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“Reclaiming the city through the love of Christ”
927 West Tenth Street Tyler Street United Methodist Church
Dallas TX 75208
927 WEST TENTH STREET l DALLAS, TEXAS 75208 l 214.946.8106 l www.tsumc.org January, 2011

Sunday Morning Worship

Traditional Worship
Our mission is to...
8:30 a.m.
10:50 a.m. Blended Worship to only be an experience between God and we are gathering, growing, giving and
a believer. Certainly God meets us on a going, we will “make a community of
9:30 a.m. Sunday School for all ages one-on-one level, but He also created us disciples of Jesus Christ who will
Ed Lantz demonstrate God’s love and truth in Oak
to be in community with one another.
Senior Pastor Even the introverts among us (like me) Cliff and beyond.”
need it. Our mission is to help people
connect with Christ and others. “In the power of the Holy Spirit”
Our final phrase reminds us that we are
“Demonstrate God’s love and truth” completely dependent on the Holy Spirit.
A church’s mission statement defines I love the way John describes Jesus. We cannot fulfill our mission without
why a church exists by expressing its He writes, “We have seen his glory, the Him.
purpose and values. It communicates glory of the one and only Son, who came
what the church deems as important, and from the Father, full of grace and truth” To say that I am excited about our new
offers practical means to accomplish it. (John 1:14b). Grace means God’s mission statement is an understatement.
Several months ago a Study Team was unmerited favor. It is the expression of Let us be in prayer as we seek to faithfully
established to prayerfully consider the God’s unconditional love. and effectively serve. I am grateful to
needs of campus and our ministries. The As Jesus demonstrated love and truth, serve with you at Tyler Street.
Team believed the first task was to so must we. Yet it is not easy. Often one
prayerfully labor over our mission. Many becomes weightier. Jesus balanced the Blessings,
questions were asked such as: What is two. Our task is to passionately Ed
Tyler Street’s mission? Why do we exist? demonstrate love without compromising
How will we accomplish it? Do we know truth, and to passionately demonstrate
who we are? The result of hours of truth without compromising love.
prayerful conversation was a new mission
“Oak Cliff and beyond” Farewell to the
What’s Cookin’?
statement which was presented and
accepted by the Charge Conference in Our statement bears witness to local
November. Below is our new mission mission field where God planted this Wilks Family
statement: church nearly a century ago. God put us
By the time many of you receive this
Come one, come all!! But come hungry!! Our mission is to make a community of here for a reason. We are committed to
newsletter, our Associate Pastor, John
disciples of Jesus Christ Oak Cliff and its residents.
Wilks, will no longer be at Tyler Street.
who will demonstrate Yet our outreach is not geographically
He has been appointed to lead Wesley
Pancake Breakfast God’s love and truth limited. We will go wherever God opens
United Methodist Church in McKinney.
in Oak Cliff and beyond as we doors for us to serve.
Sunday, January 30 I have greatly enjoyed serving with
gather for worship John for the past year and a half. We
Anderson Hall grow in God’s Word “Gather…grow…give…go” worked well together and I will miss
7:30 - 9:30 am give generously These four words are vital to spiritual him. I will also miss his family - Laurie,
and go out in service formation. Gathering for worship, Ben, Abi, Ian and Amelia. My family
in the power of the Holy Spirit. growing in God’s Word, giving and I have truly enjoyed our time with
Pancakes, sausage, bacon, juice, milk, coffee, generously and going out in service are them.
tea, prepared and served by the Koinonoi Class. At first glance, the wording may seem practical steps to spiritual growth. They At the same time, I am excited for
Love offering will be received to assist our mis- We wish you a happy routine. Yet each word and phrase was
intentionally chosen.
are good for the soul.
They also help in ministry formation.
them. I am confident that they will
sionaries as they serve the Lord across the world. enrich Wesley and Wesley will enrich
and blessed New Year! They cause us seek or create opportunities them.
“Community of disciples” for people to gather, grow, give and go. Blessings, Ed Lantz
Authentic Christianity was never meant And they help us fulfill our mission. If
Blest Be the Tie that Binds
ANNIVERSARY We opened on Dec. 5 and Carolyn Hostetler visited our class on tia from Tyler Street. We welcome everyone

