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laid by Hon'ble
Heritage carridar

Minister is being
welcomed bY VC
Sri L.V.
Annual daY
is being
by VC

Sharma,Delhi is being
felicitatedbY VC
Prof. KRS
Prof.S. Menon
Sarma annual
delivered report of
valedictorY Vidyapeetha.
address of

lnaugurationof Hindi

Academic ChamPions
with VC and Registrar

A lot of benedictionsgets obstructed,if there is a deviation

from the processof worshippingthe deservingones. This
i s t h e r e a s o n w h y S a k u n t a l a ,t h e h e r o i n e i n K a l i d a s a ' s
A b h i j n a n aS a k u n t a l a mg o t c u r s e d b y t h e s e e r D u r v a s a s ,
w h o f e l t o f f e n d e d b e c a u s eo f t h e c a r e l e s sa t t i t u d e o f
S a k u n t a l at o w a r d st h e g u e s t . S i m i l a r l y t, h e k i n g D i l i p w a s
a l s o c u r s e db y t h e D i v i n eC o w S u r a b h ia n d S u b s e q u e n t l y
h e w a s p a r d o n e dw h e n h e s e r v e d h e r d a u g h t e r" N a n d i n i "
for twenty one days in a dense forest,
In our tradition, guests are always consideradas
Gods. Entertainingthem properlyon their arrival, showing
proper hospitalityand looking after their requirementsare
the main duites to be performedby us while receivingthe
g ue s t s .
O u r n e w s t u d e n t sa n d m e m b e r s o f t h e s t a f f a r e
to all Freshers
HeartyWelcome the guests for all of us. We are comparativelyolder and
senior to the new comers in the campus. It is our sacred
W i t h t h e c o m m e n c e m e n ot f t h e n e w a c a d e m i c r e s p o n s i b i l i t yt o w e l c o m et h e m ; i n d u c t t h e m i n t o o u r
sessiona , l l t h e a d m i s s i o n st o v a r i o u sc l a s s e sa r e l i k e l y t o family and fraternity and honor their culture, tradition and
b e o v e r b y m i d - J u l y a n d t h e V i d y a p e e t h ai n g e t t i n g hab i t s .
b l o s s o m e dw i t h t h e a r r i v a l o f n e w s t u d e n t sf r o m v a r i o u s O n s e e i n gt h e c l o u d i n s k y , t h r o u g h w h o m t h e
parts of the Country.A garden looks beautifulwhen spring Yaksawanted to communicatehis messageto his consort,
c o m e s ; t h e s k y l o o k s i m p r e s s i v ew h e n a u t u m n a p p e a r s l i v i n ga l o n ei n A l a k aP u r i; t h e p o e t K a l i d a sw , h i l ee x t e n d i n g
a n d a n e d u c a t i o n ai ln s t i t u t i o nl o o k sv i b r a n tw h e n J u n e a n d h i s w a r m w e l c o m e ,s a y s -
J u l y ( R a i n y s e a s o n )a p p r o a c h ,W i t h t h e o n s e t o f t h e * ffi: g;eogry{:aFq-ortdzrad r
m o n s o o n ,t h e c a m p u sg e t s a n e w l e a s e o f l i f e w i t h t h e nta:frfalgwr+i enii @rw6ru 111frvqrn)
joining of the freshersand the environmentbecomesmore H a v i n g o f f e r e d A r g h y a w i t h t h e f r e s h b l o o m e d K u t a j a
l i v e l y .I t i s t i m e f o r a l l t o c e l e b r a t e ,i m b i b e s t r e n g t h a n d flowers which are at hand's reach,
i n s D i r a t i o nf r o m m o t h e r N a t u r e a n d extendedwarm welcometo the cloudwith
g e t t h e m s e l v e se q u i p p e dt o f a c e t h e welcoming the guests on their arrival in a p l e a s a n tw o r d s w i t h j o y o u s h e a r t . E v e n
c h a l l e n g i n tga s k a h e a do f t h e i r c a r e e r traditlonal manner is an integral part of t h e p l a n t a n d a n i m a l k i n g d o mo f N a t u r e
throughout the year. our Indian Culture. In our tradition, guests
does not forget to observe this glorious
A l l t h e e l d e r l y p e r s o n s are always considerad as Gods. Entertdning tradition of our Countryin welcomingthe
i n c l u d i n gt h e t e a c h e r sa n d o f f i c e r s t h e m p r o p e r l y o n t h e i r a r r i v a l , s h o w i n g g u e s t s .H e n c e i t i s t o l d i n t h e N a g a n a n d a
w i s h t h e m a h a p p y , p r o s p e r o u s , proper hospitality aDd looking after their N a t ak a m -
p e a c e f u la n d f r u i t f u l s t a y i n t h e requirements are the main duites to be qlfFq fiR FFrei *1f,.{rd:
performed by us while receiving the guests.
c a m D u sT . h e i n s t i t u t i o ni t s e l f e x t e n d s qatrqqecd: trfisfr ffiffir:t
a hearty welcome to them. qrr€d {dTdfu: tdl<:
W e l c o m i n gt h e g u e s t s o n t h e i r a r r i v a l i n a 6n?rqldfirqqqf frfsor: ttMsR tt
t r a d i t i o n am l a n n e ri s a n i n t e g r a lp a r t o f o u r I n d i a nC u l t u r e . H o w w o n d e r f u li s t h i s ? E v e n t h e s e t r e e s a r e t r a i n e d t o
The Vedas say - "e{frffi"1 rTq". Entertain the guest as s e r v e t h e g u e s t s . T h e s e t r e e s s e e m a s i f t h e y a r e
G o d . O u r S a i n t s ,S a v a n t s ,S e e r sa n d p o e t s o f o l d e n d a y s welcomingsweetly through the hummingsof bees, bowing
were very particularto welcomethe guests and extend all down their heads as if they were, through their well bent
types of hospitalitiesas and when the guests used to visit branchesdue to the plentitudeof fruits and as if they were
t h e i r p l a c e s . E v e n t h e n a t u r a l e n m i t y i s f o r g o t t e n w h e n offering Arghya through their showers of flowers.
t h e q u e s t i o n o f e x t e n d i n gw e l c o m e a n d e x c h a n g i n g Maintaining t h e t r a d i t i o ni s o u r D h a r m a .L e t u s a l l
p l e a s a n t r i eas r i s e s .N o t a d h e r i n gt o t h i s a g e - l o n gc a r d i n a l chant the mantra "3{frfttrH s{q " from the very beginning
principleof culture createsa lot of problemsand obstacles of the academicsessionin our Campus.Let us realisethat
i n o u r d a y t o d a y f u n c t i o n i n ga n d t h e i n s t a n c e so f we all belongto one family ; a family committedto promote
d i s a s t r o u sc o n s e q u e n c e sb y n o t e n t e r t a i n i n gt h e g u e s t s m u t u a l b r o t h e r h o o da n d h a r m o n y .W e s h o u l d c o n s i d e r
p r o p e r l ya r e p l e n t l ya v a i l a b l ei n o u r s c r i p t u r e s K. a l i d a s ,a ourselvesto be fortunatefor playingthe role of "Archakas"
p o e t p a r - e x c e l l e n c ew, h o h a s s y s t e m a t i c a l l ym a d e p o e t i c ( w o r s h i p p e r s o ) f a u n i q u e t e m p l e o f l e a r n i n g ,l o c a t e da t
e x e r c i s e st o r e t a i n t h e b a s i c n o r m s o f I n d i a n C u l t u r e , the sacred abode of Lord Venkateswar.
says - "$q;1frsfrqtffi 5ilqil4ftrfrr: " I M a y G o d b l e s su s a l l .
, , - ' r L" ,n n , , - ^ . ! . . L " t ' ". l : ^ '


The 16h convocation of Rashtriya Sanskrit University, Tirupati was held on 0'6-03-2013.Hon'ble Justice Dr.Mukundakam
Sharma, Chancellor, Sri Lalbahadur Sastri Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, New Delhi, was attended as Honoured Chiel
Guesf, His Excellency Prainana Vachaspati Dr.Janaki Ballav Pattanaik, Hon'ble Governor ol Assom & Chancellor of the
Vidyapeetha delivered the Presidential Address. Professor Harekrishna Satapathy, Vice-Chancellor welcomed the scholars.

