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March 18, 2016

Dr. R. Panneer, B.Sc., B.Tech (Hons), M.E, M.S, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, School of Mechanical Engineering
SASTRA University
Mobile: +91 9566730200, E-mail: panneer@mech.sastra.edu

To Whom It May Concern

I, in the capacity of an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, take immense pleasure
in writing this Letter of Recommendation for Mr. Guru Prasadh Rao, whom I have known since May 2013 as my
Undergraduate student at SASTRA University. There have been a good number of occasions where Guru has
interacted with me, giving me the opportunity of seeing him evolve in academics and as a person, and also to
assess his strengths and competencies.
I have handled the subjects MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY - II and CAD/CAM/CIM for Guru’s class in
which he secured commendable scores. He was a very active participant during all my lectures which was evident
from the manner in which he raised relevant doubts frequently, thereby enabling the whole class to gain more
clarity. He has always exhibited his desire to take his learning further and did not restrict himself only to what was
taught in class. This helped him in his comprehensive understanding of the application of standard theories in real
world problems. Moreover, he was an attentive student, receptive to new ideas and concepts and his capacity for
lucid presentations, remarkable.
Guru is an individual with high analytical abilities which can be seen in his innovative ideas and thinking out of
the box on various occasions, academically or otherwise. He also exhibited his keenness to extend his
understanding of Supply chain and Operations management and excel in the field of Industrial Engineering. I
have also handled the lab sessions in COMPUTER AIDED MACHINE DRAWING and MACHINE SHOP in
which he strived to put to use his theoretical knowledge effectively.
Guru is endowed with fine interpersonal and presentation skills which were evident in his classroom
presentations. The ones on “Non-contact inspection methods” and “Materials Requirements planning and Just-in-
time manufacturing”, were extremely well researched and presented in a lucid style and confident manner. Apart
from his academics, he sought to extend his knowledge and skills through two in-plant trainings, in Ashok
Leyland a leading automobile manufacturer and the National institute of Ocean technology. Furthermore, he was
an active basket-ball player in college.
In light of such exemplary abilities, I highly recommend Guru’s application in the strongest terms for admission
to the Graduate Program at your University preferably with a Research Assistantship and full financial aid. I can
assure you that he will do his best, contribute effectively to the various activities of your college, and will be an
asset to the University.

Prof. Dr. Panneer R


TPh: +91 4362 264101-108, Fax: 91 4362 264120, URL: http://www.sastra.edu