Adult Christian Education singing “Sweet Hour of Prayer” led by John

Skinner. Dorothy West brought the prayer.
Thank you, Mary Anne Montgomery, for our
December 12. They talked about their busy trip
to Papua New Guinea from June to August
2010 for Translation Training Course 3. Seven
to renew themselves in Sunday school as a
way to connect with God and his family. If
you haven’t been in a while come on back.
“The Mind of Christ” Financial offering. We were blessed to have Kate Bougainville languages were represented. We have lots to rejoice and pray over. We
introduces you to a Peace Univer- Wolford sing our devotion accompanied by Roman was the principal for the course and will be having our Missions Pancake
lifelong process sity... Learn Ed Logan. We voted to keep our officers. Carolyn and two national helpers prepared 3 Breakfast the last Sunday of January to help
Join us for worship in the gym! Starting Estelle Holley taught on “Angels are Flying.” meals a day for 7 weeks. We were blessed to support our missionary families.
Sunday evening, January 16, 7 pm, we will through which God will how to get out
of debt by Harold Binion and Mary Anne Montgomery see the Hostetlers again and learned some very TWO BY TWO On December 19, Don
begin an 8 week interactive worship renew your mind and
were put on our list for poinsettias for all they interesting things about their work. They plan Lindholm led the class in singing. Mary
experience in our fifth floor gym. your life to reflect the discovering
do for our class. On Dec. 12, we sang “O to return next summer for another training Miller gave the prayer. Don taught a good
image of his Son, Jesus family finances God’s way! Starting January Come All Ye Faithful.” Dorothy Wynne gave course. Roman and Carolyn have spent 38 lesson on “What Christmas is all about.” It is
Christ. This 13-week 16, this 13-week study is led by Terry Egger the prayer. We thank Mary Anne Montgomery years as missionaries in Papua New Guinea. all about the joy of love and giving. On
study starts Wednesday, in the Anniversary Classroom at 6 pm. for playing so beautifully for us. Dorothy What a legacy! On December 19, Jere Thomp- December 26, Don led the class in singing
January 19 at 7 pm. Class Cost: The first lesson is free! West gave our devotion. Richard Phillips son talked about the season of Christmas. “Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus.” Mary Miller
Please call the church office to register. Also, All you need to do is register to attend. If you brought the lesson on the many struggles in Christmas is not just a day. It is an invitation to gave the prayer. Pat Whiteley taught a good
Griefshare is a recovery program for let us know if you need a nursery. want to continue, the cost is $99 including our lives. Refreshments brought by Dorothy a celebration yet to happen. The Christmas lesson on “Sermon on the Mount.” We
those who have lost a loved one. Find materials and Diane Wynne. On Dec. 19, we sang Season is a time for memories and longings. missed the ones that were absent. Have a
comfort and help in this 13 week series “Participating in Preview: January 9 & 16, 2011 at 12:15 “Lord Jesus, I Love Thee.” Nina Wakefield Some of our memories are like precious gifts Happy New Year.
starting Wednesday, January 19 from 6:50- Participating brought the prayer. Debbie Bradford and two and some are of tough times; but the best are WEDDING RING Class opened on Dec. 5
the Psalms”...Come PM
8:30 pm in the Koinonoi Class. Call the in the friends, Iris and Darla, presented our our lasting memories of God and His Word. with Ed Logan at the piano and we sang
join Josh Thompson Our church offers nursery plus classes for
church office, 214-946-8106 to register. Psalms devotion. Carol Weberg taught our lesson. The Christmas Season is also a time of opportu- “Standing on the Promises” and “The Solid
as we read the Book children, youth, and adults during that time
Thank you Carol. Nina and Tracey Wakefield nity when we can look ahead and be a witness Rock.” Evelyn gave her report: our much
of Psalms together, frame- so you are welcome to bring the brought refreshments. We opened on Dec. 26 to the world about our Savior. The Christmas loved Mary Lu Higgins went to be with the
“Tyler Street: Who We Are” using art, music, whole family. And remember-- there’s a place singing “Jesus Is All The World To Me” led Season is also a promise that draws us closer to Lord and was buried on Wed. Dec. 1st.
with Pastor Ed, every Sunday movement and for you at Tyler Street! by John Skinner and accompanied by Cindy home and our hope of one day seeing our Evelyn then gave the devotion using John
morning at 9:45 am in February voices to participate Felts. Prayer by Cindy Felts. It was an- Savior face-to-face. The Christmas Season is a Wilks Devotional Guide “Spend Less.”
in the Foundations Class on the in the Psalms. Sunday evenings starting Call the church office, 214-946-8106, to nounced that John Wilks, Associate Pastor, time of love for God, our family, and others. Frank gave our prayer. R.E taught our lesson
4th floor sanctuary. January 16 at 6 pm in the Sanctuary Parlor. register for classes. would be leaving on January 2. John has Bob Cunningham led us in prayer. Ron from Exodus 17. On Dec. 12, Ed Logan
been assigned to Wesley United Methodist Cawthon taught a lesson on January 2 about the played the piano and Becka Boswell sang “O
Church in McKinney. Patsy Thompson’s God of New Beginnings. In the Bible there are Holy Night.” Thank you so much. Frank
lesson was entitled “Restoring Relationships” many references to new things. There is a new gave the report on those who are sick. Ace
Anniversary Sunday Centennial 2012 taken from Cor. 5:18. Patsy read the true
meaning of the song “The Twelve Days of
song, a new heaven and a new earth, a new
covenant, new wine, and a new heart. 2
had his surgery 12-9, Herby is still with Ann
