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(12) United States Patent (10) Patent No.: US 8,563,317 B2

Grossman et al. (45) Date of Patent: Oct. 22, 2013

(54) APPARATUS FOR DETECTING GAMMA 4,810,596 A * 3/1989 Ludwig ......................... 429,415
HYDROXYBUTYRATE KETAMINES AND 6,372,515 B1 4/2002 Casterlin et al.
RELATED DRUGSIN BEVERAGES 6,617,123 B1* 9/2003 Smith ............................. 435/19
2003/0026731 A1 2, 2003 Peter
(75) Inventors: Stanley Irwin Grossman, London (GB); FOREIGN PATENT DOCUMENTS
James Gordon Campbell, Chaddesden
(GB); Christian James Loane, GB 205368O 2, 1981
Lesmurdie (AU) GB
6, 2003
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Mar. 12, 2004 (GB) ................................... O405648.7
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GOIN3L/22 (2006.01) Apparatus for detecting the presence of foreign Substances in
GOIN 31/OO (2006.01) a beverage. The apparatus for detecting the presence of
(52) U.S. Cl. Gamma-hydroxybutyrate or other drugs in a beverage com
USPC ................... 436/20: 435/7.9; 435/19, 435/26 prises apparatus wherein cobalt nitrate, oxammonium chlo
(58) Field of Classification Search ride/ferric chloride, oxammonium sulphate/ferric chloride,
USPC .................................. 436/20: 435/7.9, 26, 19 5% ferric chloride, saturated potassium dichromate, toluene?
See application file for complete search history. cobalt thiocyanate, chromium (IV) oxide/Sulphuric acid car
bodiimide salts in combination with oxammonium salts and
(56) References Cited ferric chloride, or lacmoid is supported on a substrate. The
U.S. PATENT DOCUMENTS apparatus for detecting the presence of ketamines or other
drugs in a beverage comprises apparatus wherein modified
3,915,639 A * 10/1975 Friedenberg .................... 436,98 Dragendorff Reagent is Supported on a Substrate.
3,955,926 A 5, 1976 Fischer
4,187,076 A 2/1980 Elsohly et al. 18 Claims, No Drawings
US 8,563,317 B2
1. 2
APPARATUS FOR DETECTING GAMMA Ketamine (2.2-chloropheyl-2-methylaminocyclohexone)
HYDROXYBUTYRATE, KETAMINES AND is used as a paediatric or animal tranquilizer and when mis
RELATED DRUGSIN BEVERAGES used can induce a so-called spiritual feeling with a catatonic
state and flashbacks.
CROSS-REFERENCES TO RELATED The dosage of the drugs required to have a sedative effect
APPLICATIONS varies, not only with drug type, but also with the method of
manufacture used, the interaction with co-ingested Sub
This application is a national of PCT application PCT/ stances and the physiology of the victim.
GB2004/005271 filed on Dec. 16, 2004, which claims prior 10
Drug rape usually goes unchecked since the victims are
ity from British patent application 0405648.7 filed on Mar. unable to remember the events or details and therefore are
12, 2004, each of which is incorporated herein by reference in unreliable witnesses in any legal action. Even if the victim can
its entirety. remember Some details or have suspicions they are often
The present invention relates to apparatus for detecting the unwilling to come forward.
presence of foreign Substances in a beverage. More particu 15 It is therefore desirable to provide a testing means which
larly it relates to apparatus for detecting gamma-hydroxybu will enable users to test their beverage to establish whether it
tyrate and apparatus for detecting the presence of ketamine. is safe to drink. The benefits of this system include that the
It has been known for many years for perpetrators wishing user knows that he or she is safe. A further benefit of a testing
to cause harm to a victim to add a drug to the victim’s method is that where the presence of a drug is detected, there
beverage to alter the victim’s behaviour or to incapacitate is a possibility that the perpetrator may be identified. Any
them totally. For example, alcohol may be added to a non such device could also be used by authorities to screen drinks
alcoholic drink or drugs may be added to either an alcoholic at the scene of an alleged offence.
