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The area that proposed reserve would cover closely matched 5 man from Oregon and a woman from

southern Louisiana.
the description of those areas of the map that had remained I find i,tam~zing that none of these people actually live or
on the wall of Jacob's classroom. have Itved III Arkansas, but have bccn given this divine
• •• knowledge concerning this place. The ncxt section is from
an Australian couple who travel to Arkansas about oncc a
T he following is a prophecy from Lynn Jurey in Baton
Rouge, Louisiana from the late 1980s: year:

In 19871 had been praying for the United States when I was mowing my yard in Aus-
after an hour had passed, 1 began to see a pan. here ",e felt sur,,; tralia in March, 1999 on a Sat-
arama of Amenca spread out before me as if 1 '.Af':er",e{l10'i~wantec\ustoDe. urday morning," Pastor Price
,,:ere several miles above the country. I looked thiSiswhereG recalled.
directly down into a small opening, sceing people Thc Lord spoke to mc the word "Arkan-
praying and praising God but could only hcar a sas." I asked "What does that word mean?" 1 had
faint cry coming up from these peoplc. The holc never heard it before. I went in to ask Collecn [my
seemed to bc centered over Arkansas. Surrounding wife] ifshe knew. Shc said, "Not really, maybe it's
the hole and working with all their might to close the in America." We looked on a map and didn't find it
opening were horrible looking demons of all shapes so we rang a travel agent and asked, "Where's Ar-
and sizes. Clutched in their hands were weapons of kansas and how would you get there?" I waited on
every type of destruction that they were us- the phone for a long time and finally the agent came
."/ clot)'t ing to try to stop the rising in- back sayin~, "I don't know where Arkansas is." 1
'osbut / kkl)Ow whqt h . tercession from rang the aSSIStantpastor and hc said, "It's in America.
/ tI) supp I)ow this (~~ fil),d Out the people. Probably Ar.kan'sas." But 1said, "No, the Lord told
oSeci to be.' A'kl,s C,Otl)e When the me Ar'-kan.saw."
W)e'e demons made wed'
e ,oun It on t he map and 1 was excited that I
any progress, their cries of had heard from God. I knew that if God was telling
victory rose before God's nostrils as a mc something, it would gct strongcr, and it did. Al-
mighty stench which angered Him and He would be- ways Arkansas was on my mind ....
gin to withdraw His arm of mercy. But, when inter. The time came to go to America and people were
cession rose through the opening, He would extcnd asking me, "Why Arkansas?" Even someone in cus-
His arm again. toms at the Los Angeles airport asked me why I was
The Holy Spirit then gave me the following words: going to Arkansas ....
"Have 1not warned you time and time again to cleanse We need to pray in one accord and battle against
yourselves; have I not warned you many times to clear the enemy that has bcen assigned herc, It's up to the
your temple; have I not called you to humble your. residents here. I was sent here to "fan the flames" in
selves before Me in prayer night and day? Oh, My the churches. God has Arkansas on His mind.
people, J will come as a whirlwind of fire to destroy God spoke to me on an airplane [coming here] and
those who do not obey My call. Those of you who said, "Arkansas is the best state." It's bccause the
obey Me and follow in My Son's paths will be lifted Lord has blessed it. The people in Arkansas will know
up to the mountains to the high paths where only the it and experience God's blessing. It's God's country.
victorious and the faithful walk with Me." I preached in a church that said, "This is the Bible
About a year later in the springofl988, 1dreamed Belt and we are the buckle," Many will move into
about this same odd opening in the heavens above this state because the Lord is bringing them to bless
Arkansas with the demonic cloud cover over the rest • them. A lot of people in the U.S.A. are feeling the
of America, My heart and the Spirit bear witness call and drawing to come and live in Arkansas. People
that the Lord is saying to the believers in Arkansas will find a new peace and a new hope here ....
that He has chosen you to do a special task. Are you --------...
listening to His voice? Are you fasting? Arc you
uring a telephone conversation in the year 2000 with a
praying without ceasing? Arc you seeking His anoint.
ing in order that the unbelievers will see and believe? D special servant of the Lord who is a world
traveler (international "prayer walker"), \\en \otO
Are you walking in love and unity with othcr bclicv-
Henry Gruver, I re- \.. s lust a rtyettec\
ers? . d d h'1m 0 f\..'a
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rt "a eY ye., •
y)'t\l\o,? '-Je ne'"' \(ansa,; .
• •• statement he had "\~~e ane. "'~rthWest.AY

s o far in this article, prophecies concerning Arkansas

have been given by a well known Dutch woman, an
Austrian woman, a well-known preacher from New York, a
made saying that the
vealed to him several
United States which
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would be refuges for God's