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TEMENOS Data Migration Services

Managed Data Migration and Partner

Need Help
Data to T24 dm@temenos.com
TEMENOS Data Migration Services

Migration Managed

Client System


Data Migration – Challenges

Perception and Reality

Money, time and people
Technical Challenges
Source Synchronization
Source Stabilization
Non-Mechanized Data
Data Purification
Error Correction
Target Configuration
Orphan Data
Value Transformation
Data / Structure Analysis
Free-form data
Structure Clashes
Interfaces Client System T24 System
Target Loading
TEMENOS Data Migration Phases

Data Migration Approach & Perform consultancy or

Preparation of the Data
Process in the T24 sales, execution of data load in T24
Migration Effort Estimate
engagement and solution implementation
Client System to T24 DM Activities – TDM and Partners
Initiation (15%) > Mapping (30%) > Preparation(20%) > Testing(30%) > Cutover(5%)

Business Unit Mapping Configure & Integrate Dummy Migration with Decommission of client
Requirement Analysis with T24 Modules DM Load Tool for data Sample/Clinical Data for system and Cutover
file load as per the unit testing Plan Execution
Client Activity
Mapped DMS
with Partner and
Temenos DM
Validating the T24 Rnn Data Mapping Configure & Integrate Creation of Data File Services
estimated man days for Sheet(DMS) T24 Extract tool for Trial Migrations with for T24 Load
data migration data extract as per the Client system data
Mapped DES
Partner Activity
Data Migration T24 Rnn Data Extract Client System Data Training & Handover of Load of Data File in
Approach & Process Specification (DES) Validation T24 DM Load & Extract T24 and T24 Data
Design Tool if required Extraction for data Client Activity
comparison with Partner
Dress Rehearsals with Consultancy
Data Extract Logic and T24 Rnn Data Data Transformation / Client system data in the
Cutover Approach Migration Documents T24 production Migration COB
Cleansing Partner Activity
Design environment with Client

Client system Data ET guidelines and L

Data Migration Plan Data Mapping Extraction program and consultancy Process and Reconciliation Partner Onshore
workshop staging Performance tuning Activity with

Data Mapping from

Client system and/or Preparation of test ET guidelines and L
Extract Transform Load cases
Staging in DMS for consultancy Approach and Handling Defects LEGEND FOR
Approach (Business &
data extract and T24 Mapping and Cutover Run ROLES
Technical) Design
Load Book validation
Data Mapping from Creation of Data file for
Client System and/or load and data extract Client system extract and
Workshop transform and T24 Load Post Migration
Staging in DES for as per the Mapped Activities
Data Comparison DMS and Mapped DES tool defects handling

Approach Process, Client system extract T24 Go-Live

Mapped DMS and Go-Live
Plan Sign Off and transform and T24 Readiness
DES Sign Off Sign off
DM Load tool Sign Off Sign Off
Partner Challenges
Benefits – Data Migration Partners Experiences
Execution of
Access to the Extract,
Cost Savings
Expert Transform,
of between 15
Services Load &
– 50% for fully
support during Reconciliation
the project (in Activities and
Managed data
accordance have the option
with the agreed to license the
budget) Temenos T24
DM Load &
Extract Tool

Fully Aligned Authorised to

Participate in
with communicate
Implementatio certification to
under the
n Methodology customers
and prospects
Managed Data Migration – The Pre-requisite
TEMENOS Data Migration Partners Pipeline
TDM Team Overview
Mike Davis Jay
Global Consulting Regional Director,
Director, TEMENOS India

Alwin, Head / Program Manager,

TEMENOS Data Migration Services (TDM )

