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GarGantua 7

the Content ManaGeMent Solution

GARGANTUA 7 is a cutting-edge ECM solution integrating Archive, Document Management and Workflow /
BPM functionnalities. It organises, secures, shares and views paper archives, day to day documents (paper, Office,
fax, e-mails, plans, photos…) and files generated by internal applications (Bank, ERP, Payroll…).

GARGANTUA 7 is up-market and powerful while easy to use with a unique embedded scanning solution and a
Windows explorer-like interface which manages folders and documents. Key features:

• J2EE application, Ajax technology

• Full Web
Users will only need Internet Explorer 6+ or Firefox 2+
• Two interconnected databases: relational (Oracle, SQL Server, PostGres…) for indexes and SearchServer
for Full Text Search.
The multi-base structure of Gargantua 7 allows for the creation of an unlimited number of databases (relational
+ full text), totally independent from one another regarding user’s access rights as well as databases’ structure
and the objects they contain. The various databases can actually be seen as independent products installed on
distinct servers.
An authorized user can connect to several databases and can perform various operations inside each of them.
There is no need to close one database to work on another. These operations can be folder or document transfers,
but also simultaneous searches made on several databases, etc.
• Multilingual: Arabic, English, French, Spanish (interface, Full Text, index and OCR)…
• Integrated high level functionalities like PDF-A converter, Streaming…
• Open solution: Web services and scripts allow you to integrate your application with Gargantua and/or to
access to your application from Gargantua.

Customizable Portal

Portal Designer is the portal designing and implementing tool. It allows the administrator to define the
portal’s content and presentation as well as users’ rights for doing so.
GarGantua 7
arChiving bPm ProCess
Do you need to scan your existing paper archives ?
With our barcode functionalities and scripts generated by the IntelliScan BPM functions, you
will scan and automatically integrate your archives in the proper folders, without errors.

Do you need to scan with intelligence your incoming documents (mails, customer complaints,
loans requests, orders,…)?
IntelliScan will help you to generate automatically a script with all the adapted functionalities.

Ex: You want to scan a new client file with:

• First page in color, remainder in black and
• OCR of client code number
• Manual input of indexes
• Automatic storage in a pin inside specific

With IntelliScan you will interactively define this

sequence and then:
• A script will be generated automatically
• Users just click and go.

DoCument management
The Windows explorer-like interface allows any user to get started with Gargantua extremely rapidly.

Example of a filing organization with documents shown as images.

Right button mouse functions on the Web interface gives Gargantua an easy-to-use interface for all users.
experienCe haS no SubStitute

gargantua 7 views are a major innovation allowing each user to organize the data his/her own way. So that
every classification scheme adapts to each user’s idea of how the data should be used, e.g.: viewing only parts
of catalogs defined by date or attributes criteria.
The views are created on the fly when the user logs-in. It is a new and adapted approach of content.

revision management
The revision, follow-up of minor or major versions as well as version numbers guarantee the reliability of
the information which is put at the user’s disposal, in accordance with quality standards. A specific Quality
Control process is available.
WorkfloW / bPm

gargantua 7 workflow covers all

process management steps: crea-
tion, administration, circulation and
execution of tasks assigned to users,
groups or roles. Its numerous func-
tions include: a form creation tool,
a graphic process creation tool, an
audit tool, an administration tool,
provisional users timesheet man-
agement tool and function

It follows the bPmn standard

(Business Process Modeling Nota-
tion) from the OMG (Object Mana-
gement Group).

Processes can be launched by au-

thorized users or automatically.
Secure your information
Decrease drastically costs linked to management and storage of documents
Find information, accurately and immediately
Make information available to everybody, any time
Manage and control all processes

The process generator allows you to:

• Execute scripts inside a process in order to
manage complex operations
• Send emails in order to inform recipients they
have a task to carry out
• Give deadline to tasks and/or processes
• …

The Inbox displayed in Gargantua’s

portal will automatically inform
users of:
• received processes
• delayed processes
• …
Some generic functionnalitieS
form generation
form concept is an e-form designing function. The forms can be used to index contents or assigned to ob-
jects circulating within workflow processes. At the end of the process the data may: become attributes; be
associated to the objects they were assigned to, or simply remain in the form.
A form can be composed of other types of attributes such as radio buttons, checkboxes, active command
Data entry areas are accessible only to authorized profiles so the form may not be exactly the same (invisible
areas, read only areas, etc.) in different tasks according to access and security criteria.

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Search modeS
No matter where the objects are located (circulating objects, archived objects) they can be found thanks to
search tools. A search can be limited to one or several processes or databases, as well as to a selection of
folders within a same database. There are many search modes among which the main are:
• Searches on attributes, folders and pages’ name, notes’ content, documents’ content, processes…
• Full text searches on text documents and on texts resulting from OCR operations.
• Customized searches where the user will only have to fill the fields before launching them.
In gargantua 7 permissions can be set on any of the objects regardless of their location in the database.
This assigns specific rights to each group or user group involved in a process or seeking to access a database
and its content. A specific manager defines all security levels and access rights assigned to roles, users and
groups, for the whole platform, for each database, for each process…
Synchronization with LDAP or Active Directory, S.S.O. functionality, Management of Id and Password…
are integrated.

All events, transactions, form data modifications, etc. are logged and saved for a period defined according to
the process type. This information allows the generation of statistics about processes’ execution time but also
about user’s individual or general average productivity…
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