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BBA / BBIS Marks Obtained:

End - Semester Examination
February – June 2016 Session
July 2016

SUBJECT : MAS 102 – Mathematics II TIME : 10 min.


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[10 Q. ×1 = 10 marks]

Encircle the most appropriate answers from the given choices.

1. If f (x )=5 , then
a. f (x ) is discontinuous everywhere
b. f (x ) is continuous everywhere
c. f ' (x ) is not defined

d. ∫ f ( x)dx has a definite value

2. Let z=f ( x , y ) . The partial derivative of z with respect to y is defined by

= lim f ( x +h , yh)−f ( x , y )
a. h →0

= lim f ( x +h , yh)−f ( x , y )
b. h→0

= lim f ( x , y +hh)−f ( x , y )
c. h →0

= lim f ( x , y+h)−f
(x , y)
d. h→0

3. If c is total cost in dollars to produce q units of a product, c the average cost per unit and
c=5000+6 q , then the value of lim c is
a. $5000
b. q
c. $6
d. 5000 q+6q 2

4. Which one of the following is true?

dr 1
a. dq
= p 1+( )η
q dq
b. p dp
= p ( 1+η )
c. dp
dr 1
d. dq ( )
=q 1+

5. Suppose c=f (q )=0 . 1 q +3 is a cost function, where c is in dollars and q is in pounds (lbs).
| =0.80
Then dq q=4 means that
a. If sales is increased by 1 lb, from 4 lbs to 5 lbs, then the increase in cost is approximately
b. If production is decreased by 1 lb, from 4 lbs to 5 lbs, then the increase in cost is
approximately $0.80
c. If production is increased by 1 lb, from 4 lbs to 5 lbs, then the decrease in cost is
approximately $0.80
d. The additional pound costs about $0.80

6. If the degree of the numerator of a rational function is more than one greater than the degree of
the denominator, then the function cannot have
a. A horizontal asymptote
b. A vertical asymptote
c. An oblique asymptote
d. Horizontal and vertical asymptotes
7. The demand functions for the products A and B are each a function of the prices of A and B
and are given by q A =1500−40 p A +3 pB and q B =900+5 p A−20 p B . The products A and
B are:
a. Complementary
b. Competitive
c. Supplementary
d. Both complementary and competitive.
1 3

8. What is the value of the integral ∫0 ∫2 dx dy ?

a. 0
b. 1
c. 2
d. 3
5 2

9. The value of the integral ∫5 e x dx is

a. 0
b. 1
c. e
d. e2

10. The possible asymptotes of the graph of y=f ( x ) given in the figure below are

a. x=±1
b. x=−1 and x=2
c. x=−1 , x=2 and y=0
d. y=−1 , y=2 and x=0
End - Semester Examination
February – June 2016 Session
July 2016

SUBJECT : MAS 102 – Mathematics II TIME : 2 Hrs. 50 min.


[6Q × 4 = 24 Marks]
Attempt any SIX questions.
1. a. Using definition of continuity, show that the function