Adeline Chitra
Principal Principal
Migration Migration
Specialist Consultant

Project Manager

Associate Migration Specialists Associate Migration Consultants

Suraj Joel Valliappan Meenakshi

Sairendhri Vageesan Ramya Sathya Saurav

Migration Analysts

Shankar Subramanian

Legend Description

TDM TEMENOS Data Migration Services

ETL Extract, Transform, Load

DM Data Migration

R Responsible

P Participate

S Sign-off

E&S Engagement and Solution

SOW Statement of Work

Pre-requisite for Managed Partners
Activity Task Deliverable Managed
To attend the Data Migration Partners
Engagement Synopsis session with
Engagement TDM Partners Engagement Synopsis R P
Temenos Data Migration (TDM) Services
If TDM Methodology is opted then attend ET Guidelines and L Consultancy
TDM Methodology the Process, Approach & T24 Load and Methodology, Process & T24 Loading
& Training Extract Tool Training workshop for 15 & Extraction Training R P
Workshop working days by 2 TDM experts (30 man Certification
If TDM Methodology is not opted then
conduct a Process, Approach assessment
DM Methodology
workshop with TDM team to ensure their
Assessment DM Methodology acceptance R P
existing methodology is in line with the
TDM Methodology for 10 working days
with 2 TDM experts (20 man days)
Total mandays for support - 25
DM approach & Participate in Temenos governance under Mandays
framework to SME the methodology, thus providing them with - 10 mandays for Initiation
Support(Governan opportunities to request support or raise - 2 mandays/month (6 months) for
ce) Methodology escalations project support
- 3 mandays for project reporting
T24 Core Technical
• Open Financial Service
• T24 Administration
• AA Core R
TCCP Certification Attain TCCP Certification
• Security Management System
• T24 COB Management
T24 Data Migration
• Data Migration
DM Initiation Activities
Activity Task Deliverable Managed
DM Partner
Requirement of DM at E&S level or
Requirement Request for Services R
SOW for implementation
Validating the
estimated mandays Validating the estimated mandays
Effort Estimate R/P P R/P
for Data Migration for Data Migration activities

DM Approach & Deriving the Approach and Process Approach and Process
Process Design for DM Documentation

Data Extract Logic

Designing of the Data Extraction for Data Extraction and Cutover
& Cutover Approach R/P P R/P
reconciliation and Cutover Strategy Documentation

Preparation of the DM Cutover Run

DM Plan DM Plan and Run Book R/P P R/P
book and Plan

Extract Transform
Designing of the DM involving the DM Approach and
Load Approach
business and technical strategies Process R/P P R/P
(Business &
Technical) Design

Initial Workshop to deliver the

Workshops Workshop R/P R/P
Approach, Process and Plan

Approach, Process, To provide sign-off for Approach,

Sign-off S
Plan Sign-off Process & Plan
DM Mapping Activities
Activity Task Deliverable Managed
DM Partner
Mapping of the T24 modules with
Business Unit
respect to Client covering the Load
Mapping with T24 Migration Control Matrix R P
Tables List from the Migration
Control Matrix
T24 Rnn Data
T24 based Rnn Data Mapping
Mapping Data Mapping Sheets R P
T24 Rnn Data
T24 based Rnn Data Extract
Extract Data Extract Specification R P
T24 Data Load Test
T24 Rnn Data T24 based Rnn Data Load test
Migration documents and Data Extract test R P
T24 Data Extract Test
Documents documents
Data Mapping Data Mapping session based on
Workshops R/P R/P
Workshops the identified modules
Data Mapping from
Client System
and/or Staging in Mapped DMS based on the data
Mapped Data Mapping Sheets P R
DMS for data mapping workshop
extract and T24
Data Mapping from
Client System
Mapped DES based on the data Mapped Data Extract
and/or Staging in P R
mapping workshop Specification
DES for Data
Mapped DMS &
To provide sign-off for DMS,DES Sign-off S
DES Sign-off
DM Preparation Activities
Activity Task Deliverable Managed
DM Partner
Configure &
T24 DM load tool will be
Integrate DM Load
configured & integrated in the
Tool for data file T24 DM Load Tool R P
client T24 environment based on
load as per the
the mapped DMS
Mapped DMS
Configure &
T24 Extract Tool will be configured
Integrate T24
& integrated in the client T24
Extract tool for data T24 DM Extract Tool R P
environment based on the
extract as per the
mapped DES
Mapped DES
Client system data needs to be
Client System Data
validated based on the definition Data Validation P R
given in the mapped DMS
Client System data Transformation Data Transformation and
Transformation/Cle P R
or Cleansing Cleansing
Client System Data Preparation of the extraction Client System data extraction
Extraction Program programs based on the DMS’s for program & Staging P R
&Staging extracting the data file Environment
Preparation of test To create test cases based on the
Test Cases P R
cases validation for data file extraction
The data file will be prepared in a
Creation of Data file
specific format as per the Mapped
for load and data Data File P R
DMS for load and Mapped DES
for extract
Client system
extract &transform To provide sign-off for the ETL
Sign-off S
and T24 DM Load tools
tool Sign Off
DM Testing Activities
Activity Task Deliverable Managed
DM Partner

