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Scene 1

Arjuna: O foremost of Apsaräs, I bow down to you. What is your command? I am

your servant.

(Hearing his words, Urvaçé was overjoyed.)

Urvasi: O best of men, I will tell you what brings me here. When you first came to
heaven, a large assembly was convened during which we celebrated your arrival. All
the gods and celestials were present. You saw me then, dancing in the midst of the
chief Apsaräs. Your gaze rested upon me for some moments and Indra noticed your
attentions. Thus he has sent me here through Citrasena. I have come to wait upon
you, O hero. My heart is stolen by your virtues and I am under the control of
Kämadeva. This is my wish let me possess you tonight.

(Arjuna at once covered his ears in shame)

Arjuna: O blessed lady, O most charming one, it is not proper for me to hear you
speak such words. You are the wife of my superior. As the illustrious Kunté or the
beautiful Çacé, Indra’s consort, is to me, so too are you, O goddess. Do not doubt what
I say. O lady of sweet smiles, I did indeed gaze upon you, but not out of desire. There
was quite another reason.”. Thousands of years previously you had become Pürurava’s
wife, who was one of our ancestors. O blessed one, when I gazed at you I was simply
amazed to see the mother of my dynasty. You should not entertain any other feeling
for me than that of your son.”

Urvaçé :O son of Indra, we of the heavenly realms are not fettered by human morality.
You need not see me as a superior. I have sported with other sons and grandsons of
the Püru dynasty without incurring sin. Do not reject me, for that is not the practice
of virtuous men.”

Arjuna: O beautiful lady, hear what I tell you and let the four directions and all the
celestials also hear. You are no different to me than Kunté, Mädré or Çacé. I bow my
head to you as my mother. Please protect me as your son.”

(Rejected and insulted, she became angry. With knitted brows and quivering lips, she

Urvasi: As you insult a woman who has come to you at your father’s command and
out of her own desire––a woman pierced by Cupid’s arrow––you shall lose your
manhood and live as a dancer in the company of women. O Arjuna, you shall become
a eunuch and lose all respect.”
Arjuna stunned….(Echo O Arjuna, you shall become a eunuch and lose all respect.”)

(With that, Urvaçé turned and left Arjuna)

Indra enters….

Indra:O best of men, because you are her son, Kunté is the most glorious mother. You
have defeated even the åñis by your self-control and patience. Do not worry. Urvaçé’s
curse will be for your good and will prove useful. You will need to pass your final year
of exile incognito. At that time, Urvaçé’s curse will take effect and, living as a eunuch,
no one shall discover you. Having passed one year without your manhood, you shall
regain it at the end of that period.”

(Arjuna was relieved.

Narration: As the twelve yrs. of excel was over the 13th yrs. was approaching, the
Pandavas approached their Guru Duamya..and discussed their strategy so that
although Duryodhna would undoubtedly send 100’s and 1000’s of spy’s he would
not beable to find them. They did not want to take any chances. Hence the
Pandavas entered the capital of Virata disguised. Yudhistir become
Kankabhatta…expert in casting dice and a courtier. Bhima became Vallabh dressed
as a cook….Draupadi became Sarindri..the expert hair dresserfor Queen
Sudheshna…Sahadev become cowheard..and Nakul as a hourse keeper. And Arjuna
using the curse of Urvasi become a eunuch Brihanalla…the dancing master of
Uttara the daughter of King Virata..During this one year Kichak the commander in
chief of Virata got attracted to Draupadi and was forcefully wanted to destroy her
chastity. Bhima in the dead of the night killed Kichak ruthlessly…The news of
Kichak’s death started becoming know to everyone. In the meantime Duryodhana
had sent many spy’s all over the world to search for the Pandavas…and the spy’s
had returned form their search…

Scene 2

Guard: The spy’s you had sent have returned and seek your permission to meet you
and give their report.

Spy’s enter…

Spy 1: Maharaj Ki jai Ho….Yuaraj Ki Jai ho….We have searched all over the country,
but we cannot find any traces of the Pandavas.

Spy 2: There is a news that Kichak ,commander in chief of Virata has been killed in a
very mysterious way.
Duryodhana: You should arrange for one final search for the Päëòavas. Have the best
of our men scour every city and town. If those heroes still live, we face great danger.
We are expecting them to emerge from exile surrounded by their forces. Let us
discover them before this happens and send them back to the forest.

