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Ayesha Rani

Business Analyst
Cell: +91-xxxxxxxxx
Email: ***********@yahoo.co.in,**********@gmail.com


Seeking excellence in the chosen professional field through self-motivation, hard work and
augmentation of core skills requires for effectively delivering the goods. Believe strongly in the
concept of work through positive motivation. The career planning consists of effective
implementation of given task and responsibilities.


 Highly active professional with 6+ years of rich and excellent experience & abilities as
given below and want to see my career with organization of repute once provided with
opportunity to associate.
 Ability to work independently, as well as part of a team, as acommitted team player with
flexibility in approach.
 Proficient in handling multiple tasks and projects simultaneously in challenging
 An effective communicator with strong analytical, problem solving &strong organizational
skills and abilities.


Maersk Global Service Centers (India) Pvt. Ltd.

VBA Developer Aug xxxx – xxxx
o Successfully Automated reports like GOAP, AR Reports, Auto- Mail Sending etc.
o Assisted in maintaining CM1 database and extracting reports using queries.
o Building user-forms in Excel using Access/SQL Server as Database.
o Auditing macros for other departments. Upgrading the same as per requirements.
o Creating and automating Customer Profitability report using PowerPivot and DAX
o Communicating with onshore team on daily basis sharing the updates/progress etc.

Capita India Private Limited

Analyst Mar xxxx – Aug xxxx
o Automated various excel reports (Time Utilization, Productivity, Dashboards etc.) and
saved 1.5 FTEs work on daily basis.
o Produced forecast models of volumes for clients and thus deriving the total FTEs
required for processing the volumes, also sharing consolidated details with the clients.

o Reviewed all the reports prepared by team members and thus giving them feedback
about the same.
o Creating Templates/Dashboards/Reports (Ad hoc) for Clients/Other Teams.
o Maintaining proper backup of all the data prepared on daily basis.
o Communicating/Sharing updates across all the locations via Teleconference, Call, and
Emails etc.
o Troubleshooting of various issues in daily reports and coming up with a perfect
solution so that it does not repeat also sharing the same with team.
o Helping colleagues in learning and cultivating interest about excel and macros by
showing them various excel tricks in order make them self-supporting.

Tata Consultancy Services

Sr. Process Associate May xxxx to Mar xxxx

 As a Quality Analyst
o Analyzing/proofing ads for the yellow pages as per their specifications.
o Analyzing errors & making error PPTs for better understanding of error types &
thus ensuring better quality.
o Helping designing team, proofing team & query team in day to day process related
o Consulting with on shore team in cases of critical issues and sharing results with
team members.
 As a MIS Executive
o Preparing Monthly Performance Reports for Senior Management.
o Preparing Hourly, Daily Production Status Reports for Senior Management.
o Preparing FTEs Reports for Monthly Billing.
o Preparing templates (time tracker, job tracker etc.) for other teams according to
their requirements.
o Making SOP/Specifications PPTs for better understanding of Team Process.
o Helping Team Members creating their presentations and reports.
Global Ad Services Pvt. Ltd. (Affinity Express)
Sr. Process Associate Mar xxxx to May xxxx

o Automated the critical Billing Report and saved 1 FTE hours per Month.
o Created Daily, Weekly Status Reports for Senior Management.
o Created Templates/Dashboard for various departments as per their requirements.
o Created staffing/ head count utilization reports.
o Collated and analyzed employees’ monthly incentive report.
o Distributing Ads to Designers based on criticality of Ad and skill set of designer.
o Uploading Ads on Clients Account.
o Communicating with Clients regarding any issues related to Ads Instructions etc.

Soktas India Pvt. Ltd

Maintenance Officer Oct xxxx to Jun xxxx
o Involved in Erection & Commissioning of Rapier, Airjet, Jacquard, Warping, Sizing,
Drawing-In machineries.
o Preparing maintenance plans for machineries & ensuring maintenance according to it.
o Preparing Monthly reports consisting of PM Schedules, spares replaced, breakdown
occurred, maintenance cost, spares procured etc. for better transparency.
o Involved in the establishment of Maintenance Inventory, arrangement of spares,
follow up of daily entry of spares consumption etc.
o PR creation after checking safety stock & follow up with the purchase dept. for
ordered spares.
o Providing Trainings to Colleagues regarding new work process, products & Computers.


