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Dear teacher Assalam Alaikum and perfect afternoon, I am

Sakibur Rahman, and my id is 44. I am going to represent my

group, and our term paper topic is “Entrepreneurship
development in Bangladesh.”
So, with your kind permission, I would like screen share my
slide and start the presentation
I remember, on the very first day of my university life, when my
teachers were asking about our favorite profession, almost half
of my classmates showed interest in entrepreneurship. It refers
to how much polarising the whole concept has been recent.

Slide 01 modern concept-

The idea of entrepreneurship has been changing from time to
time. From just referring to a new business to facing all the
demographic and other challenges, the idea of it has been
Entrepreneurship is regarded as a quite popular terminology.
Some of the purposes that it offers are
 Need for a new job- In the downfallen economy, young
people are more driving to solving new problems and
creating their own business.
 Need for innovation – The term Problem Solving, and
entrepreneurship are interrelated. A successful venture
will always have something great to offer.
 Social and Internet Media- Entrepreneurship also comes
with freedom of independence and social recognition,
which makes young professionals passionate about it.
Types of Entrepreneurship-
Entrepreneurship comes up with different forms and manners.
Today we would like to talk about three promising sectors of
entrepreneurship in Bangladesh.
Slide 4 Woman Entrepreneur-
It is one of the most promising and successful aspects of
entrepreneurship recently. Nevertheless, in the aspect of
Bangladesh, it carries a lot more significance. It impacts not
only the economy but also their social value.
Now let us talk about some of the mentionable personnel who
have overcome their barriers and have risen in their field.

Slide 5 Small Entrepreneurship-

Small and medium-sized enterprises are businesses whose
personnel numbers fall below certain limits. Nevertheless, from
the perspective of Bangladesh, our economic growth is solely
relied on to these sectors.
Slide 06 Young Entrepreneurs-
If we talk about a young entrepreneur in Bangladesh, there are
many names. However, among them, the person who requires
no introduction is Ayman Sadiq.
Ayman Sadiq founded 10 Minute School in mid-2014 as a
YouTube Channel. Though they started from the bottom, now
that brand is revolutionizing the education sector in our
country and getting so many international recognitions. If we
look past the internet, we can find hundreds of more examples
like that.

Slide 07 Scope and Opportunity of

Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh gets a lot of haptic supports,
thanks to favorable policies and demographical advantages.
Some of these are
 Stimulatory Opportunity- means the Opportunity to self-
stimulate toward entrepreneurship development. It covers
the scope for entrepreneur roleplay, entrepreneurial
education, and much more.
 Supportive opportunities cover direct support from
different organizations. They work hand to hand with
entrepreneurs and provide Logistic Support, Technological
Support, and more.
Some of the mentionable organizations are BDB, BASIC,
ICB, BSTI, BRAC, ASA, and many more.
 Sustaining Opportunity includes motivations and
monitoring the entrepreneurs
Some of these are- Favorable policies, International
Promotion factors, Women Entrepreneur Assistance, and
much more.

Slide 8 Problem and constrains of

As being a 3rd world developing country, entrepreneurs in
Bangladesh also faces some of the limitations that they need to
cope up with these.
 Situational Factor in BD are Unstable political
environment, pandemics, natural calamities are some of
the few factors that derive entrepreneurship in
 Exclusive Factor- These are demographical factors which
all the entrepreneurs need to cope up with.. Alike-
Backward positions, conceptual factors, efficiency factors,
mentality factors consist of backdated, avoidance, risk-
averse, conservative mental traits
 Economic Factors are related to the unstable economy of
BD. The drives are high inflation, unemployment issue,
complicated loan granting process, restrictive credit policy,
unusual market structure, a crisis of emergency fund, and
infrastructural lacking.

Slide 10 The Breaking Glass

Lastly, I would like to finish my presentation with one of the
most inspiring entrepreneurs, Rubina Haque. She is not only a
very successful entrepreneur in our country but also the 1 st
female president of BGMEA. In one of her interviews, she has
said that no matter how many barriers that may arrive in life,
those who have the passion and guts. And those who always
look forward will always be a milestone. In my opinion, that
should be the moral of every new entrepreneur.
That is all from my part. Madam, I wish you a very successful
and happy life ahead.
Thank you
Total Summary-
In our paper, we tried to go through some of the most prospect full
fields of entrepreneurship in our nation. As of today, entrepreneurship
serves us not only our bread and butter but also it is a well recognizable
profession. Importantly, in Bangladesh, the most promising sector in
terms of entrepreneurship are woman entrepreneurs, young
entrepreneurs, and Small businesses. We tried to go through these
fields and have stood up some of the recognizing names from each
sector. In our paper, we have recognized many prospects of
entrepreneurship in our nation as well as some possible drawbacks.