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1 Grammar Worksheet 1

The present continuous: affirmative and negative statements

1. Match the statements with the pictures. 2. Rewrite the statements in Exercise 1 in the
1. He’s doing his homework. b negative form.
2. They’re playing volleyball. 1.  He isn’t doing his homework.
3. She’s teaching math. 2.

4. We’re watching TV. 3.

5. I’m listening to music. 4.

6. They’re shopping. 5.

7. She’s cooking. 6.

8. He’s wearing a hat. 7.

a. b.
3. Read the conversation. Then complete each
statement with the present continuous
form of the verbs below.
do  ​do  ​
not do  ​
not watch  ​play  visit

Mark: Hi, Sue. It’s Mark. Where are you?

Sue: I’m in my room. I (1) ’m doing
c. d.
my homework.
Mark: Come to my house. Dan and Tina are here.
We (2)  our homework.
We (3)  video games!
Sue: I can’t, sorry.
Mark: What about your brother, Jake?
e. f. Sue: He can’t. He (4)  our
grandma today.
Mark: And Maria?
Sue: I don’t know what she
(5)   . She
(6)  TV. Maybe
she is out.
g. h.

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