or non-alcoholic drink. When the victim has drunk the bev Whilst there are a variety of established technologies avail
erage, their mood may be altered, or they may become totally able for testing for drugs, these are generally based on labo
incapacitated. While the victim is suffering from the effect of 25 ratory or clinical tests and are therefore not suitable for use by
the drug the perpetrator may take advantage of the victim. In the average consumer. They are also usually time consuming
its mildest form, the victims behaviour may simply be the and expensive to run and require the use of clean rooms and
source of amusement. Whilst this may be the perpetrator's for strict protocols to be observed. In addition, many of these
intent, the action can have more serious consequences since systems are notable to function in the presence of an acid or
the drug dose is generally unknown, as is the effect of the 30 alcohol and therefore have limited use in testing for drugs in
combination of the drug with alcohol. Further the drug may beverages. These known tests also generally are only able to
have deleterious effects on any medical condition that the test for one drug at a time and require resetting and recali
victim may have or may have an adverse interaction with any brating for the next drug to be tested.
Various proposals have been made to provide test appara
other medication that the victim may be taking. Unfortu 35 tus which can be used at the site and time of consumption of
nately, there is usually a more sinister intent Such as robbery, the beverage. However, many of these are deemed unsuitable
rape or even murder. due to the lack of sensitivity and specificity and their incom
Drugs currently commonly used include alcohol, drugs patibility with some beverages.
from the benzodiazepine family, gamma hydroxybutyrate, US 2003/044989 describes an apparatus which can be used
3.4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine (also known as 40 by an individual to detect qualitatively the presence of elicit
MDMA or Ecstasy), ketamines, cannabis and the like. Recent Substances in beverages. The test comprises a solid porous
studies suggest that there are at least two hundred drugs substrate with embedded indicators. The indicators are for the
available legally or illegally which could be secretly applied presence of GHB and ketamines. The indicators suggested
to beverages for the purpose of disabling or incapacitating the are Zimmermann's reagent, platinum/potassium iodide,
victim. 45 bromo-cresol purple and cobalt thiocyanate. However, the
Benzodiazepines such as flunitrazepam and which may be level of sensitivity is unacceptably low.
sold under the trade name Rohypnol, have become to be An alternative arrangement is described in US 2001/
known as the "date rape' drug because of its misuse as an 046710 in which a chemically treated carrier, which has been
additive to beverages to cause the victim to loose inhibition, to soaked with a solution that undergoes a visual colour change
become willing to any Suggestion and since it causes antero 50 when in contact with gamma-hydroxybutyrate, and allowed
grade amnesia, means that the victim is unable to remember to dry. The described reagent is one or more of cuprous
the events that occur under the influence of the drug. It is chloride, copper acetate, tannic acid, ammonium nitrate, fer
therefore commonly used to enable the perpetrator to obtain ric ammonium Sulphate and ferric chloride. However, again
sex from the victim. the level of sensitivity may not be as high as would be desired.
55 Whilst these arrangements go some way to providing a
In an attempt to overcome this problem, the manufacturers suitable solution to the desirability of providing a test which
of Rohypnol have added a blue dye to the prescription tablets can be used at the point of consumption, it is still desirable to
to prevent them being added to drinks without the user's provide alternative, and preferably improved, arrangements
knowledge. However, there are still illicit forms of fluni which enable the victim to test for gamma-hydroxybutyrate
trazepam available which are not coloured. Further other 60 or ketamines at the desired level of sensitivity.
drugs such as gamma-hydroxybutyrate and ketamines can Thus according to the present invention there is provided
produce similar effects. apparatus for detecting the presence of gamma-hydroxybu
Gamma-hydroxybutyrate is a banned dietary Supplement. tyrate or other drugs in a beverage wherein the apparatus
While it does have legitimate uses such as in the treatment of comprises cobalt nitrate, oxammonium chloride/ferric chlo
depression and in the research into sleep disorders, opiate 65 ride, oxammonium sulphate/ferric chloride, 5% ferric chlo
dependency and alcohol withdrawal, its effects means that it ride, Saturated potassium dichromate, toluene?cobalt thiocy
is misused. anate, chromium (IV) oxide/sulphuric acid carbodiimide
US 8,563,317 B2
salts in combination with oxammonium salts and ferric chlo TABLE 1
ride, or lacmoid supported on a Substrate.
