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Satan has a Plan for a One World Religion and a One World Government.

do we know this? It is revealed in Bible prophecy.
If we examine God’s Word closely and contrast its prophecies with the events
transpiring around us, we come to a most astonishing conclusion: the last years
of the twentieth century may well comprise one of the final chapters in the age-
old battle between the powers of evil and God and His people.
The Bible envisions a period of increasing rebellion against God culminating in
the Great Tribulation, a frightening time of worldwide brutality and religious
apostasy. During this period, the nations of earth will be transformed into a one
world political system and religion. This will be accomplished according to The
Plan of the dark forces that oppose God. In my book Rush to Armageddon I
Powerful forces are swirling around mankind today—forces that are destined to
bring about a profound change in both our physical and spiritual worlds. Man
cannot avoid those
forces, no more than he could avoid being brought forth into this world and
having breath entered into his lungs.

In this present book, I closely examine these powerful forces and, with God’s
help, expose their evil objectives. The Bible warned us about these forces. For
example, Daniel, one of the Lord’s great prophets, foresaw that in the last days,
Satan would install a world ruler. This ruler, Daniel said, would magnify
himself above all while contemptuously disregarding the laws of God. In place
of the true God, this evil ruler will honor “the God of forces” (Dan. 11:36-45).

Even now, a man is perhaps being groomed to be this world ruler. I do not know
when he will come forth, though the time must surely be drawing near, based on
current events. However, after years of research into the objectives of the New
Age Movement, I am convinced of one thing: this man of Satan, called the
Beast with the number 666 in Revelation, will find already in place a popularly
acclaimed One World Religion perfectly suited for his style of leadership. The
Antichrist will therefore find great satisfaction in assuming the reigns of the
New Age World Religion.

If this statement shocks you, that is understandable. It is best for us to be very

skeptical about claims that this or that group or church is the Satan-led, end-
time religion prophesied in the Holy Bible. God wants us to be discerning.
What’s more, having a scientific orientation and with my background as a
career Air Force officer, I am not prone to hasty, ill-considered judgments or
snap decisions, especially about important spiritual matters. This is why I
decided to investigate for myself by thoroughly researching the New Age
Movement, its roots, and its activities and goals.