Gsr or GoruvocmoNADDRESS
oF Hor{'eueJusnce Dn.MuxuruDAKAM
It is indeed a great privilege and gives me immense pleasure to be a This glorious Earth is the habitat of fame of manifold faiths and
part of the 16th Convocation of Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, situated bears in it people of different vernaculars-
in the holy city of Tirupati, the exalted abode of Lord Sri Venkateswara,
the SovereignDeity of the infinite galaxies. The entire Earth is our mother. Irrespective of this world's diverse
faiths and tongues we all are her sons and daughters. These sages
On this occasion, expressing my heartfelt gratitude to the Hon'ble
Chancellor Dr.Ianaki BaIIav Patnaik Jl, and faculty and staff of the experienced the real values of egalitarianism for the wellbeing of the
Vidyapeetha I offer my sincere prayers to the Lord Sri Venkateswara to ultimate SELF. It is indeed for the universal fraternity and for blossom
bless all for the continuous and constant prosperity of this university. of human values they ignited the inherent spark of human feeling.
Hence they proclaimed:
In the Ancient Indian tradition of education, which is known as
Gurukula sys:em, lfte last day of knowledge acquiring is an occasion of qqtit q-x: {ttrtA:qqffrfr lf6g,

great importance in the lives of the Brahmacharins. It is popuiarty

erq]"{qr:?i-d-*q-d Rso efr r
known as the day of Samavarthana consecration. Hence I would like to
convey to all the graduates of this convocation that this is not merely Our thinking should be equal and our union should be equal; and
an event of receiving your diplomas but is an instance of receiving the
Let noble thoughts corne from all directions.
venerable Samavartana consecration. Hence on this great occasion all
of you should accept with your hearts the perennial values of noble As this reads, let noble thoughts approach us from all ends of
living imparted by our great sages and gracious predecessors. These
quarters. This is the most appropriate instance on which we all take an
values and ideals set by our ancient Vedic Seers, who considered the
emphatic oath for the prosperity and universal kindred of all.
entire world as a single family, can be obtained oaly through Verbal
Testimony. "This entire world is my family" is the concept of global
Convocation is considered a memorable and historical event in
every university. Students at this moment, having gained knowledge in
s-i Rrrfr qs?nfierq-s{
their respective fields through their teachers, obtain their degrees and
TrTerqtq gPrffir+-q r plunge into society to take up various professions. Today is an auspicious

d + M g2lqf - 372ldAq: 6.?o/.? :: o intellect, you are the foremostfor us


day as on this convocation many graduates receive their diplomas and

make the best use of them in their respective fields. I repeatedly
congratulate all those who are receiving the degrees and expect them to
be service-minded and make their lives sweet, happy and peaceful. I
also congratulate those educationists, sociai activists and renowned
Pandits who are conferred upon the honoris cuasa of
Mahamahopadhyaya and Vidya Vachaspati.

Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, Tirupati has been incessantly

growing by leaps and bounds in the present years. The Chancellor of
this University, His Excellency Dr.Janaki Ballav Patnaik./r, is not only
a statesman but also a recipient of the most prestigious awards like that
of Kendra Sahitya Academy and titles and honors like Sahitya Bharati,
Utkala Ratna and Pandit Madan Mohan Malavya Smruti Puraskar. He
is such a noble laureate with peerless knowledge in Sanskrit Language
and Literature. It is due to his great efforts Sanskrit Universities have
been established in not only Odisha but also in Assam. I am of sure hope stable. Kno*ledge of Philosophy enriches Spiritual Knowledge. In the
that under his valuable guidance, not only in the Rashtriya Sanskrit Indian sr stem of Medicine the place of Ayurvedic texts written in Sanskrit
Vidyapeetha of Tirupati, but also in the entire nation of Bhuat, Sanskrit is a contribution of outstanding importance. Patanjali's Yoga Sutras is
learning will greatly prosper. a .'rest _jeuel among the Sanskrit writings. Sankara's Philosophical treatise
and knouled_eeis the pinnacle of spiritual knowledge. In the Sanskrit
Sanskrit is the most ancient language of world. The oldest literan. Literature if the knowledge of these three is attained all the human
monument in the world, The Veda, was chronicled in Sanskrit nearlr. beings *ill be healthy by body, stable by mind and elevared spiriiually.
five thousand years ago. It doesn't belong to any particular religion or Hence to attain the physical, psychological and spiritual growth of all
time. The thoughts in it aspire universal welfare of the entire mankind the citizens of our nation the study of Sanskrit is essential.
of all times. The streams of glorified thoughts such as "Ille Earth is
In present day society, if Sanskrit is intoduced in various curricula,
my mother and I om her son" and,"Let us behold aII the beings throuqh
it uill lead to many openings in livelihood. The study of Sanskrit should
the eyes of friend" are found in the Veda. The actual experience of such
be made compulsory at Senior Secondary Level of our education. Sanskrit
conscious thoughts are felt both in ancient and modern India. Plentitude learnin,e and research helps for the development of moral and human
of teachings are found in Sanskrit Literature for mankind to lead a values of various academic institutions. It increasesjob opportunities.
healthy, beautiful, peaceful and complete life. {Jnit,t in diversi4. is the Then the employment of Sanskrit graduates will be of wider scope.
root spell of our effulgent tradition and respect. India is the meeting
T h e h u m a n v a l u e se n l i s t e di n T h e V e d a sa n d U p a n i s h a d sh. e l p i n
place or sole shelter of all global religions, philosophic schools and
present day management strategies. In the progress and development
traditions. The harmonic coexistence is the foundation of our ideal life
of any institutions, a1l those values are of great heip. Here is illustrated
the hymn :

s-drr+g gfu-{:q{ vg Flnmr:l qdqrqsgr s-d+ Tr-4gI

qd rr{rFrw€rd qTmRr(g:qqrq+( rr
{16 qlq fi?I{d | ilqfE 4citl|f,Tq I
"Let all be happy. Let aLI be devoid of ailments. Let all seethe
qr ffisl-46 r
noble events. No one should be an object of misery."
This hymn seems very much suitable for the study of management.
Long ago what was preached in the magnificent philosophic teachings The God should protect the managers and their teams of subord.inates
of His Holiness The Preceptor of the Universe, Sri Sankaracharya, Sri just as he does a student and a teacher. May the Omnipotent God govem

