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Anna Musaelyan, IY18-03B


1. To understand this story, you need to listen every witness.

2. To become a good doctor, you need a big practice.

3. In order to cooperate with him, we must first verify its reliability.

4. In order not to get into trouble, there is no need to take risks.

5. We asked our friends to call her so that she wouldn’t get bored again.

6. In order not to be late for the meeting, I had to postpone some personal affairs.

7. In order to succeed in sports, you need to train day and night.

8. It is necessary to purchase a lot of bricks in order to build such a cottage.

9. To install the monument, permission from the city administration was required.

10. To keep fit, some women stick to a diet, while others prefer to play sports.

11. To know the truth, it must be sought.

12. You do not need to be smart to understand that they are in love.

13. To leave unnoticed, he decided to wait until night.

14. In order to allow you to do this, I must forget about all your principles.

15. To enjoy nature, you need to be in some kind of quiet, secluded place and not communicate with


1.Ее младший брат достаточно умен, чтобы понять, что ты чувствуешь.

2. Джейн слишком вежлива, чтобы оскорблять кого-либо.

3. Фил и Сильвия были так любезны, поддерживая нас, когда у нас были проблемы с деньгами.

4. Не такой уж он идиот, чтобы снова жениться. Он сыт по горло своим первым браком.

5. Дом был достаточно маленький и дешевый, чтобы его можно было продать за пять тысяч

6. Автомобиль слишком медленный, чтобы преодолеть расстояние в два часа.

7. Мне повезло увидеть первый акт его спектакля.

8. Путешествие было слишком долгим, чтобы наслаждаться им.

9. Это слишком забавно, чтобы быть воспринятым всерьез.

10. Мой брат не такой дурак, чтобы бросить свою работу.

11. История слишком грустная, чтобы быть забавной.

12. Ее младший сын достаточно талантлив, чтобы получить первое место.

13. Девушка слишком слаба, чтобы нести такую тяжелую сумку.


l. The traffic was too heavy to drive at speed.

2. The book was dull enough to be taken into consideration.

3. The circumstances are too serious to be approved of.

4. My elder brother is so tall as to be good at playing basketball .

5. The reason is serious enough to be taken into consideration.

6. His clothes are too shabby to bе sold.

7. The enginе is so powerful as to drive at speed.

8. His advice is good еnough to be taken into consideration .

9. Неr sоn is nоt such an unruly child as to move the bookcase.

10. The melody was so rоmаntiс as to dance to.

11. Неr behavior was silly еnough to forgive.

12. Воb is too young to marry.

13. I am nоt strong еnough to stop smb.


1. The bоу was silly enough not to take the matches.

2. Luci is rude enough to offend anybody who she doesn’t like.

3. Her friends are warm-hearted enough to help her willingly.

4. The flat is enough expensive to afford for us.

5. Julia is wise enough to decide for herself.

6. The lecture was dull enough not to take any notes.

7. Не is unwell enough to move.

8. The armchair is comfortable enough to buy it.

9. I’m not an idiot to agree.

10. Kate is attractive enough to fall in love with.

11. Phillip is reliable enough to trust him.

12. Weather is wonderful enough to let your children outside.


1. He is too grateful to cause any suspicion.

2. The children are not smart or attentive enough to control their behavior.

3. Ned was so kind as to lend me this money.

4. Tom was too stubborn to follow his own advice.

5. Your words are enough to believe that he’s not guilty.

6. There was too much noise to hear a word.

7. The ball was so close to catch it.

8. His conditions were too hard to accept.

9. She was so sweet as to agree to listen to us.

10. He was not so dumb to as not to realize that he is being deceived.

11. You’re so blind as to feel that she’s trying to get from you.

12. His intention looks as weird as not to cause everybody’s surprise.

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