and visibility in the
dark. This was totally OP on the last, as it was able to trigger multiple times,
and made a considerable difference.
Allowed NPCs to use secondary, tertiary, quaternary ammo types.
Bosses now fight to the death.
Burning NPCs now die from fall damage.
Changed greasels and karkians to be unable to see you in
Disallowed robots from being able to open or break doors.
Enemies using a sniper rifle can no longer strafe.
Enemies with weapons that have a mass greater than 30 will shove
much slower, and emits a heavier sound.
Fixed AI laser sights not getting updated.
Fixed NPCs healing after loading.
Fixed NPCs not using their unused lines from the ConFix project.
Fixed robots reactivating after loading
Fixed SCUBA divers going into a T-pose when hit by a gas weapon.
Fixed UNATCO helmets only working 8% of the time.
Flares are thrown on darker conditions, and the check for this is
not affected by player movement speeds.
Giant spiderbots no longer fire rockets, these are riot control
Greasels now jump >6x less often, making jumping a special move.
Greatly reduced spiderbot damage and range.
Greatly reduced the amount of elite MJ12 troops. The elites are a
concept introduced by GMDX. Previously 40.3% of all MJ12 troopers were elites, with
107 being elites and 158 not.
Halved gray health.
Hitting a door now makes a sound, like hitting a wall.
Killing an unconscious NPC now actually kills them, rather than
just pretending.
Lowered universal burn time for both players and NPC's to 10
instead of 40. This is still plenty of burn, but just not comically OP.
Made helmet hitboxes much more accurate, relative to what's
visible on the textured model, in game.
Made helmets only reduce 35% of incoming damage when hit.
Made mech NPCs lose 25% ground speed and have their spread size
increased 100% when they take EMP damage. Once timer expires, these effects revert.
Made MJ12 Troops and MIB's capable of being lit on fire.
Made MJ12 Troops Helmets have a 4% chance of breaking on impact.
Made NPCs shoot through windows and doors correctly using their
weapon's damage rather than magic numbers.
Magical grenades now use ammo, will destroy if ammo is depleted,
and aren't magic anymore.
Nerfed health buff given to MJ12/Soldiers.
NPCs can no longer melee you while running away from low health.
NPCs no longer cower when at low health and instead run away like
NPCs no longer try to pistol whip a robot.
NPCs react to dogs in pain.
NPCs shooting explosives now use the explosive's explosion radius
to determine safe radius rather than a magic number.
Prevented the AI from being able to shoot within 0.25 seconds of
starting to strafe.
Raised chance of UNATCO helmets flying off from inferior damage
to 10%.
Reallowed snipers to drop their weapons if their arms are broken.
Reduced MJ12 assault rifle ammo from 24 clips to 8.
Reduced shove damage from 8 to 4.
Reduced the amount of rockets NPCs have to use.
Reduced weak small security bot move speed.
Removed "spider grenade" weapon from spiderbots in non-hardcore.
Reverted greasel minimum health from 5 back to 20.
Reverted greasel spit back to 1 direct shot, rather than 3 spread
Reverted greasel spit particle size, as they were 10x small in
vanilla and made it possible to see where the projectile was.
Reverted headshot bonus from x12 back to x10.
Reverted karkian minimum health from 10 to 50.
Reverted military bot rocket damage back to vanilla values unless
in hardcore.
Reverted minimum health values to always be standard instead of
seemingly randomly set.
Reverted sight thresholds to .006 for animals/robots, like in
vanilla. These were previously 0.005, and it turns out the original DX crew was
aware that .005 and below were visually indistinguishable from another, all
rendering as pitch black.
Reverted stun damage bonus from x8 back to x4.
Reverted the death/knock out sounds to original versions as other
sounds were bad for gameplay, sounded bad, were stolen, or racist.
Reverted terrorist minimum health from 10 to 50.
Robots can no longer strafe.
Robots now have a 5 second rebooting period after the effects of
a scramble grenade wear off.
Set MiB burn threshold to 18 instead of 50.
Set MiB burn time to 3 seconds, making their actual burn duration
rather brief.
Set MJ12 troop burn threshold to 14, vs the standard of 6.
Set MJ12 troop burn time to 5 seconds, giving them fire
resistance even further, but not without consequences to their well being.
Small end-game security bot no longer fires rockets, no longer
cloaks, has reduced move speed.
Spiderbots no longer hang upside down.
Stopped killed women having a chance of making the unconscious
Stopped the crosshair showing an NPC taking damage forcing the
crosshair option on/off.
Super MiBs only appear on hardcore mode.
Upgraded to ConFix v1.06.


