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Wefast is a low-priced same day delivery service available in Mumbai, Delhi,

Kolkata, Pune, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad.

Our service connects the customer, who needs to deliver, with the courier,
who is ready to do it. 

There are two ways to place an order:

using our online form 24/7, or 
by calling us on +022 4905 4444 during working hours.
In most cases, the courier will be assigned within 10 minutes. In rare cases, it
can take up to an hour to find a courier. For example, if you book a courier on
Friday, which is the busiest day of the week, or if the route is unattractive to
the couriers.

Track the courier

You can track the courier in real time in your Cabinet on the website or in
mobile app. 

Edit order
You can add or remove addresses from an order while it is being processed.

Recipient will receive a text message with the courier's mobile number. The
courier will call every recipient before arriving. You will get a message after
the courier has delivered to an address.

Courier rating
Once the order is complete, rate the courier to improve our service. If you rate
the courier on a scale from 1 to 3, the courier will never be assigned to you
again. If you rate the courier 5, he will become your "preferred" courier and
you will be able to choose him from Preferred Couriers list in your Cabinet.

Customer support
Our support team is here to help you with any question from 09:00 to 21:00.
When to pick up and deliver?

We will send the nearest available courier

Need inside Mumbai urgent delivery?
Then fill this form to order a delivery boy:

Courier will walk, use public transport or ride a motorbike. It is the best option for medium
and long distance deliveries over 5 km.

Up to 5 kg
Up to 10 kg
Up to 15 kg
Up to 20 kg
Pick up Address
Mahavir Home

10-digit mobile


No actions
Do not specify a contact person, internal order number, repurchase amount
Delivery address
Linking Rd, Ba

10-digit mobile
₹ 75- 5 kg
Rs-125 -10 kg
Rs-175-15 Kg
Rs-225 – upto 2 kg
Submit order
By Clicking 'Submit order' you are forwarding your request to couriers and agree to Our
Terms and Conditions along with the clauses of the agreements

SMS notifications can be set after sending an order

To order a delivery boy just follow these simple steps:

1. Provide us with necessary details: addresses, phone numbers at each address,
desired time of delivery, weight of the delivery
2. If you like our quote, then click 'Submit order' button
3. Receive a call from the delivery boy assigned for your order. Negotiate, at which
point he will be paid. Give him more details about your parcel and desired process.
4. Send us a message or call our Operator in case of any doubt. You will get the
Operator's number by clicking 'Order' button, save it with your order's number
5. Get your delivery performed. Give the Courier signature right on his smartphone's
screen to verify, that all have been done properly
- You may rate a courier after the delivery is done to help us assign just best couriers.

Best regards, Wefast team

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What is routing and how routing works?
Our secret to more accurate and cheaper deliveries

A delivery man is not only couriers, SMS on appointment and caring support. We make
sophisticated IT products that make it all work. For example, order routing available to every

Why should I use this?

1. Save time and money. Place orders in bulk at a cheaper cost in few clicks.
2. A convenient route gets created immediately that is easy to complete on time and loved
by couriers.
3. Couriers are assigned quickly and not removed from orders. 

How it works?

1. Create draft orders - on the website manually or through bulk upload via file. 

2. Let us know where and when you need to pick up the parcels, and add delivery points.
3. The algorithm selects the optimal combination of routes. We take into account the time at
the each address points, distance between each locations and the weight of each parcels.
So we will not overload a single courier and delivery will be on time and as cheap as
4. We do the math and tell you the cost of :
          i. Individual order
        ii. In total
       iii. Average delivery price
       iv. Number of deliveries
        v. Estimated time to complete each order.

   5. Confirm the orders in turn and wait for the couriers to be appointed. You can track
       the status of a specific delivery on the same page.

   6. Soon API and ready-made modules for CMS will be launched.
How to bulk upload orders with
Bulk import of orders using .xls / .csv file
Written by Shreyas Mhambrey
Updated over a week ago

How to fill in columns

1. One-line delivery address in text form, which we will pick from google

maps. Mandatory field, for example, "Technopolis Knowledge Park,
Hanuman Nagar, Andheri East"
2. The name of the recipient at the point is used by couriers to contact
the recipient. Optional text field such as Alok
3. The recipient's phone is used by couriers to contact the recipient.
This is a 10 digit number field. Required, for example, "9hhhhhhhhh"
4. What we carry - a mandatory text field with the contents of the parcel,
for example, "Jeans" or "documents"
5. Weight is a required number field. Enter in Kgs. example : 5
6. Commentary for the courier will help him locate the exact point.
Optional text field. eg: Opp Railway Station
7. The apartment or office number is optional, but will help the courier
quickly reach the point. Optional field
8. Returning to the first address will inform the courier that you need
to return to the address of pick up after visiting all the delivery points.
The field is optional, is taken into account when drawing up routes.
Put any sign
9. The time on the point must be in the format DD.MM.YYYY HH: MM,
the type of field is text or numeric. Mandatory field
10. Get cash is an optional number field. This can be used for COD
orders. If filled, the courier will take the mentioned amount from the
recipient of the goods
11. The buyback allows you to clarify that the courier needs to
purchase the goods from this point by paying the mentioned amount.
Optional numeric field. The service is not available to all customers; to
connect, write in support
12. A check is required (for cash settlement services ) selects cash
management services instead of the usual transfer of revenue. It is
enough to put any character in the field. The service is not available to
all customers; to connect, write in support
13. Declared value is used for securing your parcels in case of loss
or damage. The charge is only 0.8% of the entered parcel value