Ramanujacharya, Sri Madhvacharya, Sri Nimbarkacharya and other them with equal grace! Let both of them earn success with endless

spiritual masters is the essence of Indian Philosophic system and aspires energy from that divine source. The Working system and Learning of
both may be fulfilled and meaningful. Hatred and enmity should never
only the SELF revelation and universal auspiciousness.
arise between them.
Sri Adisankaracharya, having written his lasting commenrarles on
I am extremely grateful to the Chancellor for having given me an
important Upanishads, spread a new phiiosophic thought not only in
opportunity to address you all in this Convocation. I congratulate all
this Land of Bharat but also in the entire global spiritual field founded degree holders and the Pandirsand Scholarswho are recipientsofHonoris
greatly value-oriented teachings. More over through his ideal discourses, causa,.
he took the colloquial face of Sanskrit, simplest of ways of learning and
I conciude my speech with this Vedic hymn.
various levels of knowledge to the reach of common man . He established
four mutts in four corners of the country and linked East with West and qS€E4t I lq{+E\ t€E}q{fuqFHI{ I
South with North and through these Mutts He spread the message of
May all of you walk together! May all of you speak alike! May all
National Integration and Universal Brotherhood.
of you move with mutual understanding! May your paths lead to a
By Sanskrit learning and research the individuality happy 1ife. May Lord Venkateswara shower His choicest blessing on
of a person
blooms. Ayurveda keeps us healthy. Practice of Yoga keeps our mind

selrftftE-fWwg'/ Xt44: Qo.Qog.Q :: The liberal stay high in the celestial region.

It is a great pleasureand privilegefor me to presideover the 161h soon when there would be completeparityof male - femalestudents.
Convocation of the Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha. Empoweringof women is the prime need of the hour and women's
educationin the past was much neglected.Only through female
Altogether 95 students have received their Sastri Degrees; 235
powerthe much neededchange in our socialoutlookcan be achieved
students have been awarded PG/Acharya degrees; 59 candidates
and the country's progresswould be much faster than it is today.
and 50 scholars have been conferredwith Vishishtacharya(M.Phil)
and Vidyavaridhi(Ph.D)degree.I congratulatethem and wish them a It is a matter of great satisfaction that our university has been
bright future. chosen as a Centre of Excellence for Traditional Sastras by the
UniversityGrants Commission.There has been spectacularprogress
On this occasion, two distinguished Sanskrit scholars Dr.
during the current academicsession.Some new additionalbuildings
Samudrala Lakshmanaiahand Dr. Ashoke Kumar Chatterjee have
have been constructed, extra central facilities for the inmates of the
been conferred with Mahamahopadhyayatitles and two eminent universityhave been created and many new innovativecourses and
persons Dr. ManubhaiPatel and Sri M V SimhachalaSastriwho have
academicprogrammeshave been introduced.I deeplyappreciatethe
distinguishedthemselves in the field of social service have been efforts of the Vice-ChancellorProf. HarekrishnaSatapathy and his
conferred with the title of Vachaspati(Honorary D.Lltt.).The University able team of committed teaching and non-teachingstaff. This has
feels proudlo honourthem. I congratulaiethem for their distinguished been a trend in the last so many years and I hope it would continue
service to lhe country. with renewed vigor.
We are lucky to have Hon'bleJustice Dr. MukundakamSharma, I am the Chancellor of a number of universitiesin Assam by
former Judge of the Supreme Court of India and Chancellorof Shri virtue of my appointmentas the Governorof the State.But I consider
Lalbahadur Sastri Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, New Delhi for the Chancellorshipof this universityas a unique one because of my
having agreed to be here to deliver the convocation address. He hails great love for Sanskrit.There was a time when Sanskrit education
from a distinguishedfamily of Sanskrit scholars and he is a well- was neglectedin this country the countryof its origin.But the situation
known loverof Sanskrithimself.lthank him for acceptingour invitation is fast changing and Sanskrit,I am sure, would regain its honoured
and congratulate him for his appointment as Chancellor of Shri place. A time would come, the situation would be so created that
Lalbahadur Sastri Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha. every Indian child would learn Sanskrit and there would be no
necessityfor demandingSanskritto be a compulsorysubject at the
It is pleasing to know that the enrolment in the university is
secondary schools.
growing every year. Currently the universityhas 1600 students on
its rolls and the male - female ratio of the students is 60 : 40 which Peopleare yet to understandthat in ancienttimes, Sanskritwas
is good for a Sanskrit university. I hope the time would come very the internationalmedium of learning Mathematicsand Physics,

SITWA4F\ V Vg ?7)47€ - #.l. | ?4.o :: Ma! grief, waiting (erc) fall from all sides to the non-giver

chemistryand Medicine'Metallurgy
and Architecturealongwith famouscentrarInstitutes
andReligion'lndiawasconsidered rankrng, of Research and Deveropment. But the
to be the hub of knowledge' however,of our Universitiesin the worrdis sti, deprorabre.
oi*-,"n to TimesHigherEducation
supprements our ,Ts ranked
slRkmWq a4ETr(erglr+Fl: | 50b in the world,llMs i4* and the famous
JNU is ptaced;"'ru:;
€i Ei qfoi fueqgfUEqi vtcFrfl: , ' is far aheadof us. The BeijingUniversity
"hina is rankinf ti" ," *"
w orld.
There were many great scientific
discoveriesand technological
advancement.A great Budhistphilosopher Friends,you have been trained in
Nagarjuna,who belonged one of the best universities
to this state was arso a great scientist, which teaches you ancient literalure
who said ,,r wourd make this and modern knowtedge.
worrd free from poverty through
the apprication of science.,, Sanskrit literature is the oldest literature
"Siddharase Karishyami Nirdarirdyamidam of the world that contains
Jagat.,, the most valuable treasures related
to human life and livelihood.It
India was the first country which scorns narror|ness of mind and emphasizes
discovered zero and made on developing a world
significantadvances in mathematical outlook. 3-qT€ft-d"ig
a"ge-d!Rr+aq. lt teaches us to pray for peace for
sciences ano astronomy.We the
had great names like Barahamihira entire universe.
and his daughter Lilavati,
Brahmagupta, who had declared
that the Sun was still and the earth "* d: vrfu':g=freienfr.:,
was moving around it centuries
before Galileo. Bhasxaracharyas (i) gf,qdrqTfu'-jt"fq:enq.siwu, ynfu:
and (ii) were known for tl I
EFfFI?l"t : 9lrfu , id* +a1: ETrf,q
was susruta, asreat l"J.JjJ:"ff.'1,::
: d-u.*l.rk.,
said to have used 500 different instrumentsand
Vnftn-aenm:. qr qr qrfuifu I
in plastic surgery.
accomplishedmiracles S:rVitft: . yfffu , yrrfu : I

The world famousuniversities islhe VedicMantrawhichaccompanies

of Naranda,Takshyashira, .n"",I?l everyrerigious
Pushpagirietc attractedstudentsfrom
all over the wortd.
o"::.. static
India tost the art of innovation and _-,;ffi,:ili::J::JffiT:i'ffiT; HH.".n:ffi:
and self-renewal' Then came the
Industrial Revolution in the west op"n mind and rerenflessquest for
and consequent deveropmentin "n knowredge.prease remember
that you are the proud citizensof
domination ptaved
lT:H;ff;::"T#1;:t::::l'* ora Guru
the country for better education jnj;::i=:,:l
to universitiesabroad' cann't we
build excellent universitiesto reverse ensuredthe deveropmentof a compretepersonarity
this trend ? we can' we are of
our individual.whire defining education,
now a dynamic society'a state
determinedto achieve the maximum he tord ,,Educationis the
groMh' we have got an enormous manifestationof perfectionarready
youth power which few counties in man.,,He furtherobserved,,we
want that educationby which the
andwe canachieveanything characteris formed; confidenceis
Hll;"il"alffi.resources thatwe created
andby whichwe canstandon ourownlegs.,,

