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The Move

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! What the hell? Oh

yeah time to wake up.

I turned over to turn off my alarm clock.

I sat up and sighed. Nothing but boxes in
my room. I was moving to Forks in
My name is Bella Swan, and I’m 17, I
am moving because my mom was killed.
From designer drugs and my step father.
She was married to my step dad, Phil,
who used to abuse me and raped me but
we’ll talk about that later. I, of course,
told my mom but she was too stoned to
realize I was talking to her. He would
come home every night drunk, one night
I tried to avoid him.

Bad choice.

He saw me and grabbed my hair and

pulled me back down the stairs. He threw
me on the ground and I was taken to the
hospital by my best friend, Brenda. I
stayed over her house that night and I
needed her everyday.
I decided to move when my mom was
murdered as I said but since Phil ran off
with all her money (and police can’t find
him), and left me here in an empty house
I decided to go stay with Charlie for a

Charlie’s my real dad and my mom had

left him for drugs. She had kept stealing
out of his bank account. He tried to send
her to rehab which she refused and my
stupid ass had to jump in and decide to
go with her to help her. I was only five.
She needed me and I decided to go with

I realized I was crying so I got up and

went to the almost packed up bathroom. I
was pretty, not a supermodel but pretty. I
had curves like hips and enough boobs
but was still slim. I was fair skinned with
red hair and chocolate brown eyes. I
parted my full pink lips to sigh heavily
and pick up my tooth brush.

I took a quick shower, the last one I

would be taking in this house. I put on
some sweats and a white t shirt. I put my
plain straight hair in a tight ponytail.

I walked downstairs with a big suitcase. I

took one last look at my house and
frowned at all the memories that came
back to me. I let the tears fall down my
face silently and headed out of the small
yellow, Florida house.

I stepped off the plane and looked for my
dad. I finally spotted him with my
adopted sister. She was like a younger
me, that’s why Charlie got her.

She had wavy light brown hair with

green eyes. She was 5 and Charlie
adopted her less than year ago. I loved
her she was my favorite little girl.
I smiled at her and ran towards her. She
ran straight in my arms and I picked her
up to spin her around. She laughed and I

“How was summer Renesmee?” I asked

as I put her down.

She put on her best poker face. “I

guess…” she frowned and I laughed.

“Sis were you crying?” she looked at me,


I was taken aback by her question then

hugged her again. I should have known
she’s a smart girl.

“Yeah…don’t tell dad.” She nodded and

I smiled as Charlie came over.
He grinned at us both and hugged me. I
nestled into his cologne. It used to be my
favorite when I was a child. He hugged
me closer and I squealed. He finally let
me go and I smiled at him. He looked
older, ten years older. He still had his
dark curly hair and dark eyes. He smiled
at me and his wrinkles showed. He still
had on his police uniform.

He picked up my giant suitcase and we

left the huge airport. We walked to the
parking area and I gaped at the car. It
silver and like a van but smaller, but
good enough for our small family.

“You got another car?” I asked still

looking at it.

“It’s your car.” He answered simply.

“REALLY!?” no one had did something

this nice to me.

“Yeah!” I laughed and ran over to hug

him; I had taken classes with Brenda
when she let me stay there. Then she had
taken me to a driving test and I passed

He put Nessie in her car seat. Then

Charlie got on the passenger side and I
got in the driver’s and started the car.

“So...Who did you get this from?” I

asked as we sped toward Forks.

“Huh…Oh… Jacob, he fixed it up.” He

answered dryly.

“JACOB!!! THE JACOB!?” I laughed.

“Yeah he can’t wait to see you! He goes

to your school.”

“Awesome!” I cha-chinged my arm. He

laughed with me.
We pulled into the white big home, I
had grown to love I smiled. Charlie had
inherited this house from his
grandmother and he has a lot of money
left over. Enough to pay for college for

Charlie grabbed my suitcase and opened

the glass door. I stepped in with him and
I could smell the lemon and spaghetti
(plus burnt smell) the living room had a
fire place and flat screen TV. It was tan
and had 2 couches with 2 recliner chairs.
The kitchen was all white with an
electric stove. I could see the spaghetti
on the stove.

There was a small dining room next to

the living room with the same color.

I followed Charlie up the stairs and

gasped. The hallway was long and it had
all kinds of pictures of little me and
Jacob. Then one with my mom and
Charlie, then one with Nessie. I laughed
and followed Charlie.

He led me to a pink, green, and brown

big room and I smiled. It had a pink and
brown, green bed in a corner. And a
techy computer in another. There was a
flat screen TV on one side and a closet
on another. 2 white cabinets that could
hold my clothes and a door to a small
bathroom on the side where the bed was.
I laid down on my bed thinking about
tomorrow. I couldn’t wait until I go to
school. I really wanted to see Jacob. I got
up to take a shower and brush my teeth.
After I was done I put on some sweats
and lay in my bed. I turned off the lights
and laid there for awhile. I heard a knock
on the door which made me jump in the

“Sis? You awake?” I saw Nessie close

the door and walk towards my bed. She
tapped my shoulder and I smiled at her
thru the darkness. She smiled back.

“Can I sleep with you tonight?” she

asked timidly. I saw she was carrying
around my old teddy bear and I picked
her up to lay with me. She snuggled
under the covers with me and I closed
my eyes until I felt her tracing my wrist.
“What happened here sis?” she started
tracing my old scars.

“Nothing now go to sleep.” I pulled my

wrist away.

I knew exactly what happened there.

Some were from my mom, some were
from my dad, and some were from me
cutting myself when I was stressed.
Brenda tried to help me, and sometimes
it worked but I could still feel the pain.

I wrapped my arms around my sister and

fell asleep.

First Day
The sun that barely shows in tiny Forks
rang thru the window. I cuddled closer to
Katie as she started to squirm. I sighed
and she sat up. “Good morning Bells.”
She sighed and rubbed the sleep out of
her eyes. She stretched and she grabbed
the teddy bear to leave the room.

“Hey Renesmee, any school today?” I

asked squinting. She nodded.

“School starts in 30 minutes for me, hour

for you…and thanks for letting me sleep
in here.” She smiled.

“You’re welcome and I’ll see you later.”

She walked out and I could here a door

I stepped out of my bed and took a quick

shower then brushed my teeth. I let my
straight hair fall past my shoulders and
kept going.
I put on some tight skinny legs with a
white tank top and gray wool sweater
that fit me like a glove; I put on my black
chucks. I put on eyeliner. I put Withering
Heights in my book bag and grabbed my
Ipod. I walked downstairs and made me
some toast. Charlie kissed my forehead
and left and I got into my car to leave.

The school was pretty easy to find. I

parked my car in a spot next to a shiny
Volvo and walked in the school. I
stepped into the warm building and
walked to the front office. A weathered
lady came and smiled at me. “You must
be Isabella Swan. Here you are dear.”
She handed me a slip of paper and my
schedule with the school map. I smiled at
her and she smiled back and I walked
into the hallway.
Of course my I’m a klutz and I lost my
footing. I fell into something warm and
hard and I looked up. A handsome
blonde haired guy smiled down at me
and I smiled back “Hi are you new?” his
green eyes flashed.
I smiled and nodded. “Jasper, Jasper
Whitlock.” He outstretched his hand.

“Bella Swan.” I nodded again and shook

hands with him.

“So… you’re the new meat. Guys would

be drooling over you, looks like I’m one
of them already.” He grinned. I blushed
of course and he laughed. He took my
schedule and looked it over. “Cool you
have biology first. So do I and Alice.”
He smacked his teeth.

“Can you show me where it is Jasper?” I

asked timidly. He grinned and took my
hand. Everyone in the hallway looked at
me like I was crazy but I didn’t care, I
felt safe around Jasper for some reason.
He asked me all kinds of questions and I
got to know him better. We finally
stopped in front of a classroom and he
walked in with me.

“Alice? New meat!” he smiled at a small

pixie like girl, who had short spiky dark
hair she had blue eyes and pale skin. She
had on pink lipstick and mascara. She
was jumping up and down in her yellow
shirt and skinny legs and yellow heels.

She jumped at me and I laughed. “OMG

FRIENDS!!!” she smiled at me. “COME
SIT WITH ME!!!” she squealed.

I laughed again and sat down next to her

at a desk. Jasper sat beside both me and
grinned at me. “So what’s your name?
Ohh I love your skinnies, where’d you
get them?”

“First I’m Bella, second I got these from

Florida.” I smiled at her.

“Ok you’re definitely every boy’s eye

candy right now, and I would love to see
what Edward does.” She giggled. I
blushed. But who is Edward?

“Oh I wonder if he’ll try to flirt on the

first day.” Jasper whispered.
“Wait who is Edward?” I looked at them

“Only the hottest guy in this school-”

Alice was cut off.

“And the best player.” Jasper finished.

“He’s my friend though so no worries.”

“Oh.” I muttered.

“He and his brother Emmett rule this

school, or they think they do, with the
entire girl population following them.”
Alice sighed. “But me of course.
Because I’m gangsta.” She laughed.
“And their cousin.”

“And you need to stand clear of them

Bella I care about you already!” Jasper
Alice laughed. “Don’t worry honey I’m
sure she’s smart enough!” she kissed
Jasper cheek.

“You two go out?”

“Yeah, sorry if you had a thing for me

but I’m with Alice.” Jasper laughed.
“Maybe later…” he whispered in my ear
making me giggle.

Alice gasped and pouted. “Oh there he

is! JERK!” she called out to him.

I looked up to see green eyes, like it was

all green, no any other color. He had
tousled bronze hair on his head. He was
HOT! He grinned at Alice then locked
eyes with me. He grinned a cocky grin at
me and sat down next to Jasper.
“Jasper, Alice?” He grinned at him and
Alice. He rested his eyes on me. “Who’s

“Megan-fucking-Fox!” Jasper sneered


“WOW! In the flesh?” he grinned at me.

I laughed a nervous laugh and smiled at
“I’m Bella.” I said simply.

“Edward.” He grinned again and winked

at me.

“Edward is there something in your

eye?” Alice asked innocently.

Edward growled and I laughed as did

Jasper. “Nice one Alice.” He high-fived

Mr. Banner came in and settled the class.

He smiled at me. “You must be new?” he

“Here take this and sit in the front, next

to Edward.” He gave me a heavy book
and smiled me. Edward patted the seat
next to him and I sighed.
The class finally started and I took as
many notes as I could. I was taking one
of a diagram until I felt a warm hand on
my thigh. I sucked in my breath and my
heart went faster. “Edward…get your
hand off me.” I hissed.

“I don’t know I think your thigh likes my

hand.” He whispered back. His hand
went higher up my thigh and squeezed it
lightly. He went higher to my mid thigh
then drew circles with his thumb.

“Edward…GET OFF!!!” I hissed again.

“I think my hand likes your thigh Bella.”

He whispered in my ear.
“Edward keep your hands to yourself or
you’ll be missing a finger.” I sneered. He
laughed and went a little higher.

“Edward?” Mr. Banner called him, the

question I didn’t hear.

“The Krebs Cycle, Mr. Banner.” He

answered simply and leaned back letting
go of my thigh. I sighed, happy that he
let me go. He grinned at me and I hurried
to find my place in the book.

The bell finally rung and I sighed again.

I headed to the door with Alice and
Jasper when I stopped dead in my tracks
when I saw a tall russet skinned guy with
black short cropped hair walk in the


I ran toward him and jumped on him. I

locked my legs around his waist and
wrapped my arms around his neck so
that I was off the ground. He laughed as I
sniffled and started to cry. He rubbed my
back and finally let me down.

“Wow Bells, you look beautiful.” He

grinned and I blushed. “Still has that
easy blush I see.” And I blushed more. I
smiled at him and he kissed me forehead.
“Still the same strawberry shampoo.” He
whispered as I giggled. I hugged him
harder and he rolled his eyes.

“Jake? When did you get buff?”

He laughed and shrugged.

“How tall are you?”


“Damn for real? How old?”


“I’ll see you later Bells.” He laughed as I
clung to him and pulled me off. I finally
let him go and he kissed my cheek. I
walked out of the classroom, avoiding
people’s stares.

Alice looked at me shocked as Jasper

looked at me with an amused expression.

“What?” I asked as I grabbed my book.

“Who was that!?” Alice glared at me.

“Um…my friend Jacob.” I laughed


“Is he with you?”

“What NO! We’re friends.”

“Mmhm!” Alice laughed as Jasper
grabbed my book to carry it.

“What’s next?” I looked at my schedule.


“Oh Bella sit with me: Rose, Jasper,

Emmett, and Edward!” Alice smiled.

“Ugh! Edward…” I sneered.

“What’s wrong?” Jasper frowned.

“I only known him for an hour and he’s a

pervert!” I said exasperated. Alice and
Jasper laughed their asses off and smiled
at me. I rolled my eyes and kept walking.

We headed towards the cafeteria and I

grabbed an apple with water and
pretzels. I grabbed a pizza too (even
though I wasn’t going to eat it) and gave
the lunch lady 5 bucks.

I sat down next to Alice and she smiled

at me as she took a bite of her pizza.

“Bella meet Rose and Emmett, they go

out.” I looked over at a beautiful blonde
and a BIG guy with dark curly hair and
dimples. Rose smiled at me while
Emmett kept eating.
Jasper and Edward came and sat down
with everyone and Edward grinned at
me. He sat down on the other side of me
while Jasper sat next to Alice.

I started nibbling on a pretzel when I

looked to the side to see Edward staring
at me.

“What?” I asked curiously. He smiled

again and started picking at his pizza. I
jumped when I felt warm hands on my
shoulders. I looked up to see Jacob
towering over me.

“Hey Bells…how’s your first day?” he

smiled down at me. I smiled back and
gestured toward the rest of everyone.

“Pretty good so far!” I laughed.

His eyebrows knitted together and he
looked at me intently. He suddenly
grabbed wrist and traced my scars. “How
did you get those Bells?” he asked
tracing them.

“I don’t know.” I said quickly and pulled

it away. He looked at me suspiciously for
awhile longer then snapped out of it.
“So…I see you’ve gone and grouped
with the coolest people in the school.” he
laughed squeezing next to me.

“Oh really?” I looked at Jasper and Alice

who were snuggled up with each other.

“EDDIE!!!!” a shrill voice screamed.

I jumped. What the hell?

I looked up to see a blonde girl coming
our way. She glared at me then Edward
and grabbed his hand.

She had on a tiny pink shirt that stopped

over her stomach and a small white mini
skirt and pink high heels to match the

“Eddie what are you doing? Who is this,

bitch?” she screamed gesturing to me.
I laughed. “First of all I can hear you and
second of all I’m sure he can sit
anywhere he wants.” I drank some water.

“Who the hell is this?” she yelled.

“Ok are you going to keep asking the

same question?” I laughed as I put the
water bottle down.

She walked around the table and

stopped in front of me. “Who are you?”
she got in my face.


“Ah you’re that girl’s daughter who got

knocked up in high school and started
doing drugs correct?” she laughed. I
looked at her shocked.
I turned red and tears started forming in
my eyes.

“Hey you didn’t have to say that Tanya.”

Edward said calmly.

“She REALLY didn’t need to say that!!”

Jacob looked livid.

“Bella?” Alice crept up behind me.

“I need a minute.” And I rushed out of

the silent cafeteria.

I rushed out of the school breathing in

cool breaths. Tears were still falling
down my face and I kept breathing deep

“BELLA!” I looked behind me to see

Jacob following me.

“Bella I’m sorry.” He sighed. He tried to

pull me into a hug but I fought with him.
I didn’t need his sympathy. “Bells…”

“NO! I’m just a slut like my mom right?!

I’m just a…a…” I cried into his chest.

“Shh Bells you’ll never be a slut…Tanya

is a bitch.” he held me closer and cradled
me. I sniffled and wiped my eyes. I
finally calmed down.

“Now that that’s over… I’m going to go

kick her ass.” I headed in the school and
headed toward the cafeteria.

“Bella NO!!” Jacob grabbed me.

BITCH!!!” I screamed toward the

Alice came out looking shocked and

came to comfort me with Jasper not far

“I’m so sorry Bella. I punched her in the

face for you if that’s makes you feel
better.” I looked at her shocked.


Poker Night

Edward POV

“EDDIE!!!” ugh no. Everyone jumped at

the voice.
“Eddie what are you doing? Who is this,
bitch?” she screamed gesturing to Bella.

I grew angry she shouldn’t call her that. I

was about to say something but Bella
beat me to it.

She giggled and drunk some water.

“First of all I can hear you and second of
all I’m sure he can sit anywhere he
wants.” She scowled.

“Who the hell is this?”

“Ok are you going to keep asking the

same question?” she put her water down.

She walked over to her. “Who are you?”

she got closer to Bella.

“Ah you’re that girl’s daughter who got

knocked up in high school and started
doing drugs correct?” she giggled.


I looked at everyone and they were

looking very shocked, except Alice who
looked like she was about to throw
someone out the window.

I looked over at Bella whose eyes were

filling with tears and her face was
turning red.

“Hey you didn’t have to say that Tanya.”

I said stepping in.
“She REALLY didn’t need to say that!!”
Jacob said angrily.

“Bella?” Alice crept up behind her.

“I need a minute.” She ran out of the

silent cafeteria. Jacob chased after her.


UNCALLED FOR!!” Jasper screamed
and stood up.

Alice stood up too, silently dusted off her

clothes then fixed her hair. She silently
walked in front of Tanya and we
watched her curiously. She sniffed
indifferently and threw her tiny fist back
and punched Tanya in the jaw.
“THAT BITCH!” Tanya screamed as she
fell backwards and into me. I held her
back as she tried to swing at Alice.


A LIMB!!!” she screamed as Jasper
picked her up. He carried her over to the
girls’ bathroom.

“Control your women!” Emmett laughed

ad I glared at him.

“Bella NO!” I heard a man’s voice.


BITCH!!!” I heard someone yell from
the hallway.
Alice came rushing out of the bathroom
to the hallway.

