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SECTION: 1 Answer any 3 questions. All question carries same mark.

45 Marks

1. Draw the Single Line Diagram of the 132 KV switchyard clearly indicating the location
& rating of all the electrical equipments.

2. Draw the Single Line diagram of the 11 KV distribution network of the Alumina
Refinery clearly indicating the identification of the distribution substation. Also draw
any transformer & show the SLD up to the distribution voltage level.

3. Write down the requirements of parallel operation of two transformers. Three

distribution transformers with rating as listed are paralleled.
TRF 01: 500 KVA with %Z = 6%
TRF 02: 800 KVA with %Z = 7%
TRF 03: 1000 KVA with %Z = 8%
Calculate the transformer bank efficiency.

4. Draw the typical schematic diagram of a DOL motor control circuit (FVNR 100).
Explain brief functioning of DCS in this scheme.

5. Draw & explain the percentage differential protection of a transformer. List out the
major differences between differential protection for transformer & motor.

SECTION: 2 Answer any seven questions. All questions carry equal marks 35 Maks

1. Write the full names of the abbreviation


1. List out 05 major protection elements for a Motor explaining each element briefly.
2. List out the physical protection devices mounted on a oil filled transformer & briefly
explain its function.
3. Draw the circuit diagram of a single-phase bridge rectifier
4. Give the truth table for 2 input OR gate
5. If the primary of the transformer is connected to the rated DC supply what will
happen and why?
6. Differentiate between load factor and power factor.
7. What is ferranti effect in transmission line?

SECTION:3 Answer all questions. All questions carry equal marks. 20 marks
1.0 The 3rd Harmonics waveform has a frequency of _______________ Hz.
2.0 The angle between zero sequence component of a load current Ia & Ib is _____
3.0 The primary source of harmonics in power distribution is _______ type of loads.
4.0 The ____________ & _____________ are two unit protections employed for
distribution Transformers in alumina refinery.
5.0 In the 132 KV YNyn0 transformers, the phase equipments shall be rated for ________
6.0 If a conductor of 0.01 Ohm resistance is doubled in length its resistance become
___________ Ohms.
7.0 Two nos of 1.0 Ohm, 0.5-Watt resistances are connected in parallel. There combined
resistance will be ________ Ohms and Wattage will be _________Watt.
8.0 The rating of the batteries is given by ___________.
9.0 The core of a transformer is laminated to reduce _______________________ losses.
10.0 In a standard core type transformer _______________ winding is nearer to the core.
11.0 Normally tap changers are provided in _________________ side of transformer.
12.0 The speed of induction motor is calculated by expression ___________________.
13.0 Impedance Relay is used for protection of ________________.
14.0 The design fault level of the 11 KV distribution network is _________ MVA.
15.0 As per IE rule, any voltage grater than ________ volt is termed as HV.
16.0 What is the Maximum KW rating of Motor in Alumna Refinery
17.0 What is the maximum MVA rating & voltage ratio of distribution transfomer of
Alumina refinery?
18.0 What is the rating of the TG sets?
19.0 What is the maximum rating of VFD available at Alumina Refinery?
20.0 Who is the inspection authority for the electrical installations of Alumina Refinery?