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The Chairman,

National Peace Council

42 Independent Avenue, Ridge

Dear Chairman,


I write to you Mr. Chairman, on the above subject, which discussions and utterances from
key members of NPP and NDC Political Parties have reached a crescendo on traditional
media and social media platforms. Our 27 years of democracy is under great threat and if
we are not careful, could lead to Civil War due to ignorance and unclear understanding of
the “New Voters’ Register”.

On the 14th of May, 2020, both the NDC and NPP displayed their ignorance of the
difference between a “New Voters’ Register” and a “New Biometric Data” in
respective press conferences they held. It was quite intriguing when such sincere
ignorance leads to calls for civil war. Martin Luther King was right when he said, “Nothing
in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”.
In their press conference, the NDC stated, “ The implication is that, almost 11 million
(constituting 62%) of eligible voters will have to go through the sworn oath option
to be able to register for a Voters’ ID, if the EC’s illogical and wasteful decision to
compile a needless new Voter’s Register for the 2020 general elections
materializes…. Indeed, many are those who have responded to the situation by even
publicly questioning the rationale for a new voters’ register when the nation has an
existing voters’ register which has delivered two (2) credible general elections and
three credible (3) District Level Elections with legitimate outcomes”.
Meanwhile, the NPP at their press conference also opined, “We want the people of
Ghana to ask the NDC this simple but important question: so what is it about the 2012
voters register that the NDC is so determined to protect it from being replaced? What
is in that 2012 register that the NDC is threatening civil war if it is changed for a
better one?”
These opinions from the two political parties only serve to draw a red herring across the
trail of the actual issues that ought to be discussed. They are needless, misguided and
beside the point.
There is the need for clarification of what a New Voters Register and a New Biometric
Data implies if we are to be able to explore the best solution for a credible election.

New Voters’ Register

Since 1992, the EC has created a new voter register for each election. As a matter of fact,
every election creates a new voter register. New voters register is created even for the
intra party primaries elections among political parties, especially NPP and NDC. The
registers are always update for the following reasons: addition of new names (people
who had not registered to vote when they turned 18 for one reason or the other); people
who turned 18 after the last election (people turn 18 everyday); removal of dead people;
individuals may have moved from their polling station or constituency or District or
region; districts or constituencies can also increase and different codes need to be
assigned to new polling stations created as a result.
All these changes make each election have its own credible, unique and New Register.
Without a New Voters’ Register for each election, so many people will be disenfranchised
and there will also e an abundance of ghost names, leaving room for stuffing of ballots.
It is therefore out of sincere ignorance, when people argue that a credible voters’ register
for 2012 election should also be credible for 2016 and unimaginably so for 2020
elections. Even the New Voters’ Register created for the December, 2019 District Level
Elections (DOE) cannot be credible for 2020 elections.

New Biometric Data

In 2012, Ghana decided to procure a top-edge and expensive Biometric Voter
Management System Technology (BVMS). This was due to dishonesty and rigging in our
previous elections.
The process in creating a credible voter register requires that a technology is used to
enhance accuracy for voters to exercise their sovereign franchise. The technology
procured is a MEANS to creating an END (New Voters’ Register). The technology
does not make the register new or old. The technology procured will determine the
process required to create a credible voter’s register. In summary, to get an accurate and
credible New Voter’s Register, the Biometric Data gathered is used to ensure that the
voter is identified to cast his/her vote based on universal adult suffrage.
The UK, for instance has procured an Intelligent Addressing Technology to create their
Voters’ Register for each election. The process requires letters to be sent to Land Lords
to confirm qualified tenants who are eligible voters. There are penalties for false
information. So, voting cards are sent to voters with their names to their addresses to cast
their votes.

How this affects 2020 Elections

Our BVMS requires capturing of Biometrics data (fingerprints and facial) and Biodata
(Name, photo, age, address, hometown, etc) of Voters. In addition, the BVMS also includes
hardwares (BVR KITS, BVDS), software, communications gadgets and data centre that are
used to ensure quality and to protect data losses of voters.
The capturing of the Biometrics is the bottleneck event without which the Biometric Data
cannot be updated and which will mean the credibility and accuracy of New Voters’
Register for 2020 elections becomes questionable. From the above explanation of how
a New Register is needed for each election and how biometric data ensures a credible
New Register, it is clear that there cannot be elections in 2020 if there is no New
biometrically verified register.
The EC has demonstrated how the old biometric technology that was used had loopholes
and was not credible. The EC cannot create a credible register with unreliable BVRs, BVDs
Communication Equipment, Data Centre and Software all together known as BVMS. The
NDC are welcome to tell Ghanaians, how the 2020 credible Voters’ Register can be
created without updated or new Biometric Data with the newly acquired BVMS.
The issue of contention has to do with for the EC to either compile new Biometric Data of all
Voters or to limit compilation to new registrants especially those turning 18 years and above
to update the existing Biometric Data. Either way the process of creating new and credible
Biometric voters’ register has to be followed.
Barring the technical issues of integrating the Biometric template of the old BVMS and
the new BVMS, the old existing Biometric data of voters has over a million dead voters
and other undesirables that affect the credibility of the Biometric voter register that will
be created for 2020 elections. Compiling all voter Biometric data can enable EC
eliminate most errors and improve fingerprint and photos storage.
Covid-19 cannot be used to disenfranchise eligible new voters as it will be unconstitutional.
If Ghanaians decide not to allow EC due to Covid -19 to update the biometric data, the
constitutional provision to form a new interim government shall be followed with new
appointments not based on partisan orientation be made.
The EC should take all these into consideration and take the best stance that can still offer
Ghana a credible new register for 2020 elections.
Are there other options available for EC to improve and update the Biometric Data?
Yes there is.
We would suggest that if Covid-19 cannot be dealt with then EC should consider limited
registration with a CI for compulsory verification and validation of all voters for the
2020 elections. Any voter that fails to verify and validate shall be expunged from the
register. Such a compromise should be the best alternative to compiling a new voters’
biometric data.
If there is any opposition leader or political entity that wants Nana-Bawumia government
to be voted out, that will be Jacob Osei Yeboah. This is due to high rates of corruption and
increase in debt stock with little infrastructure to showcase and also the destruction of
wealth policies.
Nevertheless, civil and due legal procedures should be followed competently. I do agree
with NDC that there is strong evidence by their statistics an attempted suppression of
NIA Card acquisition. The NIA, EC and NPP conspiracy cannot be ignored but the
argument is not strong enough.
Especially, when the EC is not going to utilize NIA’s biometric data to create the
2020 voters’ register as both Biometric data are mutually exclusive. The EC is also
not redefining Ghanaian citizenship by Passport and NIA Card holders because the
guarantors’ option is available.
Ghanaians should not follow the incompetent twins, NPP and NDC, to destroy Ghana 2020
elections. It is clear that the NDC and NPP do not know the difference between VOTERS'
I will urge the NPC, National Security and key stakeholders of our sovereignty to support
the EC in carrying out her mandate so we can hold her accountable; nevertheless any
substantive apprehension from all quarters should be attended to for its professional and
patriotic viable.
The office of JOY2012 hopes that a committee comprising of NPC, Eminent Advisory
Committee of EC, National Security be set up to clarify and establish the roadmap towards
2020 election.

Yours Sincerely,

Jacob Osei Yeboah (JOY2012)

2012 & 2016 Independent Presidential Candidate
2020 Independent Presidential Aspirant
Cc: Eminent Advisory Committee, EC