Jasper rushed after her and I felt

someone pull my hand. “Eddie I don’t
think you should hang out with them
anymore, I don’t feel safe.” She pulled
me into another hallway. “Besides you’re
too sexy for them.” She locked her lips
with mine. Shit! Sex in the hallway?

Brrrrrriiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnggggggg! The
bell rung and I let her go.

I started to math when she grabbed my

wrist. “No Edward let’s skip.”

“I skipped yesterday; I’m going to get

suspended if I keep it up.” I murmured.
I walked into the small stuffy room and
saw Bella in the back with Jasper. She
put on a weak smile for me and looked
back down. I sat down next to her and
the lights soon darkened because it was
movie day, she didn’t say anything so I
started a conversation.

“You ok?” I whispered.

“Why would I be ok?” she whispered


“I’m sorry.”

“It isn’t your fault.” She smiled a sad

smile at me.

“It’s ok… do your work.” She smirked
and gestured toward my work, then
looked back down.

“Hey Bella?” she looked up at me.

“Do you want to come to our poker night

tonight?” I asked her scratching my

“Sure.” Her face lit up and I gulped.

“Good I’ll get Alice to come pick you

up.” I muttered.

“Thanks.” That’s when the bell rung. She

gathered her books and scurried to the
hallway. I saw Jacob greet her and I
scoffed. I don’t know why, but I didn’t
like him. I started out to my locker when
I heard a high voice.
“You’re jealous already? Damn
Edward!” I heard someone scoff from
behind me. I turned around and looked
down to see my pixie cousin growling at

“Am not!” I sneered.

“Are too! I see the way you look at her!”

she stomped her tiny foot.

“Are you going to pick her up or not?” I

asked, exasperated.

“Sure…just admit you like her.”

“Ok what are you guys talking about?”

Jasper got between us to peck Alice on
the cheek. “Or arguing I might say.” He
“Nothing.” I said harshly.

Alice rolled her eyes and opened her

locker to throw in her math book and
take out a note book.

“DUDES!!!” I heard my brother’s voice

from down the hall. “YOU DIDN’T
HOT!!!” he finally reached us and
snickered. “YOU KNOW WHAT THEY

I laughed at him and patted his back.

“And dude control your girlfriend man.
What she said was harsh!” Emmett
glared at me. I frowned at that. Alice
started to shake and glared at me too.
“I apologized ok?” I held my hands up to
protect myself.

“Hey Edward.” Lauren smiled at me

while Jessica giggled and continued
down the hall.

The bell rung again and I hurried to 4th

period. I saw Tanya in the back giggling
with her friends and I sat on the other
side of the class. Bella stepped in with
her warm brown eyes and gave the
teacher a slip. She sat in the middle of
the classroom and Emmett walked in. He
sat next to me but I kept staring at Bella.
She pulled out a worn out book and
started reading it.

“What are you staring at? Or should I say

who are you staring at?” Emmett pulled
me out of my thoughts and looked at
Bella. “Dude…I bet you can’t hit that.”
He snickered.

I rolled my eyes and growled. “I can get

any girl I want.”

“Right…but I bet you can’t get Bella,

she different.” He glanced at her again
then smiled at me.

“Fine. How much?”

“Wait let me explain the rules; I give you

till the school winter dance that you can’t
hold her hand and kiss her in public, and
its 260 bucks.” He laughed again.

“Wait it’s only in 3 months.” I

“That should be plenty of much time

“Fine you’re on! I’ll get her, just wait

and see. I’m hot and I bet she’ll like me
in less than a week.” I leaned back in my
chair to stare at her back.

She must have felt me staring at her

because she turned around and frowned
at me. She looked at Emmett and smiled
then kept reading.

“Like I said 260 bucks… and

waaaaaayyyy out of your lead.” He
rolled his eyes as class started.

Bella POV
Finally school is over. I stepped out of
the building like everyone else and
started towards my car until I heard my
name being called.

“BELLA!!!” I turned around to see Alice

following me. She caught her breath then
started talking really fast.

“OK I’ll be over by 5 and I’ll do your

hair and make up then we’ll go to the
party k?” I looked at her shocked. She
hugged me tightly then skipped to her
car which was a yellow Porsche.

I kept walking and soon lost my footing

again and tripped into another warm,
hard chest the second time today. I
looked up to see Edward looking at me
with an amused expression. “Hey?” he

“Hi.” I said simply then picked up my

books I dropped.

He lowered himself too and grabbed

some random books. I reached for my
science book and he did too and our
hands met. I gasped and pulled my hand
back. He smiled at me and grabbed the
book. I tucked my hair behind my ear
and took my books from him. He grinned
crookedly and lowered his lips to my ear.
“See you tonight…” his warm breath
tickled my ear and I glared at him. He
chuckled and walked away.
I got in my car and slammed the car
door. Damn it! He was doing that on

I started the car and backed out. I almost

hit his stupid Volvo but I stopped and
thought about the consequences.

I walked into my house and put my keys

on the white counter. I made myself
some coffee and sipped on it.

I started making dinner. I decided to

make broccoli with macaroni and cheese
and steak. I heard the front door open
and close and I looked up to see
Renesmee come in slowly. She sniffed
the air.
“Cool! Nothing burning!” she laughed. I
giggled and cut a corner of a steak. I
gestured for her to taste it and she bit it
in one quick movement.

“Mmmm sis. Delicious!” she murmured

as she swallowed. “More?” she smiled.

“No, wait till dad gets home then we can


“Aw man.” She whined and turned on

the TV. I plopped down with her and
sipped on my coffee again. I looked at
the time and realized it was 4:59 and I
looked out the window to see Alice just
arriving with Jasper. They stepped out of
the car and knocked on my door.

I opened it and smiled at them. “Hey,

come in.” I gestured.
Alice had a little box of make up and
looked around. “Nice house.” She
grinned as Jasper sat down on my couch
next to Nessie.

“I bet yours is better Alice.” I sighed and

closed the door.

“Maybe.” She replied guilty.

“Oh c’mon how did you miss that

pass?!” Nessie hollered at the Browns vs.
Bulls game on TV. God she is so smart I
forget she is 5.

“I know right…Browns?” Jasper grinned

at her.

“HELL YEAH!!” she high-fived him

with her tiny hand.
“Renesmee Carlie Swan!!!” Charlie
suddenly burst in the house.

“Oops sorry dad!” she whispered.

“Hey dad is it ok if I go out tonight with

Alice?” I asked him.

“Yeah sure Bell-what’s that smell? It

smells great!” he murmured mostly to

“Oh…I made dinner.” I answered


“Oh sis can we eat now?” Nessie started

bouncing up and down.
“Sure, but I’m not going to eat with you
guys. I’m going over Alice’s house.” I
started up the stairs with Alice.

“Not to late Bells.” I heard Charlie say.

Jasper followed us and grinned when he

saw my room. “Girlie, I like it, I’m
staying here.” He sat down on my bed
and I laughed.

Alice went in my closet and looked

around. “Ok I got it you’ll wear this
black shirt with this white mini skirt!”
she tossed it at me. “And these black

I looked at the outfit. “Ok can I go take a

shower?” I asked Alice nodded and I
took a quickie with brushing my teeth.
Alice came in to curl my red hair and put
make up on me. I took the white skirt
and put it on over my underwear. I
stopped on my upper thigh and
instinctively tried to lower it. I then put
on a white silk sleeveless shirt. Then I
put a black shirt over it. It was v neck but
the white shirt covered the cleavage. Not
half bad. I thought.

I put on the black high heels and stepped

out of the bathroom with Alice. Jasper
was still on my bed and his eyes bugged
when he saw me.

“Whoa! Damn Alice! What did you

do?!” he stood up.

“Do I look bad Jasper?” I asked.

“No…yes…I mean can we go?” he

gestured toward the door.
Alice giggled and we walked down the
stairs. Jasper held open the door and we
got in Alice’s Porsche I got in the
passenger side while Alice drove and
Jasper sat in the back.
I bobbed my head to the music that Alice
was playing.

I don’t know anymore

You left me really sore
Everybody keeps going collected
But I know were not connected.

Either way it can’t be fixed

I’m tired of all your tricks
I don’t know anymore…

We finally stopped the car at a big black

gate, with an entry garden and over the
gate and garden was a giant mansion. I
was in awe.

“Hello?” said a female voice from the

intercom on the gate.

“Yeah where’s Edward, Jessica?” Alice


“He’s in there; you want to talk to him?”

“Send him to the phone biotch!” Jasper

“Yeah?” Edward answered.

“Let us in dickwad!” Alice was pissed.

The gate opened slowly and Alice crept

her car in. She parked next to a Jeep and
red convertible. I stepped out of the car
and walked around to hold hands with
Alice. Jasper got between us and put his
arms over our shoulders.

“Ladies?” he looked at us both and led us

to the house. We stepped inside and I
was in awe again.

I looked at the inside of the beautiful

house. It was tan and large, larger than
my house.
“HEY YOU GUYS!!!” Emmett came
from a room with Rose. “THOUGHT
his loud voice echoed off the huge walls.

“Hey Emmett?” Jasper smiled at him and

Emmett looked over at him. “SHUT
THE FUCK UP!!!” he yelled. I cringed
and laughed.

Edward came in chugging on some

whisky and smiled at us. “Hey you guys
finally made it.” He laughed. “Now we
can start the game.”


boomed again. I blushed and laughed
nervously. Edward looked over at me
and his eyes popped out of his head. He
fixed his composure and grinned at me.

We followed them into the living room

and I saw the ugliest blonde head I could
think of, Tanya. She looked up to smile
at everyone but me and I scowled at her.

“Who invited her?” Tanya sneered

looking me up and down.

“I did. Now shut up!” Alice and Edward

said at the same time.

“I just want to know how that is your

fucking business.” I glared at her.

“I guess it’s not.” She shrugged.

Everyone looked at me and her shocked

and Alice was shaking. She sat down
next to Jasper and I did the same with
Edward. He smiled crookedly at me.

“Hey Eddie how about we switch girls?

Rose is your lucky charm today, and
Bells is mine!” Emmett’s eyes flashed.
Rose smiled at me and stood up to
switch. I sat next to Emmett but he
pulled me into his lap.

“Do your stuff, Bells.” He whispered in

my ear and I giggled. Edward scoffed at
us and Jessica came in with snacks.

“Okay I bet $125, all jacks.” Alice

grinned as she put down her money.

“$140.” Edward grinned.

“$130.” Jasper threw in.

“$135.” Tanya threw in too.

“$130.” Jessica put hers on top.

They all looked at Rose who was filing

her nails. “Oh I’m not playing. I’m a
lucky charm.” She grinned.

“$165!” Emmett grinned at me.

“What the fuck? Why so high?” Edward

glared at him.

“Because I got my lucky charm!” he

grinned at me. “And because all aces
bitches, read ‘em and weep.” He threw
all his red cards on the table.

“Aw man!!” rung thru the house.

grinned and put the money in a big pile.
“Here Bells this is your cut.” He gave me
$140 bucks.

“I can’t take this Emmett you won it fair

and square!” I gave it back and he
frowned, and pushed it back to me.

“You’re my lucky charm.” I frowned


“Just take it; maybe you could help your

mom in rehab!” Tanya yelled.

I was about to say something but Alice

beat me to it.

“OK THAT’S IT!!!” she scurried over

the table but Edward and Jasper grabbed
her. She screamed as Jasper picked her

I poured some whisky in my cup and
drunk it in one gulp. It tasted disgusting
but was good enough. I poured another
and another and another until I was just a
little bit buzzed.

“Bells maybe you should slow down.”

Emmett looked worried and reached for
my cup.

“No I’m fine!” I jerked it away. “Alice

can you drive me home?” I called.

She came in the room with Jasper.

“Actually I called Charlie and you’re
spending the night over here.” She
dusted herself off.

“Why can’t we go to your house?” I was


“Because I have a room here.” She

shrugged. I laughed and walked over to

“Ok Tanya, you don’t have to go home,

but you have to get the hell out of here!”
Emmett yelled as he pulled her out of her
seat and pushed her outside.

“HEY!” she screamed and Emmett

slammed the door in her face and turned
around to smile at us. We all laughed.

“Ok what are the sleeping

arrangements?” Jasper sniffed.
“I CALL BELLA!!!” Emmett, Alice, and
Edward yelled. They all glared at each

“Bella’s sleeping with me because we’re

girls. Don’t make me send her dad a
photo of you guys sleeping with her.”
She held up her phone and they gulped.

“Fine!” Emmett and Edward said


“Yay!” Alice cheered.

“I’m sleeping with Edward then!” Jasper

laughed. “He has an extra bed.”

“Wait no! Why? Sleep with Emmett.”

Edward whined.
“NO! I don’t want to hear Rosalie’s
moans all night!” he complained and
started upstairs.

Alice and I followed him and Emmett

turned off the downstairs’ lights while
kissing Rose. I borrowed a shirt from
Emmett (which was really big) and
walked into Alice’s room. It was pink
and big and it had one king sized pink
bed in the center.
I grinned at Alice as she danced around
the room. “I have missed this room, still
clean.” She sighed.

Alice turned off the light and laid down

in the pink bed. I laid down too on the
other side. I snuggled up in the silk
covers then I realized I needed to pee
really badly.

“Alice?” I whispered.

“Mmmm?” she moaned.

“Where’s the bathroom?” I asked.

“Down the hall on the right.” She sighed.

I got up and walked out the door. I used

the rest room and washed my hands. I
walked in the hallway but stopped when
I saw a figure. I saw messy bronze hair
and I knew it was Edward. He kept
moving and seemed to not see me. I tried
to move out of the way but he bumped
into me. He looked startled and looked
down at me.

“Bella?” he looked me up and down and

I nodded.

“What are you doing?” he frowned.

“I was using the rest room.” I gestured

toward the bathroom.

“Oh…you know you look kind of sexy

in the middle of the night” He laughed
and touched my ass.
I raised my hand to slap him but he
caught it. I looked at him shocked and he
looked intently at my hand and started
rubbing my scars. I frowned, why was
everyone noticing them?

“Bella…what’s this?” he rubbed it with

his thumb.

“Nothing!” I tried to pull my wrist away

but he held it tight.

“You keep saying nothing to everyone

but that doesn’t look like nothing.” He
examined it.

“Why do you care?” I snatched my hand


“Because who ever did that to you

should be punished.” He whispered.
“How do you know it was a who?”

“Because you don’t want to talk about


“It’s none of your business!” I spat and

walked past him.


“Good night Edward!” and I slammed

the door to Alice’s room.

Stupid Edward
I slammed my locker shut and muttered
to myself. I had my straight hair down
and I had on a black long sleeved shirt
with the shoulders out with light skinny
jeans and black chucks. I had put on
eyeliner and black eye shadow.

I walked to 3rd period and I bumped into

Edward. I fell down and hit my ass on
the hard floor.

“Hey…” he picked up my science and

math book and handed them to me.

“Hi.” I answered sourly. I started away

but he grabbed my arm and turned me

“What the fuck?! Let me go!” I spat at

him and he let me go. I stomped away.

Alice smiled at me when I got to the

class. She had on a pink skirt and white v
neck long sleeve shirt and white high
heels. She frowned when she saw my
expression. “What’s wrong?” she
grabbed my arm to pull me to the back.

“Nothing.” I crossed my arms when she

let me go.

“Is it Edward?”

“Why would you think that?”

“Because you’re pouting and Edward has

girls do those pouts when he gets them
mad.” Alice smirked.

I frowned and sat down in my seat. I

looked up to see Jake walk in the room.

“JAKIE!!!” I squealed and he laughed

and flashed his white straight teeth.
I stood up to hug him and he wrapped
his big arms around my tiny torso. He
kissed my cheek and I giggled.

“Wow it’s a wonder what Jacob Black

can do to you, one minute you got all
PMS next minute all smiles.” Alice
crossed her arms.

“..............................” I stayed silent and

waited for Jacob to say something.

“Looks like I’m lucky.” Jacob grinned,

breaking the silence.

“Mmhmm….” Alice murmured.


Edward POV
I walked to 3rd period fuming. Why was
Bella being so stubborn? I walked into
the classroom and saw Emmett texting
on his phone. He looked up at me, smiled
and put his phone in his pocket to his
dark jeans. He straightened his white
button down and grinned wider at me.

“What’s up dude?”

“Nothing!” I snapped.

“What? Did Bells reject you? Are you

backing out of the bet?” he chuckled.

“No she didn’t reject me and I do not

back out of a bet!” I glared at him and he

“Oh well what’s wrong?”

“She’s so fucking complicated!” I said

“Edward?” the teacher called on me.

“X= y and 3:05 is the exact minute the

train would arrive in x time, Mrs.
Brown.” I grinned cockily. She glared at
me awhile longer then looked away.

The bell finally rung and I rushed out of

the classroom for lunch. I grabbed a
burrito and water and sat down. I saw
Bella come in with Alice and they were
talking. Alice came to sit down and Bella
sat down next to me while Alice sat
down next to Jasper.
I glanced over at Bella to see she only
had a granola bar and I smirked at her.
“Burrito my friend?” I gestured toward
the burrito for her to take.

She frowned and took another bite of her

granola bar. Still stubborn. I shook my
head and grinned.

“Hey I’ll take it dude!” Emmett snatched

the burrito off my plate and ate it in two

“EDDIE!!!” I heard the sound again. I

looked over to see Tanya wearing white
pants and a red halter top.

She slid on my lap and took my water to

drink it. I scowled at her and she locked
her lips with mine. She tasted like kiwis
and mint and I didn’t care. I wrapped my
arms around her waist and she giggled.

“Oh c’mon man we’re eating!” Jasper


Emmett scoffed and I heard Alice gag.

I stopped kissing her and hugged her

tight. Then I heard my phone beep and I
looked down at it.

