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The DIgSILENT Basic course is intended to introduce new users to the PowerFactory environment.
This course has four 60 minutes parts which concentrate on power systems modeling in steady-state
conditions and working with load flow analysis. The course is developed in a sequential manner,
whereby each part builds upon what has been completed in the previous part. The first part shows
how to simulate a simple power network in PowerFactory graphical environment. The second part is
dedicated to transformers and tap changers modeling. The transmission lines modeling is elaborated
in the third part. Finally, the fourth part introduces Static Generator element in PowerFactory in order
to model converter-interfaced generators. Further details about the course programme are provided
in the next page.


The 1-day basic course is ideal for new users who wish to become familiar with the performance of
power flow analysis with DIgSILENT PowerFactory.


The course price per participant is 80 Euro. It includes all training material and one month supporting
services for troubleshooting simulation problems of the course projects.

Part Part description Day Time

We will learn how to define a new project in PowerFactory. Firstly, we
will simulate a simple power system including terminals, series reactors
1 1 60 min
and load elements. Then, we will configure and execute PowerFactory
load flow analysis function.
- Coffee break 1 20 min
We will initially learn how to define Type for three phase transformers.
Then, we will set parameters of manually controlled tap changers.
2 1 60 min
Afterward, we will show how to use automatic tap changers control
options that is built in the transformers.
- Launch break 1 60 min
We will learn how to define Type for transmission lines. We will create
a three phase four-wire transmission line, according to geometrical
3 1 60 min
coordinates, using Tower Geometry Type in PowerFactory. Finally, we
will examine current of the neutral wire under different conditions.
- Coffee break 1 20 min
We will learn how to model a distributed generator using Static
Generator element in PowerFactory. We will define a reactive power
4 capability curve for the distributed generator. Finally, impact of the 1 60 min
capability curve on the generator power flow will be investigated at
different levels of its active power.

E-mail: digsilentonline@gmail.com