Dushashana : We should certainly make a great effort to locate the Päëòavas, but I
doubt we will find them. We have already searched every city and town. Either they
have perished or they have crossed the ocean. I think they are gone forever. I do not
think we need fear them.

When Dushashana sat down,

Droëa stood up ….

Drona: Persons like the Päëòavas never meet destruction. They are heroic,
resourceful, intelligent, self-controlled, pious, grateful, and attached to observing
vows. Yudhiñöhira is both virtuous and without enemies. He is their leader. Thus they
are patiently waiting the day when they can return and overcome their misfortunes.
This is my opinion. O Duryodhana, you will see the Päëòavas at the end of their exile
and not before. Do not waste your energy searching for them. Rather, you should
prepare a welcome for them. Give them back their kingdom.”

Bhéñma applauded Droëa’s speech.

Bhisma: I fully agree with Droëa. The virtuous Päëòavas, guided by the Brahmins and
walking always on a righteous path, will not perish. They who have as a friend the
infallible and all-powerful Kåñëa cannot be overcome by misfortune. The pure-souled
Yudhiñöhira can consume his enemies with his glance alone. We should consider
carefully how to deal with them now that their exile is ending. It is certainly a mean
policy to search for them. I have another view. Listen carefully and I will speak for our
good. A counselor should always speak the beneficial truth and never anything evil.”

Bhéñma looked around the Kuru assembly hall. At its head sat Dhåtaräñöra, flanked by
Vidura, Droëa, Kåpa, Bählika, and himself. Duryodhana and his brothers sat to the king’s
right, along with Karëa and Çakuni.

Bhisma: As far as locating the Päëòavas is concerned, I will tell you where to find
them. Look for that place where there are no calamities or disasters. Where the pious
Yudhiñöhira dwells, there will be an atmosphere of peace and security. The people will
be inclined toward charity and will be liberal, humble and modest. There the people
will be cheerfully performing their respective duties, attached to piety, truthfulness
and purity. You will hear the Vedic hymns being chanted and see sacrifices being
performed. Clouds will shower abundant rains and the earth will be bearing crops.
There will be signs of wealth everywhere, and no one will be miserable. Indeed, that
place where Yudhiñöhira lives will resemble the heavens. Knowing all this, O Kurus,
consider what should be done. In my view, we should give up our petty attempts to
find them just to send them again to the forest. Let us welcome them back and restore
to them their father’s kingdom.”

Bhéñma sat down, applauded by Droëa, Vidura and Kåpa, who himself rose from his seat
and said

Krpa: What the aged Bhéñma has said is undoubtedly correct and meant only for our
good. His words are reasonable, truthful, and consistent with scripture. Returning the
Päëòavas’ kingdom is surely the wisest course of action.”

Looking across at Duryodhana and his brothers

Kåpa :But if we are not to follow this course, then we had best prepare for war. When
those powerful heroes return, they will be burning with energy and ascetic power.
Therefore, consider now how to expand your own forces. Seek out your allies and
make treaties with them. Build a vast, unassailable army. If you deny the Päëòavas
their rights, then we face the gravest possible danger.”

Dronacharya, Bhisma, Kripacharya leaves…..

Duryodhna comes in the center of the stage and starts thinking….

Duryodhana (pensive):At no cost I want to return the kingdom to the Pandavas, the
fight is ineveitable unless I discover them and send them back into excile…But my
foolish spies cannot find them.

Karna: My friend, but your spies ave got very important news. Think abot
this….Kichak……who could kill Kichak??…. Impossible…for a ordinary person to
kill Maharathi Kichak.

Duryodhana: Impossible…why? Explain to me…..

Karna: Apparently he had been slain by one of the five Gandharva husbands of a
single woman. ….there were only a handful of men who could have killed Kichaka in
hand-to-hand combat.Only six people had the strength to kill Kichak.. Krishna’s elder
bother Balaräma, your grandfather Bhisma , your Guru Drona, yourself ,myself ––and
Bhéma. Then who must have killed him.