Message from: Emmett

Dude you can’t make out with

her; you’re supposed to make
out with Bella. : ) 260 bucks!!!
I frowned and looked over at Emmett
who was now making out with Rose. I
looked over at Bella to see smiling at her
phone. I just realized her nails were
black, and Tanya’s were red.

“OMG! Guys party at my house! Be

there or be square!” Tanya squealed.

Bella chuckled and Tanya snapped her

head in her direction. “Is something
funny Swan?”

“Nothing but your boob job.” She looked

up from her Blackberry to smile at her.

Tanya gasped and glared at her,

everyone else at the table was laughing

“I knew they were fake!” Alice giggled.

“Nice one Bells.” Emmett laughed.

“SHUT UP all of you! You…your not

invited.” She glared at Bella.

“I wasn’t planning on going.” She

looked back down at her Blackberry.

“NO WAY!! You are going missy!”

Alice got up and glared at Bella.

Bella flinched away from her stare and

laughed nervously. “Fine I’ll go!”

“No way! You’re not going anyway!”

Tanya spat. “I don’t want a freak at my

“Well she goes or I don’t.” I slid Tanya

off of me and she looked at me shocked.
“Eddie…” she pouted.

“Don’t call me that and she goes or no

deal.” I crossed my arms.

“FINE!!! Party starts at 8!” she stomped


“You guys didn’t need to do that.” She

looked at all of us.

“Yeah we did. You’re my new best

friend.” Alice smiled and bounced up
and down.


Bella POV
I slipped on a black strapless dress. It
stopped in my upper thigh and it showed
enough cleavage, it was snug on my
figure and I loved it. I wore my hair
curly and put on black mascara, eyeliner,
and purple and black eye shadow.

I slipped on my open toe 5 inch heels

and grabbed my phone. Alice beeped her
high pitched horn and I scurried out of
the house. Jasper gaped at me and I
ushered for him to move. Alice had on a
pink dress with straps and white heels.
She had straightened her hair to make it
floppy and Jasper had on a white t shirt
and dark jeans and chucks.

We slowed down to park next to

Emmett’s Jeep, and stepped out. I
walked up the stairs and walked into the
mansion. It was pink lighting and people
were grinding and making out and
drinking. Alice walked over to greet
Rose and they hugged each other.

I walked over to the punch and I knew it

was spiked but I didn’t care. I drunk
some and put the cup back down.

“Hey sexy.” Someone whispered in my


I turned around slowly and smiled up at

Edward. “Hey Edward.” I took another
sip of the vodka and punch.

“Drinking?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah who cares?” I raised my

eyebrows, challenging him to object.
He leaned in close to my face and pushed
the cup out of the way. My breathing
sped up. “I do…” he whispered and his
sweet breath fanned my face. He stood
up straight and I scoffed.

I slapped his arm. “Jerk…” I drunk some


Then I felt warm arms wrap around my

waist and Edward frowned.

“Hey there beautiful…” I giggled.

“Hey Jacob.” I turned around in his arms

and looked up at him and he kissed my

“Care to dance, Bells?” he smiled.

“Sure.” I gave Edward my cup and he

I followed Jacob into the dance floor and

he started to move to the beat. I turned
around so I wasn’t facing him. I
grounded into him and I could hear his

He wrapped his arms around my waist

again and I moved to the beat. While still
having my back facing him I wrapped
my arms around his neck and continued
to sway. I could feel him kissing my
neck and I giggled. He kept kissing me
until he reached my mouth then slowly
gave me a peck. I giggled and he smiled
a dazzling smile.

“Finally…I kissed Bella Swan!” and I

laughed. Alice came over swaying her
tiny hips to the music and started
dancing with Jacob. I thanked her and
walked over to the punch again to catch
my breath.

Edward was still over there scoffing and

shaking his head. “Edward why don’t
you dance?” I asked. He looked down to
frown at me and I frowned back.

“Why so gloomy?” I crossed my arms.

“No reason…” he sighed and took a

chug of his drink. “Just that you don’t
seem to care…” and took another drink.

“What the fuck is your problem?!” I

grabbed his drink and slammed it down.
“Nothing! Just that you can be out there
shaking your ass for any guy!” he yelled
back at me.

“Shut the fuck up! You flirt with any

skirt that walks by, you can’t criticize
me! With your perfect life and perfect

“You think my life is perfect, look at

yours, your perfect family, you think I
have everything?!”

“How dare you!?! You think I have a

perfect family?! You think perfect family
would do this?!” I showed him both my
wrists and his eyes widened at the
multiple scars.

He grabbed my arms and stared at them.

“FUCK YOU!!!” I flipped him off and
stomped away.

“BELLA!!” I heard him behind me. He

grabbed my arm and turned me around.

“Don’t touch me asshole, go to your

Tanya!” I started away again and he
didn’t follow. I wiped the moisture from
my eyes and kept going.

I walked over to Alice who was talking

to Jasper. I tapped her shoulder. She
turned around and smiled at me.

“Hey Bell-” she stopped when she saw

my face. “What happened Bella?! Was it
Edward? I’m going to kick his ass!” she
started away but I grabbed her arm.
“No Alice, I’m going home…I’ll see you

“Wait I’ll drive you!”

“No I’ll walk…”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, see ya Alice.” I hugged her and

walked out the door.

I walked down the street slowly; the only

noise was my shoes clicking. I was still
crying and I was cold, but it was only 3
blocks, I could make it.

I heard tires behind me and I turned to

see that stupid silver Volvo.
yelled at his car.

He got out of his car and grabbed my

arm tightly. “LET ME GO!” he threw me
in the backseat of the car and I tried to
unlock it but he put it on child lock.

“FUCK YOU!!” I spat at him and he

started the car again. He drove down the
street, and suddenly stopped.

“Where’s your house?” he asked looking

at me.

“I’ll walk.” I murmured.

“I’m not letting a beautiful girl like you

walk around in the middle of the nigh-”
DOOR!!!” I slammed on the window and
tried to open it.

“Calm down.” He said calmly. “Bella-”

“Let me out.” I said calmly.


“Let me out.”

He sighed and took out his phone. He

punched some buttons and pressed send.
He brought it to his ear. “Alice? Yeah, I
have her, ok how do you get to her
house…right…left…ok. Thanks bye….”
He hung up and smirked at me. I rolled
my eyes and looked away.
He pulled up at my house and parked it
in my driveway. “Ok you can get out
now.” He sighed and pressed a button
and the locks popped up.

I slammed the door as hard as I could as

he sighed and I stomped to the door and
slammed that too.

Pain in my ass
It was officially Saturday and I woke up
with the sun baking thru my window. I
got up to brush my teeth and take a
shower. I straightened my hair and let it
fall past my shoulders. I put on a white
sleeveless shirt with a black short vest
that stopped over my ribs. I put on some
tight small black shorts and put on my

I walked downstairs to see Renesmee

eating cereal. She grinned up at me with
sleepy eyes and I kissed her forehead.
She giggled and I headed out the door.

I walked to the coffee house to get some

coffee. Jasper grinned at me over the
counter. I already knew he worked here
and he handed me my regular.

“I know you like your coffee black just

like your heart.” He muttered
“Ha-ha…” I sarcastically laughed and
brought the hot coffee to my lips.

“What you doing today?” Jasper asked

while cleaning the counter.

“Errands.” I sipped some more on my


Jasper looked at his watch and grinned.

“5…4…3…2…1.” He looked up.

I heard the bell ring for the door and I

looked up too and there stood Edward
Cullen, he looked at me with his green
eyes and I frowned. I had been avoiding
him and I didn’t want to hear him right
“Hey Jasper my usual.” He sat down
next to me. He smiled at me and I glared

“So not talking to me, huh?”

I looked back down at my coffee and

sipped on it. Jasper slid his brown coffee
at him.

“That will be 13 bucks Bells. C’mon pay

up, biotch.” I handed him a $20 bill and
he gave me my change.

I looked over to see Edward staring at

me. “What?” I glared at him again.

“Nothing, jeez!” he chugged on his

“Ugh! Your such a pain in my ass.” I
sipped again.

“Is there any way I could get in that ass

of yours?”

“No!” I scoffed.

He licked his lips slowly and I growled.

Jasper laughed at us and I scowled at
him. Jasper came out from the counter
and grinned at us. He slung his arms
around my waist and rested his chin on
my shoulder. I sipped on my coffee again
and finally finished.

“Well I’m leaving!” I sat up and kissed

Jasper’s cheek and walked past both of
I walked outside and looked thru my
phone. Looks like I need to go to the
store to pick up notebooks, then I needed
to go to the store to pick up vitamin

I started down the street but stopped

when I heard my name, I started to turn
around but someone warm and hard
slammed into me. I fell back on my ass
and looked over at Edward who was
rubbing his head. I grabbed the collar of
his green button down shirt and pulled
him to me.

“What the fuck?!” I yelled. I realized his

mouth was close to mine and he smiled,
and leaned closer, I pushed him off of
me and he chuckled.

“What do you want?” I crossed my arms.

“Well Jasper said you were running
errands so I thought I might help.” I
frowned at him.

“What’s in it for you?”

“Looking at your sweet ass all day.” he

licked his lips.


“Please, I really want to help.”

I sighed angrily. “FINE!! You can help.

Just try to not be annoying.” I sighed.

“No promises.” He got up and held out

his hand to help me up.
I took it and dusted to myself off.
“C’mon we need to go to Wal-Mart.”

“We can take my car.” He gestured

toward his stupid Volvo.

“Stupid Volvo owner!” I muttered and he


I stepped into his car and he sped to Wal-

Mart. He stopped in a parking space and
put up a handicapped sign.

“What the hell are you doing? You’re

not handicapped.”

“It’s my dad’s and I can do it if I want!”

“Ok let me just get this out there, I’m not

comfortable with this.” I crossed my
“Just get out the damn car!” he got out
and I jumped out too. We stepped in the
store and I glared at him when he past
the carts.


“Grab a cart.” I told him and he turned


“Ok… I need notebooks and Vitamin

Water.” I grinned at him.

“Finally a smile, I thought your face was

stuck.” He laughed.

I smacked his arm and he grinned. “Ok

lets go find notebooks first.” I started off
in the School supply section and he
“Ok I want these.” I picked out a black
and red one, and a pink zebra like one.

“How about you get this.” he grabbed a

tiny notebook that said nice ass.

“Put that down Edward! What the fuck?”

he grinned and put it down and I started
to the food aisle. Edward followed
behind me and I put the notebooks in the

My phone suddenly beeped and it said

from an unknown number.

From: unknown number

I am loving the view, seriously

GREAT ass!!! >:D!
I looked behind me and glared at

“Seriously?” I grinned.

“Seriously.” He shrugged.

I kept walking and bumped into an old

lady. She grinned up at me and looked at
“Aw what a cute couple.” And she kept

“Oh…we’re not…a…um….I’m…ugh!”
Edward kept grinning and snaked his
arm around my waist. I glared at him
then sighed. Who cares?

I pulled into the juice aisle and grabbed 5

vitamin waters. Edward made faces and I
rolled my eyes.

“How can you drink this shit?” he looked

at one and made another face.

“Because it’s healthy.” I smiled.

“Hey have you ever kissed someone?” he

asked suddenly.



“Just answer it.”

“Um…the first.”

“You have kissed more than one?”


“Ok first.”


“Jacob Black?”

“Oh. Wait when? Not at the party right?”

“No, when I was 10.”

“Oh, I had sex when I was 10.”

“What the fuck Edward?” he grinned and


“You’re a virgin?”



We walked to the line and checked out

and I gave the cashier 20 bucks. She
nodded and Edward carried the bags. He
put them in the backseat and drove me
I grabbed the bags out of the car and
stared at him.

“Can I come in?” he smiled.

I nodded and he followed me.

“Nice house.” He shrugged.

“But yours is better.” I slipped off my


“But I like it.” He looked over at me.

I put the stuff on the counter and sat

down on the sofa.

“Hey sis, your back-oh a boy.” Nessie

looked over at Edward and smiled while
Edward looked around. Her brown hair
was in a tiny ponytail and she had on a
cute pink dress.

“Yeah you ready for dinner?” I turned to


“But dad has a late shift…” she sighed.

“That’s okay. I’ll make it, you’ll eat it,

and I’ll save some for Charlie.” She
nodded and sat on the couch next to me.
I kissed her forehead and jumped up to
wash my hands.

I felt warm arms snake around my waist

and lips on my neck.

“Making me food, baby?” Edward

“Yeah are you going to help?” I turned
around in his arms and his lips were
close to mine. I licked my lips slowly
and smiled. He frowned down at me and
I laughed and snuck out of his arms.

“What a tease…” he shook his head. I

laughed louder and took out a pot.

“What are you making?”

“Roast beef and veggies.” I answered


“You can make that?”

“Yeah who can’t?”

“I can’t.”
I laughed again and turned around to see
him really close. He smiled cockily and
brought his hand up to cup my cheek. He
leaned closer.

Then I heard a gasp in the doorway and

we both turned our heads to see Nessie in
the doorway with an empty popcorn
bowl. She smiled and walked toward the
sink, stood on her tiptoes, put the bowl in
the sink, and left quietly.

He looked back at me and I smacked his

arm really hard. He winced and rubbed

“What the fuck?!” he yelled.

“You probably traumatized my sister!” I

“Well maybe she can have a few
pointers.” He came closer.

“Ugh!” I turned back to the stove and

boiled some water. I washed the greens
and cut them. Then I put the veggies in
the pot to cook.

I took out the roast and seasoned it then

wrapped it in aluminum foil. Then I
turned the stove on and put in there to

I washed my hands then looked over at

Edward. He was smiling and leaning
back against the counter.

I smiled at him and he walked over to me

slowly. My breathing picked up and he
leaned in. I frowned and moved my face.
“You have a girlfriend.” I smiled

He sighed and leaned back. I walked to

the living room to find it empty. I looked
around. Usually Nessie would be here.

“She said she was going to her friends’

house next door.” Edward sighed from
behind me.

I sighed, relieved and smiled over at him.

He smiled back at me and looked around.

“Are you going to show me the house?”

he gestured.

I frowned and led him upstairs. “This is

my sister’s room, and my dad’s, and-”
“Who is this?” Edward gestured toward a
picture of my mom.

“No one.” I sneered.

“Doesn’t look like no one.” He replied

pointing at me in the picture.

“My mom.”

“Your mom?”


“You look like her.”

“Don’t compare me.” I started towards

my room.

“Why?’ he called.
“Because I’m nothing like her.” I spat.

“Fine, my bad.” He muttered and

followed me to my room.

He stepped into my room and look

around. “Pretty girly for someone like
you.” he smiled down at me.

“It was my childhood room.” I rolled my


“Right.” He said sarcastically.

He sat down on my bed and started

bouncing. “Bouncy, bouncy bed.” He

“Ugh you’re such a child.” He laughed

and kept bouncing.
He laid down and I sat down on the bed
with him. He grabbed my arm and pulled
me down with him. He wrapped his arm
around me and I scoffed.

“Why are you so stubborn?” he frowned.


“Because what?”

“Because I am.”

“Okay fine.” He sighed and started

tracing my hand.

“You’re going to need to go.”

“Because you’ll give my dad a heart

“Aw man.” He whined as I pushed him


“Go…leave, I spent a day with you that

should be enough.” I pushed him out the
door and he sighed.

“Fine but I will be back.” he laughed and

got in his car.

“Whatever.” I rolled my eyes and closed

the door.

That night I dreamed about stupid

Stubborn Bella

Edward POV

I parked in my garage and walked into

the house. I went into the fridge to get a
Coke and I chugged it down. I sat on the
couch and turned on the TV.

I heard someone running down the stairs

and I looked up to see Emmett grinning
ear to ear. “Dude, Tanya came by, where
have you been all day?”

“With Bella.” I sighed.

“Cool, what happened.”

“Nothing, still stubborn.”

He laughed and plopped down on the
couch, next to me. “Did you…?”

“No, every time I got close, we were

either interrupted or she broke it off.”

“What do you mean she broke it off?”

“She said ‘you have a girlfriend’.”

“Well…she’s stubborn.”

“Stubborn Bella.” I sighed and chugged

on my soda.

After an hour of watching TV, I went

upstairs to go to sleep.
That night I dreamed about stubborn



heard Emmett scream.

“Shut up, bitch!” I yelled back.

“Get up, OGB is still on!”

I propped myself on my elbow. “What?”

the light from the sun that barely showed
burned my eyes.

“Operation Get Bella.”

“Oh, what the hell?”

“Get your lazy ass up, and go to her
house.” He slapped my bare foot that
was sticking out of my golden covers.

“Why? What time is it?” I looked for my

phone. “3:34.” I sighed and sat up. I
glared at my brother.

“What?” he looked at me confused. He

had on a white t shirt and jogging shorts.

“Get out of my FUCKING room.”

“Just hurry up and get dressed, Esme

made lunch.” He threw a pillow at me
and I caught it. He snorted and walked
out of the room.

I sighed and climbed out of the bed. I

took a shower and brushed my teeth. I
put on a black shirt and light jeans. I ran
my hand thru my hair and sighed when it
looked like it always looked, like bed sex
hair. I smiled at my self in the mirror and
walked downstairs.

“Edward you’re finally awake, sleepy

head.” My foster mother, Esme, smiled
at me when I leaned on the counter.

She had her caramel hair in a ponytail

and had on jogging suit.
“Yeah Eddie boy we thought you were
dead, and Carlisle called dibs on your
porn magazines.” Emmett snickered and
dug into his food.

“I heard that Emmett.” Carlisle walked

in the kitchen and kissed Esme.

“Ew eating!” Emmett complained as

they kissed. Esme put fries and a hotdog
in front of me on a plate and I grinned at

“Edward have you looked at the college

applications yet?” Carlisle was always
pushing me into something.

“No…” I sighed. Carlisle rolled his eyes

and sighed.
Carlisle had his golden hair gelled back
and had on a blue button down with tan

“What are you guys doing today?” Esme

sighed. I dug in my food and waited for
Emmett to reply.