ADS augmentation no longer detonates fireballs or throwing

Disabled being able to upgrade the light aug.
Muscle augmentation:
carrying heavy objects now drains energy.
energy drain now proportional to weight of object thrown.
thrown objects deal less damage.
Reduced the IFF augmentation from three levels to two, combined
level 2 and 3 effects into 2.
Regeneration augmentation now only heals parts up to a certain
limit, with each level increasing the amount healed per heal and the heal limit.
Reverted arm augmentation slots back to one.
Spydrone augmentation turns off if the drone is destroyed to
prevent a softlock.
Targeting augmentation:
no longer gives bonus accuracy and damage to melee weapons
or grenades.
now always gives at least +1 bonus damage to guns.
now shows the EMP health of robots.


Changed difficulty from 0.5, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0 back to the original
1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 4.0 damage multipliers. Added 'Very Easy' mode for 0.5 multiplier.
Changed focus rates so they're 35% higher at base, and for every
level of skill above untrained the player has, they gain another 35% focus rate.
Fixed damage sometimes getting reduced down to 0.
Locks with 15% strength no longer RNG themselves to 20% ~30% of
the time. This is now only done in hardcore mode.
Lowered focus rate bonus given on easy, largely because of
baseline boost.
NPCs no longer have perfect accuracy with mini-crossbows on
Re-enabled console during hardcore.
Removed the difficulty warning for realistic.
Removed code that would passively reduce all damage, and then
later reduce damage again. Resulted in bullet/melee damage being reduced by 75-80%
on easy.


20mm ammo no longer requires a reload to use.

