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Lideta Catholic Cathedral School

Grade 10 English Work Sheet 2

Remember: This work sheet covers UNIT 8 GRAMMAR PART.

Students are expected to read and attempt every exercise of unit 8 in
the textbook before attempting this work sheet. Major grammar
topics of this work sheet are:
� wish
� conditional sentences type 2
� verb / adjective+preposition
� using too/enough
� using a(an)/the
� state verbs
�Expressing wish( the verb ‘wish’):
- Wish ( that) + subject + a past tense expresses regret about a present situation.
. I wish you could drive a car = I’m sorry you can’t drive a car.
-I wish he was coming with us =I’m sorry he isn’t coming with us.
- Wish (that) +a past perfect tense
- I wish you had written to him =I’m sorry you didn’t write to him.
- I wish I hadn’t spent so much money =I’m sorry I spent so much money.
REMEMBER: ‘Wish’ can be put into the past.
- I wished I hadn’t spent so much money = I was sorry I had spent so much money. …….
�Unreal (Improbability):
-If Tom were here (unreality), he could tell us what to do.
-If you jumped from Westminster Bridge ( improbability), it would be almost
impossible to rescue you.
-If I were at their party , I would be happy.
�Too/ enough
-He was too drunk to drive home = He was so drunk that he couldn’t drive home.
-The plate was too hot to be touched (to touch)=The plate was so hot that we couldn’t touch it.
-She is old enough to travel by herself.
-The case is light enough for me to carry =The case is so light that I can carry it.
-He doesn’t earn enough money to live on.
�Verb or adjective+ preposition

-The patient died of malaria. -My brother is suffering from pneumonia.

-He drives at high speed. -Speak to him on the telephone.
-She works on poor wages. -The message has come through a friend.


Supply’a’/‘an’ or the’ wherever necessary.

1.Let us take _____ bus.

2.They went to _____ holy place.
3.Man has reached ______ moon.
4. There is ____ woman on ______ moon.
5. _______ eagle has very sharp eyes.
6._______ gold is _______ metal.
7. _____ proposal to start _______ new bus route was discussed by ____staff.
8. _______ gold that we use comes from _____ USSR.
9. _______ uncle of mine speaks _______ French.
10. ________ European climate does not suit me.

PART 2: (a)complete the following with a correct preposition

1. They congratulated me ______ my success.
2. He is despaired _______ success.
3. I never expected this ______ you.
4. Please remind me _____ this.
5. She will repent _______ her mistakes.
6. I have warned you _____ the danger.
7. Do not trust children ______ sharp weapons.
8. Refer this matter _______ the police.
9. He was not ashamed ______ his conduct.
10. You are angry _______ for nothing.

(b)what preposition can follow the word?

1. Appeal ______ 2. Compare ______ 3. Aim ________ 4.vote ________
5. fight ________ 6. Prefer _______. 7. Listen _________ 8. Provide _______
9. Warn _______10. Save _______

PART 3: Reading comprehension

Read the passage below and attempt the questions follow

It is regrettable that the art of listening has become an undervalued and forgotten art. We
clamor to be heard and to receive attention. We forgot that listening too is an important
component to be an effective communicator. We must understand that communication is the
key to every successful relationship. And the best way to understand a person is by listening.
A true listener is much more understood than a nonstop, compulsive talker. He learns more
and does better things in life. Good listeners do not suffer from loneliness and they have a
positive energy that makes you want their company. They effective in their work as they know
what needs to be done and how to do it. Listening is no doubt a skill and requires practice while
listening. We must acknowledge by a simple nod of the head, make a conscious effort not to let
our mind wonder while listening or ask an occasional question or comment to recap ,what has
been said. The narration or mere listening to the mantras chanted is soothing to even unborn
So we must try to listen. We can begin by listening to our parents, teachers, friends, wife,
husband and children and even to our enemies. It will work a small miracle. And may be, a big
one indeed.

1.The key to successful relationship is :

A. friendship B.listening C.communication D.speaking
2.We want the company of a good listener as he has_____
A.patience B.good ears C. Positive energy D.charming
3. A speaker can understand that we are listening when we _____
A.ask questions in between B. look here and there
C.are expressionless D.do not nod in between
4.The skill that should be practiced by one is______
A. Watching B. Speaking C. listening D.communicating
5. Which one is incorrect?
A. We should listen to everyone. B. We should only listen to our elders
C. We should give attention to children’s speech
D. We should give more priority to listening than to speaking.
6. ‘Regrettable’ means:
A. Sad B.contented C. happy D. Pleasant
7.’ Soothing ‘ means:
A.comforting B. Worse C.irritating D. disturbing

Part 4:
Choose the correct answer for the following questions.

1.If he killed the man, as the rumor goes, I don’t think he ______ here.
A. Would be B.had been C.will have been D.would have been
2.You are ______ polite to say no to anyone.
A. Very B. to C. too D. So
3.He is not wise _____ to decide things for himself.
A. enough B. to C. too D.so
5. He _______ he had accepted the offer.
A. wished B. Wish C. wishes D . wished( wishes)
6. Are you ______ to vote?
A.enough old B. too enough C. Old enough D. to old
7. I wish that he _____ more regularly , but he didn’t.
A. Write B. had written C. wrote D. B&C are correct

8. I wish he ____ a coat , but he refuses, I am sorry.
A. Would wear B. Wears C. wear D. will wear
9. Michael _____ the coffee.
A. tastes B. is tasting C. taste. D. is tasty for
10. I _______ all about your accident.
A. am hearing B. Was hearing C. hear D. have been hearing

Part 5:
Complete the following sentences
1. If Newton _______ alive, I would ask him the secret of his greatness.
2. If I were on holiday, I _______ touring Italy too.
3. If she ______ younger, I would marry her.
4. I would be in time for work if I _____________________________.
5. I would tell the police if someone ______________________________.

PART 6: Mixed types of tenses

Use the verb in brackets in the correct form.

1 What a lovely smell! Alice ______ ( make) a cake.

2.What you _____ (do)? I _______ ( write) letters.
3 I ______ ( not know) he ________(be) short-sighted.
4.It _____(start) raining in the morning. It ______( not stop) yet.
5.She ______(do) all her work before her daughter _____(come) to help her.
6. I ______( look) hard but I ______ ( not see) anyone.
7. My father ________ (have) his lunch now.
8.I ________(know) him for the past five years.

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