“I’m going to the gym and Edward’s

going over Bella’s house.” He laughed
and looked at me.

“Bella? Bella Swan?” Esme asked.

“Yeah.” I nodded.

“Oh.” She looked down.

“Is something wrong?” Emmett looked

at her confused.

“No, nothing at all, why don’t you guys

head out. And don’t be too late.” She
picked up our plates and walked over to
the sink to wash them.

I followed Emmett to the garage. He just

shrugged and got in his Jeep. I did the
same with my Volvo. He backed out first
and went left. I backed out next and went
What do you want?

Bella POV

I stepped out of the shower and put on a

white sleeveless shirt and tiny shorts and
walked around the house. It was Sunday
and I was bored. Nessie was out with
dad. He and she went on an out of town
trip to go see Grandma Swan, I refused
because I didn’t know her well and I
wasn’t intending on meeting her. They
won’t be back till Tuesday.

A knock on the door made me jump and

I got up from the couch to answer the
door. I was met with happy green eyes
and I sighed

“What do you want?”

He smiled down at me then looked at my

“What?” I asked looking down at my

legs too.

“Sorry, you have nice legs, and I’m a

legs kind of guy.” He looked back up at
me and smiled.

“Oh shut up.” I walked away and sat on

the couch. I heard the door close and I

He followed me in and plopped on the

couch next to me. I leaned my head
against his shoulder and closed my eyes.
I didn’t really care right now. I didn’t get
any sleep last night and I needed rest.
Stupid nightmare!
Mom…Phil…the basics.

Edward chuckled and rested his cheek on

the top of my head. I sighed and pushed
his head away just making him laugh
more. He started to tickle me and I
giggled. He laughed with me and pinned
me down.

“Get…OFF…Edward!” I said between


“No way!” he smiled back and I pushed

his hands away.

He kept laughing and glared up at him.

He still had me pinned and I frowned, he
was really close. He grinned down at me
and leaned closer.
Suddenly the front door flew open and a
grinning Alice was standing there. She
looked at us shocked.


slammed the door shut.

“Get off EDWARD!!!” I pushed his

heavy ass off of me and he chuckled.

“That’s the second person in my life that

you have traumatized.” I punched his
arm and he laughed.

“I’ll go get her…” I sighed and got up

and opened the door.

Alice was still there but was looking

really shocked. She still had her hand on
the doorknob and the same face she had
when she saw us and I snorted. I grabbed
her hand and put her on the couch.

Suddenly she broke out of the phase and

wrinkled her nose in disgust.

“My cousin? Edward? Really Bella?”

she asked confused.

“What’s wrong with me?” Edward


“Nothing just…Edward?” she asked

again, looking at me and wrinkled her
tiny nose again.

I laughed. “I didn’t kiss him, first of all.”

“She just told me she was pregnant and I

kissed her because I love her Alice. You
can’t tell.” He said sadly. THAT

“WHAT?!” she jumped.



“Can we have your blessing Alice?” he

cut in.

“Of course, let’s have a baby shower!”

She clapped her hands. What. The.

“NO I’M-”

“What are you going to name it Bella?”

“Bradley.” Edward said simply.

“What the FUCK?! I’m not pregnant!” I

“What?” Alice looked confused.

“Edward’s lying!”

He suddenly burst out laughing with

tears in his eyes and everything.

“Holy shit that was funny!” he laughed

again. “Alice was all like ‘Ah!’ and I
was all like ‘ha!’ woooo that was funny.”
He wiped the tears from his eyes.

“Dammit Edward, I believed you. I

thought Bella had changed you.” Alice

“Totally worth it!” he snickered.

“I’ll be right back!” I smiled evilly and
got the house phone and dialed a funny

“Hello?” I heard a car engine in the back

round and I smiled again.

“Yeah Jake it’s me.”

“Hey Bells.”

“I have something important to tell you.”


“Edward Cullen got me pregnant.” I said


I heard Edward get off the couch and run

over to me, begging me silently to stop.
“He is going to leave me Jacob. Please
help!” I pretended to cry.

“Where is he?” he sneered.

“He’s here.” I sniffled.

“I’m around the corner.” And he hung


I heard tires on the street and I heard the

front door being flung open and I smiled.

Edward got up and ran as fast as he

could but Jake caught him. I was
laughing so hard and so was Alice. As he
was about to throw the first punch I
stopped him.

“Jake stop! I was kidding.” I laughed and

he relaxed.
“Woo for real, I was so going to kick his
ass.” He rolled his eyes and let Edward
go. “Bella where is Charlie and Nessie?”
Jacob looked around.

“They went out of town, won’t be back

until Tuesday.”

“COOL! Let’s have a sleepover!” Alice


“Totally.” Edward smiled and walked

over to us.

“Cool! See ya tonight.” Jacob smiled.

“Fine.” I sighed.

“I’m inviting Rose, Emmett, and Jasper.”

Alice grinned. “We’ll bring our sleeping
bags and we’ll be here by 9.” she left the
house and kept texting till she got in her
car and sped away.

I sighed and grabbed an apple from the

fridge. When I closed the door Edward
was leaning on the fridge grinning. I
frowned at him and kept walking toward
a counter. He walked closely behind me
and wrapped his arms around my waist. I
turned around so I as facing him and he
smiled crookedly down at me.

“What?” I asked.

“Why won’t you kiss me?” he smiled


“What?” why would he asks that

“Why…won’t…you…kiss…me?” he
asked slowly.

“Um, first, because you have a girlfriend,

second cause you’re a pervert.” I grinned
and tried to wiggle out of his arms.

“True…but I want to kiss you.” He

murmured looking at my lips, holding
me still.

I just stared at him. Was he serious? My

breathing sped up.

He must have heard. “You’re nervous? I

can tell.” I gulped and he laughed.

“Just let me kiss you.” he cupped my

cheek and leaned in. I closed my eyes
and let him.
I shuddered as his lips pressed to mine
softly. He pressed them harder and I
opened my mouth to make it deeper. He
licked my bottom lip as I pressed up
against him. I grabbed at his sexy hair
and he plunged his tongue into my

Then I realized this was wrong. This is


I pushed him off and he looked at me

shocked. “G-Get out please.”


“GET THE FUCK OUT!!” I pushed him

thru the living room and out of the door.
“Bella-” and I slammed the door in his

Edward POV

“Just let me kiss you.” I was so tired of

being tempted by her full pink lips. I
brought my hand up to cup her cheek and
leaned in.

She let her eyes flutter close and I locked

my lips my with hers. I pressed harder
and she opened her mouth. I licked her
lips and she grabbed at my hair. She
tasted like strawberries…I let my tongue
plunge in her mouth and she froze.

She suddenly pushed me away and I was

shocked. What the hell?
She crossed her arms and looked
nervous. “G-Get out please.”


“GET THE FUCK OUT!!” I cringed and

she pushed me out the door.

“Bella-” she slammed the door and I

stood there shocked.

What the hell just happened? First she

was kissing back then she was slamming
the door in my face.

I sat down next to the door and called


“Alice, where are you?”

“Picking up Rose.”

“Oh, ok.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing just hurry. It’s already 8.”

“I’m around the block!”


“See you!” and she hung up.

A few minutes later Alice’s yellow

racing car was in front of the house with
a bunch of snacks, bags, and pizzas. I
stood up and she grinned at me. She
knocked on the door.
“Yeah?” Bella answered from inside.
She sounded weird.

“Bella? What’s wrong?” Alice asked


“N-N-Nothing A-Alice.”

“Can you let me in?”


The doorknob twisted slowly and Bella

smiled weakly at everyone. Something
was wrong. And why did she change her
clothes, maybe PJs?

She had on a long sleeved white t shirt

and gray sweat pants. Alice ran in and
moved the couches and table. She placed
two sleeping bags on one side. And two
on another, then one in one spot and
another in another. We all looked at her
confused and she sighed.

“This one is Rosalie’s and Emmett’s

place, this is mine and Jasper’s and this
is Bella and Edward’s.” she gestured
toward all of them.

“Actually I’ll be sleeping upstairs when

we’re all done.” Bella smiled.

“Oh cool, then that’ll be Jakes.”

“I’ll be right back you guys.” Bella

whispered and ran upstairs.

I heard her scurry around upstairs and

pick up things and I wondered what she
was doing.
Alice and Rose were to busy fixing
things. I put on my PJs in the bathroom
downstairs and came back in the living
room. Bella wasn’t there.

“I’ll go check on Bella.” I said heading


“Well hurry, Jasper and Emmett are on

their way.” Alice grinned.

I knocked on Bella door. When she

didn’t answer I opened it slowly to see
Bella picking up bloody tissues and
throwing them away.

“Bella?” she looked up at me with teary

eyes and gasped.
None of your fucking business

Bella POV

Damn it! Why did I kiss him? I’m such a

tramp! First you have sex with Trent
before you leave then Alec on the plane.
I’m such a slut. Just like my mom…
my…mom…just like her…

“I’m just a slut…” I whispered. “Phil

said I would be…he said I’m just like my
I started to sob quietly.

Phil, my step father, used to abuse me

like I said. He did rape me once and I
hated to think about it.

I was 12 and watching TV, hoping he

would never come home but he did. He
came in drunk and grabbed my hair. I
screamed for mom but she never came.
He threw me onto the floor and brought
my pants down. “You’re just like a slut!
Just like your mom.” He whispered in
my ear as he…he…

I cried more. The only way I could

release my pain was…

I got up and ran upstairs. I searched my

bathroom for my razor and brought my
scarred wrist up. I cut it hard and it bled
freely. I sighed; happy I got it over with.
I smiled sadly and let myself bleed.

I felt better and sat on the hard floor. I

suddenly heard a car outside and I
remembered the sleepover. I hurried to
wipe the blood and it didn’t stop.
I put on a long sleeve shirt to cover my
scars and some sweats. Then I ran
downstairs when I heard a knock.

“Yeah?” I asked trying to steady my


“Bella? What’s wrong?” Alice asked


“N-N-Nothing A-Alice.”

“Can you let me in?”

“Sure.” I opened the door slowly and

Alice barged in. She set up the room and
I excused myself. I still needed to clean
up the blood.
I wiped up the blood splatters from the
counter then started to get up the tissues.

“Bella?” I looked up to see Edward in

pajama pants and a t shirt. His eyes
bugged when he saw the blood.

“Bella? What happened?” he grabbed my

hand to stop me from throwing the
tissues away.

“None of your business. Now get out of

my room.” I grumbled.

“Bella? Are you okay? Did you hurt


“NO! Now get the fuck out of my

room!” he looked at me shocked then
suddenly grabbed my wrist I had I cut. I
winced by accident and he narrowed his
eyes at me. He lifted up my sleeve and I
tried to pull it away but he held it tight.

“Bella what happened?” he ran his

thumb over the new scar and I winced
again. “Did you do this to yourself?” he
grew angry.


ROOM!!!” I yelled and pushed him out
and closed the door in his shocked face.

What the FUCK just


Edward POV

What the FUCK just happened?

“Jingle Bells? Eddie? I hope you guys
aren’t making out up there! Use
protection!” I heard Emmett’s stupid
voice from downstairs.

I walked downstairs slowly and smiled at

everyone. Bella came down next with a
black long sleeved shirt on and I
frowned. I sat down next to Emmett and
she sat far away from me but next to me.
We were all in a big circle.

“WOO PIZZA FIRST!!!” Emmett dug

into his pizza in two bites then started on
the next one.

“Save some for the rest of us Emmy!”

Rose and Alice complained as they took
their first slices.
“Aren’t you two gonna eat?” Emmett
asked with his mouth full pointing at us.

“I’m not that hungry…” Bella whispered

and got into a fetal position.

“Me neither….” I sat cross-legged

narrowing my eyes at her.

Alice and Rosalie just shrugged and

Emmett kept digging in his food. There
was a knock at the front door and Jasper
barged thru with a bunch of candy and

“HEY GUYS!!!” he slurred. He was

obviously drunk already.

“Hey Jazzy! Come sit with me.” Alice

squealed. Jasper put the stuff on the table
and sat down next to Alice.
There was another knock and Jake flung
the door open this time. “Hey people, I
brought a piñata!” he laughed and held
up a Stewie head from Family Guy. I
laughed as he hung it up.

“Hey Bells, you okay?” Jacob sat next to

her and slung his arm over her shoulders.
She flinched from his touch and he
looked at her curiously.

“Yeah, never better.” She smiled sweetly

at him. He narrowed his eyes then
shrugged and kept eating.

I scoffed and picked up a bag of

twizzlers to eat. She glared at me and I
rolled my eyes at her.
“Ok let’s play a game.” Alice finished
her pizza.

“Oh Truth or Dare?” Jake smiled.

“Cool.” Emmett smiled.

“Here I have an empty beer bottle.”

Jasper put it in the middle of our circle.

“Ok I go first!” Alice chirped.

It landed on Jacob and he smiled. “Ok

Jacob, truth or dare?” Alice squealed.


“Ok have you ever had sex, and if you

have with who.”
“Oh I have, and it was with Kathy in 8th
grade, in the girls’ locker room.”

“Kathy Smith?” Bella frowned.



“Ok my turn to spin.” Jacob spun it.

It landed on Emmett and he laughed.

“Ok Emmett truth or dare?”


“Ok I dare you to kiss Alice for 40


“But she’s my cousin!”

“Adoptive cousin!”

Alice made a face and then shrugged.

“No way!” Jasper frowned.

“Yes way.” Jake grinned.

“Ok fine.” Emmett leaned forward.

So did Alice and their lips met. They

opened their mouths to make it deeper
and Rose didn’t seem to care.

“OK time’s up!” Jake grinned.

“Bah! She tasted like Jasper!” Emmett

wiped his mouth.

“Fuck you Emmett.” Jasper smirked and

took a swig of beer.
“Ok my turn.” Emmett swung the bottle
and it landed on me.

“Ok Edward truth or dare?”


“Ok I dare you to kiss Jasper for 20

seconds!” he laughed.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!!!!” Jasper and I

both yelled.

“Just do it.” Rose whined.

“Fine!” I yelled. I leaned forward and so

did Jasper and our lips locked. He leaned
forward even more and I backed up.
and wiped my mouth.

“I tried to dream it was Alice!” he


“Aww thanks babe.” Alice smiled and

kissed him.

“Ok my turn.” I swung the bottle and it

landed on Rose.

“Rose, truth or dare?”


“Where’s the kinkiest place Emmett and

you have ever done it?”

She thought for awhile. “Oh your piano.”

She sighed.
“WHAT!?!” I glared at Emmett.

“You weren’t there and it sounded like a

good idea!” He yelled.

“Wait! No scratch that, you’re Volvo in

the backseat.” Rose rolled her eyes and

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” I screamed.

“Rose shut up!!” Emmett yelled.

Jasper, Alice, and Jacob were laughing

their asses off.

“Ok my turn.” Rose sat up to spin the

It landed on Bella and we all looked at
her. She was still in the fetal position just
with a smirk on her face.

“Bella, truth or dare?”


“Ok I dare you to kiss Edward for a

whole minute.”

I was stunned and everyone just smirked.

I looked at Bella and she was grinning

She got on her knees and grabbed my

face and pressed her lips to mine. She
stuck her tongue in my mouth as I
wrapped my arms around her waist. She
opened her mouth to give me better
access and our tongues battled for

“Ok time!”

She let go of my face and sat back in her

spot to go back into fetal position.

“Whoa!” Jasper looked shocked and

Alice giggled.

“Ok my turn.” Bella swung the bottle

and it landed on Alice.

“Ok Alice truth or dare?”


“Ok I dare you to make out with Rose

for 3 minutes.”
“Ok.” They both shrugged. Got their
asses in the air and locked their lips, it
was hot I have to admit. I could see their
tongues going in and out and Alice
grabbed Rose’s ass. She moaned and got
on top of Alice. Shit that’s hot.

Emmett was breathing hard and Jasper

and Jacob were looking shocked and I
was horny as hell.

“Ok time!” Bella smirked.

They got off each other and grinned and

sat back in their appropriate spots.

“Oh…my…god…” Jasper sighed.

“Holy Shit!!” Jacob breathed.

“Thank you LORD!!!” Emmett laughed
and hugged Rose.

Suddenly the door swung open and their

ME??!?” Tanya squealed. She had her
own sleeping bag and wine.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” everyone

screamed except Bella.

“Ok what are we doing?” she sat down

next to Alice.

“Nothing but kicking your ass out.”

Emmett mumbled and I snickered.

“Oh spin the bottle.” Tanya clapped her

tiny hands and smiled.
“What are you doing here Tanya?” I

“Well I asked you guy’s mom where you

were and she said you were at the Swan
girl’s house so I came.”

“Oh.” Jasper sighed.

“Ok Tanya truth or dare?” Alice



“OK, have you ever had sex with


“Yeah, at a club with 2 other girls.”

“Damn Edward!” Emmett laughed.

Bella’s eyes looked surprised.

“Yeah I was drunk.” I sighed.

“Yeah but it felt so good.” Tanya sighed


“Not as good as that kiss right Edward?”

Emmett laughed and looked at Bella.

“What kiss?” Tanya frowned.

“Oh I dared Bella and Edward to kiss.”

Rose grinned looking at her nails.

“WHAT!!!” she glared at Bella.

“What?” Bella stared at her.

“You kissed him?’ Tanya sneered.

“Yeah so.” Bella shrugged her shoulders.

“You tramp don’t kiss him!” and Bella

cringed and looked at me with sad eyes.

“Tanya it was a dare!” I butted in.

“SO?! She doesn’t get to kiss you, I

do!!” she grabbed my face and covered
my lips with hers. I sighed and just let
her kiss me. She licked my lips and
smiled and let go.

“So…where am I sleeping?” she looked

at everyone.

“You can get the couch.” Bella smirked.

“Me and Jasper call the couch recliner.”

Alice chirped.
“And me and Rose call the other couch.”
Emmett smiled.