Accuracy only improves for up to 10 seconds of standing, rather
than 15.
Allowed grenades to be thrown through windows.
Assault rifles can no longer have scopes.
Assault shotguns now load all at once rather than per shell.
Being shot while holding an unconscious person sometimes kills
Buffed sniper accuracy to 0.65 from 0.8. Vanilla was 0.5, so this
is the average between the two.
Buffed WP rocket damage.
Changed assault guns from a 4 shot burst to fully automatic.
Changed medkit health from 30/60/75/90 to 30/45/60/90.
Changed recoil to be more powerful, using new formulas, makes
recoil mods have more of a purpose and skill level now once again reduces recoil.
Decreased pistol shot time from 3 shots per second to 2.
Disallowed clip mods on flamethrower, GEP gun, mini-crossbow,
pepper gun, prod. Matches vanilla.
Disallowed rate of fire mod on GEP gun.
Dropped active fire extinguishers now make the gas come from the
fire extinguisher, rather than magically coming from you still.
Fixed duplication glitch from frobbing items multiple times
before they're destroyed.
Fixed errors caused by translating object names.
Fixed gas grenades clipping through the ground if aiming directly
Fixed left clicking on object in the world to use them causing a
different effect from using it from the inventory (like a candybar healing 3 health
instead of 2).
Fixed plasma not having the correct damage in multiplayer or
using the incorrect damage in single player.
Fixed the player not bring out the desired item after using a
one-use weapon.
Fixed throwing knives thrown by NPCs not showing the flight path
with the Sharp Eyed perk.
Gas grenades no longer damage nearby objects when they explode,
including making TNT not explode.
Halved the amount of momentum from items taking damage.
Inventory now displays the accurate damage for weapons, along
with how many times they hit.
Increased wearable item recharge rate to 50% for all.
Improved GEP gun accuracy.
Lasers no longer disable the crosshair.
Made cigarettes kill you when using realtime UI and made the game
not crash when doing so.
Made crosshair display the minimum accuracy floor of 5% spread.
Made lasers and scopes no longer give 100% accuracy when used.
Lasers and scopes now divide spread size by 3 when active, which is strong, but not
a cure-all for bad aiming. The bonuses are additive, not multiplicative. Scope with
laser active is divided by 6, not 9, as a result.
Made lasers and scopes reflect their acc bonus on the crosshair.
Made non-speciality ammo pickup rates scaled based on ammo cap.
Made plasma rifle size 4x2 to offset its new, extreme power.
Made LAW 5x1.
Melee weapons now repeatedly attack if the mouse is held down.
Modified ammo caps to resemble vanilla more. Modified some pickup
rates to be more normalized.
Modified scope sway to equal out the amount of screen shake
reduced by the crosshair's accuracy reflection.
Pistol can no longer have a silencer attached.
Redesigned weapon positions to not be culled on widescreen up to
100 FOV.
Reduced stealth pistol reload time from 4 seconds to 3 seconds.
Decreased cooldown from 0.59 to 0.29.
Removed augmentation overdrive canister.
Removed candybar's energy bonus.
Removed damage mods.
Removed hacking discs.
Removed rubber shells.
Reverted assault gun's recoil from 0.19 back to 0.5.
Reverted assault gun's reload from 35 back to original 30.
Reverted biocell energy charged back to 25 unless in hardcore.
Reverted dart skins to original standards and added a new skin
for taser darts for this.
Reverted rocket rotation rate from 1024 to 32768.
Riot prods can no longer have accuracy, clip, rate of fire, or
damage mods applied to them.
Sabot and AP rounds stack damage against control panels, until
the panel is defeated.
Skill level changes how long grenade fuses are.
Stopped hardcore mode turning off auto-reload, instead disabled
the mechanic during hardcore mode only.
Swords no longer have a 5% chance of blocking bullets.
Taser darts have 5 damage now, instead of 15, since stunning is
their primary purpose.
Taser darts now come in full 4 packs, vs 2.
Taser darts now have a stun duration of 4, making them a pro-
synergy ammo type, for pop-and-swap critical hits.
Tear and halon gas now does damage every 0.5 seconds compared to
every 1 to make it more reliable.
Thrown weapons only kill if going fast enough, otherwise knock
Turned sabot ammo into x1 hit instead of x8 spread.


Allowed pausing when hacking/picking something.

Changed advanced lockpicking perk to trained.
Changed untrained lockpicking perk to advanced.
Defaulted animated energy bar off.
Defaulted hitmarker off.
Defaulted mantling system off.
Defaulted stamina pip bar off.
Defaulted stamina system off.
Fixed being able to spam left click with the muscle aug on to
make no sound when moving.
Fixed game pausing if deleting a note in realtime UI.
Fixed stamina not regenerating in conversations.
Hardcoded all computer and ATM security levels, no more
randomness that'd make midgame require master and late game require trained.
Made perks hardcore only.
Made very easy lend 1.5x the fuse time on placed grenade timers,
against players. New floor fuse time for normal difficulties is 0.75, instead of
0.5. On realistic, a 0.666x multiplier is used, thus dragging the floor back down
to 0.5 and some change.
Medical bots now heal 300 points again in non-hardcore.
Meleeing underwater no longer costs o2 with the stamina system
turned off.
Removed 'scripted grenade triggers' completely.
Removed EMP damage turning off the HUD until a menu was brought
Removed non-functional "halve ammo capacity" option.
Removed the health bonus from the medicine skill unless in
Repair bots recharge 75% again in non-hardcore.
Reverted medicine skill costs to vanilla levels.
Rewrote stolen code from Revision.
Showed credits in the conversation window during a conversation
involving credits.
The player is now blamed for the deaths of anyone they set on
fire and killed with a flamethrower.
Upgrading swimming while underwater now applies the swimming