The University is not just an institution Be self-confidentand live an honest

to issue oegree and life.
doctorate certificates. lt must
be a storehouse of knowledge, With these words I concludeand pray
disseminatingknowledgeto all seekers, :
coming under its portals. lt
must produce excellent teachers sfisq*+gi{T: rffidiq-{qiT$d gvreiq
in order to educate the masses E+ng r
living outside, particularlythe illiterate
country, today, we have several
and the half_titerate.In our u flVrdr*T{ rr{Fr: tl
llTs, 5OOUniversities and manv
"* Jai Hind "*

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mdw snfrM aftt vtQq: y.?a.. :. The truthful intellect destroys crooked

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ffionrq-{: qqrcdqsqs{rfus i{f,{i d{h{t I qpql;gflfuqilq: Isrtrq-{ig.Fd-riq.ou5afr*lE-iilrqdqtrfr

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qqtai.s{qi5t qp{rt{wrcrfufr ru1qmqfonfufrI}qffiq1. r sr +-sai,r{di qrHi-{ ; {.rufl-sRr q qn{-qfr | gqH
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smii SsFt-f,sgd: r
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q5frqq1frqq1q. a *qTrflTmrr giarfqqtrq: ! g{arrni errrr{ rl
qqq{igrcisrs q-iri f{+nfd rer+qtsRnea M.
96<:IuR-1tlrn<urritt qrqK:frqiq;qqmfl{ q€tc.
srd: a:rr+fr: rrqfr:qrdffisiq-fld: Fcf,{rERa-flTidt s.n-ls1qr fq*Itnn, srdfftr .] qpq"rcipl r1-gqfrps"1qt1;,
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ffi q-flfra-g+q-d-fl :Tg:ktnt-R-Glt:s€{-
f Tqqq{tr ! wrfr srqrfis{rdfrr{rrqlTFfr! qgq[dalequraTr-serervil*-gqn-qrzrff
errfffi; Td{rd qgfffq-{qr +gff{ ! r*Tnq 1 qfr .ffiur: lraR Iqisi qdqisgqff{gsrss*}5 q-(

wddeqrDlqq t offiqo ?.1.?? :: By mind atonethis (Brahman)coutd be obtained.

galaxy of distinguisheddignitarieson the Dias
and off the Dias in-
q ITqrsgflqRHqqTTilfi : {iqrurFdT_qs-{ur_qqfufu cludingthe Hon'bleChancellor,reveredChief Guest and
ynes guishedinvitees. I other distin-
am thankfulto my belovedgraduatesfor their kind
F-$lRcR{qr:, IE1<T:
?1gtft{:gG{:r1t1Ff,participationin this XVI Convocation. I am gratefulto all the reputed
s-er qst-{gqif{cflqa-{cr: r n*s sq'hnqqt: s-FrToil-rrscholars those who are going to be conferred with the Maha
Mahopadhyaya and Vacaspati (D.Litt.) Tifles for attending
qfu{f{-{-d€qdeAsstu-s-dsRnfr this Con_
q.s{urqir<prrr{R-ildrsvocationby acceptingour humble invitation. May our University
siq"fa-s-Egs-qqqfMqm: fqfvlsr: sqrqrif+c: fqaiq: ther grow from strengthto strength with the good wishes of all our
friends,phirosophersand guidesand May Lord venkateswara
s€{r|{q-€ca-(r*qqT:e{er ep-s$-f,T: bless us all.
trqfu 1gEiq "Etrh drfq d-ddqh-e-d{| s;d
cr€d il-€+q
sTg qqg fu' e{Riiqrdqtd,
c[Sq {RRpTr n" gqmfus ffi fi-*Blics{rqi Srq1r:
Ercgq{g ire[: eTl|friqrilF@r I
*ge( W.rfr.ffim<: t qtr{: qAq. qqil q{g fcenfr?r*fr(cfoi
Gfraq. ffiq' ei-€fsqf{flesqvd;siFffi<iq6nR Ierq 6-dqil q qlqi r6i *g.tvr: r r
t q pqRcr' eTRq-q:,ns-+rsqftSq.
kgnRqq: H{€1:,a1q-{i:,
srffi q+q- sqRTilq.s{frfuq.{rl-< TqtqFqrqrRrqils
ftRfu ; erer:i;kqFasm{sqffiqq q$rflRqi,Fffisi
6l :{I:, Bl:ilS e,l:{gCRIf,I: itq : q{.,q. qfrfti gqFfilC
e6q RK{ F*qn: qq gr-s-qm-ccnttdilrRt{iq-dfuiry€ruirfi-kT:
Friends, while acknowledgingthe contributions ffitrR{K
and support of I
all concernedfor the all-rounddevelopmentof this
again, I would express my profoundsense of indebtedness ll 8Ia|?|RITll
to a[ the

qf gqfr: WVT ffi 1 g7e7{y'4: g.\ ?. ? :: Let us not depart

Jrom the divine il.

Prof. SamudralaLakshmanaiah was born on 8rhJune, 1939
in Katakayalakunta, ErpeduMandal,Near Kalahasii,Chittoor
D i s t r i c t ,A n d h r a P r a d e s h . A f t e r c o m p l e t i n g p r i m a r y
education,he obtainedSahityaSiromanidegreeand M.A in
Sanskritfrom Sri VenkateswaraUniversity,Tirupatiachieving
first division. Later,he attendedthe Pandit'strainingcourse
conductedby the Andhra PradeshGovernment. His career
began when he joined as Lecturerin Sahitya,S.V"Oriental
College,Tirupati. He went on to become the Head of ihe
Depadment. He was then appointed as Deputy Secretary,
DharmaPracharaParishad,TTD for a periodof sevenand a
half years. He was also entrusted with the conduct of
PuranaPrabodhaExaminations.He was appointedas Special
Officer, Bhagavata Project(2002-2OO7)and as Special
Officer, Purana ltihasa Project from 2007 till date.

He has to his credit,the publicationof 11 editionso{ SrimadBhagavatawithfour commentaries; he also editedSrimadValmiki

with two commentaries,out of which the first four khandashave been published and the remaining are under preparation.As part of
Purana ltihasa Proiect. with the help of around 50 scholars, the translationof various Parvas from Sanskrit to Telugu is underway'

Dr. Lakshmanaiahhad the privilegeof receivinqmany honoursviz., Gold medal from SanskritBasha PrachariniSabha, Hyderaba
Prasasthi Patra and Vachaspatifrom Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha,Uttama Panditha Pumskar from Potti Sri Ramulu Telugu U
Telugu Sahiti Puraskarfrom Hindi Bhasha PracharSamithi,Chennai, Best CitizenAward from MadabhushiAnantha Sayanam
lnstituteof PublicAffairs, Spirit of Excellenceaward from Fine Arts Club, Tirupati.