“I call Charlie’s bed.” Jacob smirked.

“Cool.” I smiled.

“Edward where are you gonna sleep?”

Emmett frowned.

“With Bella.” Jasper smirked and Tanya

glared at him.

“Am not! I’m sleeping on the other

recliner.” I pointed to the other side of
the room.

“Oh.” Tanya frowned.

“Ok, movie time.” Alice squealed.

“Horror.” Jasper smiled and held up the
movie Nightmare on Elm Street.

Alice squealed again and snatched it

away from him. She slipped it in the
DVD player and sat back with Jasper on
the recliner.

Bella got up to turn off all the lights and

snuggled up by herself. Tanya got next to
Jacob. Emmett and Rose snuggled up. I
decided to go sit next to Bella and sat at
least 4 inches away from her. She rested
her head on my shoulder and sighed. I
took her hand and started rubbing circles
in them.

45 minutes in the movie Rose, Tanya,

Alice and Jacob were all jumping. I
snorted. The lights went off suddenly
and they all screamed. Emmett got up
and turned on the lights.

“Sorry I tripped over the plug.” He


When we could all see Rose, Alice, and

Jacob were all clinging to Bella.

“How do you all run to Bella?” Emmett


“Yeah thanks a lot Alice.” Jasper rolled

his eyes.

Bella looked confused and frowned at all

of them. “Because during all the scary
parts Bella didn’t even flinch.” Alice
“Because if Freddy FUCKING Kruger
ever came in my dreams I’d kick his
ass.” She sighed.

We all laughed and turned off the movie.

I lay down in my makeshift bed and
Emmett snuggled up to Rose on the
recliner. Jacob walked up stairs after
Bella. Jasper and Alice started making
out silently. Jasper turned off the lights
and went back to Alice.

“EW!! Jasper! Stop making out!!!”

Emmett whined into the darkness.

I sighed and knew this is what I had to

hear all night.

An hour later I heard Emmett’s loud

snores and I couldn’t take it! I got up and
got a glass of water. I then crept upstairs
and sneaked in Bella’s room.

She wasn’t sleep; she was lying on her

bed reading a book with her legs in the
air, crossing and uncrossing her ankles.

I crept up behind her but apparently she

heard me. “What Edward?” she turned
around to look at me.

“Nothing just wanted to see you.” I


“Aww thanks.” She glared at me.

“Whatever Bellhop. Whatcha reading?” I

smiled and laid down on the bed with
“Withering Heights.” She held it up to

“It’s old.”

“Yeah…” she smiled.

“I like your smile.” I blurted out.

“Thanks…I like your…eyebrows.” She

said sarcastically.

“Really.” I wiggled them and she


“Yeah their really plucked.”

“Oh ha-ha, I don’t get my eyebrows

“Riiiiight.” She laughed and rolled her

“So…” I rolled to my sighed to stare at


“So…” she looked back still smiling.

I reached my finger up to trace her

smiling lips. She smiled wider then her
eyes got wide. She flinched away from
my touch and nearly rolled off the bed.
She stood up and started walking around
in circles. Chanting…

“Girlfriend…he has a
girlfriend….girlfriend.” she grabbed at
her red hair.

I chuckled and walked over to her. I

cupped her cheek and she stopped
talking. She looked up at me and smiled
at me weakly. I leaned down and pressed
my lips to hers the third time. I pushed
her on her bed and she wrapped her arms
around neck and they crept up to my

I plunged my tongue in her mouth and

our tongues battled for dominance once
again. She grabbed at my hair and I
wrapped my arms around her waist. She
pulled me closer to her and I grabbed at
her thighs. She gasped when my hands
found her ass but I pushed my lips

She pushed me off and I looked at her

shocked, hoping she wasn’t going to kick
me out like last time.
She just smiled and got under the covers.
I got under with her and we laid there
together in total bliss.


Bella POV

I woke up from the cloudy sky and

turned over to see Edward sleeping. His
eyes fluttered in his sleep and I smiled.

I looked up and saw Alice, Emmett, and

Rose all standing there shocked. I
smiled, embarrassingly at them, and they
were still in their phase.

“Edward wake up.” I shook him and he

grumbled. “We have to go to school.
We’ll be late.”
“Don’t worry I’ll drive us.” He grumbled
again and wrapped his arms around my
waist to pull me back to him, his eyes
still closed. “Come back to bed,
Bellhop.” He obviously didn’t know he
was putting on a show.

Emmett snickered and Edward’s eyes

popped open. He rolled off the edge of
the bed and made a loud thumping noise.
I giggled as he popped his head up from
the floor and Alice smiled while Rose
just shook her head grinning.

“What do you guys want?” he sighed and

stood up stretching.

“Well we couldn’t find you and Tanya

freaked out, so I decided to go wake up
Bella only to find you two snuggled up
together in her bed. Then Rosalie and
Emmy came up to see what was taking
me so long and then Bella woke up then
you fell off the bed and then said ‘what
do you guys want?’ and then I started
telling this story and then-” Alice

“Shut the fuck up!” Edward sneered and

Alice giggled.

“Did you guys find Eddie?!” Tanya

busted in my room.

“EDDIE!!!” Tanya ran over to him and

jumped in his arms.

“I’m going to go take a shower. Emmett

you take the one downstairs. Alice you
can have the one down the hall. Rose
you can use Renesmee’s. Jake can use
Charlie’s. Tanya you can go after Jake.
And Edward you can go after me.
Towels are in the closet in the hallway.
Peace!” I held up the peace sign and
waked in my bathroom to close the door.

I turned on the shower and stepped in. I

started to wash my hair with my
strawberry shampoo. I dried it and made
it really curly with some moose. I
brushed my teeth and washed my face. I
put eyeliner on and mascara. I put my
pink strawberry lipstick on and sighed. I
stepped out to see Edward still on my
bed flipping thru my old childhood photo
book. I frowned at him and grabbed
some light skinny legs with my knee
high black chucks and a gray tank top. I
grabbed my underwear and my wool
gray sweater I wore on the first day.
I looked at my outfit I had just put on
and smiled to myself. Edward grinned at
me and lingered his eyes on my body. I
rolled my eyes at him and he snickered.
He put the book down and walked over
to my shower with a pile of clothes in his
right had and closed the door to the
bathroom. I heard the water start and I
wandered over to my bed. I opened the
big photo book and smiled sadly when I
saw the first picture.

It was me when I was little. Like two.

My mom was holding me tight with
Charlie on the side. She looked so happy
and so did Charlie. I smiled again I
realized I was crying and I wiped them
away. I heard the water stop and I looked
Edward stepped out of the steamy
bathroom and I was in awe. His wet
bronze hair was plastered to his forehead
and it looked even more beautiful. He
had a six pack and he had well defined
muscles. He only had on a pair of light
jeans and that’s it. He laughed at my
expression and ran a hand thru his hair
and it immediately snapped into his
perfect bed head style.

I sighed and looked back at the pictures.

“Bella?” his smooth voice called. I

looked up and he was looking at me
confused. “Were you crying?” he rushed
over to me and his soft hands grabbed
my cheeks.

I frowned and snapped the book close. I

threw it down on the floor and I snatched
his hands off my face. “Keep your hands
to yourself Cullen.” I smirked. “You
already touched my ass, that should be
enough.” I tried to lighten the mood.

He laughed and put a black shirt on that

was tight around his muscles. I sighed
again and grabbed my book bag.

Too Much Drama at This

Damn School
I closed my locker and looked up to see
icy blue eyes.

I froze.

It was Mr. James. He was a student

teacher and he was handsome with dirty
blonde hair and blue eyes. He smiled at
me and leaned against my locker. I took
a step back and he smiled even more.

“Hi Mr. James.” I smiled.

“Hello Bella.”

“How’s it going?”

“Fine, Vicky and I decided to take a


His red headed girlfriend Victoria had

come to our school before. She was very
nice and pretty but they didn’t seem to
get along. Mr. James and I have had
these kinds of conversations before.

“Oh that’s too bad. I’m sorry.”

“It’s ok.” He waved his hand and smiled


“Oh well I’ll see you later.” I started


“Wait, what period do you have?” he

caught me and brushed my hair behind
my ear.

I gulped and smiled. “Um, Mr. Banner.”

He frowned then whispered in my ear.

“Have fun.”
“HEY BELLA!!!” I looked over my
shoulder to see Emmett waving his giant
arm in the air and smiled at me when he
reached me.

“Hey Emmett.” I grinned.

“Hey Mr. James.” he looked over my

shoulder and frowned.

“Hello Emmett.” He nodded. “I’ll see

you later Bella.” He disappeared around
a corner.

“What was that about?” Emmett

scratched his head.

“Oh well ready to go to class? I’ll walk
you.” Emmett grabbed my books and
started toward Mr. Banner class.

We reached the class and I took my

books from him. I kissed his cheek and
he smiled at me. I walked to my seat next
to Alice and Jasper. Alice grinned at me
while Jasper looked completely hung
over. I giggled and started talking to
Alice. Edward soon walked in and sat
down next to Alice.

“Hey Edward.” Jasper frowned.

“Hi Jasper. Are you okay?” he frowned


“No…” he whined.

I laughed and Jasper whined my way.

!!” I heard a scream. I saw Tanya run
into the room and she didn’t look happy.

“Tanya Denali please leave this

classroom-” Mr. Banner yelled.

“WHERE IS SHE?!” she screamed and

her dark eyes frantically searched for
someone. Her eyes rested on me and she
roared. I flinched away from her stare
and she ran over to me.

“YOU BITCH!!” she slapped me on the

cheek and I fell to the ground. I heard
Alice roar and I looked up to see Jasper
grab her. Edward looked at me with
stunned eyes then back to Tanya.
I stood up and charged at her but Edward
grabbed me. “WHAT THE FUCK IS
YOUR PROBLEM?!” I screamed.


yelled back.

Alice froze in Jasper’s arms and looked

at me. Edward’s arms loosened and I

Pictures of Phil rubbing my breasts came

into view. Memories of me having sex
with Alec and Trent flooded in my mind.

I needed to get out of here.


I raced out of the silent classroom and

bumped into Rose. “Hey Bell-” she
stopped when she saw my face. “Bella?”

“I have to go Rose.” I flew past her and

ran down the 9th grade hall. I cut thru the
library and ran past the cafeteria.

I fell when I finally reached the parking

lot. I wanted to curl my self and cry my
heart out. I figured I couldn’t do that
here and I stood. I ran towards the street,
since my car wasn’t here I had to walk.

I ran down the street and ran into a

I saw Edward’s stupid Volvo following
me so I went thru the woods. I heard a
car door slam and I ran even faster.

I tripped over a twig and scrapped my

palms. I got back up and continued to

“BELLA!!!” I heard a dozen voices

calling me and I just ran faster.

I finally stopped running when I stop

hearing the voices and I tripped again. I
just laid there not wanting to move. I
slowly curled up into a tight ball and I
felt the rain platter on my face. I didn’t
care I just wanted to stay here. I sobbed
and screamed and let the misery have

Edward POV

!!” I heard a scream. I snapped my head
up and saw Tanya looking livid.

“Tanya Denali please leave this

classroom-” Mr. Banner yelled.

“WHERE IS SHE?!” she roared and her

dark eyes frantically searched the room.
Her eyes rested on Bella and she
screamed. Bella flinched away from her
stare and Tanya raced toward her. I heard
a loud slapping noise and ‘YOU
BITCH!!!’ and I looked back to see
Bella on the floor. I stared at her stunned
and glared at Tanya.
WHAT THE HELL!!! The whole room
had gone quiet and was now looking at
our show.

Alice roared and scrambled across the

table before Jasper caught her. She
roared again and struggled with Jasper.

Bella stood up and ran toward Tanya but

I grabbed her. ““WHAT THE FUCK IS
YOUR PROBLEM?!” she yelled and I


yelled back.
Alice looked at her shocked and stopped
struggling. Jasper mouth was hung open,
the same as the rest of the class. I looked
at Bella and she stumbled when my arms
She let out a sob and started to shake.
She raced out of the room and I glared at

“What the hell Tanya?!” She frowned.

“I SAW you guys making out upstairs I

was just too drunk to realize. I figured
out today and I wasn’t going to have
that!” she yelled and I scowled.


TANYA!!” I yelled.

Alice growled at Tanya then raced out of

the room I followed after her and I felt
Jasper come behind me. I saw her in the
parking lot collapsed on the ground then
she quickly recovered and raced to the
street. I got in my Volvo with Alice and
Jasper and I saw Bella make a sharp turn
in a neighborhood. She looked behind
her and saw my Volvo and made a swift
cut thru the woods. Damn! I pulled over
and I raced after her.

I didn’t see her anywhere though.

“BELLA!!!” I called.

“BELLA!!!” Alice screamed.

“BELLA!!!” Jasper yelled.

I heard a shrill scream and I winced.

BELLA!!” I called again and I frowned

I heard another scream and I raced

toward the sound. It started raining and I
sighed. I heard soft sobs but couldn’t
make out from where they were coming

“BELLA!!” Alice called out worryingly.

FRIDAY!!” she said completely serious.

I heard another sad scream and I ran

toward the sound. I heard another and
another and I pulled a bunch of weeds
out of the way.

“Bella…” I found her lying on her side

in a tight ball. Her eyeliner was smudged
and black tear stains ran down her
cheeks. Her red hair was blown back and
had leaves in it. Her cheeks were flushed
and she was gasping for air.


I called. I heard rustling and Alice and
Jasper rushed over to me.

“Bella…” they sighed together.

I gathered her in my arms and she


“Please just let me die.” She struggled

weakly in my arms.


PLEASE!!!” Alice screamed and tears
started forming in her eyes. “DON’T

Bella sobbed some more and Alice broke

down. Jasper picked her up and we all
walked back to the school.

My Pimp
I sped my car to Bella’s house to go see
her. It’s been a week since the whole
incident. She has been at home the whole
week and Alice is really worried.

First I left her alone, but I need to see her

though. Just to check if she’s alright.

I walked to the door and knocked on it.

Nessie opened it and smiled at me
I bent down to her level and she grinned.
“Hey is your sis here?” I asked nicely.
“Yes she’s upstairs.” She answered with
a smile.

“Can I see her? Is your dad home?”

“No he’s not and sure you can see her.”

She said sweetly. “But I have a surprise
for you, first. You have to close your
eyes though.”

“Ok.” I closed my eyes as she grabbed

my hand in her tiny one and led me to
the kitchen I’m guessing. I heard her
looking thru cabinets for something. I
leaned against the counter and let my
head hit the cabinet. I opened my eyes to
see her standing in front of me with her
hands behind her back.

“What do you have Nessie?” I cooed.

“Can you put me on the counter?” she
asked nicely.

I picked her tiny body up and put her on

the counter. I leaned against the other
one and let my head fall back on the
cabinet again.

“Close your eyes.” She said in a sweet

voice. I closed them and I heard her
move. I felt something cold and sharp
touch my throat and my breathing

“Open your eyes Edward.” Said a dark,

mean voice. I opened them slowly to see
Nessie sitting in front of me with a knife
in her hand and a scowl on her cute face.
“What did you do to my sister?” she
asked getting a tight grip on my hair. She
slammed my head in the cabinet.

DAMN!! This girl is strong.

“What!? Nothing she’s just upset! It

wasn’t me I swear!” I whispered and I
felt the blade go deeper. She slowly
lowered the knife from my throat and
trailed it down my chest, to my stomach
and down to my personal area. I

“If you ever hurt her, Edward. I’ll cut

your little prick off before you even now
what it’s used for.” She slammed my
head against the cabinet and let me go.
“Don’t piss yourself Edward.” She

She got down from the counter and put

the knife up. She smiled sweetly at me
then started singing a lullaby as she
headed to the living room.


“She’s upstairs Edward…just be careful

with her.” She turned her head slowly to
my direction and smiled evilly. I rubbed
my throat and nodded quickly. I rushed
upstairs and ran to Bella’s door.

Holy hell. I just got owned by a 5 year

old. I’m her bitch! She’s my pimp!

I knocked on the door and then opened it

slowly. I saw Bella asleep on her bed
with some sweats on and tears down her

I rushed over to wipe them away and she

sat up straight. “What are you doing?”
she asked while rubbing her eyes.

“You…cry in your…sleep?” I asked


She stiffened and looked at me. “Yeah,

um, that’s been happening a lot.” She
nervously took a strand of her hair and
put behind her ear.

“Bella-” I started.

“Are you still with Tanya?” she asked


“No.” I whispered.
“Good.” She whispered back.

She lunged at me and attacked my lips

with her own. I wrapped my arms around
her waist as she pulled me on top of her.
She licked my bottom lip and I granted
her permission. Our tongues battled
while our hands roamed each other’s

I grabbed her ass as she started to

unbutton my shirt, and she thru it over
her shoulder. I started to take off her
shirt and I threw it over my shoulder too.
She grabbed my belt buckle to untangle
it and threw it away. She straddled my
waist and I groaned when she grounded
into me.
I unclasped her bra and pulled it down
slowly to look at her breasts. I licked my
lips and she giggled. I kissed her neck
then her collarbones and then I attacked
her breasts. She moaned when I flicked
my tongue at her nipple and rolled it
around her breast.

“Are you sure Bella?” I asked


“Yes.” She sighed as I licked her breasts


I went lower; I licked her stomach and

unbuttoned her pants. I threw them over
to the pile with our shirts and I slowly
lowered her panties. I threw them on her
bed and I looked at her sweet folds. She
whimpered and I kissed it and then
started doing slow strokes. I flicked her
clit in my mouth and sucked on it. She
thrashed and tried to pull away but I held
her waist tight.

“Mmm Edward, please don’t stop.”

“Edward, mmm…”

“Edward! Too good…”

I brought my lips up to hers and she

pulled me closer. I positioned myself at
her entrance and I looked up at her for
permission. She just nodded and I
pushed inside of her. We both groaned at
the ecstasy and kept going. I thrashed in
and out of her and she kept whimpering
my name. She wrapped her legs around
my waist and pulled me deeper inside of
She felt so good and her body smelled
like strawberries.