Added check box on character creation to enable/disable the perk

system in non-hardcore.
Fixed 'Neat Hack' perk saying that it gave an extra 20%, when it
gave an extra 50% (FYI, this perk does nothing for ATMs).
Fully overhauled the perk system to be more managable:
each skill can have its own perks defined, you can mix and
match these if you want a different experience, including swapping new perks for
old ones.
old perks can be re-enabled by setting Human.bUseOldPerks
to true.
perks no longer are defined by text but by arrays.
perks now auto-update their names, descriptions, and costs,
based on the perks defined in the skill.
perks can now have a cost of 0.
Reduced bonus range from "WIRELESS STRENGTH".
Renamed to 'Feats'.
Replaced old perks with new ones (old ones can be re-enabled):
replaced computer trained perk "MODDER" (double STOP! worm
effectiveness) with "FILE GRABBER" (save emails to datavault)
replaced computer advanced perk "MISFEATURE EXPLOIT"
(additional resources from medbots/repairbots) with "OVERCLOCKER: REPAIR"
(additional resources from repairbots).
replaced computer master perk "NEAT HACK" (+50% credits
from credit chits) with "OVERKILL" (additional rate of fire from hacked turrets)
moved demolitions master perk "KNOCKOUT GAS" to advanced.
replaced demolitions advanced perk "SHORT FUSE" (-1 fuse on
grenades) with "IMPACT DETONATION" (grenades explode on contact with enemies)
replaced enviro master perk "TECH SPECIALIST" (tech goggles
see through walls) with "PERFECT SEAL" (hazmat suits protect from catching fire)
moved lockpicking trained perk "DOORSMAN" to advanced
replaced lockpicking advanced perk "ARTIFICIAL LOCK"
(unlock trained/advanced perks without upgrading skill) to trained "SOFT SPOT"
(crowbars can open locks below 10% strength or 15% for wooden doors)
replaced lockpicking master perk "LOCKSPORT" (open any lock
with one lockpick) with "BARRICADE" (left clicking an unlocked door jams the lock
and makes the AI unable to open it).
moved medicine advanced perk "TOXICOLOGIST" to trained.
replaced medicine trained perk "BIOGENIC" (+5 energy from
biocells) with advanced "OVERCLOCKER: MEDICAL" (additional resources from medical
replaced stealth trained perk "NIMBLE" (silent while
mantling) with "DISTRACTOR" (melee weapons always make a sound when hitting walls)
replaced stealth advanced perk "NERVES OF STEEL" (no sound
when taking damage) with "RELAXED AURA" (animals prefer to eat than attack).
replaced stealth master perk "CREEPER" (stamina regenerates
while crouch walking) with "SECOND SKIN" (no longer slowed while holding bodies and
bodies reduce damage taken).
replaced atheletics trained perk "CLARITY" (no drug effect
while drowning) with "DAUNTLESS" (33% reduction in drowning damage)
replaced atheletics master perk "ENDURANCE" (double stamina
regeneration) with "IRON WILL" (arm health doesn't affect aim)
replaced electronics master perk "CRACKED" (bypass any
device with one multitool) with "COMMAND OVERRIDE" (multitools can be used to
disable robots).
replaced weapons: heavy advanced perk "PERFECT STANCE"
(improved recoil and sway when looking through scopes) with "RADIOWAVE TARGETING"
(GEP gun locks on to cameras/turrets/alarms).
replaced weapons: low tech trained perk "SHARP-EYED" (see
path of darts and throwing knives) with "LOOSE FIT" (increases holster/raise speed
of melee weapons).
replaced weapons: low tech advanced perk "PIERCING" (more
likely to stun with melee weapons and +20% damage to robots) with "LOW BLOW"
(increased stun duration when using gas/prod).
replaced weapons: rifles advanced perk "GUNSLINGER" (+30%
scope speed) with "AFTERMARKET 20MM" (increased range when using 20mm ammo).


Doors no longer destroy the metal crates.

Fixed barrels exploding if you save + load multiple times.
Fixed being able to log into an ATM using any account number.
Fixed doors opening incorrectly in all levels, coming off their
Fixed objects disappearing sometimes when landing on an NPC's
Fixed wall sockets not doing damage.
Halved turret damage to robots.
Hardcoded all computer/ATM skill requirements, no longer have a
chance of requiring master in the middle of the game and only trained in the latter
Lasers now require both cloaks to be active to bypass, rather
than just radar transparency.
Made wall sockets do EMP damage when used.
Reduced amount of rate of fire mods.
Reduced realistic/hardcore turret range from 250ft to 112.5ft.
Reduced turret rotation rate unless on realistic/hardcore.
Removed all blank datacubes.
Reverted camera ranges back to vanilla values on realistic.
Reverted decoration fall damage conditions to mostly vanilla.
Turrets can no longer target you while wearing thermoptic camo.
Turrets that run out of ammo actually stop shooting now.