YogacharyaDr. Ashoke Kumar Chatterjeewas born in West Bengal, lndia in December.1933. He was initiatedinto Kriya Yoga
in 1960 by SrI Rnnada Charan Sastri, later by Sri bunderlalof Varanasi,and finally by Sri SatyacharanLahiri,grandson of YogirajSri Shama
Churn Lahiree. After completing the Kriya Yoga course by austere praclice, Dr. Chatterjee received the permission from Satyacharan
Lahiri to be granted initiationtrom t gZS. He is a yogi of the highest order. The unique quality in him is that he has scrupulouslyadheredto
the ideals of Yogiraj. He has remarkablyjuxtaposed total domestic existence with yogic disciplineas showrr by Yogiraj himself.
He is a householderas well as a yogi. This blend is perfectand it lends a specialcharismato him. Due to his charismatic
magnetic presencemany are attractedto him. He has been accordedthe highest honour and was inviteda-qthe only Hindu representative
frori India to the Parliamentof World Religionsheld from 26.4.97lo 2.5.97 at Instituteof Karma Ling, Val St. Hugon, France convened by
U.N.O.and His Holinessthe DalaiLama. In retrospect, on his remarkableexpatiationat the Parliamentof WorldReligionson love,peaceand

solidarity, U.T.O. (United Traditions Organization)has

honoured him to become its first Indian member.
Dr. Ashoke Kumar Chatterje has penned several books,
articles,poems delineatingthe subtle philosophyof man in
the universe. Some of his books; articles, poems have
been translated in over nine Indian languages such as
Malayalam. Some are awaiting publication. A few oJ his
articlesin Banglahave been translatedinto Hindi. Vacaspati
Chatterjee'$ book on poems named "Praner Katha" was
publishedin January 2002. This book contains70 poems.
Each of them strikes the inner recesses of the human
heart. They are an appeal to mankind not to head for the
abysmal depths ol degeneration. The inherent beauty of
Kriya yoga can be gleaned while reading Dr. Chatterjee's
books. The essence of spiritualityis latent in one and all.
Dr. Chatterjee has endeavoured to deliver the scientific
analysis through which the dormant state of spirituality
can be awakenedand ultimatelybut graduallythe inevitable
state of peaceful repose a much coveted state will blossom.

gqrfr efrTlgsqrfr qrqzlT- xr}q, 1.160.3

The wise sanctifies the worlds with intelli nce


Sri Manubhai Patel was born on 'l1th October, t92o in
Baroda, Gujarat. He obtainedthe degrees of B.A Honours and
M.A in AncientIndianCulture.

He left college in 1940. Soon after he joined the Civil

Disobedience Movement under the leadership of Vinobha
Bhave and courted Jail at Sabarmati. He plunged into euit
India Movement in 1942" Again he was imprisonedfor six
months underground;later was shifted to Baroda Jail.

Next he joined GujaratSevadaland worked for ten years

under Late Sri Jaya Prakash Narayan. He was appointed
member of the Youth delegation to Russia(1957),Germany
(1970) & East Africa(1971). He acted as ReceptionCommittee
Secretaryat the All India CongressSession (1962). Thereafter,
and was elected as Member of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.
He was a member of the GujaratAssemblyalso. Between 1962 and 66, he held the portfolioof Dy.Education
Minister;also handled
Transport, Social Welfare and Rehabilitationportfolios.

He was a member of many Parilamentarycommittees such as PUC committee, Estimatescommittee, Sanitationcommittee,

ro name
a few. His other contributionsinclude his membership in trusts and boards such as The Samaja and Lok Seva Mandal.
In the field of
Education,he served as Member of Central School Governing Body of Govt. of India, School Management
committee, Baroda and
Syndicate of MS University. He had the privilegeto be Founder and Trustee of many Trusts and Academies. Viz.,
Sardar patel Smarak
Trust, Morarji Desai Trust, Seva Dal Academv. etc.


Sri M.V.SimhachalaSastri son of Smt. Subbamma and Sri Kesava Rao was born on 1st July, 1909.

He obtainedthe degree Rashtra Bhasha Praveenafrom DakshinaBharata Hindi PracharaSabha and got Harikatha
Trainingfrom potti
Sri Ramulu Telugu University,Hyderabad and also from Governmentof Andhra Pradesh. He got expertisein Harikathaunder the guidance
of KalaprapurnaLate Sri Karur Krishna Dasa Bhagavatulu. He was the first disciple of Sri Adibhatla Narayana
Dasa, Founder of the Art
Form' His other gurus include Sri Y. SubrahmanyaSastry and Sri Burra Siva Rama Krishna Sarma. Now
he is working as a Lecturer in
Harikatha in sri Venkateswaracollege of Music and Dance, Tirupati since 2005.

He is the first person to get the sangeeta NatakaAkademi award in the field of Harikathafor the year 2010. He is
an ,A Grade artist
of Prasar Bharati.The Ministryof Human Resource Development,Governmentof India had sanctionedhim a
scholarshipin the year 19g9.
He has to his credit, an unending list of Awards and Tiiles.
Some of them are HarikathaSudhanidhi,Swarna Kanxanam,
Harikatha Chudamani, Sri Ram Katha Sudhanidhi,Sri
Ramakathadhara dhara,HarikathaKathanaSamrat,Harikatha
Gana Kalanidhi,Hari Katha Ratnakara,SangitaSeva Nirathaha
and Swara Jhari from distinguishedInstitutionsin the counrry
and abroad.Specialmentionmay be made of his performance
of Harikatha continuouslyfor 25 hours in 1990. He had the
privilege and honour of receiving the blessings from the
Swamijis of Sringeri and Badari and also the felicitationfrom
Dr.Akkineni Nageswara Rao, a renowned actor. His
commentaries during festivals in the various temples
broadcastover televisionchannels is note-worthy. Sri Sastri
visited foreign countries like Malaysia, Singapore, United
Kingdom and got fame ano name.
f -+i


N9WS u',rf
Mtutd of \S"n
(jall for *'*ituson San.tkrit
- --.-*
see{:Cil ;

slEtdtYl- Ch$isllor H.(, Sarap4thy :-i-a'';.""*ftr

I|) ytll be h{ ,trtgd ln a rc16s.

N9 vaaryt Chrnellot snd Gwetsr -s"-; .:,,-"- - .oqpc ?::'-. l:o3o ;,i;,.;:,-i::
a-a.q**"q". a6664DE551db' .-:-..'-='
ot A'ffi Jd.t i Bdlry Pel-
-:4 +si
-s"5.e **+
ra- .r4 5'A -r<
; :-:-*'==i ::i,:=.i-+ + 5:".
:. - c ;:.:,.4.-r: :#-D*--...\'i-
. " . ,. : ? * - " - * l :':-." :1 -r. : :.r .- rs--i*!- r ''
.-.;ar ;-- . :i;'
. i * _ t*
: 1 ' d* '
*"*, .- :r&5.4r
-;,'. J!:"d: ;-: *:, j s-a
- 1 d $* F!*:v6*t4:
!-.. .----'
"*" , *. -.!:.. *. _--. iA:,. .r*l
-:.7:..:',-: ' --..; - j * : - - -- -
*".-:.:-:' :,..j':' ..: ""ri . .:^
!i : . i #
,-":. . , : : ? . L i, : ,
":., , ,

$anskrlt should reg€rin ltls

losl glory: Asrrnr Covernor Wwwrytn

--.,= 4
GO.&ld *r*:f::Se*rery
-)s=4:*{i;*d i

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lcreo€>oo s*>g
'F!g{i:rri3 !&6'€1'
s*s;#" #AF
4|J. 5#€*- sfi
;i6'irta CtA; al lu -r. .iT
64sj@ #r5€* , ar I
+.! r.4{ .:-',46f rG
da* it".F-dd 16#
a!"n,4 .'Ei
:'ea'nY J4'' 9.-+
-n J.$, .,+"- I;3

a ;Jl€ ** llft' iraa-
e'5g€16 916r
r-r:.* ? s sS$06
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,r"; +*ar- il izq-:! "a;t -;_le