Duryodhana: Bhima….!!!! You have aked a very relevant question. Balaramji has not
killed him, neither grandfather Bhisma and Dronacharya..nor both of us. Then…….he
must have been killed by that warrior whom my spies have not yet found. He had
been beaten to a pulp in the dead of night. That sounded suspiciously like Bhéma. And
he would have had to do it in secret. It added up. Kichaka had violated a woman with
five husbands and had been slain in a manner that bore Bhéma’s unmistakable
stamp.(Laughter….for long) Congagulate me ..my friend..I’ve been successful in
exposing the agyatvaas of the Pandavas. Lets attack the kingdom of Virata .

Sakuni: (clapping..)You have made a very good proposition…. We will attack the
kingdom of Virata and those 5 valiant fighters would not be able to tolerate this
happening to a kingdom who has given them shelter. They will definitely prematurely
end their agyatvaas and fight, and even if they win they will have to go again in exile
for another 12 yrs.

Dhusasan: But on what basis will we attack the kingdom of Virata?

Sakuni: : O Kurus, if you desire to expand your forces, you can begin by bringing
Virata under your subjection since he is without Kichaka. Tell Susharma to bring his
army to assist you and attack Virata.

Duryodhana: The gods––or perhaps the Dänavas––have answered me. If we went to

Virata, we might find the Päëòavas. If they were not there, then there was no loss. I
would still gain something by winning over that kingdom.

The prince stood up and issued instructions.

Duryodhana : Uncle Sakuni has made an excellent suggestion. Susharma should go to

the Matsya kingdom immediately and begin by taking away Virata’s cattle and we will
follow with our forces and attack the city.

Narration: As per the instructions of Duryodhana, Susharma attchcked the kingdom

of Virata and started stealing their cows. The king immediately assembled hi his
army which included the 4 pandavas except Arjuna. The the Matsya monarch into
battle.The entire seem like the mass of clouds charged with lighting across the
earth.A fierce battle ensued the battle grounds. Susharama attached King Virata and
killed his horses and captured him and he started to lead him away. On the orders
of Yudhistir, Bhima attacked Susharma as a lion attacks a deer and with his
powerful blows he made him unconsciousness. He dragged Susharma to the feet of
Virata . Virata raj released Susharma on the condition of of not repeating to do sunc
heinous act again..Virat Raj was very happy with the four pandavas and he ordered
his ministers to carry the news of victory to the city. As per the customs of the
victorious, they speant the night on the battlefield.

Scene 3

Brihanlla is giving lessons to Uttara. Uttara is dancing with her friends.

Sudheshna: Sarindri, I’m getting worried and anxious, since there is no news from the
Draupadi Do not worry, Maharani, wherever there is Balava and Kanka , victory is
certain. (Uttarkumar enters hurriedly)

Sudheshna: Any news of the battle, Son??

Uttama kumar: Pranam Mata, father is injured but we are victorious. Do not be in
anxiety..Do Not worry. I was thinking , if father would have taken be ..he would have
not got injured and still won the battle. But he preferred to take cook , cowheard man
and horse keeper instead. That is the reason he got injured. ( Draupadi stares at him..)

Uttara: Really brother…!! We are victorious!!

Uttama Kumar: Lets us have celebrations.

Uttara: Yes….my Brihanalla was telling ..where ever there is Balava the cook victory is

Uttama: You and your Brihanalla….

Guards enter…………….

Guards: All glories to Yuaraj….

Uttama Kumar: What is the good news??

Guards: I have got a bad news…

Uttama Kumar: What is it??

Guards: O prince, the mighty Kauravas with Duryodhana, Bhisma, Dronacharya,

Krpacharya, Karna have attached and are seizing our cows. You are this kingdom’s
greatest support. Please display your powers and save the cows and the kingdom.

Uttama Kumar: This is not a bad news . It is good news.

Sudheshna: How will you fight against Bhisma, Drona, Krpa , Karna..they are not
ordinary soldiers.

Uttama Kumar: Mother, do not worry.. I’ll go and in matter of not time defeat the
Kurus and come back

Draupadi: Prince, The beautiful youth resembling an elephant and known by the
name Båihannala was once Arjuna’s charioteer. He was the disciple of Pärtha and is
himself a mighty bowman. I saw him when I lived with the Päëòavas. It was
Båhannala who drove Arjuna’s chariot when he vanquished the gods at Khäëòava.
Indeed there is no charioteer like him.”

Uttama Kumar: (looked at her in surprise). This eunach…..!!“How can I ask a eunuch
to govern my horses, Sarindri ?