 Project Title : nPower Reports

 Client : N Power (All Dept.)
 Role : Designed an Excel automated report via VBA tool as an Analyst.
 Technologies : Excel 2007, VBA, Macros.
 Services : Utilities (Domain: Power)
 Module : Time Utilization Report, Productivity Report.
 Hours Saved : 6 Hours
Project Brief:
 N Power is in utilities sector where in a huge team works with more than 750 heads.
 Designed a report for OPS to view the daily, weekly and monthly agent wise performance,
productivity and shrinkage.
 It provides the TL/ OM and Agent level performance with productivity percentage.

 Project Title : Valassis Billing Projects

 Client : Valassis
 Role : Designed an Excel automated report via VBA tool as an Analyst.
 Technologies : Excel 2010, VBA, Macros.
 Services : Printing (Domain: Media)
 Module : Billing Report.
 Hours Saved : 7 Hours
Project Brief:
 Valassis is in print media sector where in a team works with more than 40 heads.
 Automated a billing report that helped clients to get faster and accurate billing.

 Project Title : LEE OPS Report

 Client : LEE

 Role : Designed an Excel automated report via VBA tool as an Analyst.
 Technologies : Excel 2013, VBA, Macros.
 Services : Printing (Domain: Media)
 Module : NCN, Volumes Report, Iterations.
 Hours Saved : 5 Hours
Project Brief:
 LEE is in print media sector with a Team Strength over 300 Heads.
 Automated OPS report that helped Clients to view daily NCN with reasons, daily volumes
Iteration Ad Wise, Sales Rep Wise etc.

 Automated Daily Job Tracker Report that eliminated manual data collation (in TCS).
 Automated Regional Schedule that helped to view changes made to the previous
Schedule thus saving time of searching the exact changes. (in TCS).
 Automated Report Mailing Process that helped automatic mailing of report via Outlook
thus increasing accuracy (Reducing human intervention) (in TCS)
 Automated Status Report for Valassis, SBT Reports for Valassis and Money Mailer, TAT
Report for Valassis, Account Summary Report for Various Teams (in Global Ads Services).
 Fully Automated BI Report in Maersk GSC Ltd using VBA Macros.

 B.Tech. (TPE)(xxxx - xxxx) D.K.T.E.S T. E. I, Ichalkaranji (65%)

 HSC (xxxx - xxxx) JaiHind Junior College, Pimpri (80%)
 SSC (xxxx - xxxx) JaiHind High School, Pimpri (79%)


 Strong command of Microsoft Office Suite with a particular focus on Excel, Access, SQL
Server and PowerPoint.
 Knowledge about Various Functions & VBA Macros in Excel that Includes
o Excel: {IF, SumIfs, Vlook-Up, Indirect Function}, Charts, Pivots, Index-Match,
Formatting Techniques etc.
o VBA: Subroutines, Functions, Events, User Forms, Loops, Array, Debugging etc.
 Knowledge about Various Tools in MS Access/SQL Server {SQL Queries, Forms, Tables,
Relationship etc.}
 Knowledge about Various Tools in MS PowerPoint {Animation, Formatting Slides, Giving
Professional Look etc.}
 Basic Knowhow of Power BI Tools of Microsoft Excel.
 Power-Pivot, Power-Query, Power-View, Power-Map, DAX Functions
 Basic Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator & In Design.
 Ability to learn & understand the industry sector to be supported.


 Date of Birth : 16 Nov xxxx

 Marital Status : Single
 Communication Address : KalewadiPhata, Rahatani, Pune-411017
 Passport No. : xxxxxxx
 PAN No : xxxxxx
 Nationality : Indian
 Aadhar Card : xxxxxxxxxxxx


 Won Quarterly Award in the month of Jan-16 in Capita, Pune

 Won TCS Gems Award in the Month of Aug 2013 in TCS, Pune.
 Won Best Performer for Month of Nov, Dec 2013 and Oct 2014 in TCS, Pune.
 Active member of 5’s & Safety committees in Soktas India Pvt. Ltd.
 Involved in Organizing New Year Party for Soktas India Pvt. Ltd
 Won bronze medal in zonal boxing competition held at Shivaji University, Kolhapur.
 Won second prize in mono-acting competition held in TEI, Ichalkaranji.


I hereby declare that all the above details and information furnished by me are true to the
best of my knowledge.

Place: Ayesha