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Career Related Yogas in Your Horoscope

Auspicious and inauspicious planets in our horoscope have their respective impacts on our
career. Apart from houses, its also important to analyse the combinations for complete
analysis of career. The combination s and their impacts are given here.

Hansa Yoga

Strong Jupiter is placed in Kendra from the ascendant which is creating wealth giving Hansa
yoga. You’ll be blessed by your teachers which will strengthen your luck. Your luck will always
favour you and if you want you can go for higher education. Your health will normally be

You’ll be highly successful in business. If you try, you can buy land and house. Strong Jupiter
will enhance your savings and you’ll have faith in religion and charity. You may be blessed
with a son.

Bheri Yoga

The ascendant lord, Jupiter and Venus are placed in each other’s house and the lord of ninth
house is strong. This combination of planets is creating Bheri Yoga in your horoscope. Your
health will be good and you’ll be proud. Your fortune will always favour you that’s why, you
won’t have to struggle to get success. Venus will arouse your interest in arts. Jupiter in
Kendra would be supportive in gaining knowledge and profit. Your financial condition will be

Bhadra Yoga

Strong Mercury located in Kendra from the ascendant is making Bhadra Yoga. You’ll have a
sharp mind through which you’ll be well-educated and have a sound mathematical
knowledge. You’ll defeat your opponents through your verbal and mental abilities.

Due to your manners and behaviour, your working style will be visible. You’ll have many
friends and will share sweet relationship with your siblings. You’ll be financially secure.

Yoga of becoming a doctor

Rahu in your Kundali is strong and is forming aspect relationship with Ketu. This Yoga is
favorable for becoming a doctor. If you want, you can become a good doctor through your
hard work and intellect. You will have a sound knowledge of medicines, due to which, you will
earn name and fame.

Your career according to Astrology

Influence of ascendant on your career

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You’ll have an attractive personality and you can take its advantage in your profession. Your
smartness will also be helpful for you. You will try to develop good relationship with everyone
on the work front and will treat everybody equally. You will not like to ignore others for your

You may be fickle-minded but you will think about pros and cons before starting any work.
You may have a good image amongst the member of opposite gender. You can take their

Influence of 10th house on your career

You’ll be loyal to your work. You’ll try to fulfill all your responsibilities skillfully. You may lack
stability in work. It would be beneficial to act practically rather than emotionally on the
professional front.

Position of the lord of 10th house

Moon, the lord of tenth house will boost your morale which will make you a good decision-
maker. You’ll be an expert in your work. You’ll work with patience to complete your projects.
You will take all decisions related to work after thorough analysis. These qualities will help
improve your career.

You’ll be intelligent as well as highly imaginative. If you will use these qualities in your work,
you will progress rapidly.

Influence of the position of the lord of 10th house

You may have to go on short trips for professional purposes. As per your abilities, you’ll be
successful in writing, publication and business. You’ll get support of younger siblings in your
career. Courage and patience is essential for professional success, so you should maintain it.
You could be a great orator. Your fame will increase on the social front.

Influence of the lord of 10th house in your Dashmansh Kundali

You’ll be a knowledgeable person and will gain excellence in whatever you do. You may get
opportunities to work on bigger projects through your abilities. You’ll try to develop
affectionate relationship with everybody on the work front. You’ll try to help people as much
as you can. You’ll be patient enough to handle difficulties and will be hopeful to achieving

You’ll maintain honesty with colleagues at work. Your attractive personality will fetch you
name and fame. You could be successful in getting luxuries of life through your profession. To
increase your benefits, you should spare a percentage of your earning for religious activities.

Your Interests and Hobbies

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You could have interest in horse and car racing and could earn money from this. You will
have interest in travel and tourism. Making a career in this sector will fetch you money and
you will be able to see new places of attraction.

You could also think of working as a writer. Yoga and sports could also be good career
options for you.

Position of planets in your Kundali

Planets have their own movements. You reap the results in your life according to the position
of planets in your horoscope at the time of birth. If the position of planets is auspicious,
results will be positive. But if the position of planets is weak and inauspicious, then the results
may be negative. Planets influence the career of a person according to their position.
Following are the results of planets according to their strong or weak positions in the houses
of your horoscope.