and will remain there until after Christmas
to be celebrated “Honoring the past...embracing the future”
Christmas” and the secret code of each
statement. The song was written during the
Corinthians 5:17 tells us that “…if anyone is in
Christ, he is a new creation; old things have
but is feeling better, Mary Etta is still
remaining at home but hopes to return soon.
time when the Roman Catholics were not passed away; behold, all things have become Frank had our prayer. Estelle Holley
January 30, 2011 Ninety nine and counting! allowed to worship openly and that was the new.” God has a plan for us. As we begin a continued her study on Angels. On Dec. 19,
Starting this year, reason for the writing of the song. Patsy new year, let us find ways to follow Him and to class opened with Ed Logan at the piano and
On January 29, 2011, Tyler Street UMC will be reminded us to talk and discuss our problems live a more Christ-like life in our relationships we sang “O Come, All Ye Faithful” and “Joy
Anniversary Sunday will be 99 years old! Much of this year will be spent in with God, then pray about the problem and with others. to the World!” R.E. reported that Ace is
the last Sunday in January. In
99th the past Tyler Street has
preparation for the big 100th celebration. Mark your God would resolve the problem. No one can COVENANT We had a good lesson on Dec. making good progress. R.E. gave our prayer.
calendars now for Sunday, January 29, 2012, when meet our needs except God. Patience comes 12 led by Pastor Ed. Next week, he’ll bring the This was birthday Sunday and Helen gave
combined three distinct we will host a church-wide birthday celebration. from wisdom and being considerate of others. lesson on missions. On Dec. 26, Freddy out her beautiful cards to Tom, Maurine,
services into one service. For As part of our Centennial observance, we will be Thanks to Carol Bilz and Cindy Felts for the Boswell led us in remembering what God has R.E., Milligan and Helen! Frank’s lesson
many years, the last Sunday in May has been compiling a “Memory Book” consisting of collected refreshments. On Jan. 2, we sang “This Is My done for each of us, especially this past year, was from Luke about the story of Mary and
the occasion to celebrate Anniversary Sunday remembrances and inspirational stories. You are Father’s World.” Prayer by John Skinner. modeled after Psalm 136. God’s steadfast love Joseph and the birth of Our Lord and Savior,
(the 100 people with the longest continual invited to submit a favorite memory or story--funny, Amy Alburtis gave a great devotion. Estelle endures forever! Thank you to the Butch and Jesus Christ. Class opened on Dec. 26 with
membership), remember church members who Holley brought our lesson entitled “Coinci- Carla for hosting our Christmas party. Everyone LaVerne at the piano and we sang “O Come,
sad, inspirational or all three--to be included in this very special publication. Our goal is to
have died the previous year, as well as dence or God.” Carol Bilz and Cindy Felts had a great time. On Jan. 2, Bill Lewis pre- All Ye Faithful” and “My Country, ’Tis of
have the books available by December, 2011. We will be accepting submissions now through brought refreshments. We sang happy sented an impromptu devotional from Malachi Thee.” R.E. had our prayer. LaVerne had the
remember Memorial Day. September 1. Please forward to the church office to the attention of “Church Historians.” We birthday to Richard Phillips. 3:6a, “I the Lord do not change.” Bill reminded devotion “God’s 26 Guards.” Frank then
In order to observe each more faithfully, look forward to sharing your special Tyler Street memories! CHALLENGE Ron Cawthon presented a us that many things in our lives change, but we gave his lesson. Using the beautiful
each will have its own Sunday:
refresher course on the meaning of Advent on can be reassured that God never changes. windows of our church he started with Mary
Anniversary Sunday - January 30. This December 5. Advent is a time for remember- Thanks, Bill, for your flexibility in sharing at and Martha entertaining Jesus, what was
The Tyler Street Historians are in the process of collecting memorabilia, scrapbooks and
helps us remember that Tyler Street was organized ing the birth of Jesus, the Messiah, and also the last minute. Happy January birthdays to Jesus like, ending with Jesus saying “Come
photos in preparation for the 2012 celebration of Tyler Street’s 100th year. Remember that
on the last Sunday in January of 1912. the expectation, hope, and longing for His Karoline Fisher, Steve Reed and Lynn Unto Me.” Class opened on Jan. 2 with Ed
“memorabilia” is a broad term and can include not just Tyler Street news items, but Oak
Memorial Sunday - May 29. We will second coming. The traditions of the advent Chapman. Logan at the piano and we sang “Love Lifted
Cliff and Dallas articles that might focus on the church or our members. Over the course of
honor those who have given their lives for wreath, hanging of the greens, and the KOINONOI We enjoyed helping with the Me” and “I Love to Tell the Story.” Frank
100 years we have had many newsmakers in our ranks. Please forward any information you
freedom. symbolism found in the use of colors is very Christmas baskets for the CSO and it was great had our prayer and followed with a beautiful
would like to share to the attention of “Church Historians” care of the church office. Please meaningful. Ron closed his lesson by reading to visit with our members who are no longer
All Saint’s Sunday – November 6. We will devotion “Praise Him.” R.E. then brought
label all info clearly and if you desire to have it returned, please indicate so along with your the beautiful poem, Flander’s Field. Roman able to attend church and bring them a poinset- his lesson “The Tale of Three Trees.”
honor our members who have gone to be with
contact information. Thanks for helping with such an exciting celebration!
the Lord the previous year.