Sudheshna: Son, whatever Sarindris says always comes true.Remember whatever she
told about Kichak was true…Please take Brihanalla with you.

Uttamakumar: Guards, get a suit of armour for Brihanalla……“O Båhannala, whatever

you may be, drive my chariot today. We shall challenge the wicked Kurus on the

(As if to make fun, Arjuna struggled to put it on in various wrong ways. He appeared
bewildered and dropped the armor with a loud clatter. The palace ladies laughed

Uttara with her friends: “O Båhannala, after the prince defeats the Kurus, take from
them their fine silks and clothes as a token of your victory. We desire to have those
cloths for our dolls.”

Brihanalla: When the prince has overpowered the Kurus I shall surely bring back
many beautiful clothes for you,” Arjuna replied, throwing back his hair.
Brahmins (blessed him) “May that great victory which Arjuna obtained at Khäëòava
be yours today when you meet the Kurus,”

Narration: Arjuna urged on the horses and the chariot moved and within a short
time the chariot came within sight of the Kurus and Arjuna brought it to a halt.
They were not far from the cremation ground where his weapons were kept. The
prince and Arjuna gazed at the Kuru army in the distance.

Uttama Kumar: Is this anarmy or an ocean? Even demigods cannot fight with them.
My bow is slipping away. Bhisma, Drona, Karna, Krpacharya .,even Indra cannot fight
with them. I’m just a kid. My father has gone wawy with the entire army and left me
alone. No Brihannala…No……..

Arjuna:You are running away .You are a Kshatriya….If princess ask for the clothes for
her dolls ..what will I say? You very braging in the kingdom in front of those ladies
thatyou’ll kill all the Kurus single handedly and come back fast. What happened to
that ?? Do not be a coward. If you do not fight..I’ll fight…..No Brihanalla..No….let me
Scene 4

Uttama Kumar: (running) Let me go ..Brihanalla..Let the Kurs take our wealth as they
please..Let men and women laugh at me..let th cows go anywhefre..let the city be
desolate..let me fear my father..but I cannot enter the battle..

Arjuna: A brave kshatriya never flees athe battlefield..better to die in bettle then run in

UttamaKumar: Let me go! O Båhannala, turn back the chariot. Only one who lives can
secure prosperity and happiness. When we get back I will give you one hundred coins
of pure gold, eight brilliant vaidurya gems, an excellent car drawn by the best of
horses, and ten infuriated elephants if you release me.”

Arjuna dragged the prince ..

Arjuna: Prince, please come back to your chariot..if you do not like to fight…you
govern the horses and I’ll fight the enemy….Take the reins and we will proceed into
the battle.

Arjuna: Climb this sami tree, O prince, and bring down that bundle up there. It holds
the weapons I need. Your bow and arrows will not withstand the force of my arms
when, worked up with anger, I defeat our enemies.

Uttamakumar: It is heard that a corpse is tied to this tree. How can I, a prince, touch
such an unclean thing?

Arjuna: Do not be afraid, O prince. This is no corpse. There are only weapons
wrapped in that bundle. Bring them down at once.
Uttamakumar he goes into the wings and enters with the bundle…

Arjuna : Open the bundle

(As the weapons were revealed they shone like the sun. Bhuminjaya gasped. The
blazing weapons resembled sighing serpents. The prince was awestruck. He reached
out to touch them and asked)

Uttama Kumar: To what illustrious hero does this bow, with its hundred golden
embellishments, belong? And whose is this one, embossed with shining golden
elephants? Surely some powerful warrior owns this bow, decorated with three
effulgent suns.
Arjuna: The bow about which you asked first is the Gäëòéva. It is equal to a hundred
thousand other bows and is worshipped even by the celestials. It was first held by
Brahmä, then by Indra and Soma, and now it has come to Arjuna through Varuëa. The
bow next to the Gäëòéva, adorned with a hundred golden insects, belongs to
Yudhiñöhira, and the huge bow next to that is Bhéma’s. The quivers containing winged
shafts as sharp as razors belong to Arjuna. Those arrows become inexhaustible in
battle. The sword nearby the quivers bearing the emblem of a black bee and carrying
the sting of a bee is also Arjuna’s.