AI no longer makes a decapitation sound when headshot, since

decapitation was removed.
Blood no longer spawns when you knock out someone.
Carcass landing sound now plays immediately rather than after a
Dead/Unconscious AIs now use the name you knew them by on their
carcass, rather than always their familiar name.
Dogs no longer bark while dying.
Drowning robots no longer spawn bubbles.
Fish now spawn carcasses instead of disappearing when killed.
Fixed animals not dying properly in water due to buoyancy.
Fixed bird swimming animations.
Fixed bird feet clipping inside the ground.
Fixed carcasses not spawning when the NPC enters water while
Fixed cleaner bots moving around while disabled.
Fixed crash if using a medbot/repairbot that's destroyed.
Fixed errors when poisoned by an enemy that was dead or not
holding a weapon.
Fixed errors when robots took damage from items.
Fixed errors when the AI tries to decide if they should melee.
Fixed HDTP karkian carcasses rendering incorrectly at long
Fixed robots making a human knocked out sound if destroyed with
the prod.
Fixed robots saying their critical damage lines while disabled.
Fixed the AI being able to create fire extinguishers near you out
of thin air.
Fixed unconscious animals using their bindName rather than their
Flies now die when entering water.
Greasels play their proper swimming attack animation while in
water, rather than their land attack animation.
Knocking out an NPC, then killing them will properly display
their name beside 'Dead Body'.
Left clicking an item near an NPC will make them react to you.
Made Gunther never blink.
MiBs no longer hold all weapons one handed.
MiBs/WiBs now explode when killed as a carcass.
NPCs will no longer sit on burning chairs and will stand up when
their chair is set on fire.
Paul uses non-lethal weapons at Liberty Island and doesn't have
his shield augmentation during the raid.
Removed the motion blur effect for Simons and elite MiBs and
replaced it with a new one.
Removed the broken code that attempted to have Anna go into a
stunned state when hit by EMP damage, but never worked.
Removed the bullet ricochet sound from Gunther taking damage.
Removed the bullet ricochet sound from MiBs taking damage.
Reverted the commando footstep sounds back from a metal fragment
sound to the normal footstep sound.
Reverted Gunther's footstep sound.
Spawned NPCs now use non-hardcore properties rather than hardcore
The hologram in training no longer bleeds if you throw a weapon
at it.
Unconscious carcasses that are killed now start spilling out
blood when they are killed.


Added many new in house made weapon sounds.

Allowed EMP damage to make the player make a hurt sound.
Removed SWAT 4 sounds.
Removed the eating sound for soyfood.
Removed the fall damage sound used by the Source engine.
Removed the filing cabinet sound when opening the inventory.
Replaced the paper sound when a carcass lands.
Reverted all pain sounds back to originals.
Reverted many sounds to originals.
Reverted sounds for Anna and MiBs back to originals.
Removed Invisible War sound when:
activating radar transparency.
opening the augs screen.
picking up objects.
running out of energy.
selecting an aug.
unequipping a prod, knife, or dragon's tooth sword.
upgrading a perk.
upgrading a skill.
using a public terminal.
using a watercooler.
using a basketball.
Reverted greasel spitting sound.


Changed hardcoded spydrone strings to localized ones.

Combat strength aug now shows damage buff in aug description.
Fixed IFF augmentation showing dangers it wasn't meant to show
due to case sensitivity.
Fixed some weapons showing bonus damage from combat strength aug,
when they weren't being buffed.
Removed Invisible War sounds when installing an aug.
Reverted combat strength icon to vanilla.
Targeting augmentation:
no longer shows "DEFAULT FAMILIAR NAME" message on fish.
no longer shows "DEFAULT ITEM NAME" message.
no longer shows hidden things.
shows a nice weapon name rather than class name.
shows familiar/unfamiliar name of target, rather than
always familiar name.