Monthly news at Tyler Street United Methodist Church www.tsumc.org January, 2011 Monthly news at Tyler Street United Methodist Church www.tsumc.org January, 2011
Seek peace promote peace
If the world falls away around us
Jesus is still our peace.
What can the unbeliever say about us?
We are called to overcome,
In our weakness, so frail
Let the Kingdom of Jesus come.
Remain at the task we cannot fail!
So many noisy voices in this life
It’s that time! We’re challenging every Yet your voice echoes through the ages.
class and small group to do a community Easing our pain in times of strife
service project from an Oak Cliff area mission Slowing, peacefully consoling as time rages,
or charity agency (other than our Community Oh, what comfort it has ever been!
Service Outreach, Manor and Academy) How glorious it always appears,
between January 1 and February 13. The moment exactly when
We need it, You draw near.
Nothing lasting only you
No treasure so sure so pure,
Performance of Handel’s Eternally, it is you. You are sure.
Messiah of December 2010 Your word sustains.
DVD and CD now available per request Mercy it brings, What forever remains?
keumhwang@tsumc.org. Suggested donation Your word, eternally your praise sings.
$20 towards ZOE Ministry. Additional What you say next, will you repeat
donation would go to Music Ministry. Any What you have said in days past?
amount is most appreciated! Special thanks Reminding us of how much we must repeat
to Ron Cawthon. In order to make our faith last.
As we stand before You, strengthen our spirit.
In this life we may endure
By the power of your spirit,
Join us for a workday to trans- We shall overcome, of this, I am sure.

