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Export credit: Buyer credit

Credit for the financing of individual exports of capital goods and services based on the
SERV/ECA-cover (Buyer credit insurance)

Buyer credit Management fee/front-end fee

(direct loan to foreign buyer) variable, depending on the transaction
the bank concludes a loan agreement directly with the
buyer or his bank tailored to the specific needs of the Agency fee
supply contract variable, only applicable if the loan is granted by a
consortium of banks
loan agreement with the buyer or his bank (= buyer’
s Risk premium
bank credit) for the assumption of the non SERV/ECA-covered
risks (variable, depending on the risks involved)
Suitable for
larger transactions (from approx. CHF 10 million) with Disbursement
multiple utilization (partial deliveries) at delivery against agreed documents (delivery
documents) or payment instructions and fulfilment of
Extent of financing the formalities required
85% of the contract value (15% = down/intermediate
payment) Countries
all countries where SERV/ECA-cover is available
by insufficient standing of borrower: bank and/or Preconditions
government guarantee (not necessary in case of - conclusion/coming into force of the loan agreement
buyer’s bank credit) and fulfilment of the formalities required
- availability of all authorizations required in the
Duration importing country for the supply contract, the taking
medium to long term, i.e. 5 - 12 years up and the repayment of the loan
- Exporter's declaration of authorization and
Currency undertaking to SERV/ECA
Swiss francs as well as a selected range of foreign - cover of the loan by SERV/ECA
currencies where refinancing is available for the - signing of the usual agreement with the exporter
respective duration
Advantages for the exporter and the
Risks importer respectively
Country risk (= political and transfer risk) and In general
commercial risk - a credit transaction becomes a cash transaction
- SERV/ECA-covered part, usually 95% of the risk for - attractive interest rates (CHF, SERV/ECA-cover)
principal and interest - SERV/ECA enables financing in countries where
- SERV/ECA-uncovered part: other possibilities are limited
- for principal and interest: assumed by the bank - full discharge of the exporter from the risks
- no collection and “ reminder”work for the exporter
Rate of interest
CHF and foreign currency Buyer credit
refinancing costs of the bank plus a margin - credit repayment period depending on the project
size, i.e. under consideration of the pay-back-period
Interest margin (CHF and foreign currency) - direct loan negotiations between the bank and the
variable, depending on the standing of the borrower/the borrower
borrower's country/the guarantor - in case of multiple credit utilization administration
easier than supplier credit
Commitment fee
until credit utilization (variable, depending on the

Please turn over

Buyer credit

Exporter supply contract Buyer

declaration of authorization
and undertaking

agreement regarding *instruction for the

export financing issuance of a bank
SERV/ guarantee
application for
ECA cover
loan agreement


CS Bank of
*bank guarantee buyer

loan agreement
in case of buyer’
s bank credit
(no bank guarantee required)

*not applicable if the private commercial risk is covered by SERV/ECA