Uttamakumar: These weapons are both beautiful and dreadful, but where are their
owners? Where are Arjuna and the noble Yudhiñöhira? Where indeed are the twins
and the mightiest of men, Bhéma? We never hear of those heroes, who are capable of
destroying all enemies but who lost their kingdom in a game of dice. Where is
Draupadé, the jewel among women, who followed them faithfully to the forest?”

Arjuna : Prince , I’m Arjuna…the great bowmen..The mighty Vallabha is Bhéma, and
Kaìka isYudhiñöhira.

Uttamakumar: I shall believe your words if you can tell me Arjuna’s ten names, which
I have heard before.”

Arjuna :Because I conquered many countries and collected their wealth, I am called
Dhanaïjaya. I never return from battle without defeating my enemy and thus I am
called Vijaya. My steeds are white and so they call me Swetavahana. I was born when
the constellation Uttarä Phälguna was in the ascendant; therefore, I am Phälguné.
Because I wear the brilliant diadem given to me by Indra, I am called Kiréöé. I am
dreadful to behold in battle and so men call me Bhibatsu. I am named Savyasäcin
because I can draw the bow with either hand. Being unapproachable and irrepressible,
I am known as Jiñëu. Arjuna is my name because I always perform white deeds of
great purity. My father, out of affection for a black-complexioned boy, called me
Kåñëa. These are my ten names, O prince.

Uttamakumar: (fell at Arjuna’s feet with his arms outstretched). “By my good luck I
have seen you, O Dhanaïjaya. Please forgive anything I may have said to you in my
ignorance. You are worthy of my worship. My fears are all removed and I am ready to
act as your charioteer. Please order me.


Narration: The Kurus on the other side were discussing that the so called eunuch
was Arjuna.. and at point of time..Arjuna blewhis conch shell and twanged his bow.

Lights ON..
Drona: He turned to Duryodhana. “There is no doubt that Savyasäci has come to fight
with us..

Duryodhana (scowled) :O grand-father, it seems that we have found the Päëòavas

before their exile is complete. The condition was that they should return to exile if
found in their final year. If this is indeed Bhibatsu, then they will have to spend
another twelve years in the forest. You should carefully calculate the time, O
Grandfather Bhéñma. You are the eldest of our family so please go and tell Arjuna to go
with his four bothers again in excile for 12 yrs.

Bhisma: Have we come here to fight or to break the agyatvaas?

Are you afraid to fight with Arjuna?

Duryodhana: I have not told Arujuna to break the agyatvaas and fight.

Karëa: It seems you have all become fearful simply upon seeing Arjuna. Do you not
know that Arjuna is no match for me? After spending a long time in the forest, he will
be weak in battle. By killing Arjuna I will repay my debt to Duryodhana.

Kåpa : O Radheya, your crooked mind always desires war. You do not understand
things according to time, place and circumstance. How can it be favorable for us to
face Pärtha in an encounter? Alone he vanquished the Gandharvas and alone he
withstood the celestial host at Khäëòava. . Unaided, he fearlessly took away Subhadrä
from the midst of the Yadus, exciting the wrath of the invincible Balaräma. Now he
has come before us after practicing celibacy in the forest and having acquired from the
gods all their divine weapons.”

Aswattama: Oh Karna..we have not taken and efeated te enemy..why then do u

boast...O proud Duryodhana, fight with Arjuna in the same way that you defeated him
at dice. Let your uncle Çakuni now show his true prowess in a real fight. The Gäëòéva
does not cast dice, but it discharges burning arrows.

Bhéñma :Droëa’s son has spoken well, so as Kåpa. Kunté’s sons are not greedy and will
never do anything against virtue. They do not desire to win the kingdom by unfair
means. Otherwise, why did they not show their prowess even at the gambling match?

Duryodhana: Grandfather…please go and tell Arjuna to go with his four bothers again
in excile for 12 yrs

Bhisma: My dear Duryodhana..at the time of the gambling match it not decided that
you will send the spies to break the agyatvaas.

Duryodhana: (laughter….) That we will discuss later on.

Bhisma: The Päëòavas would sooner invite death than speak an untruth. By my
calculation their time is complete. I therefore conclude that we will soon see all five
brothers again. Duryodhana, if you will not restore their kingdom, then our meeting
will take place on a battlefield.”

