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Summary :-
The Dehydration Tank is intended to be taken out of Service in order to Drain
down and remove all accumulated Sludge, In order to dilute the Sludge in the
Tank, water will be introduced via the Fire Hydrant line through one of the Level
Transmitters Flange Nozzles or the Water Outlet on the Tank, during introduction
of water the two Roof Manways will be opened up for observation of Sludge, Oil
& Water levels. Introduction of water will enable Flotation of the Roof (Currently
above the Maintenance Level) Retrieval of diluted Sludge / Slurry can commence
to an available Holding Tank. (Ex-LACT Unit Calibration Tank in position
currently) Vacuum Truck will be utilized to transport the Slurry from the Holding
Tank to a nearby lined Well Location Waste pit. On removal of all diluted Sludge,
the Main Tank Shell Manyway & Cleanout Door of the Dehydration Tank will be
opened for removal of the Solid Sludge & Silt to the Bioremediation pit near the
Production Station Evaporation Ponds. Opening of several Manways will enable
cross ventilation and allow air flow & de-gassing. The Solid Sludge / Silt will be
removed manually. After the Tanks have been emptied and the surrounding area
cleaned, the Tank will be offered to Operations for a joint Inspection in view of
determining the extent of damage and the way forward to carry out required
repairs to the Tank Shell, Bottom Plate & Tank Internals, including Coating
repairs. This Procedure is being put in place in order to ensure the safe
operation of the entire duration of the Tank rectification.

Cleaning Sequence & Details :-

1. Ensure positive isolation of all Tank Inlets & Outlets by installation of
respective Spectacle Blinds, except Drain Header Outlet & Water Inlet.
2. Complete piping to Holding Tank & Water line to Tank for Sludge
3. Provide HDPE Liner floor covering at Clean-out Door & Shell Manway to
avoid contamination of surrounding area.
4. Carry out Gas Test on Tank Roof. (Ensure Escape Sets are provided to
technicians & adequate Supervision is available during this operation)
5. Open up Roof Manways. (Ensure H2S Monitors & continuous Supervision
is available during this operation)
6. Connect Dehydration Tank Oil Outlet to Holding Tank, commence draining
to Holding Tank in view of confirming Oil quality. If no Sludge visible route
to new Dehydration via the existing Crude Offloading lines & Pump to new
Tank. – (Offloading directly to new Tank via Crude Offloading Pump
facility available)
7. If only water & sludge commence draining down of water & sludge into
Holding Tank.
8. Commence Transportation of Water, & Sludge to respective designated
disposal pits.
9. Commence Water jet for agitation from Fire Hydrant as required via the
Water Inlet provision on the Tank.
10. Check for removal of all liquid & semi solid material from Roof Manways
and when satisfied, commence opening Tank Shell Manways & Clean out
Door for Solid waste & Silt evacuation manually.
11. Commence transportation of Solid waste to Bioremediation pit via Shovel
& Tipper Truck.
12. On completion of Solid waste removal, wash down Tank internally & offer
up Tank for joint inspection to determine extent of repair and method to be
13. Arrange Tank repairing requirements like Fiberglass repair kits, Coating
Primers and Epoxy’s including Ventilation Fans, Vacuum box & Shell plate
thickness testing devices, Bolts, Gaskets as relevant.
14. On completion of internal repairs, offer up Tank for final joint Inspection,
remove Scaffolds and other construction aids and commence box-up of
Cleanout Door & Shell Manways.
15. Box-up Tank Shell Manways.
16. Carry out De-spading of Tank & all other preparations to re-introduce Oil.
17. Handover Tank to Operations.

Resources :-

1. Additional Civil Laborers – 8 Nos. – Approximate duration 1 & ½ month.

2. Vacuum Truck – 2 Nos. – Approximate duration 2 weeks.
3. Tipper Truck – 1 No. – Approximate duration 2 weeks.
4. Shovel – 1 No. – Approximate duration 2 weeks.

Note : -
Details of actual repairs will be listed & issued after Tank cleaning is completed.

Construction & Maintenance Supervisor

Dexter Rebello

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