.-,.. :*1- +-. a'-.- + i ;#- tu
'*-7.,/.. -.'.'
*...; ..!-e-.:az
!.5cs+.{4 i *-:!;'
-_ .. j 3o-&
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< r"
idtu:a.i,- e4 i:e&ail, 6{* dda
*le j?'5*}.ie, d
s{5 /de#ittr:

soSp@'q eg$s&dds€O*aeo *g

g gdn ,lffi - 37e7fi4: l.l.v :: May wefollow the vedicpath


ilneto kn|w...
Br5 aryb€rs5aa -oi5qffi
re#aoo cE6_6 e6g
*:ffi JffA'=+t?.-"^s;F?E-:-r-+:
.:."=."6 5Jj_€_:
-{€+ '* -"_e
e";!; ff_*"e
;;_'*;.i*B1l- S6Ae€
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W €Eel4 5+:
-*- 6sjs

On behalf of Universityfamily, I express

5UoqoS*soS my earnest gratitude to the members
electronic, print anrl web media
extensive coverage of Vidyapeethe
activities in promoting ancJ
propogation of San.skrit in pirticular

-tf ',; --.jl;i,:,.i

W.gg* trR.:=W ffi and all round development
Universie in general. I expect that
relation go a long way in
Academic exc ellenc e of University.

Prof. H.K.Satapathy

i:+r $.*gl$'Uffi#;:*:#
Fffi;;'r;:;;l$iffij 'rit*tf:l:
l€a:@ #:'Sl*:;a E,. j-.l;i+jrffi':=' rri
=iF1, E *,tg_g"4
ffi #Xni
lr;**L= i:',-l *;;t; .:lt,'* yr*1 Ti
iit F:--,;':'',,' *iL:
D ?;,3;
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*;aNRi;I ir.t;::':ti+'k%t,;;r;.
', | rir
1':' -:
,a i :i-F3, f+

;y+;r.r; a96'*c-# 3er*+*d*:,.1i j** €
e*,a+* laii ii+." ur*.
_.ff ".i

=rr qlqar *ntrsd

nqrfri WiprddE:

Name of the Student Name of the Medal

SWAPNA BASETI Vidyapeetha Gold Medal KuladhipathiSwarna Padak

S m t S B V e n k a t a l a k s h m i a n d S r i S B L N a r a s i m h a c h a r y aG o l d M e d a l
Smt. Kamalamma and Sri Achyuta Devaraja Bhattar Gold Medal
Prof. U. Shankar Bhat Gold Medal
Vidyapeetha Gold Medal
ITISHREE PADHY Dr. R.N. AralikattiEndowmentCash prize - Rs, 500-00
Navajeevan Award Gold Medal
Vidyapeetha Gold Medal
SUBHALAXMISARANGI Sri Vanamamalai Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamy Gold Medal
S m t . S e s h a r a t n a m a n d P r o f . K . D a k s h i n a m u r t h yE n d o w r n e n t G o l d N l e d a l
M a h a m a h o p a d h y a y aM a d d u l a p a l l M i anikyaSastri Go d Medai
Vidyapeetha Gold Medal
KANAPALA KUMAR Sri Shankar Dayal Sharma Gold lvledal
Smt. Mahalakshmi Best & Dynamic Student Gold Medal
Vidyapeetha Gold Medal
VELUVARTHIVSRLAKSHMI Smt. SB Vijayalakshmi and Sri SB Raghunathacharya Acharya Gold Medal
Sri SBT Ramanujacharyulu Gold Medal
M a h a m a h o p a d h y a y aM a d d u l a p a l l iM a n i k y a S a s t r i G o l d M e d a l
Vidyapeetha Gold Medal
N. PRABHAKAR S r i S r i d h a r a c h a r y aG o l d M e d a l
D r . M . A n a n t h a s a y a n a ml y e n g a r C a s h P r i z e o f R s . 5 0 0 0 - 0 0
Vidyapeetha Gold Medal
C H A N C H A LS H A R M A Sri Acharya Vinobha Bhave SarvamangalaGold Medal
D r . M . A n a n t h a s a y a n a mI y e n g a r C a s h P r i z e o f R s . 5 0 0 0 - 0 0
J A Y A S H R E EP A D H Y Varahamihira PrashasthiGold Medal
Vidyapeetha Gold Medal
9 SREE TEJA T TTD Gold Medal
Vidyapeetha Gold Medal
10 CHANDAN KUMARJHA n emorial Cash Prize Rs.5,000/-
11 LEKHARAM DANNANA Uttama Yoga Sadhaka Gold Medal
L2 PKSPAVANKUMAR Sri DV Charya Gold Medal
I5 J SRIPADACHAR Vidyapeetha Gold Medal
If DEBABRATA PANDA Vidyapeetha Gold Medal
IO BAPI SAHU Vidyapeetha Gold Medal
t7 CHINNA SUBBAIAH REDDY Vidyapeetha Gold Medal
1B SAPAN KUMAR PANDA Vidyapeetha Gold Medal
19 V P HARI KRISANAN Vidyapeetha Gold Medal
20 ARTI SHARMA Vidyapeetha Gold Medal

SanskritVidyapeethyaheartily congratulates
and wishes for the bright future of the Recipients of Gold Medals.

Sri VenkateswaraUniversityawarded the

Degree of Doctor of Philosophyin Sanskrit

DR. U.VENKATA SESHU KUMAR Dr. Gyanaranjan Panda

for his Thesis entitled
Asst. Professor, Dept. of Sahitya
"A comparative study of Valmiki Ramayana and has been appointed Dy. Warden
Tattva Sangraha Ramayana of Rama Brahmananda
of Transit Hostel.
Saraswati"underthe guidanceof
Prof. V.VenkataramanaReddy, Director,SVU-ORI

VidyapeethaFamily congratulatesand wishes tor his achievment

qlqlqqnf' qqqr ?l+n- eQtda+ - I8.3.I7 :: May we be prosperous with progeny and wealth.

The present All Indian Sanskrit Women Scholars,
The Sanskrit literature comprises Vedas, conference is aimed at to bring to rightthe nobrecontributions
Vedangas,DharmaSastras, Srutis, purana, by women and to high light how they shapedand
/ahakavyas, Khanda kavyas, Gadya kavyas, Rupakas mouldedsociety in a commendablemanner.
The women are depicted in the entire sanskrit Litereture The adorableplace given to the Women in ancient
pillars of society and Guardian of our culture. Sanskrit literatureshows the lndian traditionregardingthe
The Vedas
recognizedher significantroleand many Vedicseers like esteemed regard given to the women in the society. Unlike
Gargi were women. The women were treated in esteemed the western culture, women are regarded as Goddess
position in the society. Like wise in Dharmasastras Saraswathi/Lakshmiin IndianCulture.lt is appropriateto hold
also the
r o l e o f w o m e n i s h i g h l i g h t e d ,i n t h e e p i c s R a m a y a n a a seminar with focus on the women empowerment,since
Mahabharata.The most ideal women like Sita, Drupati women are all treated with venerationand endowed with all
and powers as per our tradition. lt is appropriate to hold
others are perfect Models to be emulated by all such
in all
g e n e r a t i o n s .T h e y s y m b o l i s et h e g r e a t v a l u e s conferenceon the chosen theme in the present day Contex :
like truth, "The Empowerment of women in Sanskrit Literature,,.
tolerance and chastity and other noble virtues.
Mahakavyas,Khandakavyasand Dramas also followed The various sessions held on the following topics
trend and we get so many exemplary characters, 1.
like Women Empowermentin Vedic Literature.
Sakuntala,Parvati, Damayanti,Sudakshina,etc. 2. Women Empowermentin epics.
In this way not only men but also women influenced 3. The Concept of Sakti&womenEmpowerment in Indian
destiny of society.The sanskrit riteraturefocused on tradition.
the rore
o f w o m e n a n d t h e i r m u l t i f a c e t e dp e r s o n a l i t yi n v a r i o u s 4. Women Empowermentin classical Sanskrit literature.
spheres of life. 5. Women EmpowermentAuthors in Sanskrit.

