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Global Internet Optimized

Education Equalization Initiative

Proposed Forum

Enabling Quality Accredited Education using

the internet to become more Affordable and
Universally Available
Leveraging Internet Technology To It’s Fullest
1 10/24/08
Vision Statement: Using
Internet to It’s Optimal
Educational Potential
 Internet Technology has arrived and matured,
but it is not being optimized to it’s full potential in
 As of 2008 the Dots still remain Disconnected
 How can we proliferate the Best Available
Educational Content and Professors, Instructors
& Teachers to students at every level ?
 Optimize the mix between Universities and
Online Institutions.

2 10/24/08
Vision Statement Continued
 How can we enlist the cooperation of
National, State, and Local Governments
in a joint effort to promote excellence in
education from pre school to graduate
schooling using the Best of Breed in
available instruction ? Can we have
better cooperation between Higher
Educational Institutions ?

3 10/24/08
Goals and Objectives
 Enlist the cooperation of National and
International Educational Institutions in
developing a curriculum of excellence.
 To offer the best in education equally to
all students independent of economic
 To offer affordable quality accredited and
standardized course materials, leading to

4 10/24/08
Today’s Situation

 The OCW initiative has proven that quality

courses can be offered over the net that can be
taken without credit at no cost by those who have
the motivation to learn, and access to internet
 Higher Educational Institutions through out the
world have contributed to this initiative.
 We have both the talent and content as well as
the technological delivery mechanisms
 Yet overall educational costs have been rising in
a recessionary economy. 5 10/24/08
Today’s Situation cont.
 Higher Education is becoming more of a luxury
and a privilege than a right
 State, Municipal, and Federal budgets are being
squeezed tighter every year.
 Educational Loans are becoming more
expensive and credit is tightening
 Tuition, textbooks, food, and housing continue to
 Is Quality Education to be only for the Elite
rather than a birthright ?
6 10/24/08
How Did We Get To Today’s
 By Adhering to outmoded paradigms
 By continuing to take an insular rather than a
cooperative approach between institutions on a
Statewide, National, and International Basis.
 By not sharing the best instructional talent
available over the internet.
 By not designing a national educational delivery
system, and using the internet more for
entertainment rather than education.

7 10/24/08
How Did We Get To Today’s
Impasse? cont.
 By not enlisting the cooperation of
Manufacturers and Corporations to leverage
functional used and third party equipment to be
used for less costly educational networks,
especially for rural areas and LDC’s.
 By not encouraging more online courses for
elementary and secondary schooling as well as
an Internet based Peace Corps.

8 10/24/08
Available Options
 Share the Finest Instructional Talent from the
best of State Universities, Ivy League, and
Private Schools thru collaboration and
courseware development, universally raising
levels of educational quality.
 Inspire a Passion for Learning and the Pursuit of
Excellence in every student.
 The monitor and keyboard become a classroom
and library for students at every grade level.
 The internet can better fulfill it’s role of bringing
mankind together and ending illiteracy
9 10/24/08
 Start a Forum bring interested parties to discuss
and share ideas
 Encourage govt. and community leadership to
work together to optimize online education
 Encourage the participation and interest of
Educators and Universities
 Encourage corporate participation from private
industry, telecom manufacturers, carriers and
and cable companies on an international and
multinational level.

10 10/24/08
Your input is appreciated
How can we best lower the costs of
education & increase quality? More
affordable tuition? How many years are we
from realizing this as a reality ?

 Initial Draft: Shel Stein

11 10/24/08