The apparatus preferably comprises lacmoid, which is Visualisation
preferably in the form of Loane's Reagent, supported on the Reagent Comment
Substrate. In one arrangement of the present invention, the Cobalt nitrate Gamma-hydroxybutyrate gives violet colour.
Loane's Reagent is buffered with an acid such as hydrochlo However, the presence of aqueous produces false
ric acid. negative
The lacmoid may be impregnated into the Substrate. Oxammonium Gamma-hydroxybutyrate gives purple colour.
Impregnation may be in a polar solvent. Suitable polar Sol chloride? However, it is not preferred since it is very difficult
Ferric Chloride to impregnate into paper and sensitivity lost. Some
vents include acetone, methanol and water. 10 drinks produce false negatives
Where gamma-hydroxybutyrate is present the substrate Oxammonium Gamma-hydroxybutyrate gives purple colour.
will turn blue when it is brought into contact with the drink. Sulphate More sensitive than oxammonium chloride. Very
The apparatus of the present invention offers an improved test Ferric Chloride o impregnate into paper and sensitivity
for detecting gamma-hydroxybutyrate. For example, it can lost. Many drinks produce false negatives
5%. Ferric Chloride Gamma-hydroxybutyrate gives brown precipitate.
detect an equivalent of 200 mg of clandestine gamma-hy 15 Poor sensitivity. Many interfering compounds.
droxybutyrate material in most standard 250 ml beverages. Alkaline solutions destroy reaction.
In a second embodiment of the present invention, there is Satd. Potassium Gamma-hydroxybutyrate gives an orange to green
provided apparatus for detecting the presence of ketamines or Dichromate reaction. Poor sensitivity. Alcohol interferes.
other drugs in a beverage wherein a modified-Dragendorff Toluene? Cobalt Gamma-hydroxybutyrate produces blue in organic
Reagent is Supported on a Substrate. thiocyanate phase. Poor sensitivity. Not applicable to paper
The modified-Dragendorff Reagent preferably includes an Chromium (VI) Gamma-hydroxybutyrate produces an orange to
acidic salt to reduce the blackening effect encountered with Oxide: Sulphuric green reaction. Alcohols interfere. Poor sensitivity.
aqueous solutions due to the precipitation of bismuth salts. Acid conc.
Any suitable acidic salt may be used. Suitable salts include Loane's Reagent Gamma-hydroxybutyrate has excellent detection in
tartaric acid, oxalic acid, sodium bisulphate and citric acid. based on Lacmoid most beverages. Very sensitive.
The apparatus of this embodiment of the present invention 25
produces an orange, pink or orange-pink colour in the pres
ence of secondary amines including ketamine. EXAMPLE 3
The apparatus of this embodiment can also be used to test
for other drugs including benzodiazepines. Where a drink has The modified Dragendorff Reagent was prepared as fol
been spiked with benzodiazepines, blackened speckles from 30 lows:
the tablet bulking agents and tiny red/orange intense speckles Solution A was prepared by dissolving 6.24 g potassium
due to the presence of the active benzodiazepine constituent iodide and 7.0 g sodium bisuphate in 500 ml water.
are noted.
The substrate for both embodiments may be produced from Solution B was prepared by dissolving 1.8 g. bismuth sub
any suitable material. Suitable materials include absorbent nitrate to 780 ml of methylated spirits. 170 ml concentrated
paper, filter paper, cellulose sheet or film, cardboard or simi 35 hydrogen chloride is added slowly with stirring until all of the
bismuth Sub.nitrate has dissolved.
lar material. Suitable papers include those available from Solution A is added to Solution B with stirring to produce
Whatmann or sold under the trade name Advantech.