form the 5th floor gym to As God Speaks, Patrick Levi Whiteley
worship on Saturday, January
15 from 10 am to 12:00 pm.
Children’s Choir
We are starting a Children’s Choir on a new time! Sunday evenings 6:00 - 6:30 p.m. starting
Our Church Family January 16th, right before J.A.M. and The Connection Worship. We will be teaching your children
about worship through music, the importance of rehearsal for God’s glory and the love of God
t Thanks for Loving Orphans in Africa! Our t Congratulations to Gilbert Rogers who Rev. Bobby Joe Wright. boosting self esteem, identity as a child of God and gift of music. However, we need the parents
alternative giving project for Advent, The Hope For recently graduated from Texas Tech University commitment to bring your wonderfully made child(ren) to these rehearsals. Please contact Mary Anne
Christmas Animal Project through Zoe Ministry, with a degree in Civil Engineering. He and his MEMORIALS Montgomery for more information at handbellmom1107@yahoo.com.
raised $1,805. Your purchase of farm animals will wife, Caroline, will move back to Dallas where he
allow those orphaned by the HIV/AIDS pandemic will begin his new job. In memory of Shirley Allen given by Leon and
to experience Christ’s love and is a significant first
step to breaking free of poverty. Thanks be to God! t Congratulations to Mike and Melissa Vrabel
Diane McWhorter.
In memory of Ed Dooley given by Mark and Sanctuary Choir
on the birth of a new granddaughter. Christina Bowling. Adult choir rehearses on Wednesday evenings 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. We have a short devotion followed
t Betty Binion, a Tyler Street member and a In memory of Lois Fansler given by Myron
by lots of singing, learning how to sing well, learn new and
volunteer at Methodist Hospital, had the honor of t Church Council Meeting following 10:50 Fansler.
old music, preparing for 10:50 worship service on Sundays
presenting a gift basket to the first baby born in worship, January 16. In memory of Mary Lu Higgins given by Doris
2011 at Methodist Hospital. She is a member of the as well as special events such as Ash Wednesday and Good
Methodist Auxiliary who sponsored the basket. t A Men’s Bible Study will meet every Wednes- In memory of Louise McKnight given by Friday. Our wonderful sanctuary choir sounds like profes-

