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CENG380- Spring2020 – Assignment 1

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Answer the following MCQs. Put your answer in the corresponding table. Show your work/justification
on page 2 for each question to earn a point.
1) What is the minimum number of bits needed to give a binary encoding for 17 items?
a. 2
b. 3
c. 4
d. 5
2) What is the size of the address bus of a 1Kbyte memory with 1 byte per memory location?
a. 12
b. 11
c. 10
d. 20
3) If a memory has 22 bits address bus, what is in HEX the address of the last memory location of this memory?
a. 0x45FFFE
b. 0x3FFFFF
d. 0x0000000
4) If an AVR RAM has a 1Kbyte capacity, what is the maximum number of instructions that you can place in this
a. We do not put instructions in RAM of AVR
b. 512 Instructions
c. 1024 Instructions
d. 256 Instructions
5) What is the size of the program counter (PC) for an AVR that has a 1Kbyte ROM capacity?
a. 6 bits
b. 7 bits
c. 8 bits
d. 9 bits
6) What register(s) is(are) affected when executing the instruction SUB R5, R16?
a. Register R16 and Register R5
b. Register R5 and Register R4
c. Register R5 and Status Register
d. No registers will be affected
7) If the value of R5 is 0xFF, what will be the new value of R5 after executing INC R5?
a. 0xFE
b. 0x00
c. 0xFF
Question Answer
d. R5 is not affected 1
8) What is the address of the first SFR (I/O Register)? 2
a. 0x20 3
b. 0x00 4
c. 0x32 5
d. 0xFF 6
9) How many GPRs in ATmega328?
a. 20
b. 22 8
c. 30
d. 32 9

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