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Chai Sutta Bar

Chai Sutta Bar is one of the most influential Brand that’s

CSB been spearheading the new-age fast food and beverages
industry among the millennials, Gen Z across the world.
Our success story is illustrated by the 10,00,00,000
Kulhad Tea that we have sold across the spectrum of 4
years, across the world. We have diverse outlet models
which vary as per your appetite and the available of the
carpet area of the outletOne of India’s fastest
mushrooming brand, Chai Sutta Bar has 65 café outlets, of
which 5 are operated and managed as per the COCO
Model in Indore and Bhopal, while more than 60 are
franchised various Metros/Non-Metros in various cities
like Pune, Mumbai, Jabalpur,  Indore, Bhopal, Ujjain,
Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Raipur,
Bilaspur, Dehradun etc.
The 3 Musketeers
The triad of the Trimurti have been the
foundation behind the Kulhad Revolution
that's spreading like a wildfire...our founders
rose to their success from a humble middle
class background. Chai Sutta Bar has more
USPs than one, as a social venture, as a
franchise model, as the representation of the
rustic youth and the flag bearerof the taste of
India...it is what it is today, all thanks to the
devotion dedication and the X factor that
these three bring to the CSB Family
Kiosk: 150 ft
Perfect for outlets that need to be quick on the feel
and deliver on-the-go. Ideal for takeaways places with
frequent & heavy commute
Cutting: 250 ft
A one-up upgrade over a kiosk, it is a perfect feel to the
close to home comfy and cozy place, where people
love to spend their time
Kulhad: 500 ft
A space worthy of a check-in, it is a place where magic
happens and people get to connect with the true rustic
spirit of the CSB Outlet
Raajsi Kulhad: 8000 sq ft
The Grandeur and magnificence of something as
humble as our business model can only be experienced
in an outlet that's truly RAAJSI. Fit to be a paradise for
the people, with the true CSB Touch

1. Indore 14. Chhindwara

2. Mumbai 15. Dehradun
3. Delhi 16. Kota
4. Jaipur 17. Itarasi
5. Bangalore 18. Hoshangabad
6. Chandigarh 19. Nagpur
7. Bangalore 20. Jabalpur
8. Ahmedabad 21. Satna
9. Surat 22. Aurangabad
10. Pune 23. Haridwar
11. Bhopal 24. Dewas
12. Ujjain 25. Jamna Nagar
13. Raipur 26. Bilaspur