3.30.14:: Great light is laid in the

flowering rivers.

INAUGURATION it qrqg €Wfra grF: vt tttcfrutrfr

The lnaugural Functionof the Seminar was held on 7th f{Gtni ffi{ ffi qaqrRi qrcqqnfr{ rr
March, 2013. Prajnana VachaspatiDr.JanakiBallav Patnaik, 5g;q*nr+ t+ttu ;qHFfr{nq4qt I
His ExcellencyGovernor of Assam and Hon'ble Chancellor;
Prof. Jayanti Patnaik, Madam Chancellorinauguratedthe $-drRrqq €a-dqftg'gnefol t t
fugT{-dg qr-f,rqI gt,ntqrFn-{Gtf,TI
Dr.BharatiSharma, Madam Chancellorof Sri Lalbahadur qkdq-flrliqffiq-'{rfr6q 11
Sastri RashtriyaSanskritVidyapeetha,New Delhi was the
Guest of Honour and deliveredKey-Noteaddress. She threw
Eqiofrr1qlg ofeorvtrv{qFTdwr
the light on the contributionof ladies to Sanskrit Literature.
While mentioningthe namesof VedicSeersviz. Gargi,Maitri, ffia,rqE T{di q-edotq}s-t1t t
Atri and others, she impressedthe audience quoting their
contributionto Vedic Literature. erqkot: qssraFf,rqr
qqFr-f,rqrffifr) 1
MahamahopadhyayaProfessor HarekrishnaSatapathy,
was the Guest of Honour.
Vice-Chancellor FfrsqTsrqRqTqiq
Earlier, Professor RadhakantaThakur, Dean, Academic qqffiqEqqqrqt qq
Affairs welcomed the Galaxy by presenting the following
beautifulpoetic pieces - of the Seminarproposed
fr1ffifsffi gF{fldd{q-fl -{rff,: Vote of thanks.

ffifakvrnq: gRR fr vrr+T+wr:, Valedictory Session

lGi qBcd Rr1u{dsr * {qqrdsgrT
The Valedictorysession was held on 08.03.2013.Dr.
l{mr ti qq-qrtrqK{q-€wlqsrqqftl rI
Kameswari, Director, Kuppu Swamy Sastri Library was the
fl -€uqqRr6ft
fr gd-{freTru-iqqqTqm Guest of Honour and ProfessorHarekrishnaSatapathy,Vice-
ffirqsntrrg€fm-dTffiqrcfr r Chancellorpresidedover the function.

sffirtdtVfr: - ervdd<:


MEET OF THE MONKS Fifth Session :
ORDER The importanceof Vedic and Classical
Sanskrit Literature
Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, Tirupati pays in the Teachingsof Vivekananda
its homage to the
lllustriousSpiritualMaster and Sage
of the New Age by celebrating
this grand occasion ot tne Sesquiientenniat Sixth Session :
,*n'Onn,u"r.aryof Sri Teachingsof Ramakrishnaand Vivekananda
swami Vivekanandaby organizinga on Vedanta
3 day Nationarseminar on ,,THE
EPOCHOF SWAMTVTVEMNANDAtN There shail be nearry 50 papers by serected
MODERNtNDtA,,andA National schorars invited
Meet of the Monks of RamakrishnaVivekananda from all corners of the Nation in the said
Order tentatively areas.
plannedto be in the 1"rWeek
of August2013.
There shall be some philosophic and
Spiritual Discourses by
Seminarshall have six sessionsbesides some of the invited Monks of Ramakrishna_ Vivekanancta
^-_ ::: the Grand Inaugural Order.
and ValedictorySessions:The Sessions
shall cover the following THE OBJECTIVES
lt intends to build the NationalCharacter youth
First Session : of through the
invaluableteachings of Vivekananda
Nationaland Global Outlookof Vivekananda - lt aspires to shed light on various kernel
aspects of Individual
Second Session : and Social Enlightenment.
Contributionof Vivekanandato Indian *
Culture lt voices the thoughtsof vivekanandaon
and Global Welfare
Third Session : -
lt hopesto focus on the necessityfor achieving
Teachingsof Ramakrishnaand Vivekananda human refinement
through Spiritual practice
for Human Excellence - lt wishesto steer and unile the IndianCitizens
to createan ldeal
Fourth Session : World
' lt desires to unveil the practicalouflook
Vivekanada'sSadhana Marga in the of the Vivekanandaon
SpiritualRenaissancein India
the Finest Aspects of Bharatiya Sanatana

Dr. Rani Sadasiva Murty,

='" "o _T-1"nrr'Iu TiRUpATtS17507(Ap)
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;:r[x::iil::[x :"J;';::?Jacom
LastDatefor Submissionof FullLengthpapers
: ZS_OZ_ZOlg

W*deqqetft - Fdq: - 8.31.13

:: Easy is the path of truth.


Dr.C.Lalitha Rani Dr.K.Raj agopalan

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from 12.01.2010 From01.02.2O13

Agama -
Dr. Rani Sadasiva Murthy
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lyotk fi'am Afoaita

Dr. C. Ranganathan
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;Dr.vedantam Dr. K.Ganapati Bhat
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5-il from 17.O2.2O12
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DT.PTGYSampat Dr.V.Sujatha
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C {if

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Sanskyit ili{gopeetfia fomifg congratu[otes tfte facuttg on[ staff for tfi.eir proflotiofl/appoitl.t fl.eflt

4f el@l- 4slEl-d:6.35
O man ! do not be afraid, do not lose courage, bear strength.