Position of Sun in Kundali

Sun is weak in your horoscope. To achieve success on the work front, you’ll have to work
according to your efficiency and qualification. It is possible that you may change your job
many times for post and prestige. Your income may not be regular. Be confident in these
Arrogance and desire may land you in trouble so you should control them. Instead of wasting
your time in love affairs, you should concentrate on your career.

Position of Mercury in Kundali

Mercury in 4th house is making you intelligent. You’ll have the ability to understand anything
faster. You’ll be good in studies; these qualities will improve your career.
You’ll be clever and will be able to get along with people easily, which will make your work
easier. It would be beneficial for you to be practical at work. You may get an opportunity to go

Position of Venus in Kundali

Venus is placed in sixth house of your horoscope. You’ll have strong desire to get the luxuries
of life. You’ll spend a lot to buy these luxuries which in turn, will affect your financial condition.
If you’ll not think of saving money, you may have to take loan.
Maintain amicable relationship at your workplace. Try to maintain a harmonious relationship
with your life partner; this will provide you mental peace and you will be able to concentrate
on your work. Patience, honesty and hard work will help you tackle many professional

Position of Mars in Kundali

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You’ll have to control your anger as weak Mars in 4th house can trap you in disputes. You
can even face problems regarding legal issues. Your friends can betray you if you trust them

Maintain peaceful environment in the family which will reduce stress and you will be able to
concentrate on work. You should respect your mother and get her blessings to get success in

Position of Jupiter in Kundali

You’ll have unmatched professional skills. You’ll try to learn the minutest details of the work
you will do. This will increase the possibilities of achieving success in your career. You’ll be
able to earn a lot of money from your profession.
You may have to go on short journeys to finish your projects, which would be profitable for
you. Your friends will be your well wishers; you can take their help whenever you need.

Position of Saturn in Kundali

Saturn is weak in tenth house of your Kundali. You’ll have to work hard to get success. It’s
important for you to be honest towards your work. It is better for you to maintain good
relationships with your subordinates and avoid disputes with officers.
This Yoga of Saturn may lead to loss if you are planning a business with your father. If you
want, you can support your father from outside. You’ll not spend much in financial matters.

Position of Moon in Kundali

You’ll be a strong-willed person. Whatever you’ll do, you’ll try to complete it with dedication.
Your work will be appreciated. You’ll take interest in studies through which your knowledge
will increase, this will get you benefit in profession. Your luck will favour you in building your
career. You may have knowledge in art and music.
You would like good food and clothes. You’ll be able to fulfil these things through your
earnings very well. You’ll take out time from work and will keep on planning tour. You’ll
affection with your brother & sister and will get support from them. You’ll contribute in
religious work.

Position of Rahu in Kundali

Rahu in the first house is auspicious for you. You’ll get your work done with your wit and
you’ll be at ease. You’ll use your intellectual ability to defeat your opponents.
It will be a part of your merits to help others in need. This will help you get success with name
and fame in your work. You’ll earn a lot from your occupation. Taking part in religious
activities will be beneficial for you.

Position of Ketu in Kundali

Ketu is weak in your Kundali, therefore, you should avoid disputes, whether it is a family
matter or professional issue. Anger is also not good. You’ll have to be confident and

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continuously strive to get success.

Don’t let unnecessary problems dominate you because it may cause health problems. Your
work may also get obstructed due to this. You may have to face failure in some business

Your relationship with others at workplace

The relationships with senior officials, colleagues and juniors on the professional front are
especially important. Maintaining healthy relationships with them makes your work easier and
you achieve success. Whereas bad relationships create obstacles in the path of success and
you have to face various challenges at the work front.

Your relationship with your senior co-workers

You should try to develop healthy relationships with senior officials on the work front. If you
think that any instruction given by them are not practical then you should keep your views
peacefully instead of opposing it. This will help you resolve the conflict and you will be able to
concentrate on your work.
Do not get tense even if the behavior of colleagues is rude, rather you should make yourself
amicable and should try to tackle the situation. It is possible that you get a promotion
according to your abilities.

