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The Essential Google Drive

Keyboard Shortcuts to Know

Create Actions Navigation Actions
Shift + F Create a new folder Open the More Actions menu for
the currently selected item
Shift + P Create a new Presentation
C Open the New Item menu
Shift + S Create a new Spreadsheet
D Toggle the Details Pane
Shift + T Create a new Document
F Open the Folder actions menu

General Actions I Toggle the Activity Pane

R Open the Sort menu

N Rename selected item
T Open the Settings menu
S Star or unstar selected item

Move selected item to V Switch between grid and list views

another folder
/ Jump to Google Drive search bar
Enter Open selected item

Period Share selected item Selection Actions

Shift + 3 Delete selected item Down Arrow Select next item below

Shift + A Select all visible items Left Arrow Select next item to the left

Shift + N Clear all selections Right Arrow Select next item to the right

Shift + / Open list of all shortcuts Up Arrow Select next item above

Ctrl + F Find Shift + Include next item below in current

Down Arrow selection
Ctrl + P Print
Shift + Left Include next item to the left in
Ctrl + Z Undo last action Arrow current selection

Ctrl + Shift + Z Redo last undone action Shift + Right Include next item to the right in
Arrow current selection

Shift + Up Include next item above in current

Arrow selection

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