The apparatus of either embodiment may be provided in a a golden orange/yellow solution. Whatmann paper sheets are
test kit. The apparatus of the first and second embodiments of then immersed in the solution and then allowed to dry. The
the present invention may be provided alone or in combina 40 presence of secondary amines in the drink will give an instant
tion. Each, or both, may be provided in combination with (i.e. <10 secs) solid orange/red coloration when the drink is
apparatus for testing for other drugs including other tests for brought into contact with the paper.
benzodiazepines, amphetamines, cocaine, barbiturates, opi
ates, tricyclic antidepressants, acetaminophen, pro The invention claimed is:
poxyphene and phencyclidine. 45 1. An apparatus for detecting the presence of ketamines or
Examples of suitable tests can be found in GB2383130 and other drugs in a beverage, the apparatus comprising:
GB0329503 filed on 19 Dec. 2003 which are incorporated a Substrate and
herein by reference. a modified-DragendorffReagent comprising sodium bisul
Examples of the configuration in which the apparatus of phate:
the present invention may be provided for use are also 50 wherein the modified-Dragendorff Reagent comprising
described in these documents.
The present invention will now be described by way of Sodium bisulphate is Supported on the Substrate.
example with reference to the accompanying example. 2. The apparatus according to claim 1, wherein the Sub
strate is selected from absorbent paper, filter paper, cellulose
EXAMPLE1 sheet, cellulose film or cardboard.
55 3. A test kit comprising the apparatus of claim 1.
0.4 g of lacmoid were dissolved in 1000 ml of acetone and 4. The test kit according to claim3 additionally comprising
buffered with 3.5 ml of concentrated hydrochloric acid. Stan a test for other drugs.
dard Whatmann No 1 was impregnated by dipping and oven 5. The test kit of claim 3 additionally comprising instruc
drying. When a standard 250 ml drink having an equivalent tions for use.
gamma-hydroxybutyrate material is applied to the test paper 60 6. The apparatus according to claim 1, wherein the modi
a clear blue colour was noted. fied-Dragendorff Reagent comprises potassium and bismuth.
7. The apparatus according to claim 1, wherein the modi
EXAMPLE 2 fied-Dragendorff Reagent comprises potassium, bismuth,
iodine, and Sodium bisulphate.
Apparatus for testing gamma-hydroxybutyrate were pro 65 8. The apparatus according to claim 1, wherein the modi
duced using a range of visualization reagents. Details can be fied-Dragendorff Reagent is formed by mixing potassium
found in Table 1. iodide, sodium bisulphate, and bismuth nitrate.
US 8,563,317 B2
5 6
9. The apparatus according to claim 1, wherein the modi fied-Dragendorff Reagent and Subsequently drying the Sub
fied-Dragendorff Reagent is formed by: strate and the modified-Dragendorff Reagent.
mixing potassium iodide and sodium bisulphate to form 14. The apparatus according to claim 1, wherein an orange,
Solution A; pink, orange/pink, or orange/red coloration is formed after
mixing bismuth nitrate, methylated spirits, and hydrogen 5 contact of the apparatus and a sample containing ketamine.
chloride to form solution B; and
mixing solution A and solution B to form the modified 15. The apparatus according to claim 1, wherein an orange?
Dragendorff Reagent. red coloration is formed after contact of the apparatus and a
10. The apparatus according to claim 1, wherein the sample containing a secondary amine compound.
Sodium bisulphate is present at a concentration Sufficient to 10 16. The apparatus according to claim 1, wherein an orange?
reduce precipitation of bismuth from the modified-Dragen red coloration is formed after contact of the apparatus and a
dorff Reagent as compared to a Dragendorff Reagent not sample containing benzodiazepine.
containing sodium bisulphate. 17. The apparatus according to claim 1, wherein a colori
11. The apparatus according to claim 1, wherein the modi metric indicator appears in less than 10 seconds after contact
fied-Dragendorff Reagent further comprises tartaric acid, 15 of the apparatus and a sample containing ketamine.
oxalic acid, or citric acid.
12. The apparatus according to claim 1, wherein the modi 18. The kit according to claim 4, wherein the test kit com
fied-Dragendorff Reagent is dry on the substrate prior to prises a test for benzodiazepine, amphetamines, cocaine, bar
contact with a beverage. biturates, opiates, tricyclic antidepressants, acetaminophen,
13. The apparatus according to claim 1, wherein the appa propoxyphene, or phencyclidine.
ratus is formed by contacting the Substrate and aqueous modi k k k k k