f (x)=¿{1 if x>0 ¿{0 if x=0¿ ¿

is discontinuous at x=0 . Also sketch the graph of f(x).
lim xx−5+xx+6

b. Find the value of the constant c so that x →3 exists. For that value of c, determine
the limit.
2. a. Show that differentiability of a function f at the point x=a implies continuity of the function at
that point.
b. Suppose y=f ( x ) where x=g(t ) . Given that g(2)=3 , g '(2)=4 , f (2 )=5 ,
f ' (2)=6 ,
g(3 )=7 , g '(3 )=8 , f (3 )=9 and f ' (3 )=10 . Determine the value of dx t=2 .
1 x x− y
∫0 ∫0 ∫0 x dzdy dx
3. a. Evaluate .
b. Using definition of partial derivatives, find f x ( x , y ) and f y ( x , y ) for the function
f (x , y )=x 2 −xy .
4. a. Use second-derivative test, if possible, for the function y=7−2 x to test for relative maxima
and minima. If not, use first-derivative test to test for them. State with a reason that the relative
extrema are also absolute extrema.
b. For a new product, the yearly number of thousand packages sold, y, t years after its introduction is
predicted to be given by
y=f (t )=250−83 e−t .
Show that y=250 is a horizontal asymptote for the graph.
5. A manufacturer has determined that, for a certain product, the average cost (in dollars per unit) is given
c=2 q 2−42 q+228+
Where 3≤q≤12 . At what level within the interval [3, 12] should production be fixed in order to
minimize total cost? What is the minimum total cost?
A manufacturing company sells high-quality jackets through a chain of specialty shops. The demand
equation for these jackets is
p=400−50 q
Where p is the selling price (in dollars per jacket) and q is the demand (in thousands of jackets). If this
company’s marginal-cost function is given by
dc 800
dq q+5 ,

Show that there is a maximum profit, and determine the number of jackets that must be sold to obtain
this maximum profit.

6. a. For a certain country, the marginal propensity to consume is given by

dC 3 1
= −
dI 4 2 √ 3 I
where national consumption C is a function of national income I . Determine the consumption
function for the country if it is known that C=10 when I=12.
The monthly sales of a computer keyboard are estimated to decline at the rate of
S '(t )=−4te0 . 1t
keyboards per month, where t is the time in months and S(t ) is the number of keyboards sold
each month. If 5000 keyboards are sold now, find S(t ) .
b. Find the area of the region between the curves y=9−x 2 and y=x 2 +1 from x=0 to
7. a. In a study of success among graduates with master of business administration (M.B.A.) degrees, it
was estimated that for staff managers, current annual compensation (in dollars) was given by

z=43960+4480 x+3492 y
where x and y are the number of years of work experience before and after receiving the M.B.A.,
∂z ∂z
respectively. Find ∂ x and ∂ y , and interpret the results.
b. Suppose the joint-cost function

c=q 2A +3 q 2B +2 q A q B +aq A +bq B + d

has a relative minimum value of 15 when Aq =3 and

q B=1 . Determine the values of the
constants a, b, and d.
[2 Q × 8 = 16 Marks]
Attempt any TWO questions.
8. a. A country has one billion dollars of paper money in circulation. Each week 25 million dollars is
brought into the bank for deposit, and the same amount is paid out. The government decides to
issue new paper money; whenever the old money comes into the banks, it is destroyed and replaced
by new money. Let y be the amount of old money (in millions of dollars) in circulation at time t (in
weeks). Then y satisfies the differential equation
=−0 .025 y
dt .
How long will it take for 95% of the paper money in circulation to be new? Round your to the
nearest week.
6 x 2 +13 x +6
∫ ( x +2)( x +1)2 dx
b. Determine by using partial fractions.
9. a. Let P be the production function given by
P=f ( x, y )=0 .54 x 2 −0 . 02 x 3 +1. 89 y 2−0. 09 y 3
Where x and y are the amounts of labor and capital, respectively, and P is the quantity of output
produced. Find the values of x and y that maximize P.
b. Suppose the cost c of producing
q A units of product A and q B units of product B is given by
c=( 3 q2A +q 3B + 4 ) 3
and the coupled demand functions for the products are given by q A =10−p A + pB and
∂c ∂c
q B=20+ p A −11 pB . Use chain rule to evaluate ∂ p A and ∂ pB when p A=25 and
pB =4
y=f ( x )=
10 Let 4−x 2 . Determine the intervals on which the function is increasing, decreasing,
concave up, and concave down; relative maxima and minima; inflection points; symmetry; vertical
and non-vertical asymptotes; and intercepts. Then sketch the graph.
MAS 102 – Mathematics II

1. B
2. D
3. C
4. A
5. D
6. C
7. B
8. B
9. A
10. C