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End of Year Test A

Listening Task 2
You are going to listen to five people For questions 6–10, choose from the list
talking about a life skill that is important to (A–H) a challenge each speaker faced in
them and how they improved it. order to improve their skill.

Part 1 A dealing with a technical task

Task 1 B finding the best solution

For questions 1–5, choose from the list C overcoming a personal habit
(A–H) how each speaker improved the
D entertaining a big group of people
E juggling lots of different things

F staying on top of personal finances

A failing to secure ongoing support
G finding an investment opportunity
B being declined a financial product
H improving a skill without support
C damaging outcomes of personal actions

D financial losses over time

Speaker 1 6      
E a feeling of shame

F constantly feeling indecisive Speaker 2 7      

G exposure to new trends Speaker 3 8      

H unsatisfactory personal progress Speaker 4 9      

Speaker 5 10      

Speaker 1 1       ___/10

Speaker 2 2      

Speaker 3 3      

Speaker 4 4      

Speaker 5 5      


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Part 2 15 According to him, despite the great results
the procedure achieved, it was not without
You are going to listen to a nutritionist
any            .
talking to a group of students about a
recent study investigating the science of 16 Typical reactions to the procedure include
weight loss. For questions 11–20, sickness and vomiting, despite the study
complete the sentences with a word or reporting any unpleasant effects as
short phrase. .

17 He points out that over a period of eight to

twelve months the body learns to adjust to
11 When explaining why the technique is
unusual, he states that it is a method which
works            . 18 The researchers believe that they can
the body so that it can cooperate instead of
12 Scientists tricked the body by manipulating
becoming defensive.
a nerve that takes a            to the
brain. 19 He emphasises that the findings have to
be treated with caution as they are based
13 He explains that the procedure involved
on a            study.
targeting an            on a nerve using a
needle-like instrument. 20 He concludes that the method used in the
research makes fighting off hunger and our
14 They reported that within just ninety days,
patients showed a 14 percent loss of their
           body weight.

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Use of English
Task 1

Read the text and complete the gaps with one word only.

Work Space

For many big companies, increasing efficiency and productivity is a priority if they want their
business to thrive and grow. To achieve this many focus on improving collaboration and teamwork
(21)            workshops and courses, or upgrading office systems. (22)            , making
changes to the work environment might not be on the list of priorities for many companies. Smart
businesses that see the big picture (23)            invest in innovative office designs such as
creating a dedicated space for employees to relax. (24)            successful innovative office
designs have (25)            common is promoting movement in the workplace. Not only (26)
this been reported to increase alertness, creativity and problem solving but it also boosts the
health and happiness of employees. (27)            incorporating movement into (28)           
culture, a company can create a better place for the employees and an advantage for the


Task 2

Use the word given in capitals at the end of some lines to form a word that fits in the gap in
the same line.

C.V. Workshop

Are you one of those people who routinely struggle with creating a powerful C.V.?

Have you left yours (29)            since you last attended an interview? Sign up CHECK

for our workshop to learn how to produce a (30)            C.V. that will showcase PERSON

your expertise and (31)            skills. After completing our workshop, you will be

able to make the (32)            most unrelated work experience appear more applicable

to the position you're applying for. We will work with you on some important aspects such as

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the (33)            and brevity of your C.V. You will learn to increase your (34)           

with a document that has been updated appropriately, (35)            you from other DIFFER

candidates and telling your story in a compelling way.


Task 1

You are going to read an article in which four athletes discuss challenges they face in their
career as professional athletes. For questions 36–45, choose from the athletes A–D. The
athletes may be chosen more than once.

Which athlete(s):

36 says that the nature of professional sports has been exaggerated?      

37 suggests creating a plan that goes beyond the athlete’s sport career will give them mental

38 finds one aspect of competing both inevitable and awkward?      

39 looks forward to a major change in the way they work?      

40 refers to one aspect of sport that is supported by empirical evidence?      

41 struggles to strike a balance between their career and personal life?      

42 points out a noticeable improvement in the way a specific group of athletes are viewed in the

43 offers solutions to some of the problems that professional athletes may face?      

44 attributes their success to something beyond their own personal skills?      

45 describes some key aspects of training as a professional athlete?      


