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Date: 19TH March 2020

NAME: ALI AHSAN Contract No:AU-19032020/101

Mobile Number: +92346 7798076
Email Address: ali_ahsan4@yahoo.com
Occupation: - ANZSCO/552111


I, hereinafter referred to as the “Client” of KFA Consultant, a member in good standing of the Immigration
Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council, referred as “Consultant” to represent an application for Immigration to
Canada for myself and that of my immediate family members, to all the appropriate departments, as the case may be.
The Consultant is authorized to assign any of its staff members, associates, affiliates, lawyers or agents to process any
matters in the whole or part related to the case as they seem appropriate.
In doing so, they may each receive or pay to each other any pecuniary remuneration or benefit that may be acquired
directly or indirectly, including those from a third party for the purpose of obtaining a favorable and expeditious result.

A. Client Declaration

1. I affirm that neither I nor any other family members included in my application have presented or will present at any
future date, false and misleading information to either the Consultant, the Engineer Australia or to the Government
of Australia.
2. I affirm that neither I nor any other family members included in my application have presented or will present at any
future date, fraudulently obtained or forged documents to the Consultant, EA or to the Government of Australia.
3. I assure to respond promptly and truthfully to all inquiries by the Consultant and shall not make a misrepresentation.
I shall make a payment (as per section D), as promised and then proceeds with the application process in Australia.
4. I affirm to promptly notify the Consultant to any material changes in his/her status. Such changes to include but not
limited to marital status, change in family size, change in marital status, change of address or change in country of
5. I agree to the Fee for the Services in accordance with the Payment Plan. and provide KFA Consultant such,
information and assistance in a timely manner, ensuring that information is complete and accurate; in each case as
reasonably required to allow the consultant to perform the Services.
6. I hereby represent and warrant that all information and/or documents provided to KFA Consultant is personal
information and documents (and not that of any other person), it is complete, true and correct and has not been
manipulated or falsified in any way whatsoever.
7. I will co-operate fully with KFA Consultant and follow the Consultant reasonable instructions in relation to the
performance of the Services including attending all agreed appointments; obtain and produce all necessary
information, documents and originals upon request and consents for the performance of the Services and for so doing,
this document shall constitute good and sufficient authority and declaration.
Client Signature:

 +97143939029
 info@kfaconsultant.com
Address: 510 The Plaza Radisson Blu Deira Dubai, United Arab Emirates
B. Consultant Declaration of Services:

1. The Consultant has prepared a detailed immigration assessment; comprehensive case review, this is a technical
assessment of his findings with respect to the information provided by the client.

2. The Consultant shall provide the client immigration advise and shall assist the client in filing and processing his/her
immigration applications with the relevant Australia immigration authorities, liaison between the Australia
Government and the applicant.

3. KFA Consultant will regularly monitor the progress of the client immigration application process and constantly
update the client on the progress of his/her application and shall offer the client immigration advise and assist the client
with the payment of disbursements to the relevant immigration agencies in Australia if so, requested by the client.
Such payments shall be receipted for and scanned copies sent to the client via email. Will constantly keep the client
updated on the progress of his/her file and after the process transfer all client file to the client or his/her designate.

4. The Consultant will offer the client assistance in the procurement of an Educational Assessment issued by a designated
Australia organization. KFA Consultant shall prepare a step by step process to allow the client to remain in full control
while having all the help and support the client may require from our office across the world.

5. KFA Consultant shall liaise with the relevant Government Authorities to address any questions, enquiries and
clarifications that may be required with respect to the client application. Throughout this stage appointments shall be
arranged to discuss the ongoing progress of the client case and address enquiries.

6. KFA Consultant shall provide access to our hand selected local and international panel of relocation experts whom
KFA Consultant has tasked with assisting KFA Consultant Clients with all their international relocation needs.

7. KFA Consultant shall apply under all categories of visa to the particular country, in order to gain in time approval of
visa application. The consultant will prepare, alter, improvise documentation as per requirement of the authorities.
KFA Consultant relies heavily upon the information provided by the client and has the opportunity to establish the
facts of the client case based on the information the client has provided.

8. If at any time KFA Consultant discover any issues that need to be addressed, which would otherwise harm the client
case, KFA Consultant will offer alternative suggestions and recommendations for an alternative course of action,
together with any alternative options available to the client, if appropriate.

