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Waleed Amir

Human computer interaction

QUESTION NO. 1: Case Study (6 Marks)

Imagine you have been commissioned to design the user interface for a head-up display e.g. based
on Google Project Glass) that can be used while moving around the university, as a reminder for
classes, submissions or quizzes
a) In order to be active while moving around, the visual design of reminders and instructions
should be as simple as possible. Describe three ways by which it can be achieved, using
formal elements of visual design.

1. Use of color to isolate as well as arrange content. in the case of utilizing colors, utilize brilliant,
essential colors with high complexity and glow and utilize close to 3 to 4 colors on the double to
show content sort. Pictures will get consideration more than content. They will be appeared as a
different notice.

This notification is for class timings.

This notification is for assignments given by Teachers

This notification is for reminder of quizzes and assignment

2. Another type of screen I want to design for the same purpose will be dropdown menu.

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You have a class of AI in room number 402.

HCI assignment last submission date is 2/2/2020.

Tomorrow you will have a quiz of DM.

3. Pop-up notification is my third-one design for my notification. Use center of screen for important
content. Present short, focused information without excess, “viewing at a glance

b) Consider the possibility that users might wish to modify their schedules while moving. Choose
three different Cognitive Dimensions of Notations, and discuss their implication


I. Consistency:
Utilizing reliable examples permits clients to perceive recognizable images as they travel
through a framework. For instance, if comparable data is introduced in various manners,
learnability and ease of use will be undermined because of expanded mental burden. This
goes from catches with comparative functionalities yet that appear to be unique, to menus
that need consistency. In UI screen which is utilized to adjust the calendar must have not a
similar data over and again implies if AI class is planned to Tuesday , it wont rehash or come
twice in a timetable menu.
Diffuseness / terseness
What number of images or what amount of room does the documentation require to
deliver a specific outcome or express an importance? Diffuseness is the verbosity of
language, which is the quantity of images or substances required to communicate an
importance. The less space used to pass on a message, the better.
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A few documentations can be too verbose or involve a lot of important land in an interface.
For instance, pointlessly huge symbols or duplicate frequently hurt convenience by making
it harder for clients to filter a page. In our UI screen for adjust booking menu , we simply
just have a book bar which have course name and id alongside clock , schedule and room
number choice which make task simple and justifiable.
II. Closeness Of Mapping
How intently does the documentation compare to the difficult world?

"Closeness of mapping" alludes to how interface components portray their outcomes, much like an
affordance. On the off chance that the choice of schedule doesn't set the ideal date with the ideal
timings and course then that component is a long way from the outcome it is depicting.

In the event that the interface components plainly portray their outcomes, the client will have less
new ideas to learn so as to utilize the framework, which thus, improves convenience.

c) Describe the structure of the experimental design and procedure for analysis of the results.

Experimental design means creating a set of procedures to test a hypothesis.

A decent exploratory structure requires a solid comprehension of the framework you are contemplating.

Stage 1: By first considering the factors and how they are connected.

Stage 2 :you can make forecasts that are explicit and testable.

Step 3:How broadly and finely you fluctuate your autonomous variable and it will decide the degree of
detail and the outer legitimacy of your outcomes.

Step 4: Your choices about randomization, trial controls, and autonomous versus rehashed measures
plans will decide the inward legitimacy of your examination.

A great many people have an instinctive comprehension of what exercises are. The essential idea of the
systems "action", which is comprehended as intentional, transformative, and creating collaboration between
entertainers ("subjects") and the world ("objects"). I utilized movement hypothesis which is a calculated
structure starting. Action Theory is all the more an expressive meta-hypothesis or system than a prescient
hypothesis. Thinks about whole work/movement framework (counting groups, associations, and so on.) past
only one entertainer or client. Records for condition, history of the individual, culture, job of the ancient rarity,
inspirations, unpredictability of genuine activity, and so on. The unit of examination is persuaded action aimed
at an item (objective). Incorporates social and specialized intercession of human action, antiquities being used
(and not in detachment). Exercises comprise of objective coordinated activities that are cognizant. Constituents
of action are not fixed; they can powerfully change.

Engestrom’s model above is useful for understanding how a wide range factors work together to
impact an activity. In order to reach an outcome it is necessary to produce certain objects (e.g.
experiences, knowledge, and physical products). Following are the few more procedures we can

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analysis the result.
Step 1: Define your research question and variables.
Step 2: Write your hypothesis.
Step 3: Design your experimental treatments.
Step 4: Assign your subjects to treatment groups.

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QUESTION NO. 2: Interaction Design (4 Marks)
a) You have assigned a task to study a software application (mobile or desktop) for users in both the
Turkey and Japan. Present a list of similarities and difference including cultural differences that you
should be aware of so that a successful design can be made

I have studied KFC app which is successfully running both in japan and turkey. In turkey it has 3 out of 5
rating where as in japan it has 2 out of 5 rating. The major cultural difference is obvious their

KFC app which is running in japan (https://www.KFC.co.jp) has its own Japanese language and in turkey
KFC app (https://www.KFC.com.tr) has its own turkey language. By going through the both apps I
noticed that in turkey app we have a obvious menu like we usually have, a page full of different
categories with pictures e.g. burgers , beverages and shakes which is very understandable. But in
japan app I have seen a horizontal list of categories without pictures. I have to click on a category that I
wanted to choose e.g. if I clicked on beverages then a page load which have all the beverages products.

