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Griffin plays the violin. He takes lessons after school on Tuesdays.Griffin’s violin teacher is Mr.
Thomas. Mr. Thomas tells Griffin to practice every day. Griffin practices his violin on most days.On
the days Griffin does not practice his violin, he plays soccer with his friends or fixes old clocks for
fun.“You are a boy of many talents,” Griffin’s parents tell him. “That means you are good at doing
many things.”Griffin likes it when his parents say this to him.He loves playing the violin. He loves
playing soccer. He loves fixing clocks. Griffin loves to do many things, but he does not have the time
to do them all every day.


What does Griffin play?

I. tennis II. Soccer III. the violin

When does Griffin take violin lessons?

A. on Tuesdays after soccer B. on Thursdays after soccer

C. on Tuesdays after school D. on Thursdays after school

When does Mr. Thomas tell Griffin to practice?

A. every day B. most days C. only on Tuesdays D. when he wants to

When does Griffin practice the violin?

A. every day B. most days C. Never D. only on TuesdaysQuestions (continued):

How does Griffin feel about the violin?

A. He loves it. B. He thinks it is hard.

C. He hates to practice. D. He does not like the sound.

What things does Griffin love to do?

I. read books II. fix old clocks III. play soccer with his friends

What does Mr. Thomas teach Griffin?

A. to play soccer B. to fix old clocks C. to play the violin D. to build birdhouses

If you have many talents, this means you

A. want to do a lot B. are good at playing the violin

C. are busy doing many things D. are good at doing a lot of things

Why does Griffin not play the violin every day?

A. He does not like the violin. B. He wants to play the piano.

C. He is busy doing other things. D. His mom says not to play every day.

Do you have a talent? What is it? Would you like to have a talent?
1) German and Chinese are _______. 2) Right now, Margaret _______
A. languages dinner.
B. words A. cooked
C. countries B. ate
D. people C. to eat
D. is cooking
3) Annie and Courtney are _______. 4) Samuel is tired. He wants
A. men _______ to sleep.
B. brothers A. to go
C. sisters B. went
D. countries C. to be
D. fell
5) Mr. and Mrs. Wong _______ from 6) Mr. Daly talks to Mrs. Daly on
China. the _______.
A. are A. television
B. is B. language
C. to be C. word
D. was D. telephone
7) Mario _______ a book last week. 8) Moscow and Buenos Aires are
A. reads _______.
B. to read A. cities
C. read B. languages
D. to write C. countries
D. boys
9) Gloria _______ a ring every day. 10) Uncle Arthur ______ my
A. to wear mother’s brother.
B. bought A. to be
C. to buy B. has
D. wears C. is
D. were
1) Dr. Greenberg _______ a cat. 2) Jeff and Laura live in _______.
A. has A. a hospital
B. is B. a school
C. is having C. an apartment
D. was D. an office
3) Yesterday, Paul _______ eggs for 4) Ryan and Anita like _______ to
breakfast. the pool.
A. is having A. to go
B. to have B. went
C. ate C. to swim
D. eats D. are swimming
5) Kimberly _______ new shoes right 6) Jonathan and I _______ to play
now. basketball.
A. wore A. like
B. is buying B. are playing
C. bought C. are liking
D. sold D. were
7) Stephen and Marco _______ to 8) Portuguese is a _______.
New York last weekend. A. country
A. traveled B. language
B. visit C. flag
C. go D. city
D. are traveling
9) Ricardo wants _______ to music. 10) Aunt Millie ______ me a
A. listened birthday card every year.
B. to listen A. is writing
C. heard B. sends
D. is hearing C. to send
D. to write