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Good morning principal, teachers and friends,

Today I am fortunate to introduce to you the most controversial figure who has stood tall
against all odds and still standing as a giant, rock solid wall. He is a person with huge persona
and hardly needs an introduction. He was born on 17th sept. 1950 at Vadnagar, Bombay state,

He joined BJP, assumed office 7th oct. 2001, when governor was Dr. Kamla Beniwal,
Keshubhai Patel at Maninagar. He is Alma Mater of Gujarat University.

He is the Chief Minister of the Indian state of Gujarat since 7 October 2001 making him the
longest serving Chief Minister of the state of Gujarat.

Since childhood he is a member of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and active politician

since early life. He has a master degree in political science. His aggressive and confident
style was successful in the midst of failure to unite between Vaghela's RJP and Congress and
the campaign culminated in a victory leading to Keshubhai becoming the chief minister in
March, 1998. Due to his successful direction of campaign in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh,
Modi, who was working at national level then, was promoted to become general secretary
soon after.

He became Gujarat's Chief Minister in October 2001, promoted to the office at a time when
his predecessor Keshubhai Patel had resigned, following the defeat of BJP in the by-
elections, since then he is a minister of Gujarat.

He is praised by leading industrialists and religious leaders for outstanding administration for
turning Gujarat into an economically powerful and controlling terrorism. In July 2007 he
became the longest serving Chief Minister in Gujarat State. Reliance ADAG chairman Anil
Ambani, who called him "the next leader of India (Future Prime Minister)”.

As a Chief Minister, Modi concretely put to practice his envisaged Gujarat by means of
various yojana. This includes Panchamrut Yojana, a five-pronged strategy for an integrated
development of the state, Sujalam Sufalam, a scheme to create a grid of water resources in
Gujarat in an innovative step towards water conservation and its appropriate utilization.

• Krishi Mahotsav – agricultural research labs for the land

• Chiranjeevi Yojana – to reduce infant mortality rate
• Matru Vandana – providing preventive and curative services under the Reproductive
and Child Health Programme
• Beti Bachao – campaign to protect baby girls to improve sex ratio
• Jyotigram Yojana – to electrify every village
• Karma yogi Abhiyan – to educate and train government employee
• Kanya Kalavani Yojana – to encourage the education of girls
• Balbhog Yojana – for midday meal for students

He was elected again for a third term on 23 December 2007 with an emphatic win in the state
elections, which he had cast as a "referendum on his rule".

He is none other than Mr. Narendra Modi.