Duryodhana :I will not return the Päëòavas’ kingdom. O Grandfather, please arrange
for a battle.”

Narration: Arjuna released hundreds of thousands of arrows, and they covered the
Kuru forces like a swarm of locusts. The warriors could not see anything and they
became confused. Being unable even to flee, they praised Arjuna’s prowess. The
earth and sky resounded with the twang of the Gäëòéva and the blast of Arjuna’s
conch shell. Arjuna single handedly fought all the Kuru and made them
uncounscious by his celestial weapons. Remembering his promise to the Matsya
ladies, Arjuna went around the battlefield and took the costly robes from the fallen
Kuru warriors.

Scene 5

Virata Raj:. There is no news from the spies. Why did u allow the prince to go alone ,
Sudheshna? “How will my son fare against the likes of Bhéñma, Droëa, Karëa and
Duryodhana? Not even the greatest demigod Indra can conquer them.

Yudhiñöhira: Do not worry , Maharaj just wait and watch the most auspicious news of
the victory of your son.

Virata Raj: Brihanalla, with such a useless person as his chariatieer , I do not think he
will remain alive.

Yudhiñöhira(smiled)If Båhannala is his charioteer, you need not fear. The Kurus will
not be able to defeat him. Indeed, even the celestial hosts would not be able to
overpower him with Båhannala on his chariot.”

Virata Raj: Have you gone mad, Kanka..that eunuch is not even a complete man. How
will that half man protect my son. Put off all the lamps of the palace…I’m in great
anxiety for my son.

Dasi: Congraulation Maharaj…congratulation Maharani….I have a very

goodnews…and I expect a great reward for that.

Virata Raj: Congratulations for what …oh foolish lady..what is the news..that my son
has departed for the heavenly planets.
Dasi: Prince is victorious and is coming back to the palace….,

Yudhiñöhira : Victory is certain for anyone who has Båhannala with him.”

Virata Raj: Again Brihanalla…Sudheshna..did you hear our sion has gained vistory
overr the Kurus

Yudhistir: Brihanalla always carries the victory flag.

Virata Raj: Decorate the highways with flags and festoons. Worship all the gods with
profuse gifts of flowers and costly incenses. Bring him here in style and have a
messenger riding an elephant go around the city ringing a bell to announce our
Come, Kaìka, let us play dice while we wait for my son. I will happily stake heaps of
gems, gold, and numerous well-adorned women. My pleasure knows no limits today.”

Yudhistir: O King, one should never gamble when he is experiencing so much joy,”
Gambling is attended by many evils.

Virata Raj: What do you think of this news then, Kaìka? My son has single-handedly
defeated the invincible Kurus.”

Yudhiñöhira : It was no surprise since the prince had Båhannala with him.

(The king was beginning to feel annoyed.)

Virata Raj: Why do you praise a eunuch as superior to my son? O Brahmin, you insult
me by such words. Why should my son not have defeated the Kurus? He is a fearless
and powerful fighter.”
Yudhiñöhira threw the sapphire dice across the gaming board.

Yudhistir: When Bhéñma, Droëa, Kåpa, Duryodhana, and the other Kurus assemble for
battle, I do not see any warrior who could face them except Båhannala.

The king stood up suddenly, clutching the dice in fury.

Virata Raj: “You obviously do not know right from wrong. I should certainly punish
you for this impropriety.”

(Virata hurled the dice at Yudhiñöhira and struck him in the face. Blood flowed from his
nose and Yudhiñöhira cupped his hands to catch it. He looked across at Draupadé, who sat
in the court. She quickly fetched a jug of water. Yudhiñöhira held a wet cloth to his face to
stem the flow of blood.)

Second messenger: Your son has arrived at the palace gates.

King and Queen go out…

Yudhiñöhira : Panchali have the prince come alone…Somehow other do not allow
Arjun to enter the court. You remember Panchali, Arjuna has taken a vow that if
anyone caused my blood to flow other than in battle, he would kill that person.
Draupadi, If Arjuna saw my blood now, Virata would be slain.

Draupadi leaves….

King enters with the Queen and Uttamakumar.

Uttama Kumar: Who has done this to Kaìka? O King, who has committed such a

Virata Raj: This wily Brahmin deserves even more. While I was praising your
achievements, he glorified Båihannala as if he were your superior.”

Uttama Kumar: I’m asking for forgiveness on behalf of my father.