I inhaled deeply…

That’s when the door opened…

There stood Nessie and Charlie looking

at our tangled bodies.

Bella screamed my name one last time

and she climaxed. She looked at me
confused then looked at her door. Her
eyes widened and she grabbed her sheets
to cover herself.

“Um…” I murmured and Charlie looked

beyond pissed. I backed up a little and
looked down at Nessie. She had her
mouth wide open and looked at us both
Bella turned red and rushed into the

“Chief Swan…I’m so sorry. I didn’t plan

on this…um…happy Hanukkah!” I
grabbed my pants and struggled to put
them on down the stairs. I heard Charlie
behind me and I buttoned up my pants.

I got in my car and backed out of the

driveway when I saw Chief Swan’s gun.
He shot twice and it hit my bumper. I
went faster then let out a breath of relief
when I was out of there.

Was that all worth it? Just one girl? And

this was still a bet. I mean is it really
worth all this trouble?
Then I thought about Bella naked and I

“HELL YES!!!” I yelled and shot my fist

in the air.

I walked into my house to find Emmett

watching TV. I plopped down next to
him and grinned.

“Dude, where’s your shirt?” Emmett

grinned. I looked down and sure enough
it was gone.

“Oh I must have left it at Bella’s.” I

grinned again.
“What do you mean...you...” his eyes
widened and he looked at me shocked.

“She was perfect, does that mean I win

the bet?” I asked, slyly.

Emmett looked at me serious. “No one

more exception.”

“No! I won fair and

square!” I yelled.

“No you have to do it in front of

everyone. There’s a party at Josh’s house
in 2 days. If you get her to say she loves
you, and or kiss her at the party in front
of everyone then you’ll get your money.”
He grinned.
“Fine but I want a raise if she does.
Make it $360!” I smiled.

“Great! Let’s do it! OGB is in action!”

I still hated messing with Bella. What if

she really loved me? Or if I love her?
Maybe I do…What if I hurt her?

Bella POV


THIS DOOR NOW!!” Charlie yelled
thru the door.

“Hell no!” I yelled back and got into the

I had sex with Edward. I had sex with
him and it felt right. Good. I loved every
minute of it.

And for once, I didn’t feel like a slut or a

tramp or like my mom. I felt whole.

I walked into my room to see my door

was closed and no one was in there. I put
on some sweats and fell asleep.

I woke up because I heard thumping on

my window. I got up and opened it.

“Hey Bells.” Edward climbed off the tree

and jumped thru my window.

I rubbed my eyes and glared at him. I

looked over at my clock and then looked
back at him. “It’s fucking 3 in the




“Ok what did you come here for?” I

asked, yawning.

“You.” he answered simply.

“Oh really?”

“Yes really.”

He walked over to me and smiled. Even

thru the darkness I could see his white
teeth. “Bella, I have never met anyone
like you. I love you.” he said with love
and sympathy in his voice.

I grabbed his cheeks. “I love you too.”

He leaned down and pressed his lips to
mine. I opened my mouth to give him
better access as he grabbed at my waist.

“Mm…mm…Edward.” I mumbled
against his lips.

“Yes?” he asked as he stuck his tongue

in my mouth.

“You need to go.” I pushed him off of


“Fine. But I’ll pick you up in the

morning.” He opened the window and
jumped out.
“By Edward…” I whispered mostly to
myself and fell asleep.

Edward POV

I was officially in love with her…I

thought as I jumped from the bottom

Damn it! This couldn’t happen. I

couldn’t love her. What about the bet?
The party? SHIT!!

I made my way to my car down the street

and stopped when I saw a small figure. It
was girl, she was wearing pink pajamas
and her dark hair hung down her

“Hello Edward.” She stepped forward.

“What is this bet I have been hearing
about? You and Emmett I presume?” she
took another step forward.

“How did you know about that?” I

frowned and faltered a step back.

She grinned when she saw that

movement and took another step
forward. “I know everything. You see I
have been here for a while.” She smiled
and stepped forward again. “And I am
the eyes and ears of this tiny town…”

I took another step back and narrowed

my eyes at her. “Nessie, I’m not going to
hurt her.”
“You better not, because if you do. I’ll
fucking cut your tiny balls off and feed
them to you. Fix this!” she walked past
me. I heard a door softly close and I
breathed a sigh of relief.

This girl is not kidding. She knows way

too much vocabulary by the way. I
started towards my car again and stepped

I saw a note on my steering wheel and I

opened it.


You hurt her and I’ll light this

bitch on fire. Stupid Volvo.

You’re Angel,
I frowned. How the hell did this bitch get
into my car? Shit! Nice handwriting by
the way for a 5 year old. I started the car
and sped home.

I woke up in the morning at 7…wait 7!!!

SHIT!!! I forgot to pick up Bella. I was
supposed to be there at 6:45. Damn it!!!

I stood up and took a quick shower. I ran

a hand thru my hair and it immediately
snapped in its usual hairstyle. I brushed
my teeth and threw on some jeans. I
grabbed a brown sweater with the white
collar out. I grabbed my books and
walked outside.
Emmett was already gone and I frowned.
I got into my Volvo.

I sped to Bella’s house to only see she

wasn’t there.

I started down the street to only see her

stomping her way to school. She was
wearing a black v neck with her usual
light skinny jeans and converses. I
honked my horn and she turned around
slowly. She glared at me thru the
windshield and I flinched.

She started away again and I sighed and

got out of the car. She glared at me and I
grabbed her wrists. “Edward! Where the
hell have you be-” I locked my lips with
hers and wrapped my arms slowly
around her waist. She grabbed my
shoulders and grabbed at my hair.
I licked her lips and she pushed herself
against me. I tasted her strawberries in
my mouth and I grinned against her lips.

I stopped when I heard whistles and I

looked over to see Rosalie, Jasper,
Emmett, and Alice all looking at us with
smirks on there face. They were all in
Emmett’s Jeep.

“WOO!!! EDWARD!!” Jasper and

Emmett yelled together.

Bella and I laughed together and we

walked over to my car. I helped her in
my car and I got on the driver’s side. I
intertwined our fingers and she smiled at
me and we sped after the jeep.

“So…are we official?” Bella laughed.

“I would love to be.” I said as I leaned
over for another kiss as we parked in the
school parking lot. She grabbed at my
hair as her shell pink lips battled with
mine. She finally pushed me off and

I grabbed her hand as we walked thru

the hallways. Tanya glared at me as we
walked into Biology.

Jasper grinned and grabbed Bella.

“Bella your cheating on me?! I’m

shocked. I said we would leave for
Vegas tomorrow and I would leave Alice
for you.” he pretended to cry as Alice
gaped at him. She smacked him on the
back of the head. “OW!” he yelled and
rubbed his head as Bella giggled.

“Don’t even kid about that! I would kill

you and Bella. No offence Bella.” She

“None taken.” She shrugged as she

looked up at me. I leaned down and
kissed her on the mouth. She reacted and
grabbed my neck.

“Ew! Do that in the closet or something!

That’s really gross.” Jasper shielded his
eyes as Alice giggled.

Soon class started and we had to read

three chapters from our textbooks. I
pulled my chair closely to her’s and
grabbed her hand as she started reading. I
ran my palm over hers and I twisted and
turned her fingers. My hands danced
over hers softly and I brought her hand
up to kiss it softly. I heard her let out a
shaky breath then turn to me.

“Edward, stop!” she whispered.

“Why?” I whispered back as I placed

another kiss on her hand.

“Because I have read the same sentence

15 times.” She sighed as she smirked.

I laughed quietly.

The bell rung and Bella stood up.

Soon school was over and I walked Bella

to my car. We sped to her house, happily
to see my pimp wasn’t there and Charlie
was still at work.

I plopped down on the sofa and I

grabbed Bella’s waist to come sit with
me. I place her on my lap and I turned
her to kiss her softly on the lips. Her lips
lingered on mine as we let out shaky
breaths and moans. I grabbed at her waist
and brought her closer to me. She
grabbed at my shoulders and started
grinding into me. I moaned and traced
her lips.

She pushed me off to catch her breath.

She shook her head at me.

“Bella I want to know more about

you…” I sighed as I traced her palm. She
grimaced at that and turned her face
away from me. I loved her beautiful face.
Her shell pink full lips and her warm
brown eyes. Her heart shaped face with
that red hair. I loved her. I would do
anything for her.

“Bella. I love you. You can trust me.” I


“Ok, I do. I came here from Florida. My

mom…used to do drugs. She went into
Charlie’s bank account everyday and
took money. She would be out all night
and we wouldn’t see her for days. Finally
she got a divorce and left for Florida. I
followed after her and she soon married
Phil. He started drinking a lot and hit me
and my mom a lot,” I was outrage of
someone hurting her, “One night; he
came home, really drunk and just
snapped. He grabbed my hair,” she
pointed towards her head, “And slammed
me on the ground. He…,” she stopped as
tears fell down her face. I grabbed her in
my arms and squeezed her tight. She
continued, “He tore off my shirt and told
me I was a slut like my mom. He pulled
off my bra then pants…and,” she
stopped and sobbed into my chest. I held
her tighter as she sobbed and grabbed my

“It’s ok Bella. You don’t have to tell me

the rest.” I sighed. She raised her head up
to glare at me.

“I want to. He…raped…me!” she said it

with confidence and I was taken back.
She was really brave. I wrapped my arms
back around her as she wiped her tears
away. “He raped me.” she said it again.
“My mom was too stoned to realize
things. I was 16. Another night she came
home and she and Phil got into a real bad
fight. He started hitting her and pushing
her down. She suddenly hit him and he
took something out of his pocket he
started beating her with a stone from
outside. She started screaming so I ran
away. I ran outside and took deep
breaths. I called the police and it seemed
Phil got away. The police said I wasn’t
safe so they put me in an orphanage for a
year and gave me protection. I soon
decided to move here and it’s been good
so far.” She turned to me. She was
smiling with tears in her eyes. I knew she
was in pain. I wrapped my arms around
her as she cried into my chest.

She finally stopped after a good 12

minutes and looked up at me. I wiped her
eyes and stared into them. I cupped her
cheek and leaned in for a kiss. Her lips
met mine and I opened my mouth to
make it deeper. I licked her sweet lips
and pulled her closer to me. She grabbed
at my hair and pulled me to her. I landed
on top of her and grabbed at her thighs.
Here we were making out on her couch.

“I love you Bella.” I muttered against her


“I love you too.” She giggled as I made

my way to her neck.

Wait, there was something tonight.

Something I had to take Bella to…oh
yeah Josh’s party.

I lifted myself off of Bella and she

looked at me confused. I smirked at her.
I loved this girl, I swear. I would do
anything for those eyes. “C’mon, we’re
going to a party.” I smirked again as she

“Fine, I’ll go but wait down here.” She

hurried upstairs. And I heard rustling. I
heard the shower and it shutting off. I sat
on the couch and waited. I heard her
heels as she made her way downstairs. I
stood up and watched her. She was
wearing the same thing she wore on that
night when she danced with Jacob.

What Bet?!

Bella POV

We arrived at the house and I looked

over at Edward who was holding my
hand. I smirked at him as he pulled into
the giant mansion. He parked next to a
car. I stepped out of the car and
Edward’s hand met mine. I walked
inside with Edward by side. I looked
around and spotted Alice. I waved at her
and ran over to greet her who was talking
to Rosalie. I hugged Rose too and we
giggled together.

“HEY GIRLS!!” Emmett laughed as he

slung his arm over my shoulder.

“Hey Emmett.” I smirked.

“Where’s Edward?” he frowned.

“Oh I think he went outside.” I pointed

to the doors.

“He better get this over with.” He

“What was that Emmett?” I asked.

“Nothing Bells.” He grinned and ran


I looked back at the girls as they just


I walked outside after Emmett and saw

him arguing with Edward. I watched
with wide eyes. I saw Edward avert his
eyes to me then smirked. He grinned at
Emmett who turned to look at me then
mutter something to Edward. He sneered
at Emmett then walked over to me. He
wrapped his arms around me and pressed
his lips to mine. In. Front. Of. The.
Whole. Party. Awesome…

I wrapped my arms around his neck and

pulled him closer to me. I grabbed at his
hair and pulled him to me as his tongue
slipped in and out of my mouth.

He finally let me go and looked at me

proudly. I grinned at him as he smirked
back then walked away. Emmett looked
at me awestruck and walked after

What was that about?

I turned to see the whole party looking at

me awestruck. I turned red and walked
into the house.

I sat on the counter and looked at Rose

take shots. I didn’t drink a lot. I took one
and spit it out immediately and Alice
smirked at me and she threw one in her
mouth. Jasper hugged her closely to him.
“LADIES!!” Emmett boomed from
behind us, causing us to jump in the air.
“And Jasper.” he smirked.

Jasper smirked at him then walked out of

the kitchen muttering something about

“Hey Emmett.” We said together and he

staggered drunkly over to us.

“Don’t mind me I just need another beer.

Might as well drink it up since Edward
took my lunch money.” He frowned as
he took a drink.

“What are you talking about Emmett?”

Alice frowned too.

“What?” he looked up.

“Why does Edward have all your
money?” Rose grinned.

“Oh we made a bet.” He sighed.

“About what?” Alice frowned again.

“Bella.” He answered simply.

“Me? Why me?’ I frowned.

“Well, Edward is the player of the

school. Then you came and he couldn’t
get you to like him. So he and I made a
bet that he couldn’t fuck you before this
party. Obviously accomplished. 360
bucks too. This sucks.” Emmett shook
his head as I looked at him in disbelief.
“He made a bet on Bella?” Alice looked
at me in disbelief.

“Emmett shut up!” I heard Edward’s

smooth voice yell.

I turned my head to the sound of his

voice. I looked at him in horror as he
watched me.

“I thought…you…you loved me?” I

asked as my voice cracked.

He looked at me, not sure what to say.

“Is this true? Was I just a bet?” I asked.

He looked at me with pleading eyes.


“Bella-” he started.

“IS IT TRUE!?” I shouted again as tears

fell down my face.

He closed his eyes and flinched.

“Yes.” He answered quietly as I gasped.

I swallowed hard then hurried past him.

Edward POV

I walked outside after I left Bella with

Rose and Alice. I looked around for
Emmett to call off the stupid bet. I
suddenly felt his hand on my shoulder.

“Hey dude. Did you kiss her yet?” he

asked grinning.
“I don’t want to do this.” I sighed
shaking my head.

“What Edward Cullen breaking out of

the bet? OMG such a disappointment.
Well give me my 360.” He grinned.

“Emmett I’m not going to hurt her.”

“Since when do you care about girls?”

He asked.

“Since now.”

“Edward Cullen. You. Are. A. Pussy.”

He laughed.

My temper flared. “Ok Emmett, fine.” I

locked eyes with Bella.
I walked swiftly over to her and took her
beautiful body in my arms.

I leaned down to kiss her. Her strawberry

flavored lips moved with mine. She
locked her arms behind my neck as I
stuck my tongue in her mouth.

I let her go and grinned hugely.

I win the bet and get the girl.

I walked past her and leaned into a dark

corner. Emmett came over grumbling
and handed me the money.

“Fair and square.” He muttered. I

grinned again as I stuffed the money in
my pocket.
I sat down in a chair and started talking
to Tyler as Emmett went into the kitchen
with the girls.

He had been drinking a lot and I was

worrying about him.

He started talking to the girls so I went in

there to make sure he didn’t say anything

I heard Alice say, “He made a bet on

Bella?” I cringed.


“Emmett shut up!” I yelled as I stepped

into the kitchen.
All the girls snapped their heads to me,
but all I focused on was Bella’s. She had
tears in her eyes as she glared at me.

“I thought…you…you loved me?” she


I do! I wasn’t sure what to say though as

her face turned red.

“Is this really true? Was I just a bet?” she

asked. I looked at her pleading her with
my eyes.



“Bella-” I started.

“IS IT TRUE!?” she shouted again as

tears fell down her face.
I closed my eyes and flinched. I had to
tell the truth. I loved her too much. I
grimaced as I realized I would have to
say, “Yes.”

I kept my eyes close as I heard her gasp

then walk past me.

I opened my eyes to glare at Emmett

who was half asleep on the counter.

The girls glared at me and shook their


“Have Bella to call me if she wants a

ride, dickwad.” Rose sneered.

I ran after Bella and I saw her outside

crumpled on the ground.
I ran outside and bent down to her as her
sobs rang thru my ears. She clung to her
torso as she cried out.

“Bella.” I said. She stiffened and let out

another sob. I touched her shoulder and
she flinched away.

“DON’T TOUCH ME!!” she yelled as

she stood up.

“Bella-” I started.

“Why did you have to do this to me? Me

of all people. I told you my life. What
happened to me and you do this to me?
You said you loved me!”

“Bella I do.” I said slowly as I walked

She laughed and rolled her eyes as her
makeup mixed with her tears, making
them black.

“Leave me alone Edward.” She turned

but I grabbed her shoulder and brought
my lips down on hers.

I needed one last kiss.

She slapped me with as much power she

could summon and I cringed back.

She shook her head as she walked on the

sidewalk. I heard her heels click away in
the distance.

I lost Bella. My Bella.

I Need You…
Bella POV

I ran into my house letting out screams

and sobs.

I saw the light flicker on and Nessie

pulled me into her tiny arms.

She grabbed me and I sniffed in her

cotton candy smelling hair.

“Nessie, what are you doing up?” I


“I should ask you the same thing…” she

sighed as she pulled me closer to her tiny

I laughed as I picked her up and went

into her room.
It was similar to mine and I got into the
bed with her.

I slipped under the pink covers and fell

asleep with her in my arms.

Edward POV

“Bella…Bella…Bella.” I muttered over

and over again. “I need you…I’m sorry.”

