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Visual Art Info:

LCA 5th yr Summer Assessment 2020 1. If doing the drawing:

- You can do the drawing at any time but it must be
Deadline for completing & submitting exam: completed, photographed and emailed to me by 10.45
Tuesday 26th May 10.45 am am Tuesday 26th May.

2. If doing the quiz: You can do the quiz at any

Maximum duration of exam: 1 hour time that suits you but the deadline to take part
Drawing exam = 1 hour in the quiz is: 10.45 am Tuesday 26th May.
Quiz = less than 1 hour
3. You can complete your art exam during the
Instructions: Complete the online Art Quiz timetabled time: 9.00 - 10.45 if you’d prefer

If choosing the online quiz: What to study for the Quiz Test:

Open the link below:

‘LCA Visual Art Keywords’
Use the notes attached to email to revise

Don’t forget:
Important: You must ENTER YOUR FULL NAME when you are if you are taking the quiz - you must
enter your full name (not a nickname)
prompted for your Quizizz name
as your Quizizz name!
If choosing the drawing option:
Make an observational drawing of one of the following objects :


A flower from your garden i.e. buttercup, clover,



A twig with leaves OR a large single leaf


A scissors http://getdrawings.com/drawing-tag/paprika


A shoe

Drawing exam Media:

A pair of sunglasses
Success Criteria You can use any of the following
A Pepper media (or a combination of):
*Pencil (dark)
See how you will *Colouring/Watercolour Pencils
Your hand (not traced around)
be marked *Biro
on next page
*Black ink pen
Drawing Exam Success Criteria: INFO:
1. You have used your own object and drawn from it from If you have taken the quiz and
observation (15%) are not happy with your score,
you CAN do the drawing and submit that
2. Composition - placement & size on page (15%)
as well
3. Shape/Line drawing - accuracy of shape through careful - I will give you the highest mark out of
observation (30%) the two

4. (a) Tone/Colour - your observation of light & shade & tone

application ensures the object looks 3D - if you use colour, you
must show colour tone (20%)

(b) Tonal technique - the way you add shading to your drawing
(if the part you’re shading is curved, your shading lines are
curved - following the contours of the object ..etc) (10%) Don’t forget:
if you are taking the quiz - you
5. Texture - you have shown the surface quality through your must enter your full name (not
drawing technique (10%) a nickname) as your Quizizz
Total:100% (worth 20% of your overall assessment)