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National Examination

Do you know about national examination? Yes, I think all of you know it. So
what do you think, how can we see the national examination necessary?

The national final examination itself caused a great deal of controversy

because it is used as a single criterion for students to graduate from school. As a
prerequisite of graduation, student must cram for math, biology, physic, chemistry,
Indonesia language and English. In addition, they must have scores above 5.25 for
those subjects and have average score 7.43 for all the subjects. For some
reasons, I personally think that national final examination must be ended.

Firstly, the national final examination will only encourage school to give task
which develop students’ ability to answer typical examination question. It will only
benefit student who are good at exams rather than students who comprehend the
subject better. By doing this, it will not easy to meet the objective of learning, that
is to develop students’ cognitive, affective, and psychomotor.

Secondly, the national final examination gives an impression that a student

will only br consider as a good student if he or she can get good scores in written
test. Whereas, there are some other valid methods that can be used to evaluate
students’ performance, such as portfolio, pair or group work activity , etc. it will be
unfair if the students’ evaluation is solely based on a centralized standard. As a
matter of fact, it is teachers who actually have a great role to decide which students
pass and which students are not because they know much better about the learning
process of their students.

Then, I believe that the national final examination can only be used for
evaluating the education system and to determine its weaknesses. The national
final examination will not be fair for students in remote areas because they don’t
have the same level of education quality as school in the city. The system of
national final examination will make sharp difference in the number of students
passing the national final examination in each region.

From the facts above, it is obvious that the national final examination is the
wrong fit for the national education system. The success of students’ learning
cannot be determined solely by one test called the national final examination.
Therefore, the government should drop the national final examination.

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