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Centre for Advisory and Testing Services (CATS-MIST)

Military Institute of Science and [echnology

Compressive Strength of Concrete Drilled Cores

CATS Reference : 2376/Con/L9299-t93otls/79 Date :05.05.20L9

Client : Sheema Fashion
Project Name & Address : Sheema Fashion atC-L78,L79 & 180 (228/7, Sarkar Market) Digir
Chala, Eata Hata, Word: 1-6, joydebpur, Gazipur, Bangladesh.
Sample Brought By : Md. Emarat Hossain Date of Receiving : 30.04.2019
Test Method ASTM C 42/C 42-M Date of Test 05.05.2019
Type of Sample Drilled Core Sample Condition Sealed
Location of Sample Ground Floor Column C4 [Grid No. GF(G/6), GF(G/7) & GF(G/8)l
Construction Year Not Mentioned Quantity of Sample 03 nos
No of Story Not Mentioned Type of Aggregate Stone chips

sl Sample l
Or-ifi,h Sawed Dianieffi €ushing ;Erueh,iag lailtrre Frae:tnre] e
No, td*ntific*tion 18.h.gt Length .:: i=L6ad--,. f,E.fi.$h' Ty.*e
::::.:,': ,:, :::''':tl: :

Mark mm mrtt mm .kSI Mpt FST

1 c/6 225.0 1.32.O 68.0 71,.0 19.6 2840 Mortar Shear

2 G/7 170.0 131.0 68.0 44.7 1,2.3 1780 Mortar Cone and Shear

3 cl8 205.0 136.0 68.0 74.9 24.6 2990 Mortar Shear

1. All information displayed obove wos provided by the client. CATS -MIST did not verify ony of those.
2. Pleose compare the results with your corresponding design values and consult with your design engineer.

Countersigned Bv:
Md. Jahidul lslam,PhD,Engrs
lnstructor Class-B Lt Col
CE DcPartmrnt,MlST lnstr Cl A, CE Deot
MIST, Mirpur Canionment
Mirpur Cantonment,Dhaka

Note: Samples as supplied to us have been tested in our laboratory. CATS-MIST does not have any responsibility
as to the representative character of the samples required to be tested. lt is recommended that samples to be
sent in secure and sealed cover/packet/container under signature of the competent authority in order to
fraudulent fabrication of test results. lt is recommended to collect all test reports by duly authorized person and
not by the contractor/supplier himself.