I felt someone touch my shoulder and I

turned to see a livid Jasper.

He swung his fist back and punched me

dead in the mouth.
I felt blood mix with my saliva so I spit it
out and looked up at Jasper; he was
breathing heavily.

“I deserved that.” I sighed.


HELL!?” he yelled.

“I didn’t know her.” I sighed.


roared and I saw a tiny hand hold him

“Don’t Jazz, he needs to be left alone.”

She sighed.
I saw Rosalie help Emmett into Alice’s
car. Jasper followed after them and Alice
looked down at me.

“You need a ride?’ Alice asked.

I shook my head. “No Alice.” I sighed as

she turned away and got in her as she
sped away.

I walked down the street until I turned

into an alley.

I suddenly felt my hair being pulled and I

hit the wall. I felt a broken beer bottle
touch my throat.

“What did I say Edward?” Nessie

whispered in my ear. “I said fix this. She
came home screaming. That’s not much
fixing. You’re a bad mechanic.” She
laughed evilly as the glass dug deeper in
my skin.

“Nessie! Listen to me. Okay, I will fix

this! I promise. Please put the weapon
down.” I panicked.

I felt her drop the bottle. “You have two

days. Then it’s all over.” She walked

What was she doing in this neighborhood

in the middle of the night?

The next day I woke up in my comfy

Please make everything that happened
last night a dream.

I sighed angrily when I saw I still had on

the clothes I had on last night.


EMMETT!” I yelled.

I heard him groan in response and I


I got up and took a shower then brushed

all the alcohol out of my breath. I threw
on a white t shirt and jeans.

I walked downstairs and ran to my car.

I drove to Bella’s house only to hear she

went to the coffee shop.


I rushed to the coffee shop and walked

in. That’s when I saw her with small
shorts on and a big white t shirt.

She was laughing and smiling with

Jasper. She looked like she didn’t even
care what happened last night.

Jasper looked up to glare at me. He

whispered something to Bella and she
stiffened, and turned slowly to look at

I held my eyes with hers.

She turned abruptly away from me. She
paid for her coffee and walked quickly
out of the shop.

I ran after her.

“Bella. Please.” I sighed as I caught up

with her and reached for her arm.

She jerked away from me and turned to

look at me.

“Don’t touch me.”

“Bella please, let me talk to you.”

“Fine talk to me.” she said. “Let’s talk

about how you had sex with me. Then
when we said we love each other. Then I
tell you my life. Let’s talk about how
you made a bet. Everything you said to
me was a lie. All those kisses every
touch was a lie. Everything…” she
stopped and looked up at me. “I have to
go.” She turned abruptly and started
away again.

I caught up with her again and grabbed

her soft hand. She turned slowly to me
and frowned. She flinched from my

“Leave me alone Edward. This,” she

gestured toward me and her, “Won’t
work.” She turned away.

That sentence broke thru my heart.



I need her!

I stared at her retreating figure then

turned back to the coffee shop.

I looked up at Jasper as I sat down. He

cleaned the counter with unneeded force.

“You’re an idiot!” he spat thru clenched


“Thanks for reminding me.” I sighed.

“You’re not going to get her back with

that attitude.” He frowned.

I looked up at him shocked. “You’ll help

me?” I smirked.
His frowned deepened. “I’ll try.” He
smirked suddenly. I smiled back.

“Thanks Jazz.” I sat back.

“I’ll talk to her. She seemed happy when

she came in. Just smiles. But then you
came in and she just froze up. Like she
could sense you. Like you guys were
connected to each other. Weird.” He
shook his head.

“Yeah…I feel it too.”

“She didn’t say much about you. I would

say your name and she would just squint
her eyes at me, like glare.” he sighed.
“I’ll talk to her though.”

“Thanks man.” I smiled.

Jasper POV

I drove to Bella’s house and knocked on

the door. Renesmee opened it and smiled
at me. “Hi Jasper may I help you?”

“Yes, may I speak with Bella?’ I bent

down to her level and grinned at her.

“Sure, she’s up in her room.” She opened

the door wider. I walked in and looked

“Where’s Charlie?” I asked.

“At work. So make it quick.” She smiled.

I nodded and started upstairs. “Oh and
Jasper?” I turned to her. “Tell Edward to
watch out.” she smiled.
I looked at her confused but she just
shook her head. I nodded and started up
the stairs again.

“Bella?” I called thru the door.

“Yes Jasper?” she called back happily.

“May I come in darlin’?” she laughed

and I opened the door.

She was sitting on her bed with her legs

crossed. She grinned at me.

“Bella can I talk to you?” I asked. Her

smile faltered and she looked at me with

“Sure Jasper. What is it?” she asked

narrowing her eyes at me as I sat down
on her bed beside her.
“About Edward. He needs you Bella. He
wants you to be with him. He didn’t
mean what he did when he made that bet.
He didn’t know you and he was a player.
He thought he could get any girl. But, he
found his self to love you.” I sighed and
shook my head.

“Jasper I’m happy you stick up for

Edward. But we can’t just get back
together like that. I need to be able to
trust him.” She sighed and closed her
eyes as she shook her head.

“Bella.” I cupped her cheek and she

opened her eyes, shocked.

I didn’t know what was happening

I should’ve touched her like that.

I was about to draw my hand back but I

found myself getting closer.

I pressed my lips to hers.

To my surprise she didn’t fight me. She

just grabbed at my hair and I landed on
top of her. She moaned against my lips
as hers moved against mine. I grabbed at
her thighs.

She suddenly broke it off and looked at

me shocked. I lifted myself off of her
and sat up. I opened my mouth to speak
but closed it.

“I’m sorry Bella.” I sighed. “That was

uncalled for...”
She laughed then frowned. “What about

“Crap…Crap!” I yelled.

I loved Alice dearly. If she found out

about this…DAMN!! Why did I kiss

“Um, I’m sorry Jasper?” she made it

sound like a question.

“No, that was my fault. No offence but

your too irresistible.” She giggled and
smiled. “I have to go Bells. And sorry
about the kiss.” I sighed as I closed the

I walked downstairs and I was about to

walk out of the door when I fell over
something. I started to get up.
I was on my hands and knees before I
heard something click then glaze over
my forehead.

I looked up to see Nessie with a gun in

her hand. It wasn’t a big gun but big
enough for her to hold in her tiny hand.

She frowned down at me as she shook

her head.

“Do you want to play?” she asked

gesturing toward the gun.

“No.” I answered back. “Nessie? Why do

you have a gun?” I asked as my voice

“Well, Charlie doesn’t hide his guns

well.” She sighed and shook her head,
smirking, and she pressed the gun harder
into my head.

“I will ask again. Do you want to play?”


“Then don’t touch my sister ever again.”

She threw the gun on the ground and
looked at me. “This same thing has
happened to Edward. He messed with
my sister. And if you mess with my
sister. You get the consequences.” She
smiled evilly. “Get out before Charlie
sees you. And pass on the information to
Edward.” She smirked as I closed the


The next day Alice barged in the coffee
house and kissed me on the lips. I back
away from her and she looked at me

“I have a confession to make.” I sighed.

“O…k?” she frowned and leaned back in

the stool.

“IkissedBella.” I said it really fast and I

closed my eyes tight as I waited for her
to respond.

I felt her cup my cheek, lovingly, then

her hand smack across my face.
“Ok I deserved that.” I said as I rubbed
my cheek.

“Sorry Jazzy. I didn’t realize what I was

doing for awhile. Anyways…why did
you kiss Bella? I mean I know she’s hot.
I mean even I would hookup with her

“Wait you would hookup with Bella?” I

imagined that.

“Sure. Who wouldn’t? But back to the

point. Why did you kiss Bella?” she
asked. She was acting completely calm.

“Well, I went over to talk to her about

Edward, and then suddenly seemed like a
good idea at the time.” I sighed.

“Did she kiss you back?”

“Yes but she broke it off too. She did
think about you while I didn’t.” I shook
my head.

“Good. Thanks for telling me.” she stood


“WAIT! You’re not mad?”

“Well, kind of. But I know that boys

have senses and I never told you that I
sord of made out with Paul one night.”
She bit her bottom lip.

“WAIT!! That weekend I was out of

town!?” I yelled.

“Yes! But don’t get all mad because you

kissed Bella!” she yelled back.
“True.” I grinned and leaned in to kiss
her. She kissed me back and then let me

“I love you Jazz.” She smiled.

“Love you too Ali.” I sighed as she

walked away.

Two hours later Edward barged in.

“Hey did you talk to her?” he asked


“Yes and no.” I said looking down.

“What?” he asked.

“Well I talked to her then suddenly

kissed her.” I blurted out the end.
Edward was silent for a moment then
punched me dead in the stomach.
“WHAT THE FUCK!?” I yelled as I
tumbled over.

“That’s what you get. I mean what the

fuck?! Did you tell Alice?”

“Yes.” I stood up.

“Oh. Why did you kiss her?”

“Seemed like a good idea at the time.”

Then Nessie’s cute face barged into my
mind. “Hey what’s up with Renesmee?’ I

Edward froze up and looked at me with

scared eyes. “I don’t know…what

“She tried to kill me too!” he yelled


“I don’t find anything funny.” We heard

a baby voice from behind us. We both
snapped our heads up to look at Nessie.
She had on a cute yellow summer dress
and her hair was in a high ponytail. “Hey
boys.” She smiled.

“Nessie. Hey…” we said together.

She jumped up on a seat. “How is

everything with Bella?” she asked
looking at Edward.
“FINE! I mean great!” Edward said

“You’re a terrible liar Edward. Even

worst than Bella.” She sighed as she
shook her head. She turned to me.

“Jasper?” she called. I looked up.

“Freeze.” She held up the silver gun. I

immediately froze and Edward looked at
us shocked. He slowly reached for her.

“Don’t move Edward.” She said not even

looking at him. He froze.

“I’m giving you two, about one more

day. If she doesn’t stop screaming in her
sleep by tomorrow, I’m going to bash
your skulls in. Got it dickwads?” she
laughed. We both nodded.
“Good.” She said. She jumped down and
walked out of the store.

“SHIT!” Edward yelled then breathed a

sigh of relief.

“I know right. What’s up with that girl?”

I asked.

“I don’t know. When I came over one

day she threatened me. You should hear
her language! It’s very inappropriate for
a 5 year old! I mean c’mon!” he yelled.

I rolled my eyes. “Edward we need to

focus on Bella. She is hurting for you.”

“Yeah right! She was just making out

with you yesterday!” he rolled his eyes.
“Yeah, but she stopped. She’s still hurt.”

“Jasper should I go to her?” he asked.

“I think so. She needs you. First she’ll be

angry and try to push you out. Even
threaten you. Then she’ll cry and break
down. And maybe just maybe if you
have something good to say she might
take you back.” I said.

His eyes lit up at the end. He took his

hand and slapped me across the face.

“OW! What was that for?!” I shrieked.

“Because! You kissed Bella, and I

needed one more hit!” he yelled before
he got up and ran out of the store.
Bella POV

I sighed as I sulked in my bed.

He lied...he lied....he FUCKING lied!!

I sighed again and turned over.

I heard my phone ring.

Let me do your hair

I can make you up
I can do your clothes
Buy you a small pup

Let me do your nails

Or even your hair
Let’s go to the mall
I’ll take you there

I let out a groan.


I flipped open my phone and pressed it to

my ear.

“Hello?” I croaked.

“Bella! Its 4:00 and you said you were

going shopping with Rose and me. You
promised.” She whined.

“Oh crap Alice. I’m on my way.” I


I took a shower and threw on a white

camisole with tiny shorts. I put on some
white flats and ran outside.

I got into my car and speeded off.

I hopped out of my truck and ran into the
mall. I bumped into someone and fell

I waited for my fall but it never came. I

felt warm arms wrap around me and I
looked up to lock eyes with blue ones.

Ocean blue....

The guy flashed me a white smile.

He was fair-skinned with dark brown,

messy hair. He had full lips with a
straight nose.

He was gorgeous!

He had on a blue button up shirt with a

striped tie and tan pants. It looked like he
was in a uniform.
He had a navy blue jacket slung over his

“H-hi.” I stuttered. I nervously pushed

my hair behind my ear.

“Hey. You should be more careful.” He


“Thanks, for helping me, I mean.” I said.

“No problem. I wouldn’t like a gorgeous
girl like you to get hurt.” He grinned.

“Thanks, I mean, um-” I stuttered.

“BELLA!! I thought you were standing

us up.”

Alice came up and hugged me. She

turned to the mystery guy and widened
her eyes.

She looked back and forth between me

and him then huffed.

“Who are you?” she asked.

“Alec.” He grinned.

She turned back to me with narrowed

“Well, we better start shopping. Rosalie
is clearing out the shoes. C’mon Bella.”
She grabbed my hand.

“Wait! I have to thank Alec.” I protested.

She sighed and let me go then skipped

off to Rosalie.

I turned back to Alec. He grinned at me.

“Thanks so much Alec.” I smiled.

“Your welcome so much, Bella.” He


I smirked and stared into his eyes.

“Can I call you?” he asked.

“S-sure.” I smiled.

I grabbed my phone and he gave me his

number. I gave him mine.

He smirked when I was done.

“Bye Alec.” I waved.

I started away when my phone rung.

“Hello?” I asked.

“Just checking if you gave me a real


I turned around to Alec on the phone

looking at me.

I smile. “I did.” I replied.

“Good.” He smirked then hung up. He
turned and walked out of the mall.

I was grinning like an idiot until Alice

came and grabbed my hand.

She dragged me to the bathroom and

glared at me.

“Who...was...that?” she asked as Rose

came in with mountains of shoes.

“Um, Alec.” I smiled.

“He was so flirting with you.” Alice


“I know right.”
After shopping, I sped home and put
down my phone. I walked downstairs to
make Nessie dinner.

“Sis, are you feeling better? You look

better.” Nessie asked.

“Actually, yes, I am.” I grinned and put

her plate down.

She smiled wider than usual and scarfed

down her food.

Surprise Visit

Edward POV

I sighed as sat down on my couch.

Emmett was out with Rose.
I went over Bella house only for Charlie
to glare at me then tell me she went to
the mall.

I called Alice and she said not to come.

I groaned.

I heard someone ring the doorbell. I

stood up and answered it.

“Renesmee.” I sighed.

She was wearing a fur coat that covered

her whole tiny frame. She had her hair in
a fancy, curly bun with her diamond
earrings dangling from her ears.

“Edward.” She smiled.

She walked inside and looked around.

“Nice place.” She muttered.

“Thanks.” I closed the door.

I followed her as she sat on the couch.

“Comfy.” She smiled.


“Ok, Edward enough games. I don’t

want you near Bella anymore.” She said.

“What?! You said to make her happy.” I


“Well yes, but she obviously found

someone else that made her happy.” She
shrugged and got up.
I followed her. “Whoa! Who?!” I asked.

“I think his name was Alec Marcus.” She

shrugged again and turned away.

“NO! Nessie. Please, you have to do

something. I love her!” I said frantically.

She froze and turned back to me slowly.

“Love? Love is not betting the girl that

actually loved you!” she shook her head
and turned away.

“Nessie! Please. Let me try to win her

back! Please.’ I begged.

She sighed and turned back to me. “Fine,

you have the rest of the school year.”
She said.
“But it’s only 4 months left.” I protested.

“Who cares, either Bella is worth the

fight or not.” She said. She raised her

“She is.” I sighed.

“Well, win her back.” she said. She

smiled at me. “Bye Edward. And I hope
you get her back. I actually like
terrorizing you.” she grinned and left.

Important Call

Bella POV

I got out of the shower and washed my

face. I brushed my teeth.
I put on a white t shirt with some

I finished my homework and looked at

my phone.

I grabbed it and flipped it open. I

scrolled it down to the ‘E’s’ and looked
at Edward’s number.

I sighed and pressed the green button.

It rung two times before someone


“Hello?” Emmett asked.

“Emmett, why do you have Edward’s

phone?” I asked.
“Oh, hey Bells. I don’t know why,
actually, it was on the couch and-WAIT!
BELLA! Thank God I thought you hated
me.” he sighed.

“I don’t hate. I just dislike Edward.” I


Emmett let out a booming laugh.

“Well, if you dislike him then why are

you calling?” he asked.

“I don’t know.” I sighed and shook my


“Well, he’s in the shower. I’ll tell him

you called.”

“Okay. Bye Emmett.” I smiled.

“See ya, Bells.” He hung up.

I sighed. My phone suddenly rung and I

answered it.

“Hello?” I asked.

“Oh hey, Bella.” Alec said.

“Alec, hey.” I smiled.

“I thought you would change your

number by now.” He chuckled.

“No chance. Not with the eyes you

have.” I smiled.

“I have nice eyes, don’t I?” he said.

“Yeah, you do.” I grinned.

“Not as good as yours though.”


I grinned. “Ok, fine.”

My phone beeped and I looked at it. It


Edward Calling.

I sighed.

“Something wrong beautiful?” Alec


“No, I’ll call you later.”

“Wait, tomorrow is Sunday, correct?’ he


“Well come to the café in Port Angeles

with me.”

“Ok. I would love to. When?” I asked.

“I’ll tell you.”

“Ok tomorrow.” I grinned.

I answered Edward’s call.

“Bella.” I heard him breathe a sigh of


“Hey Edward.” I sighed.

“I’m so glad you called me.” he said.

“Yeah, Edward. I know our relationship
isn’t going to be better unless we start
talking to each other.” I breathed.

“Wait, relationship?” he asked.

“As friends.” I bit my lip.

“Oh.” He said.

“Yes, I want us to at least be friends. I

know we’ll never be together again. It’s
for the best.” I nodded as tears started to

“Oh.” He said again.

“Well, we could do something sometime.

A movie, food, my house.” I tried as the
tears over spilled.
“Oh.” He said again.

“Edward say something else. Please.” I

begged. I wiped my tears away as more

“I don’t know what to say Bella. I could

never look at you as a friend. I...I...” he

“Edward?” I called.

