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County of Linn, Iowa

SUBJECT: Linn County Compensation Policy for Directive Number:
Management, Confidential Staff and Attorneys

Approval Date: Effective Date: Revision No: Policy Section & Number:

09/25/2002 09/25/2002 1 PM-004

Reference: Distribution:
BOS Minutes: 07/01/1998 Elected Officials, Dept. Heads, Intranet
Initially Adopted: 07/01/1998


It is the policy of the Linn County Board of Supervisors to compensate employees

classified as attorneys, management and confidential employees (defined as
confidential according to Chapter 20 of the Iowa Code) based on an evaluation of their
job performance.


This policy is applicable to all regular full-time or part-time employees classified as

attorney, management (appointed by the Board of Supervisors) and confidential
employees (determined confidential according to Chapter 20 of the Iowa Code).


This policy does not cover bargaining unit employees represented by a certified
employee organization according to Chapter 20 of the Iowa Code, elected officials,
deputies of elected officials including the Colonel, Captain and Lieutenants of the Sheriff
and temporary employees.


The supervisor documents the performance of employees they supervise and rates
such performance by completing an annual performance review of the preceding 12-
month period during March – May. The performance appraisal process and appraisal
tools are set forth in the Performance Appraisal User’s Guide. The results of the
performance review is the indicator of a salary increase (or no salary increase) effective
the next July.

Employees classified as management and attorneys who receive a rating of four or

greater either progress to the next increment level in the designated salary range or
receive an increase based on the fiscal year Performance Appraisal Rating Table. The

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Performance Appraisal Rating Table is approved by the Board of Supervisor before the
beginning of each fiscal year and set forth in the Policies and Procedures for
Management, Attorneys and Confidential Personnel.

Confidential employees are also evaluated according to the same process set forth
above but their salary increase is not based on their performance appraisal rating.
Their salary increase is the same as set forth in the Linn County/AFSCME Labor
Agreement for the designated pay grade plus $.25 added to the appropriate hourly rate
in the Agreement.

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