Dummy Migration with

Dummy Migration Dummy Migration R/P R/P
Sample/Clinical Data for unit testing

Trial Migrations with Client system

Trial Migrations Trial Migrations R/P R/P
Training & Handover Client to get trained in the T24 DM
of T24 DM Load & load & T24 DM Extract tools to
T24 Load & Extract training R/P R/P
Extract Tool if handle further migrations if required
Dress Rehearsals with Client
Dress Rehearsal system data in the T24 production Dress Rehearsal R/P R/P
ET Guidelines L Consultancy
ETL Process and Process and Performance tuning to
Performance Tuning R/P R/P
Performance tuning achieve in the Cut-over time frame
with error free data
ETL Approach, ET Guidelines L Consultancy
Mapping &Cutover Approach, Mapping &Cutover Run Validation R/P R/P
Run Book validation Book validation
Client system
extract &transform Client system extract &transform
Issue handling and Solutions R/P R/P
and T24 Load tool and T24 Load tool defects handling
defects handling
T24 Go-Live
To provide sign-off for Go-Live
Readiness Sign-off S
Sign Off
DM Cutover Activities
Activity Task Deliverable Managed
DM Partner
The cutover / migration date has to
Decommission of
be decided and communicated.
Client System &
Run book / plan the cutover and Cutover Plan Execution P R
Cutover plan
data migration activities to be
Creation of Data
Data File creation for T24 Loading Data File P R
File for T24 Load
Load of Data File in
Load the data in T24 based on the
T24 and T24 Data T24 Data Loading & T24 Data
data file and extract from T24 for R/P R/P
Extraction for data Extraction
data comparison
First Migration CoB will be done for
Migration CoB cycling the date to the next Close Of Business P R
business day that is Go Live date.

Execute reconciliation plan & run

Reconciliation Reconciliation P R
comparison programs

Handling defects on defined

Handling Defects process, follow up, impact analysis, Issue handling and Solutions R/P R/P
workaround and solutions
Execute post Migration activities
Post Migration
and make the T24 system ready for Post Migration Activities P R
the Business day

Verification of business Sign-off with the Reconciliation

Go-Live Sign-off S
reconciliations & get sign off & Execution reports
Reference Materials

TEMENOS Implementation Methodology

• Sample Migration and Cutover Approach
(MCS) – MS Word document
• Sample Migration Control Matrix (MCM) -
MS Excel book
• Standard T24 Rnn Table definition in Data
Mapping Sheet (DMS) - MS Excel books
• Standard T24 Rnn Table definition in T24
Data Extract Specification (DES) for
reconciliation extract from T24 - MS Excel
• T24 Data Load and Extract Test document
Partners prepared in Offshore with clinical/sample
data based on standard T24 Rnn DMS and
https://tpsp.temenos.com/sites/tim/default.aspx DES - MS Word documents
• Sample version of Migration and Cutover
Run Book (MCR) - MS Project Plan