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Simple Present Tense


(Material taken from the book: Essential Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy for academic purposes)


Complete the exercises according

to the images. Use the

For example: They

drive their red car.

 They drive their red car.
 They go horseback riding or They’re riding in their horse
 You’re riding in your bike or You go bike riding.
 He shares with his grandchildren.
 They want to get their ball back.
 We cook our dinner.

VOCABULARY: What time is it?

 Write the time:
1. 3:00a.m. It’s three o’clock 6. 9:00a.m. It’s nine o’clock
2. 4:40p.m. It’s twenty to five 7. 10:05a.m. It’s five past ten
3. 5:15a.m. It’s a quarter past five 8. 8:45p.m. It’s a quarter to nine
4. 11:55p.m. It’s five to twelve 9. 1:30a.m. It’s half past one
5. 12:30p.m. It’s half past twelve 10. 2:20p.m. It’s twenty after two

GRAMMAR FOCUS: Simple Present

I go to the university. I don't eat lunch in the

You have a black notebook. You don’t go restaurant.
He eats a sandwich. He doesn’t get to the cinema. Don’t = do not
She wakes up early. She doesn’t have dressed in the room. Doesn’t = does not
It has five classrooms. It doesn’t eat a white dog.
We wash our teeth. We don’t study cat's food.
You study English. You don’t wake Russian.
The brush their hair. The don’t have up early.
y y a snack today.

 Complete the following sentences:

1. My family and I eat lunch in our house.
2. My sister studies in the University.
3. I don’t learn German in my house.
4. You put away your clothes at 5:00p.m.
5. My father has a yellow cat.
6. Diana, Mario and Luis go their bed.
7. The cat doesn’t like his pizza.
8. My classmates drive to the shopping centre.

 Write 4 sentences about you and 4 sentences about another person.

For example: I eat lunch in my house. Bruno Mars dances in his concert.

 I don’t like doing my homework in the afternoon. My brother goes to the university in his
motorcycle every day.
 I eat healthy food. Sara buy his clothes in Chipichape Mall.
 I prepare my breakfast at 5:30. She doesn’t like to go out after 9:30 because It’s past her bedtime.
 I listen metal and classical music in my computer. We watch Netflix in our free time.
GRAMMAR FOCUS: Simple Present with irregular verbs

I / you / we / they he / she / it

I do my homework. Thomas does the dishes.
You and I go to work at 6a.m. She goes to the cinema.
My cousins have two brown dogs. The has fifty-four students.
Some examples with do: do the laundry, do the homework, do exercise, do housework.

 Complete the sentences:

1. My parents and I buy a house in Bogota. 5. We go to the supermarket.

2. My friend Laura drives to the restaurant. 6. The dog runs to the park.
3. The university has sixteen buildings. 7. She doesn’t know how much I love her.
4. Johann and Ann do housework today. 8. This bus trip is so scary.