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A L U M O L 145

Aluminium/Aluminium Alloy
Wire Drawing Lubricant


ALUMOL 145 is designed for drawing pure aluminium and its alloys on high-speed
slip machines. It is suited to all major types of wire drawing machines used today.


ALUMOL is based on a well proven additive system, which has a particular affinity
for aluminium giving outstanding load carrying characteristics and helps to produce
an excellent surface finish on the drawn wire.

The wetting characteristics of the lubricant help to prevent dies being clogged with
aluminium fines.

The relatively low viscosity of the product makes it easy to pump and allow the metal
fines to settle more quickly.


Specific gravity at 20C - 0.895 Typical

Viscosity at 40C - 150 cSt Typical

Viscosity at 100C - 15 cSt Typical

Flashpoint - over 190C

Freezing point - below 0C

Specific heat at 0C - 0.42 K.Cals/Kg

50C - 0.46 K.Cals/Kg
100C - 0.51 K.Cals/Kg

Appearance - A medium viscosity clear amber

coloured oil.


ALUMOL 145 is available in 205 litre steel drums or 25 litre poly containers.