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NH3 SERIESs 6pp.

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Industrial Ammonia Refrigeration Plant Contact Information

Bitzer Australia offers a wide range of single & multiple compressor packages to suit
Bitzer Australia
134 Dunheved Circuit, manufactured equipment
both medium & low temperature applications, all packages come with factory wired St Marys, NSW 2760
electrical option. Australia
Features Include:
tel +61 (2) 8801 9300
fax +61 (2) 9673 4698
• Capacities MT: 60kW - 900kW @ -10˚C SST 32˚C SCT
• Capacities LT: 30kW - 348kW @ -32˚C SST 32˚C SCT
• Dual capacity control with infinite or 4 stage capacity Victoria
control (on 85 series only) tel +61 (3) 8326 8200
• Effective load profile matching & greater efficiencies at low fax +61 (3) 9310 2520
load conditions compared to large single screws
• High efficiency rotor profile with further developed
tel +61 (7) 3274 3620
fax +61 (7) 3274 3621 Plate Heat Exchangers
• Robust tandem axial bearings with counter bearings
• Automatic start unloading South Australia High heat transfer capacity
tel +61 (8) 8268 4500 Low charge
• High quality shaft seal with metal bellows Low fouling tendency
• Coaleser oil separators fax +61 (8) 8268 4555 High corrosion resistance
Easy maintenance
• Water or thermosyphon oil cooling Western Australia
• Local IP54 rated Stand alone electrical panel tel +61 (8) 9359 2066
• Allen Bradley PLC for local compressor control fax +61 (8) 9359 2077
Ethernet & MODBUS network capability

Bitzer New Zealand

HS 85 Semi Hermetic
13B Airborne Road Screw Compressor
North Harbour

R717 Reciprocating Compressor Packages

Combination of approved
Auckland New Zealand HS technology with the
tel +64 (9) 9415 2030 innovative features of the
fax +64 (9) 9415 2031 CHS series
Optimized parallel
compounding with space
The Bitzer range of open drive reciprocating compressor packages offer a cost effective saving arrangement of all
Bitzer Refrigeration Asia Limited connections on one side,
& energy efficient solution for many commercial & light industrial refrigeration 200 Cantonment Road #06-02A, Slide valve control for infinite
applications. Southpoint, Singapore 089763 or stepped capacity control.
tel +65 6220 4942 Suitable for R134a, R404A,
• High efficiency oil separator fax +65 6220 4794 R507A, R407C & R22
Distributed By:
• Trax oil & solenoid valve fitted for systems@bitzer.com.sg
oil return www.bitzer.com.sg
• Capacity control options include
cylinder head loading/unloading Bitzer India Private Ltd
(33%-66%-100%) or VSD 618, 6th Floor Nirmal Lifestyle
BITZER Quality Packaged Equipment
• Fully wired electrical option Corporate Office Building
• Oil pressure, discharge temperature, L.B.S. Marg., Mulund (West)
HP/LP safeties as standard Mumbai 400 080
Maharashtra, India
• Water cooled cylinder heads fitted
tel +91 222 567 6006-9 Quality
as standard In the interest of continuous improvement BITZER reserves the right to ISO 9001
fax +91 222 567 6011 change the specifications or design of any of its products without notice.
The BITZER Symbol, name Bitzer Group of Companies and model names
are registered trade marks. All products manufactured are pending
design and specification registration and must not be copied or
www.bitzer.com.au duplicated in any way.
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Industrial Ammonia Refrigeration Systems R717 Chiller Packages LEVEL CONTROL