Abridged assault shotgun description to not imply that this

weapon is automatic, but rather that is has attributes of an automatic shotgun,
which is actually the case.
Added AllItems cheat.
Added slight snippet to imply that the PS20's attempts to replace
stealth pistols is not a sweeping success thus far. This is hardly surprising,
given it's clearly a rough prototype.
All items now respect skin color.
Disallowed reloading of throwing knives and grenades.
Fixed a missing space in the durability of ballistic armour.
Fixed backwards texture on rubber shells.
Fixed ballistic armour and hazmat suits not showing how much
biocells recharged them in their descriptions.
Fixed being able to see through walls using the GEP gun's scope.
Fixed crosshair disappearing on targets over 500ft.
Fixed DEFAULT AMMO NAME message when picking up PS20s as ammo
from carcasses.
Fixed dropped weapons using hand textures.
Fixed error when recovering from drugs with nothing in your
Fixed errors when weapons are dropped.
Fixed flare darts questioning their existence.
Fixed flares glitching if used in the inventory and then
Fixed GMDX's snippet about GEP gun remote guidance A. not making
sense how it's possible only after modding the weapon and B. creating a run-on
Fixed issues from cloaking.
Fixed laser spots appearing at 0,0,0 at 312ft.
Fixed out of bounds array when using rebreathers.
Fixed overdrive canister trying to upgrade augmentations past
their maximum level.
Fixed radar transparency effect being displayed incorrectly in
Fixed real time UI crashing if dragging an item as it's deleted.
Fixed reference to "clip" instead of magazine in a blatant, pro-
magazine context for stealth pistol.
Fixed scope animation not playing with the mini-crossbow.
Fixed the typos in the overdrive canister.
Fixed weapons sometimes being unable to spawn their ammo.
Fixed weapons sometimes keeping the light from their muzzle flash
after being dropped.
Fixed wrong form of ensure vs original insure on nanosword.
Flamethrowers no longer show a flame if out of ammo or
Flamethrowers now burn objects and walls that their napalm comes
in contact with.
Flares now set objects on fire.
Greatly improved the cloaking code, objects no longer have a
chance to stay cloaked when dropped or at the start of chapter 5.
Greatly improved the rendering code, objects no longer have a
chance to display hand textures when dropped.
Improved English and grammar for item descriptions.
Made HDTP optional.
Made item recharging system translatable.
Message for picking up stuff without room shows how much space is
Prevented ambrosia from breaking from being dropped.
Rate of fire mod now correctly displays a +10% buff instead of a
-10% nerf.
Reallowed reloading at only 1 magazine.
Reduced laser dot size from 0.13 back to 0.04.
Reloading shotguns now shows how much ammo is loaded.
Removed Invisible War sounds on Dragon's Tooth Sword.
Removed shadow when cloaked.
Removed the fuel and signal bar on the GEP gun scope as it does
Removed water splash when bottles are broken.
Reverted flares back to Vanilla/HDTP, removed Clyzm's animated
Reverted item count from "x 2" back to "COUNT: 2".
Reverted shotgun name and description to original.
Reverted sniper rifle to 4x1.
Reverted the descriptions for 10 items that were stolen directly
from Wikipedia.
Rewrote description for 10mm AP rounds, taser darts, rubber
bullets, combat knife.
Riot prods no longer display an electricity effect on them when
reloading or out of ammo.
Throwing your last grenade no longer shows it in your hand.
Vanilla weapons now show the correct skin color, instead of
always white.
Wearing thermoptic camo now makes you visibly cloak in mirrors.


Cagelights can no longer be selected.

