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In In the space provided and following the format given and under the APA rules
policy, you are going to present the draft of your classroom research project.
Parts of the work.
Parts of the work. What to do Length of words To take into
Topic: In this part of the 20 words You have to solve a
paper you have to problem, choose a
describe what the little population,
main topic of your simple class problem
classroom project is. solutions used to be
good research
Brainstorming In this part, you have 100 words You have to relate
report to relate, how did you and summarize how
get the project in. you and your
students or advisor
teacher have
conclude the idea as
a classroom project.
General objective What is the main 15/20 Short and concise
of the research objective you may
address in the
Aims Other objectives you 15/20 no more than 5 Short and concise
may address in the aims
Central tittle Write an interesting No more than 50 Interesting,
and meaningful title words meaningful, concise
for your project and not much
ambitious for a
classroom project.
Methodology How is going to be Indefinite and in the You have to tell us,
the project format you want step by step how are
developed? (written, diagram, you going to develop
brain map, concepts your project,
map, etc.) remember the main
aim of the project
apart from a solution
of a problem or a
class strategy, has to
be a experience or
product to show the
improvement of your
students in a foreign
or second language.
Timeline How in terms of a indefinite Find a good
timeframe and application to make
timeline are you timelines, there are
going to apply in your some examples in
research? the technical forum.
References At least 5 references indefinite Use or see more
in APA style. materials and ideas
before planning the