Yudhistir: I’ve already forgiven him. This kingdom has given me shelter in the most
needed period of my life.

Uttama Kumar: “You have committed a great sin! Pacify him at once so that the
deadly venom of a Brahmin’s curse does not consume you.”

Virat Raj: I apologize Kanka…

Yudhiñöhira, who nodded his forgiveness. Virata then said to his son.

Virat Raj: O descendent of Kekaya, in you I truly have a son. There can be none to
equal you.

Uttama Kumar: I did not rescue the cows, Father, nor did I defeat the Kurus.
Everything was done by the son of a celestial. He overpowered that army of lions and
sent them reeling back to Hastinäpura.

Virata Raj : Where is that celestial being. I want to express my gratitude to one who
has protected you and our kingdom.

Uttama Kumar: He disappread as soon as the war was over.

Uttara (running with colorful clothes in her hands) Father….see this colorful clothes of
the Kurus..My brother and Brihanalla have got for me.
The following day at dawn, Yudhiñöhira, surrounded by his brothers, entered the
royal court before the king arrived. They were dressed in white clothes and adorned
with gold ornaments. Like five angry lions, they strode up to the royal dais and
took their seats on thrones reserved for kings.

Virata Raj: What are you doing? You are a dice player and a courtier. Why are you
sitting on a royal seat, adorned with ornaments and surrounded by my cook and my
horse and cow-keepers?

Uttama Kumar: father, they have honored our court by accepting these seats.

Arjuna: This man, O King, is worthy of sharing a seat with Indra. He is far-sighted,
forgiving, powerful, truthful and self-controlled. Famous all over the world and loved
by all, this man is a royal saint like the great Manu himself. O King, this is the
foremost of all the Kurus, the pious King Yudhiñöhira.

Virata’s eyes opened wide. Staring at the five brothers one after another, he replied,

Yudhiñöhir: We did not want to leave w/o expressing our gratitude to you ,
Maharaj…we will always remember your kindness upon us…by ur mercy we have
spent our period incognito in your shelter.

Virata Raj: If this is Yudhiñöhira, then who are these other four? Where are the mighty
Bhéma and his invincible brother, Arjuna? Where are Nakula and Sahadeva and the
illustrious Draupadé? Since their defeat at dice, no one has seen them.

Arjuna: This one, your cook Balava is Bhéma, possessor of dreadful prowess and
energy. It was he who slew the lustful Kichaka. On the other side of Yudhiñöhira sits
Nakula, the keeper of your horses, and next to him is Sahadeva, your chief cowherd..
As far as the lotus-eyed Draupadé, she has for this last year served in your palace as
Sairindhré, for whose sake Kichaka was slain. I am Arjuna, Kunté’s third son.

(The king folded his palms and bowed low to Yudhiñöhira)

Uttmakumar: It was he who slew the Kurus like a lion killing deer. It was he who
rescued the cows and overpowered the great heroes from Hastinäpura. My ears are
still deafened from the incredible blasts of his conch.” Please honor them.

Virata Raj : Dahrmaraj, Rajarsi, Samarat Yudhistir, Dhananjaya, Bhima, please forgive
me. I’ve insulted you every day by thinking of you as Kanka, Brihanalla and Maharai
Draupadi as our servant. You are the emblem of religion. Forgive me Maharaj…The
time has come for me to honor your illustrious selves. What should I do? You are
worthy of my worship.”

Yudhistir: You gave us shelter for 1 yr and protected us from the wicked spies of

Virata Raj: Arjuna has protected my son and has given him a new life…
If you like, I shall bestow my daughter Uttarä on Arjuna. I am fully indebted to you
all. O great King, please forgive me if I have unwittingly given you any offense.

Arjuna: Uttara, she si my disciple…I have always seen her as my daughter.Let your
daughter become my daughter-in-law. That would be a fitting alliance between our
two houses.O King, I have seen her as my daughter and do not wish anyone to think it
was ever different. If I were to accept her as my wife, others will doubt her purity. I
wish to prove her purity and therefore will continue to see her as my daughter. There
is no difference between a daughter and a daughter-in-law. Let her wed my son
Abhimanyu. He is Kåñëa’s nephew and he resembles a celestial in every way. He will
be a proper husband for Uttarä and a son for you.”