Turkey KFC app Japan KFC app

Secondly in home page , japan app has a slideshow of different deals whereas turkey doesn’t have. In
turkey app , at footer we see all the links of social apps clearly including contact number. But in japan
app , there is a banner in which it has links of different social apps. And in turkey app , it has more links
then japan app

There is some similarities too , both apps have a search bar option at the right top corner of the page.
Both turkey and japan McDonald app have same options e.g. home , menu , contact and about.
b)From your first impressions, write down what first comes to mind as to what is good and bad
about the way the Kiosk device work.

Stands in shopping centers, carnivals and even in markets fill in as work stations with Internet get to, photograph
stalls, coin counters and film rental candy machines.
Stands can give nonstop access to administrations and items without the cost of paying a human
orderly. Set in zones with 24-hour get to, these machines can fulfill buy motivations at hours that
wouldn't offer gainfulness for a stroll in business.


Customers whose corner trades miss the mark can't move toward an agent or expert for on-the-spot
help with a self-serve bit of equipment. The sorts of trades that can be coordinated in corners are
confined as they use pre-redone programming. Stalls can't be used for awesome and specific trades
which they are not tweaked for. Posting a customer care number on the machine gives a techniques for
selecting a dissent or mentioning a markdown, yet with the exception of if the stand can report its own
glitches, customers can endeavor to ensure sham limits. If a stand drops inaccessible, its advantage
stream closes until it gets thought.

QUESTION NO. 3: (Cognitive Skills) (10 Marks)

Select a web based application in which you perform some important activities, or it is related to your field
of study. Answer following questions:
a) List of activities could be performed by selected web based application


It lets users take, edit, and share photos or short videos with the option of applying numerous filters to
change the way the photo or video looks. You can like and comment on picture and can follow people you
wants to follow. List of activities is given bellow:

 IGTV - Facebook TV for vertical video sharing up to one-hour in length; it is now possible to create a personal
 Stories - a section to share your highlights as a photo or short 15-second video.
 Shoppable posts - shopping tags connected to the posts allows users to make purchases directly from the app.
This makes Facebook a significant sales channel.
 Nametags - a tool utilizing QR code principle. Allows for the creation of personalized “nametags” to be
scanned by other individuals, who are then given the option to follow you. This makes it easier for users to
connect and is a great asset for brands.
 New quick replies in Direct - the feature which will be used to save and customize generic responses,
especially useful for business profiles.
 Explore page - redesigned app screen
b) Is there some kind of technology that is used in this application?

Facebook uses a Django-based stack which runs on Ubuntu 11.04 servers and for storage it uses
PostgreSQL.  In addition, there are extra layers for load balancing, push notifications, queues and other tasks
but for the majority of Facebook’s stack consists of reliable tools that are proven to work.

c) Is it required a redesigning?

Truly !! While the present stream is sufficient for most clients, business accounts are hoping to
boost their impressions, commitment, and reach. More apparatuses ought to be coordinated to
help increment these measurements and make it easy to do as such.
Calendar content ahead of time to post when your crowd is online Facebook's new calculation
sorts by commitment as opposed to sequentially. Posting content when online traffic is most
noteworthy will permit more elevated levels of impressions. This thus will help support
commitment and reach. Planning posts will enable records to target explicit occasions windows just
as the adaptability to make posts when it's generally helpful and line up a few ahead of time.

d) Is there a way that technology could make things better?

Yes , Use AI to analyze content and suggest hashtags to boost discoverability. Using AI, Facebook
can suggest popular hashtags that would be most applicable to a post based on the content.
Hashtags are a proven way to for content to be discovered by a new audience and with the new
ability to follow hashtags, certain tags are more useful than others. Account tagging is a method of
gaining impressions as well as the attention of larger brands. The tagged accounts often help
promote the original content.

e) Design a comparative web based application that can improve the functionality of activities.

If I design an app like Facebook , I will focused It all helps to reach out to the target audience and
create a strong brand mindset. Keep the following in mind:

 Intuitive user-navigation
 Clear designs (UX/UI)
 Eye-catching graphics and visual element (e.g. logo)
 Personalized feed
 Well-functioning application

These are things I may want to consider to succeed in creating an app similar to Facebook:
 Come up with a new and unique photo-editing tool inside the app. Create new filters,
objects, textures, effects, and editing possibilities.
 Create the photo-sharing for a specific user group or themed app (e.g. designers, food or
animal lovers, event-app etc.). You may define this unique feature in a way that provides
some value to this user group. In the end, you can create a great community.
 Offer functionality to create themed photo albums and set the photo or post privacy to send
invitations only to selected users.
 Add functionality to share photos between phones and other devices easily without signing
 Assist your users with some photo-editing lessons, or provide them with tips to create top-
notch user profiles.