Crates that aren't meant to be in the level are now actually
destroyed, rather than being made tiny.
Fixed a newspaper being forced into the void if saving + loading.
Fixed alarm light light always being visible, even when not
Fixed all instances of "Restriced Area".
Fixed all "Manderly" plaques.
Fixed ATM "Withdraw All" button having the same hotkey as
Fixed barrels not having their gas follow them if leaking while
picked up.
Fixed barrels repairing themselves if carried through level
Fixed cacti not damaging the player and reduced how often they
try damage them.
Fixed turrets not making robots spark or lose metal.
Made decorations immune to poison damage.
Made GMDX gore respect low gore option.
Made many objects flammable.
Made the shop payment panels translatable.
Metal objects no longer gain 300% health at the start of the
Player left clicking on object will only bring out keyring if
they have the key for the door. Will only bring out multitool if the device can be
hacked. Will prioritize keyring before lockpick.
Player no longer makes a sound when encroaching a door while
Preplaced carcasses now display the names of the carcass.
Reduced crate health closer to vanilla values so it doesn't take
many hits to break each open.
Reduced the size of the wall sockets.
Reduced the amount of fragments plants make when destroyed.
Drained too much memory. Each one would spawn 168 fragments which is too much for a
game this old.
Reverted alarm sounds from DX:IW to DX1.
Turrets now correctly spawn an upside down turret if the base is
upside down.
Wall socket sparks spawn outside of the socket rather than


'Skip Intro' option now only skips the intro when starting a
game, not when pressing the "Show Intro" button on the main menu.
Added support for Mouse4/5.
AllEnergy cheat gives max energy, rather than default energy.
Changed all hardcoded English strings to localizable ones.
Fixed death camera having a chance of being positioned at
Fixed errors every tick from GEP guns.
Fixed errors every time a flamethrower was created without an
Fixed errors from lasers deleting the laser dot and then trying
to alter its properties.
Fixed errors if an animal tried to eat a corpse sometimes.
Fixed errors when left clicking on a hackable device or a door
with nothing in your inventory.
Fixed FleshFragmentWall consuming all RAM for the running game's
Greatly reduced log spam.
Halved the sized of the GameMedia package by cutting over 1,000
unused textures.
Improved performance of radioactive barrels.
Improved the efficiency in the code for determining if an NPC can
throw a grenade.
Made the vanilla death option more vanilla, no more blood coating
the screen.
Moved PlayerStarts to the start of the level rather than randomly
dotted around.
Ported Revision Framework, which:
enables changing FOV to between 80 and 110.
enables finer adjustment of mouse sensitivity.
enables up to 256 audio channels, from 16 previous.
fixed a bug where players would be unable to save games on
drives with more than 2TB of free space.
Ported variables from native classes to non-native classes for
Renamed bInvisibleWhore.
Reduced the amount of blood spawned from damaging carcasses to
reduce lag.
Removed a hell of a lot of spam to the player's in-game log when
adding an augmentation to the player.
Removed all == False and == True checks.
Removed some redudant AllActor checks that were not going to be
Replaced all slow search functions that go through all the
thousands of objects in a level to ones that just search for NPCs when required.
Turned SmoothMaskedTextures off to fix some surfaces being
transparent in D3D9.
Turning invisible now kills your shadow.
v10 uses its own int file, making the .int overwrite not


"Show Tips" button now uses your color scheme.

Added descriptions for each difficulty on the selection window.
Added variable bUseEUTimestamps to format save file dates to
DD/MM/YYYY instead of MM/DD/YYYY.
Allowed conversation choices to be activated by number keys.
Disabled hitmarker from turret, tear gas, and halon gas damage.
Disallowed UI being opened during intro cutscene.
Energy drain rate for augmentation now shows the drain rate with
energy recirculator augmentation applied and cloak/radar transparency augmentation
Fixed crosshair reappearing on gameload.
Fixed infolink and subtitles window not updating with custom
colors properly.
Fixed missing pixel in hitmarker.
Fixed overlapping hotkeys for status on augmentation and health
Fixed secondary weapon HUD overlapping primary.
Improved legend menu to have more debugging options.
Moved the light reading to a yellow bar under the health, rather
than as large text overlaid over the health.
Ported Revision Framework, which enables changing UI size.
Quickloading from the splash screen no longer requires
Recoil stat on weapons now correctly displays values lower than
Refreshed repair bot UI always.
Refreshed UI in realtime UI.
Removed the "Your Deus Ex is Augmented" 'tip'.
Reverted ugly fonts to originals.
Stamina stats on weapons are only displayed with stamina system
The energy recharged message from biocells shows how much energy
was actually recharged instead of always the max it recharges.
Toggling the animated HUD bars now toggles the immediately,
instead of having to change level.