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Introduction, Characteristics & Flavours

Session-2. Components of UNIX, Execution Flow, Basic Commands with Online Terminal
Session - 3. Types of Files in LINUX
Session - 4. File System Navigation Commands & LINUX File System Hierarchy
Session - 5. LINUX File System Continued
Session - 6. Virtual Box and Ubuntu Installation Part-1
Session -7. Virtual Box and Ubuntu Installation Part-2
Session-8. ls command and its options
Session - 9 Date and cal commands
Session-10.Creation of Directories By using mkdir command
Session-11.Removing Directories by using rmdir and rm commands
Session-12. Absolute Path vs Relative Path
Session-13. Copying, Moving and Renaming of Directories by using cp and mv commands
Session-14. Creation of Files by using cat,touch commands and
Session-15. View Content of Files by using cat,tac,rev,head and tail commands
Session-16. View Content of File by using more and less commands
Session-17. Creation of Hidden Files and Directories
Session-18. Copying,Moving and Renaming of Files and Directories by using cp and mv
Session-19. Comparing content of Files By using cmp,diff,sdiff,vimdiff and comm
Session-20. Link Files - Soft and Hard Link Files
Session-21. wc command ( word count command)
Session-22. sort and uniq commands
Session-23. Input and Output of Commands
Session-24. Input, Output and Error Redirection
Session-25. Piping and Importance of tee and xargs commands
Session-26. How to Execute Multiple Independent Commands in a Single Line
Session-27. Command Aliasing
Session-28. Regular Expressions and Wild card Characters Theory
Session-29. How to use Regular Expressions with Linux Commands - 28 Examples
Session-30. locate command and its various options
Session-31. find command and its options, using search results for other commands
Session-32. JACKPOT Assignment, Differences between find and locate commands
Session-33. Compression and Uncompression of Files (tar,gzip,gunzip,bzip2,bunzip2)
Session-34. grep command and various options (-i,-c, -n, -w,-l,-v,-A,-B,-C)
Session-35. grep vs egrep vs fgrep commands
Session-36. grep command with -o and -R options and 2 Beautiful Assignments
Session-37. Types of Regular Expression Patterns
Session-38. Additional Patterns supported by only egrep but not by grep
Session-39. cut command and various options with clear examples
Session-40. paste command with clear examples
Session-41. tr command with clear examples
Session-42. File Permissions - Types of Users, Permissions, Operations
Session-43. File Permissions - Read,Write and Execute Permissions on Files and
Session-44. Testing Group and Others Permissions on the File
Session-45. Numeric Permissions or Octal Permissions
Session-46. Default Permissions of the Files and Directories and umask command
Session-47. Working with Editors (gedit, vi, nano editors) Part-1
Session-48. Working with Editors (gedit, vi, nano editors) Part-2

Linux Shell Scripting

Session - 1. What is Shell, Types of Shell, Default Shell & Switching between
Session - 2. How to Write & Run First Shell Script and Importance of Shabang
Session-3. Run our Script from Anywhere just like a Command
Session - 4. Types of Variables
Session - 5. Variable Scopes
Session - 6 Variable Substitution and Command Substitution
Session-7. Command Line Arguments
Session-8.Reading Dynamic Data from the user by using read keyword
Session - 9 Operators
Session-10. Control Statements-if,elif,else
Session-11. Exit codes or Status codes and exit command
Session-12. File Test Options and Demo Scripts
Session-13. String Test Options and Demo Scripts
Session-14. Case Statement and Demo Scripts
Session-15. Iterative Statements - while loop and Demo Scripts
Session-16. break and continue Statements - Theory and Demo Scripts
Session-17. Excellent Scripts by using while, break and continue
Session-18. until and for loops - Multiple Demo Scripts
Session-19. Advanced for loop - Several Demo Scripts
Session-20. Arrays - Creation and Accessing Elements
Session-21. Arrays - Multiple Demo Scripts to get Perfection
Session-22. Shell Script Functions- How to define,call and pass parameters
Session-23. Shell Script Functions- Several Example Scripts with Clear Explanation
Session-24. Shell Script Functions- Demo Scripts on Prime Numbers and many more
Session-25. Shell Script Functions- Variable Scopes and Return Statement
Session-26. Shell Script Functions- How to call functions present in another script

Session-27. Shell Scripting Project-1: Secret Agent Application

Session-28. Shell Scripting Project-2: BOOK Rental Application
Session-29. Shell Scripting Project-3 DURGASOFT Book Management Application
Session-30. Shell Scripting Project-4 User Management Application

Stream Editor (SED)

Session-1 SED - Stream Editor- Printing And Deleting Lines with p and d options
Session-2 SED - Stream Editor- Replacing the content with s option

AWK Programming

Session-1 AWK Command Structure-BEGIN, ACTION & END blocks with Example
Session-2 Processing Tabular Data by using AWK with FS and NR Predefined Variables
Session-3. AWK code from file and Display records based on given Search String
Session-4. if-else, for loop and predefined awk variables(FS,RS,NR,NF)
Session-5. Five Most Beautiful Scripts by using awk
Session-6. Project on AWK Programming

Linux Administration Basics

Session-1. Job Scheduling with crontab

Session-2. Various options of Specifying date and time while configuring cron jobs