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What are some of the challenges you face as a professional athlete?
We asked a group of athletes what professional training is like.
I have been competing for fifteen years, and
from my first disability competition to the most
A recent games in China, everything has
As a professional athlete, I have been facing changed, including the challenges I have
a number of challenges. Some, of course, are faced. Not only has the participation
easier than others to deal with. One is having increased, but also attitudes have been
an efficient training structure and maintaining transformed and along with that, people’s
it throughout the year. I have been able to perceptions of disability and disabled people.
precisely identify, with the help of my coach, This has made some aspects of the work
the intensity of my training and analyse my easier, but I still have to cope with all sorts.
performance to make adjustments and For example, it’s not easy to put yourself out
improvements. I don’t have any problems there in the limelight. It feels as if you are in
with keeping my level of motivation high an exhibition, but that is part and parcel of the
because I enjoy immensely what I do and get life of a professional athlete. Travelling and its
a lot of support from my family and friends, costs can create some hurdles, as do
which, I think, gives me an edge when I sourcing and purchasing suitable equipment,
compete. However, having had little luck in but these are the things I can deal with
securing sponsorship means I have had to reasonably well. What often worries me is
work full-time and train part-time; something injury. Injuries incurred through training or
that has put a huge strain on me mentally and competitions, even minor ones, can have
physically. Coping with that is not such an major consequences on the career of an
easy task and something that I could do athlete. How do I know that? Well, through
without. For me, the most crucial thing is experience.
securing sponsorship so I can go full-time.

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Over the years I have developed specific Success came at a young age for me, as did
capabilities to handle most of the challenges early retirement due to an injury. I think in our
I face as a female professional athlete, but struggle to succeed, we might overlook some
unfortunately there are still certain aspects key factors that can protect us and our career
that I find hard to cope with. The life of an as athletes. I have made it my mission to
athlete may look dazzling from the outside, educate young people and parents about
but the reality is so far from that. I certainly that. Why? Because it is vital to prepare and
appreciate having the opportunity to do be prepared for all eventualities as early as
something that I love as a job and on a daily possible as we never know when a career-
basis, but dealing with the pressure that it ending injury is going to knock on our door.
puts on me mentally and physically and on Also, coping with the aftermath of an incident
my family requires resilience, motivation, is much more challenging physically and
discipline and a lot more. I am sometimes emotionally when one is on a winning streak.
torn between my responsibilities as a mother On the physical side, the importance of
and my training requirements. If adjustments playing several sports at a young age should
can be made to enable my family to be more emphasised. Athletes are far less
accompany me when I am going away for a likely to get injured in the years that follow
competition, we take advantage of that and when they do so and this is supported by
try to transform it into an adventure, however, research. Planning for retirement, in general,
more often than not, this is a challenge and could protect an athlete from spiralling into
not practical. I am grateful to have a very depression when they retire.
supportive family. I wouldn’t have achieved
any of my accomplishments without them.

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Task 2

You are going to read an article with reviews about a book. For questions 46–50, choose
from the reviewers A–D. The reviewers may be chosen more than once.

Which reviewer(s):

46 felt that the book delivered what it promised?      

47 expresses a different view from the others about the usefulness of the writing advice in the

48 shares Reviewer A’s views about the book serving its purpose?      

49 has a different opinion to Reviewer B about the first part of the book?      

50 shares Reviewer C’s views about the writer’s personal style of writing and his writing advice?


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Total: ___/50

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Life lessons in writing
Four reviewers comment on a book about writing.


I decided to read this book because it was I have read many books from the writer, and
strongly hyped as a source of good advice on generally like his conversational and
how to write, which the writer has tried to do humorous style of writing, but I felt that the
through recounting some personal writer had gone a bit too far with that in this
experiences that he regards as influential on book. The first section, in which he recounts
his work. As a result, although it is quite different events in his life, is entertaining but
readable and contains good advice, it has could have done with a bit more serious
become more of an autobiography than a language. His attempt to make the stories
‘how-to’ manual on writing. There are entertaining gives the reader the impression
definitely better places to look for manuals of that the writer is trying to hide behind humour
the craft. In terms of the advice he has in order to avoid exposing himself
provided on writing and his work, he certainly emotionally. Of course, the book is not all
practices what he preaches. Overall, I would about his life events and he delivers what he
recommend it more as a memoir rather than a promises; writing advice. In the second part,
writing manual, as the advice is rather he provides some rather basic writing rules,
ordinary. to which he sticks pretty much throughout the
book. Although the title suggests that the
book is more of a writing guide, it is the short
B biography of the writer that makes it readable.

I think it’s insightful and inspiring. It was the

first time I had read one of his books and I D
was fascinated by the way he told the story of
his life. In his direct and lively style, he
explains how he became a writer, what
inspired him and what challenges he faced.
As a novice writer, I find the advice useful as
he talks about the nuts and bolts of writing
prose, something that I was looking for when I
purchased the book, however, I cannot
comment on suitability of the book for
experienced writers. The overall message is
certainly something that we have all heard
about before ‘practice, practice, practice’, or
in other words ‘read a lot and write a lot’.

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I think the title of this book is rather the writer and his style and overall found the
misleading. If you have bought it as a guide book enjoyable, but at the same time I feel
on writing, you have to patiently read through that it falls short of its objective as the writer
the first part, which is a memoir, to get to the focuses mostly on what made him a great
second part as writing is by no means the writer. If you are a fan of the writer, or are
whole focus of the book. A large chunk of it is looking for standard writing advice this book
about his life, failures, influences and some of is for you, but not if you are after a step-by-
the important events in his life. I am a fan of step how-to guide.

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