Client Signature:

 +97143939029
 info@kfaconsultant.com
Address: 510 The Plaza Radisson Blu Deira Dubai, United Arab Emirates
C. The Responsibilities of the Business Relationship:

1. KFA Consultant shall provide and you shall purchase the Services in accordance with the Schedule of Services and
Payment Plan subject to these Terms. The Contract shall become binding upon receipt by KFA Consultant of the
Deposit from you.

2. KFA Consultant will provide the Services to you in accordance with the Contract. The Services will begin on the
Commencement Date and be performed until provision is complete or earlier termination of the Contract.

3. KFA Consultant will not be liable for any delay in or failure of performance of the Services so far as caused by an
event of Force Majeure or your failure to perform your obligations under the Contract. KFA Consultant may make any
changes to the Services: needed to comply with applicable law; or which do not materially affect the nature or quality
of the Services; and will notify you in advance of such changes.

4. KFA Consultant will perform the Services using reasonable care and skill and use sufficient personnel who have
appropriate skills and experience for its duties. Except as otherwise expressly set out in this Contract, KFA Consultant
does not make any representations or warranties, express or implied, in connection with the Services.

5. KFA Consultant can offer guarantees on the approximate time taken to process your application according to the
assessment and once the case has been submitted to the relevant authority.

D. Payment Terms and Conditions:

The total amount of your Fee is PKR 1,800,000; (Excluding all the other Fees govt, visa and vestassess).

1. KFA Consultant Professional Fee: PKR 1,800,000 - Installment Plan

A. Starting of Application – PKR 450,000
B. On Express of Interest – PKR 450,000
C. Upon Invitation to Apply – PKR 450,000
D. On Visa Application – PKR 450,000

All other fees are Excluded.

Client Signature:

 +97143939029
 info@kfaconsultant.com
Address: 510 The Plaza Radisson Blu Deira Dubai, United Arab Emirates
E. Refund Policy:

1. If KFA Consultant is prevented or delayed in performing the Services by any cause attributable to you. KFA
Consultant may close your file and suspend the Services until you remedy your default.

2. In case of failure due to service rendered by KFA Consultant, resubmission of the case can be done with the procedure
and no additional fees.

3. If the case cannot be resubmitted, reimbursement of the fee shall be made depending on the intensity and stage of the
failure. In all other cases, KFA Consultant would make a submission to any other visa category with your consent at
no additional service fee.

4. If your case gets rejected / successful or gets negative assessment based on the medical condition, criminality, false
information, misrepresentation of linguistic abilities or fraudulent documents of the applicant or any of the family
members included in the application will not be the responsibility of the Consultant nor the RCIC, personal reason and
voluntarily withdrawal of the case and fake/fabricated documentation and information, will become non-refundable.

5. If in case of failure for IELTS exam and you did not meet the required score, in such cases if you wish not to retake
the exam or withdraw your case, you will not be entitled for any refund.

F. Confidential Information

Means all non-public, commercial, or technical advice and information relating to the Services, immigration knowhow
which is obviously confidential or has been identified as such; whether orally, in writing through means of communication,
by or on behalf of the disclosing party.

G. Specifications of the Agreement:

The agreement will be terminated in circumstances that are beyond our or your control, and stop us or you from carrying
out any of our services. Client is entitled to cancel the agreement at any time without any charge up to the point where we
have provided a detailed advocacy.

If for any reason, the Service is interrupted or terminated prior to completion (but after commencement), you agree to pay
a fee for services actually rendered plus associated costs for work performed by a Client Case Manager. It is very
important to us that you are satisfied with our services. If you have any questions or complaints, please contact your
case manager within as soon as possible and we promise that we will respond on the same business day.

Alternatively, please email info@kfaconsultant.com and we will ensure that you receive a response.

We Accept: In line with UAE Laws and Regulations and International Laws, you have accepted this agreement once you
pay your retainer and act in line with the conditions herein. This agreement is issued and is legally binding in the country
in which you live and to which you wish to relocate.

In accepting the agreement, you agree to be bound by it in all jurisdictions, including USA, Canada, Australia, New
Zealand, and EU Countries.

Company Authorization: Client Signature:

 +97143939029
 info@kfaconsultant.com
Address: 510 The Plaza Radisson Blu Deira Dubai, United Arab Emirates