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Demonstration Lesson in 21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World

I. Objectives:
a. Familiarize some genres during precolonial and contemporary era, names of the authors and
their works,
b. Value the contributions of local writers to the development of regional literary traditions,
c. Discuss some literary pieces from different regions,
d. Appreciate their works

Content Standard: The learner will be able to understand and appreciate the elements and context
of 21st century Philippine literature from the regions.

Performance Standard: The learner will be able to demonstrate understanding and appreciation
of 21st Century Philippine literature from the regions.

Learning Competencies: Appreciate the contributions of the canonical Filipino writers to the
development of national literature EN12Lit – Ic - 24
II. Subject Matter:
Topic: 21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World
Literature: Noli Mi Tangere by Jose P. Rizal
References: Chua, R. G. (2016). DIWA Senior High School Series: 21st century literature
from the Philippines and the world. Makati City, Philippines. Pp 3-13.
Materials: Diwa Reference, Manila Papers, Markers, and PowerPoint.
Strategies: Cooperation and Brainstorming
III. Procedure
a. Preparation
Good morning class (Good morning sir). Are you ready for our topic today? (Yes
teacher). Very Good. But, before we are going to start, I will check first your attendance. Is
everybody present? (Yes Sir) Ok very good. What I have here class with me is an incentive
chart. I will post this on the board. What is the title of our incentive chart? (Star). That’s right.
Every time your group will participate actively and behave well during our discussion your
chart will move forward, but if your group will misbehave your chart will move backward,
the group to reach the finish line first will be the winner. Now I will divide the class into 2
groups. On my left side will be group 1 and on my right will be group 2.

1. Motivation
I have a phone number here on the board and I want you class to formulate this number
into words. The answer may only rely on the given numbers which you can found on the

Teachers Activity Students Activity

Directions: With the given keypad picture posted on the Answers:
board, the class will decode the digits in order to come
up with the answer per round.
1. (7-777-33-222-666-555-666-66-444-2-555) 1. Answer: PRECOLONIAL
2. (777-444-3-3-555-33-7777) 2. Answer: RIDDLES
3. (222-33-66-2-222-88-555-666) 3. Answer: CENACULO
4. (7777-7-2-66-444-7777-444) 4. Answer: SPANISH
5. (44-444-66-2-555-2-9-666-3) 5. Answer: HINALAWOD

Are the words familiar to you? Yes sir !

Very good. How many of you know the history of
Philippines? Excellent.

b. Presentation

The teacher will group the class into 5 groups. Students will read and discuss the text that was
Then, the teacher will give the reading materials to every given by the teacher.
groups for them to brainstorm and collect all the ideas
that they understand in the text. Each groups are assign
to have a leader and one secretary and they are only
given 5 minutes to discuss following given task:
 Recall what they remember about Noli Me
 Discuss the event that happened during that
 Choose representative to present the output

 What do you know the publication of Noli Me Answer may vary!
Tangere and how it affected the Philippines?
 Do you think the novels in the Philippines is as
important as they used to be when the Noli was
published in 1887? Are people still inspired by
 What is it about reading long texts, such as short
stories or novels that makes it different from
reading Tweeter or Facebook status posts? What
is the importance of literature for the Facebook
1. Why did the Noli Me Tangere have such a big Answer may vary!
impression on the narrator?
2. Could you relate to the narrator’s experience of
reading? Why or why not?
3. They say that the act of reading gives people
more empathy and makes them more critical and
reflective. Do you think this is true?
4. Given this excerpt, what do you think is the
importance of literature to society? Is this still
applicable today?
Write a short essay of today’s situation similar to
the time when the Noli Me Tangere was written.
Content – 50 %
Clarity of Thought – 20%
Correct Usage – 20%
Over – all – Output – 10%
Total = 100%

IV. Evaluation

Paper and Pencil Test

V. Assignment
Research on why Jose Rizal is considered our National hero.

Prepared by: Received and Checked by:

Mr. Joseph E. Delos Reyes Dr. Dickenson L.Canizares

SHS – Teacher II Trcach Head, Academic

Submitted to:
Jennifer P. Cawaling
Senior High School Principal I