Dr. S.Dakshinamurthy Sarma

Dr.Paramita Panda
Co-ordinator and
Programme Officer for Unit - I

Dr.J.B.Chakravarthy Dr.A.sachidananda Murthv Dr.C.Girikumar

ProgrammeOfficer ProgrammeOfficer programme Officer
for Unit - III for Unir - IV for Unir _ V

-fl. {rw 9ry 9{rtioas{seuias on

8-90 March - 2013
Organised under SpecialAssistanceProgramrne (SAP), Education

A two day UGC sponsoredNationalSeminar on "TeachingMaterialsfor Sanskritat differentlevels"was organisedunder Special

AssistanceProgramme(SAP), Facultyof Educationon 8-9, March - 2013. ProfessorRana PratapSharma, Former Head & Dean, Facultyof
Education(CIE), Universityof Delhi was the Chief Guest and deliveredKey-NoteAddress.ProfessorHarekrishnaSatapathy,Vice-Chancellor
presidedover the function. ProfessorK.Ravi Shankar Menon, Co-ordinatorexplainedthe theme of the Seminar and ProfessorRajanikanta
Shukla,Addl. Co-ordinatorproposedvote of thanks. ProfessorAlekh ChandraSarangi,FormerVice-Chancellor, Shri JagannathSanskrit
University,Puri attendedthe Seminaras SpecialGuest.The session-wisedetailsof the Seminaris as follows :

FIRSTSESSION 3) Dr. Mataprasad Sharma:

vg'ur+l+e rft ' t
trF{aRtE slrqftlqTdl
Chair Person : Prof.Lokmanva
4) Dr. SagarikaNanda
Papers 1) Dr.Somanath Sahoo sqq|sqFrdRtqT6{qRrqTurw.ur+qqg Fitrr: t
qqft-dqt qrs{urfrRrtRnprqmfrof
tr4I'T'r 5) Dr. GayathriMuralikrshana
2) Dr.Arati Srivastava qrqR-+trwi sqnrftqFffi'Rt qroqffi qRfuq-*q:r
{iq-(RRrurtqq{wiefltr*rr I FOURTHSESSION
3) Dr. SusantakumarRai
Chair Person : Dr.N.Latha
mqffi{iqdfuHtfrRruwrqq. I Papers 1) Dr.MadankumarJha
4) Dr.A.Sunitha:crqfr6<t(q-aMRRlurqTqq:r qnrqR-*qRnisqwqsqffi qrfioftnilDtqfiFq-*rr: t
SECONDSESSION 2) Dr. RadhagovindaTripaththy
e-"q<ttigttitmRw0tRwffi t
Chair Person : Dr. K. SambasivaMurty
3) Dr. Gaurangcharan Bhag
Papers 1) Dr. Brundabanap61y3'qqfuqtcfsFr: I qrqFffiRt qs{urRTqrdrRKqsrqq: r
2\ Dr. JitendrakumarSharma 4) Dr. N. Srinivas Rao
qTr.tFmRtr|dFR{ilfrHutslqql 1 wqFro<rtq-enpf qilgt fie-dTflqRHutslrfruitrtillr: t
3) Dr. D. Venugopal:flqkftRtrrflRwtRwusmfit
4) Dr.K.Kadambinl1fWfiffifugt<t: r
5) Dr. BidyadharHarichandan: Chair Person : Dr. MataDrasadSharma
qrPrFffiRR'fu{qrR(lWFqiql P a p e r s ( R e s e a r c hS c h o l a r s )

THIRD SESSION : 9thMARCH,2013 SuneelKumarSarma,PramodBotoliya,VireshKumarSarma,Arti

Sarma,Maheshkumar Panigrahi,B. Phanishri,K. Rajesh,Kompalli
Chair Person : Dr.MinaGuru
Shivkumar,P.V.Dhanya,P. Shrinu,E. Venkataswarlu,
SaktiParik,B. V.
Papers 1) Dr.SanathkumarRath'e{FilRrqrEqraqHfr
t Laxminarayana,B. Satyanarayana,A. Manisha.
2) Dr. VenkataramanS Bhatt:
Dr.VidyadharHarichandan& Sri Sunil Kumar Sharma,projectfellows
frftq<igRtqtur${fiRqttentq i}iqn', made all arranoementsfor the Seminar

#dg fW vaf Vy freq- ZrdE: - 9.74.2:: The tongue of truth purifies the sweetand the dean

A two day UGC sponsoredNationalSeminar ,,Life

- on Challenges
of 21st Century Hindi Literature"was organised
by the Dept. of Hindi
on 25th & 26th, March, 2013. professor l.N.Chndra
Shekhar Reddy,
Head, Dept. of Hindi, Sri Venkateswar University
was attended as
Chief Guest. He underscored the difference between
the 20th and
21st centuries Hindi literaturewith regard to life
chalenges and nar_
rated so many stories from 21st century,s literature. participating
in the
seminar as HonoraryGuest professorRadhakanta
demic Affairs explained the beauty of Hindi
language. professor
SudarsanSarma, Dean, Facultyof Sahityaand
special guest and described the traditionarvarues
in so many Hindi
works. Professor Harekrishna Satapathy, Vice-Chancellor
over the function. Dr. Latha Mangesh,Asst, professor,
Dept. of Hindi
and Co-ordinatorof the Seminar explained the
objectives and wel_
comed the gathering.Dr.G.MohanNaidu was the
Master of Ceremony.
. In four technicalsessions40 deligatesfrom all
over India partici_
pated and presented papers.

f{f,qil,rRT ffiqf,\ | | gaq{t 1, * | | Btr !fvrers'l ffi1 I qrTJR
t 5qfr6rr
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@, riqrEqlgulri_dt I @:qilqqfrqfrs1 |
ffi+omvqfr{w1 rr qurrfdfcqqfamnqnWqRrf,sfrTqReill
@ ...ugqq-{(lil M ilsal-qt|1q il

10'78'1 :: The learned engage themserves

in serf-study through deriberation.
*dW *n{m Afu t Vt)E: Y.?|.a :: The truthful intellectdestroyscrookedthoughts.

union Ministerof Rural DevelopmentShri Jai Ram Rameshvisitedthe Vidyapeethaon 29.03.2013.In this
conncetiona specialfunction
was organisedand Hon'bleMinisterreleasedthe EnglishTranslationin five volumesof SrimadValmiki
Ramavanaand VivekanandaGitaniali
(Audio CD consistingof Sanskritsongs in praise of Swami Vivekanandaand introudction
to his life and philosophv)in conncectionwith
Golden Jubilee celebrations of RashtriyaSanskrit Vidyapeethaand 1soth Birth Anniversaryof Swami
Vivekananda.Speakino on this
occasion Sri Jai Ram Ramesh asked the Sanskrit students, reseachers and scholars to work with
zeal to revive the glory of the-sanskrit
language' He also said that the Sanskrit languagewas moving away from the masses. He recalled
the role of the first prime-Minister
j,?-Yll"ni,' Neheru,ill F:lt1 Speaker of Loka Sabha Sri MadabhusiAnanthasayanamAyyangar,a son of the soit, in getting the Sanskrit
vidyapeethamestablishedin Tirupati.Dr. chintamohan,Hon'bleM.P.,TirupaiiLokasabhaconstituency
was the ouest oiHonJur. professor
HarekrishnaSatapathy,Vice-Chancellorpresidedover the function.Prof.RadhakantaThakur,Dean,AcademicAffairswelcomedthe oatherino
and ProfessorK. Ravi shankar Menon, Registrarproposedvote of thanks.
Shri RajeshAnkushraoTope,The Hon.Ministerfor HigherEducation,
Govt.of Maharashtra
KalidasaSadhanaPuraskaracarriesa Certificate,
Shawl,A CashPrizeof Rs. 25,0001and Shriphal
to Prof.HarekrishnaSatapathy,Vice-Chancellor,25-05-201
VidyapeethaFamily congratulatesthe Vice-Chancelloron this occasion

Prajnana VachaspatiDr.JanakiBallavPatnaik,H.E.Governorof Assam& Hon'bleChancellor felicitating

Sudarsana Sarma
for his outstanding in developing
contribution Sri Venkateswara as its founderVice-Chancellor
VedicUniversity fromJan.2007to 20'10
and successfullycontinuedfor the SecondtermfromJan 2010to 2013.ProfessorSarmajoinedin the Vidyapeetha on 4-1-2013

Eorron & PRO PunlrsnnnBv

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Asst. Prof., Dept. of R & Pub.
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