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Product Description Model Unit Price (USD ) Remark

LA20C $356.00
LA20A $368.00 With Mask, Breathing Circuit,
Power adaptor, User Manual,
LA Series home care ventilators, with LA20B Auto $402.00 Filter Pads and SD card.
CE certificate, consist of the
LA25B Auto $529.00
following components:
the ventilator, power adaptor, mask, LA20B $529.00
breathing circuit and carrying bag With Mask, Breathing Circuit,
LA25B $552.00 Power adaptor, User Manual,
Filter Pads and SD card.
LA30B $724.00

Advanced humidity control with
minimum condensation
Proprietary anti-cross infection design
without extra work on disinfection Dual CPU for safety
Proprietary algorithm, monitoing redundandcy
nasal pressure and breathe rate Redundant temperature control
HFO-1 1800.00
Comply with higher safety standard Disconnection alarm
for home use Occlusion alarm
High flow(2-80 LPM) Water Alarm
Continuous O2 Analyzer without
changing sensor
Accurate flow control (< 0.5 LPM)
SpO2 monitor(optional)
Nasal Mask $30.00
Full Face Mask $46.00
Nasal Pillow $75.00 (3 sizes nasal prongs included)
Standard Accessories
Breathing Circuit $11.50
SD Card $11.50
Water Chamber $46.00
Filter Pads $2.50 2 PCS

Note: due to the outbreak stage, domestic and international orders have increased dramatically. Below is the unit price and cycle:
Validity of offer: 15 days
Supply cycle: 1-20 sets can be coordinated with the stock on the same day. In case of large quantity, production plan can be scheduled
according to the contract after communication.