Your relationship with your peers

You may be popular amongst your friends and colleagues because of your jolly nature. You
will be cooperative towards co-workers and friends. You will always be ready to help others in
need. Your friends and colleagues will also cooperate with you whenever required. You will
be able to finish your projects with the help of mutual compatibility. Both the parties will get
the benefit of it.

Your relationship with your junior co-workers

You should abandon your obstinacy to win the support of subordinates and colleagues, and
you should behave politely with them. If you will not follow this then you have to face their
opposition. Non-cooperation of colleagues may also lead to financial loss. Your competitors
may leave you behind.

It would be good for you to divide the work and responsibilities of workers; do not impose
extra workload on them. Help them in need. Try to resolve any issue patiently through
discussions. Improvement in the circumstances is possible by performing the remedies of

Conclusion from your Kundali

Your education and skills

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The planetary combination of education in your birth chart is favorable. Your achievement in
the field of education may be average. You will have a graduate or an equivalent degree. You
must use new resources apart from education to shape up your career. Your proficiency will
help you build your career.

Your workplace

Possibilities of getting a job at your birth place are strong, according to the Yogas formed in
your Kundali. You will get an opportunity to do business or job in your home town.

Support of luck

Several auspicious Yogas are present in your Kundali. It would be easier to achieve success
under the influence of these Yogas. If you will do your work with dedication, you will get
positive results and will keep on climbing the ladder of success.

Sometimes, you may face hurdles in life but you will cross them easily through your hard
work and courage.

Possibilities for you in business or job

According to your Kundali, there are excellent opportunities for you in business as well as
job. You will earn money from both these fields. If you will do your work with full confidence
and dedication, you will definitely succeed.

Astrological remedies for a bright career

Treatment always lessens pain. Vedic Astrology also provides remedies to increase the
auspicious influence and reduce the inauspicious influence of planets. According to Vedic
Astrology, methodically performing the remedies of planets reduces the obstacles created by
the concerned planet, as a result of which, the person is able to achieve success through his
efforts. The aim of predicting future by means of Kundali is same, i.e., to find solutions to the
difficulties and make life prosperous.

Gemstone Remedies

In your Kundali of Libra ascendant, Mercury is the lord of 9th and 12th house. 9th house is
said to be the house of fortune. You should wear the gemstone of Mercury, i.e., emerald, to
make your luck strong. It will increase your intelligence and smartness. You would be able to
work more efficiently.

You will be able to concentrate your mind in those fields where benefits are anticipated; this

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will increase your income. This gemstone will improve your business skills. You will achieve
good results from your education.

The work of calculation would be easy for you, as a result of which commerce subject will not
be tough for you. Your voice and style of speaking will influence people; this would be a plus
for you in climbing the ladder of success. Emerald should be worn in Shukla Paksha on
Wednesday in an auspicious time after sanctification with mantras.

Donation Remedies

There are several remedies to increase the auspicious fruits of planets and reduce the
malefic influence. If you want to make the planets auspicious by means of donation then
keep in mind some general rules.

1. You should donate with full faith to reap the auspicious fruits of donation. The donation
done without faith doesn’t yield any results.
2. A person gets the results of donation according to his faith.
3. An important point to be kept in mind while making donations is that it should be done
according to capabilities.
4. You could increase the quantity of things to be donated according to your capability.
5. If you are not able to donate all the products related to a planet then you can donate any
of them.
6. Giving donation to needy people is best.

To reap the auspicious fruits of moon, donation of the products of Moon will be beneficial.
Pearl, silver, rice, sugar, milk, curd, white cloth or flower, conch, camphor, white cow, white
sandalwood are the products of Moon.

Mantra Remedies

Regular chanting of the mantra(“Om Shram Shrim Shraum Sah Chandray Namah”) of Moon
for 108 times will increase the auspicious influence of Moon and you will get positive results.

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