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Document for deployment of custom scheduler on OIM DEV for pulling description of responsibility

from EBS App Instance to OIM.

Idea behind custom scheduler-The scheduler which we are using earlier was out of box scheduler by
Oracle which supports Pulling of Only 2 attributes in OIM from EBS which are code and decode
value. So to pull custom attribute that is Description of responsibility from EBS to OIM , we
developed Custom Scheduler in Java Language using Eclipse tool or any we can use any development

In Java code, we written code for pulling of description of Responsibility from EBS to OIM.

We name it as Plugin file as it like extra plugin which we are adding to OIM for customization.

We have copied Plugin.zip file Plugin.zip file in plugins folder which is in for DEV
/u01/oimdev/middleware/middleware_oim/server/plugins folder.

Steps-Go to system admin console as xelsysadm/Welcome1

Go to Scheduler and create new custom scheduler as shown screenshot

Restart the server whenever needed

Unzip the plugin.zip file to middleware folder and go to plugin/lib folder and then there are 2 files
out of this RespDescScheduler.jar copy this to Oracle_IDM1/ server/ScheduledTask folder
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<xl-ddm-data version="" user="XELSYSADM" database="jdbc:oracle:thin:@trkist01-odb-
01:1521/MIDM" exported-date="1342018530943" description="ExpireCheckJob">
<scheduledTask repo-type="MDS" name="ResponsibilityDescriptionScheduler" mds-path="/db"
<scheduledTasks xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/oim/scheduler">
<description>Responsibility Description Scheduler</description>

Create RespSchduledTask .xml file in this folder and copy above code

Save file

Edit this file with details specific to your DB connection by using

Go to location /domains/iam_domain/server/config/jdbc and find DB details

See details in any file starting with OIM

Then go to plugin_utility folder and run command

ant –f pluginregistration.xml register

If we not able to run the command then set ANT_HOME which is

/mw/mw_oim/modules/org.apche.ant1.7_01/bin/ant and register plugin

You can search by find . –name ant

Enter un for admin user and password

Sometimes build may be fail so set all homes

Edit also ant.properties file in plugin_utility folder and set all paths there

Also login.config=value=/Oracle_IDM1/server/authv1.conf

OIm username and password and serverurl=t3://continue and PluginZipToRegister value path upto
plugin folder

Also edit weblogic.properties file

Make mkdir Scheduler/db folder in middleware location

Copy RespDescScheduledTask.xml file from Oracle_IDM1/server/scheduler to this db directory

Then edit again weblogic.properties file

Put metadata from =this Scheduler folder

Then run ./weblogicImportMetadata.sh file which is in _iDM1/server/bin location(2.37)

Enter username password and url upto 14000

Register plugin and run scheduler and check description is coming or not

Check for errors in Log file

Location is in mw_oim/userprojects/domains/….logs folder folder