t Congratulations to Lisa Lantz who received

day morning at 6:00 am in the Conference Room.
All men are welcome.
Anniversary Class, Dorothy West, Alice Hargis, Mr.
and Mrs. R. G. Arce, Nancy Whitlock, Nina
sional choir but that is due to years of practice and love of
God. If you want to join us, don’t let the ‘sound’ of the choir
“Facing the Giants”
her graduate degree on Dec. 10. She graduated Wakefield, Maxine Peterson. be an obstacle. All those who are able to carry a tune of their Saturday, January 8th
from Abilene Christian University with a Masters t Church Council Planning Retreat, Wheatland In memory of Rufus and Louise McKnight given favorite song for 3 seconds, are welcome to join us as we 4 pm in Yeats Hall
of Education in Curriculum and Instruction. UMC, Saturday, January 22, 2011, 8:30 am at by Robert C. Ferguson. learn and explore how to glorify God together through the
noon. In memory of Jack Rhodes given by Leon and gift of music. All ages invited! Free movie,
t Congratulations to Scott Montgomery who Diane McWhorter. If you want your children to learn about the importance of popcorn and lemonade. Bring
received his bachelor’s degree from Texas Tech t Our love and sympathy go to... In memory of Martha Ann Thomas given by worship through music, won’t you set an example by joining the sanctuary choir? How to join the
University on December 8. John Skinner in the loss his brother-in-law,
your family and friends!
JoAnn Schroeder. sanctuary choir: just show up for rehearsal on Wednesday nights!

Monthly news at Tyler Street United Methodist Church www.tsumc.org January, 2011 Monthly news at Tyler Street United Methodist Church www.tsumc.org January, 2011
Youth Cue Festival!
choirs learn a common repertoire and, upon u Accompaniment is by members of the
arrival at the Festival location, engage in local professional orchestra, or
mass choir rehearsals, activities, and handpicked to ensure quality
community mission projects. u Music is memorized by each choir prior
The Festival concludes with a Grand to arrival
Concert, free and open to the public, which u Unique mission and service
Individual cost per youth: $200
is accompanied by members of the local opportunities for Summer Festivals
If you would like to contribute to this
professional symphony orchestra and is u Each Festival Concert is professionally-
event to defray some of the cost, please make
professionally recorded and distributed on recorded
your check out to TSUMC, under memo:
this website. Each participant receives a
youth cue. Any amount is appreciated to help
copy of the Grand Concert recording,
our youth attend this meaningful festival to
which is included in their participation fee.
praise our Lord.
Over the past 20 years, YouthCUE has
Festivals are YouthCUE’s flagship choral
held over 50 Festivals throughout the
events. We hold several Festivals each year
United States and Canada.
in locations through the United States and
This year Youth Cue will be at Baylor Features of YouthCUE Festivals:
University in Waco TX, February 25th - u Quality and excellence is paramount
27th. u Utilization of professional clinicians
Each Festival includes roughly 200-400 who are active and effective in youth
singers from individual choirs, both large choir ministry
and small, spanning the United States and u Most orchestrations are custom-
across denominational lines. Participating tailored to highlight the young voice

Parents’ Night Out,

every third Friday
evening of the
month, 5 - 9 pm, for
kids ages 0-12 years,
$5 per child. Want to
go on a date? Need to do
some shopping? Or do
Children’s Choir JAM b you just want a night off
begins Sunday night 6:30. W gins Jan. 16t to watch what you want
e’re lea h at
January 16th at people
from t rning about
on TV? Then Parents’
6:00 pm! new vid he Night Out is for you! We
eo seri Bible with a encourage early registra-
es from
Family Nest tion, but drop-ins are
g. welcome. Contact Jamie
Nelson at 214-946-8106,
to RSVP or to volunteer
to help. You may also
register online at
ut. Our TS Luvs OC service
t s’ N ight O t.
n s project will be at The
J a n u ary 21
Friday gister at Shop, a skateboarding Free movie...
Re org! shop in Bishop Arts. Sat- every 2nd Saturday of the
w w . t sumc. urday, January 29th, 2011. month at 4 pm in Yeats
Hall. Free movie, popcorn
and lemonade. Bring your
family and friends!

Monthly news at Tyler Street United Methodist Church www.tsumc.org January, 2011 Monthly news at Tyler Street United Methodist Church www.tsumc.org January, 2011