He didn’t say anything.

“Edward say something. Anything.” I

pleaded as the tears over spilled again.

“Bella, I love you. I’m so sorry about

what I did to you. I can’t stand to be a
friend. I need more Bella.” He said
“I can’t give you anymore, Edward. I’m
sorry.” I said sadly as I let out a sob.

“Listen, Edward, I’ll talk to you later.” I

hung up before he could respond.

“Bella-” he choked out before I hung up.

I sighed and looked at my phone.

It started ringing all of a sudden. It

ringed 13 times before it stopped. The
downstairs phone started ringing.

I sighed when it stopped.

I heard my phone beep and I looked at it.

New Text message

From: Edward
Please Bella.

I sighed and looked away. I lay back and

silently cried my eyes out.

Edward POV (Before this)

I got out of the shower and threw on

some sweats.

I plopped down next to Emmett as he

grinned at the TV.

“Edward, hey. Bella called.” He said.


GET ME?!” I screamed and grabbed my
phone from the couch.
“Because you were in the shower.”

I sighed and called Bella’s number.

It rung 7 times before she answered.

“Bella.” I sighed. I was so relieved.

Maybe she wanted to get back together.

“Hey Edward.” She sighed.

“I’m so glad you called me.”

I happy! Shit, I was a happy


“Yeah, Edward. I know our relationship

isn’t going to be better unless we start
talking to each other.” She said quickly.
Relationship! Thank God Bella! You had
me scared for a minute.

“Wait, relationship?” I checked.

“As friends.” She said quietly.








“Oh.” I whispered.

“Yes, I want us to at least be friends. I

know we’ll never be together again. It’s
for the best.” Her voice got thicker with
every word she said.

No! Bella please.

“Oh.” I whispered again.

“We could do something sometime. A

movie, food, my house.” She suggested.

No! Bella! I love you!

“Oh.” Was all I could say.

I put the phone on silent, so she couldn’t
here me. I got up and walked into my
room with the phone.


MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!” I yelled. I
threw over my computer and it landed
with a crash.

Emmett POV

I heard a loud crash room Edward’s


What the fuck is going on in there?

Oh well, time to play Mario.

Edward POV
“Edward say something else. Please.”
Bella begged.

I sighed and took it off of silent.

“I don’t know what to say Bella. I could

never look at you as a friend. I...I...” I

“Edward?” she called.

I couldn’t respond.

“Edward say something. Anything.” She


“Bella, I love you. I’m so sorry about

what I did to you. I can’t stand to be
friends. I need more Bella.” I begged.

I needed her.
“I can’t give you anymore, Edward. I’m
sorry.” She said sadly as she let out a

“Listen, Edward, I’ll talk to you later.”

She choked out.

“Bella-” I started until I heard the dial


I called her phone again only to go to


And again.










And again.

Oh Bella. Bella. Bella.

I tried her house phone once then gave

up when no one answered.
I sent her one text.

I waited three hours for her to text back

then I fell asleep.

I woke up with Emmett shaking me.

“Get your ass up, fag. I want coffee!” he

yelled in my ear.

“Bella wants to be friends.” I sighed.

“Oh, bummer. Well get up so we can go

get COFFEE!!!” he yelled and ran out.

I got up and took a quick shower and

threw on some jeans with a sweater.

I heard Emmett scream.

I jumped and got up. I ran downstairs to
bump into him.

“OW! Damn it Emmett!” I rubbed my

arm. “What happened?” I asked as I got

“It is fucking snowing!” he exclaimed.

“Really?” I smiled. I ran to the window

to see flakes falling from the sky.

“Ok let’s go to the coffee shop.” Emmett

grinned and went outside.

I walked into the coffee shop to see what

I would kill to stop...
A man grabbed Bella’s chin and pressed
his lips to hers. They massaged their
mouths together. She let him go and
smiled at him.

She looked up and gazed at me with

wide eyes.

“E-Edward.” She choked out.

I charged.

Bella POV

“BELLA!! BELLA!! It’s snowing!!!”

Nessie jumped on my bed.

I groaned and sat up.

I looked at my window to see flakes
coming down as Nessie jumped up and

“Ew.” I muttered.

“I think it’s awesome!!!” Nessie


“Right...” I rolled my eyes.

I took a shower and brushed my teeth

and brushed my plain red hair. I curled
the ends and put on eyeliner.

I looked at my reflection.

Well I look good enough. I smiled.

My phone rang. I grabbed and answered

“Hey, instead of the café, since the roads
are blocked, let’s go to the one on Wall-
Street.” Alec suggested.

I smiled. “Sure. Meet you there in 10

minutes.” I hung up.

I put on a tight blue sweater and black

skinny jeans. I put on black boots and
threw on my brown jacket. I walked out
in the cold air and got in my warm car.

I made it to the coffee shop and greeted

Jazz as he looked at me sleepily.

Alec smiled at me from a table.

I ordered my coffee and looked back at

“Thanks a lot for coming.” Alec smiled.

“Well, I couldn’t resist your boyish

charm.” I teased.

“Oh really.” He wiggled his eyebrows.

I giggled.

I looked at the window. “Great it’s

started raining.” I sighed.

The rain bolted down to the ground like


“Hey you two, missile toe.” Leah giggled

as she came from the back. She was the
manager of here.
She hung the green plant over us and
giggled again.

“C’mon! Kiss!!” She begged.

I looked at Alec, who was grinning.

I blushed and looked down. Alec

grabbed my chin and pressed his lips to

I massaged my lips with his as he licked

my bottom lip. I grabbed the back of his
neck to bring him closer as I heard the
door ring.

Oh great everyone going to see this. I

pushed him off of me. I grinned as I
looked into his blue eyes.
I felt someone looking at me so I looked
up. I locked eyes with green ones.

He glared at me then Alec.

“E-Edward.” I choked out.

He suddenly exploded. He charged and

attacked Alec.

They fell to the ground with a CRASH!

I looked at Emmett as they fought.


He nodded and rushed over to the boys.

Jasper came over and grabbed Edward.
Emmett grabbed Alec who continued to


FUCK?!!!” Emmett and Jasper

“What the fuck is your problem?! You’re

just making out with BELLA!!?”
Edward yelled back.

“Edward, I’m not yours anymore.” I

shook my head.

He looked at me and pushed Jazz off of


“Bella-” he started.
“I can’t, Edward.” I turned to Alec. “I’ll
see you later. I’m so sorry.” I shook my
head and turned away.

I left my jacket there as I walked outside.

The rain pelted me and stuck my hair to
my skin. I shivered.

“Bella, please.” Edward was behind me.

“Why do you want me? I mean I was just

a bet.” I sighed.

“Bella, you are so much than that.” He

came up to me and grabbed my face. He
stroked my cheek as he spoke.

“Bella, I love you. I don’t want to be

friends, I want so much more. I want to
be with you. I want you. I want every
part of you Bella.” Edward said.
“E-Edward, you can’t. I was a bet.” I
shook my head in denial.

“But I do. And I always will.” He

grinned. He lowered his lips to mine. He
hovered an inch over them.

“Do you want me to stop?” he asked as

he looked at me in the eyes.

“N-no.” I sighed. His lips crashed down

on mine.

I moaned at the contact and pulled at his

hair as his hair. He licked my lips and
grabbed my waist.

He leaned his forehead against mine.

“Bella, I love you.” he murmured.

“I love you too. Much more than you
will ever know.” I sighed.

He laughed and picked me up off my

feet. He spun me around and kissed my

13 years later...
“Baby stop running around like that
before you get hurt.” I scolded at Bailey.

My little girl.

She had Edward’s bronze hair with a

little red in it. She had hazel eyes and
pale smooth skin. She was only 8 and
smart as ever.
“Hey you guys were here!” Alice, Jasper,
Rose, Emmett, Tanya, Alec, Nessie, and
Seth came in.

We were all in New York.

Alice and Jasper got married in Vegas

and had 2 kids.

Josh and Gregg.

Gregg had dark brown curls with blue


Josh had dirty blonde curls with brown


Rose and Emmett got married a year ago

and still live in Forks. They visit from
time to time. They had 3 kids.
Kate, Hazel, and Harold.

Harold was 10 and had dark brown hair

with dark blue eyes.

Hazel had goldish eyes with blonde hair.

Kate has dirty blonde hair and was

definitely had a personality like her

Tanya and Alec met at a concert and fell

in love. Tanya is my best friend now and
she lives in LA. She was 3 months
pregnant now.

Nessie was now 18 and had a new

boyfriend. Seth Wolfe was so nice. He
was handsome too.
I turned to Edward who was playing with
Bailey. I was pregnant again and I was

“Hey Ali! Nessie! I haven’t seen you in

forever.” I grinned. She came over to
hug me.

“Oh, sis your stomach is getting big.”

She exclaimed.

“Well, it is 6 months.” I smiled.

“Harold stop messing with Hazel and sit

DOWN!!!” Alice growled.

They obeyed and sat down immediately.

“Tanya how is the fashion business?” I

“Great darling. I’m actually going
worldwide!” she grinned.

“AWESOME!!” Emmett grinned.

“Yeah! Awesome!!!!” Kate exclaimed.

“That’s my girl.” Rose grinned at her.

“You know, I remember when Nessie

use to terrorize us.” Jasper thought out

“WHAT?!” I looked at Nessie who was

trying to get away.

“Nessie!” I yelled.

Her shoulders drooped as she slugged

back to the chair with Seth.
“What do you mean terrorize?” I asked.

“Well, when we were 18, Jasper and I,

she was 7 and I was coming to see you
after the Tanya incident. She took a knife
and said for me to fix you or she would
cut my balls off.” Edward explained.

“NESSIE!!” Seth, Rose, Alice, and I all


“BADASS!!” Emmett grinned.

“I was trying to protect you Bells.” She


“Oh yeah remember the one time when

she almost shot me?” Jasper grinned.

“Yeah, remember when I made out with
you Bella?” Jasper asked.

“You made out with Bella?” Emmett and

Rose asked.

“Yeah.” Jasper and I nodded.

Edward growled.

“Oh shut up! That’s when you made that

bet.” I snapped at him.

Edward narrowed his eyes at me.

“Oh yeah! I remember that!” Emmett

grinned then frowned. “Oh yeah.”

“Yeah, when he broke my heart.” I

looked at him to smile sadly.
“I thought we were talking about Nessie
hurting people?” Edward sighed.

“Oh yeah!!” I said and turned back to


“Well, when I made out with you, I went

downstairs and tripped over something. I
looked up and Nessie had a gun in her
hand on my forehead.” Jasper laughed


GUN!?” I yelled.

“Dad doesn’t hide things well...” she


“What bet?” all the kids asked. Josh,

Harold, Gregg, Kate, Bailey all sat
around us eager for the answer.
“Well, Bailey your dad used to be the
player of the school. I came along and he
made a bet with Uncle Emmett for $360
and we fell in love. He wanted to cancel
the bet and didn’t want to tell me until
Emmett got drunk and told me
everything until we broke up then got
back together.” I explained.

“WOW!!” they all exclaimed.

“You guys broke up because of a bet?”

Harold asked.

I looked at Edward. “Yea, just a stupid

bet.” I muttered.

After all these years I could hold a

I got up. “I’m going to go make snacks.”
I grinned.

I walked to the kitchen.

“Ow.” I muttered as my ankles ached.

“Bella.” Edward sighed. “You should sit

down.” He suggested.

“I’m fine. OW!!” I sighed. I felt the baby

kicked at my ribs again.

“Strong one.” I muttered and patted my


“Bella, love, please sit down.” He said.

“If you kiss me.” I suggested.

“Will you sit down if I do?” he asked.

“Yes, Mr. Cullen.” I smiled.

“Well Mrs. Cullen, I will.” He grabbed

my face and licked my lips. He twirled
his hands in my hair as he grabbed my

“EEEEEEEWWWWW!!!!!” I heard all

the kids mutter. I looked over to see all
the kids and Emmett made faces.

“That’s how you made that one Bella.”

Emmett pointed to my stomach. “Don’t
start again.”

“Oh shut up all of you.” I muttered as I

limped over to the fridge. Edward
grabbed my wrist.
“You promised.” He said as he raised his

I groaned and went back to the living


3 months later...
“C’mon Bella, just breath in and out.
Calm down.” Alice suggested.


I screamed.

She widened her eyes in surprise then

thought about it for awhile.

“Yes, yes I do.” She nodded.

“Mrs. Cullen, you are close.” The doctor

I nodded.

“Sorry we’re late; I had to drop the kids

off at my mom’s.” Rosalie came in with
Emmett, who had a camera and was

“Wh-why do you have a c-c-camera?” I


“Well, I didn’t record Rose’s so I wanted

to record your’s.” Emmett grinned.

“I got water.” Jazz came in with 3 bottles

of water.
He was about to give it to Alice but I
grabbed all of them and chugged them

“Damn Bells.” Jasper widened his eyes.


I yelled.

“Um, I don’t know sweetie.” Alice said


“Ok your contractions are ready.” The

doctor said.

He moved to my open, exposed legs and

ducked down between them.

I grabbed Alice by her shirt roughly.

She widened her eyes again.

“Tell the fucking doctor that I am not
having this baby without Edward!” I

She nodded and looked at the doctor.

“Bella’s not having the baby without

Edward.” She explained.

I closed my legs slowly and glared at the

doctor. He shifted uncomfortably.

“Well, Bella. Your contractions are too

deep. We have to deliver or you’ll be in
extreme pain.” He explained.

“I don’t give a fuck; I’m not having this

baby until Edward is here.”

I felt another pain roll thru me.

“Alice, Rose; call Edward, Jazz get over
here and give me your hand.” I said
sternly as more pain rolled thru me.

Rose and Alice took out there phone and

punched numbers while Jasper came
over and sat down next to my bed. He
reached out his hand and I grabbed it

I squeezed as I hard as I could when the

baby kicked at my ribs.

Jasper whimpered and looked at me.

“Damn it Bella.” He sighed.

“GET EDWARD!!!!” I screamed as pain

rolled thru me.
“We’re trying!” Rose and Alice said.

Emmett kept rolling.

“Good job Bells. Your doing great.”

Emmett snickered.

“EDWARD!!!!!” I screamed at Alice

and Rose.

“BELLA!!!” Edward ran in and looked

at me frantically.

“So sorry.” He whispered as he kissed


“Ok Mrs. Cullen push!!” the doctor


I squeezed Jasper’s hand and pushed. I

screamed out.
Emmett made a face.

“Ew Bella, you’re pushing out a bubble.”

He gagged.

“Ok I can see the head.” the doctor said.

“Push Bells!!!” Alice said.

“Ok wait another contraction and push

again.” The doctor said.

“Bella push!”

Bella push now!”


WHEN I FEEL LIKE IT!!!” I screamed.

Everyone turned silent as I pushed.

“Ok I have the head.”

I felt pain roll thru me.


MASON CULLEN!!!!!” I screamed as I
felt the baby come out of me.

The doctor pulled out the legs and I fell

back against the bed, panting and out of

“It’s a boy.” The doctor said proudly.

The boy let out a shrill cry once then let
out a sneeze.

The doctor washed the baby off and

weighed him.
He put the baby in a blue blanket and
handed him to me.

The baby snuggled up to my warmth as I

pressed him to my chest.

He opened his eyes and I saw his

emerald green eyes.

“What’s his name?” Alice and Rosalie

asked at the same time.

“Edward?” I looked at him as he gazed at

the baby in wonder.

“How about Hunter?” he asked.

“Why?” I asked.
“Well, I used to have a friend names
Hunter and he died with Spanish
influenza.” He said sadly.

“Hunter.” I agreed. “Hunter Mason

Cullen.” I smiled.

Hunter looked at me with his green eyes

and smiled a wide smile.

48 hours later...
I woke up with Edward looking at me

I shot up in the bed.

I looked at my stomach to see it was flat.

I missed the baby inside of me.

The baby!!! HUNTER!

“HUNTER!? Where’s Hunter?!” I

Edward jumped.

“Bella calm down. He’s over there.” He

pointed to the other side of the room.

I looked over to see a blue carriage that

rocked back and forth peacefully.

I sighed and sat back.

“Where’s everyone?” I asked.

“Alice had to go to work while Jazz went

out of town with Emmett because they
had tickets to the Browns. Rose and
Tanya had to get to Forks because
Rose’s dad had a heart attack.” he

“Is he okay?” I asked.

“Fine.” Edward grinned.

He leaned down and kissed my lips. I

sighed and wrapped my arms around his
neck. I started to get aggravated.

I pushed him off of me.

“You might as well soak it up because

your not touching me anymore.” I

“Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!” the baby

“Oh God.” I sighed. “Edward give me
Hunter.” I smirked.

He walked across the room and gave me

Hunter carefully.

I sat up and cradled him in my arm. I

sighed and lifted up my shirt to expose
my breasts and he sucked on it little by

I looked up to see Edward looking at me

with lustful eyes.

“Ugh, Edward, your gross.” I shook my


I lowered my shirt when the baby fell

back to sleep and handed him to Edward.
He held him carefully and stroked the
baby’s cheek.

“Mommy!!” Bailey busted in with Alice

by her side.

“Hey I just got back from work.” Alice


Bailey jumped on my lap and hugged


“Mommy where is the baby?’ she asked

as she rubbed my belly.

“Daddy has him.” I looked at Edward

who was still caressing the baby’s
“Daddy, you didn’t even see me come in.
I thought I was your princess.” Bailey
looked at Edward.

He looked at her with shocked eyes.

“Oh Bailey of course you’re my little

princess.” He gave Hunter to me as he
kissed Bailey’s face and opened is arms
for her to jump in.

“You know from my mom being killed

by my step dad, me moving to Forks, me
falling in love, me getting my heart
broken, me getting married, me having
Bailey, then Hunter, I have come a long
way.” I grinned.

“Yes, Yes you have.” Edward grinned

and hugged me and the baby with Bailey
in our arms.