Accumulator level is measured by a highly
Bitzer Australia’s R717 chiller packages are designed Features include:
As the consumption of HCFC refrigerants in Australia is gradually phased out by to operate with a variety of secondary refrigerants such accurate pressure differential sensor, which
• Fully factory assembled pressure tested packages,
as CO2, Glycol & water & can provide cooling both provides a scaled analogue input to the PLC, this
2016, four years before Australia’s Montreal Protocol obligations, end users & complete with compressors, Plate Heat Exchanges
above & below 00C. & pre wired with factory mounted electrical control
in turn drives a Danfoss ICM modulating valve
contactors need reliable, environmentally friendly & high efficiency alternatives in which ensures accurate trouble free level control
This makes them ideal for the replacement of R22 panel.
order to meet the demand to replace HCFC refrigerants in particular R22 refrigeration & also ensures the chillers can operate on a
HVAC chillers & for medium temperature process • Bitzer R717 packages ensure reduced on site labour
& air conditioning plant & equipment. applications as they offer; time & installation cost minimal charge.
Coupled with this, HFC’s are coming under Increased scrutiny due to the increased • High energy efficiency with higher COP’s when • 100kW - 612kW @-11˚C SST 35˚C SCT
environmental awareness of their negative impact on global warming (high GWP’s) & compared to other alternatives 200kW - 1280kW @ 7˚C SST 35˚C SCT
their future carbon tax potential, this has lead to renewed interest in ammonia, as • Low environmental impact • BITZER R717 chillers operate on a critical charge,
ammonia is a high efficiency refrigerant that is environmentally benign with zero ozone • Zero exposure to future Carbon Pollution Reduction minimizing the amount of ammonia required
depletion potential (ODP)& zero global warming potential (GWP). Scheme (CPRS) • All vessels built to Australian Standard AS -1210
Bitzer Australia’s new range of ammonia equipment is designed to meet the • Flexible design options ELECTRICAL
• Fully enclosed panel option available
challenges facing the food processing, food distribution & the HVAC sectors as they Packages Come Pre Wired With Factory Mounted
Electrical Control Panel
offer a cost effective & environmentally friendly alternative to HFC refrigerants for low
temperature, medium temperature & HVAC applications.
• Allen Bradley PLC Complete With HMI Operating With Bitzer Open Protocol Control Logic
• Ethernet & Modbus Capability With Remote Access Via Internet
• VSD Fitted To Lead Compressor For Enhanced Load Profile Matching & Greater Efficiency
OSKA Compressors At Low Load Conditions
• R717 Detector With Shunt Trip Fitted As Standard

At the heart of the Bitzer R717 Chiller Packages are Bitzer OS 53, 74 & 85 Series

Ammonia Flooded Drum Evaporators

compressors. The OS screw compressors set the worldwide
standard for technical innovation, versatility & efficiency.

A VSD fitted to the lead compressor ensures enhanced load

profile matching & greater BITZER Australia now offers fully integrated R717 flooded drum evaporator packages for a
efficiency at low load Conditions variety of refrigeration applications including:
Heat Reclaim CO2 Cascade High Side applications for the total NATURAL REFRIGERATION SOLUTION
Bitzer R717 Chillers packages come Cooling of Secondary Refrigerants for the FOOD PROCESSING & WINE INDUSTRIES
with the option of De-superheater &
additional oil cooler to maximize
heat recovery for water heating
Features Include:

• All Vessels built to Australian Standard

• Fully Integrated Package using Danfoss
Plate Heat Exchanges Control
& Isolation Valves
Bitzer R717 Chillers utilize Thermowave Plate Features Include • Thermowave-welded Plate & Frame Heat
Features Include Heat Exchanges for both secondary refrigerant & Exchangers
oil cooling High heat transfer capacity
• Thermal Insulation with metal clad finish
• High efficiency rotor profile Founded in Germany in 1992 Thermowave are Low charge
• Efficient capacity control Low fouling tendency • Electronic Level Control and Monitoring
committed to develop & manufacture a new
• Econimiser operation generation of Plate Heat Exchanger which offer a High corrosion resistance
• Generously dimensioned bearings balanced price performance ratio along a wide Easy maintenance
• High quality shaft seal with range of applications
metal bellows

R717 Flooded Evaporator & Plate Heat Exchanger Packages