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“NLGMINHS catapults to the top as

this year’s Over-all Champ”

The official medal tally provided by Ms. Lovely, a faculty member from Maranatha Christian Academy.

The District Athletic Meet is annual event held in every District not just within the Schools
Division Office bust as well as with other Division under the Department Education. This is in
accordance to Republic Act No. 6847 which mandates the creation and establishment of the Philippine
Sports Commission which will propose and recommend to the Department of Education and other
government agencies to incorporate in their respective annual budgets a separate and specific budget for
sports promotion and development which includes the conduct of activities which will promote physical
fitness and sportsmanship. In the Department of Education the athletic competitions are as follows
School Intramurals, District,Unit/Congressional, Provincial Meets, Regional Sports Competition and
Palarong Pambansa which are all participated by students within the Department. Coaches, trainers and
officials are composed of different teaching and non-teaching personnel both from public and private
Last September 4-6, 2019, the District of Bay,
in cooperation with the Municipal Office and its
Education Representative PAGE 1 NLGMINHS
along with the rest of the school heads and school
administrators, hold the annual District Meet.
Some of the games were held on the first day
while the opening program on the second day, far
from the usual schedule where the opening
program was held on the first day and games right
after. The said event was participated by 11
schools from both public and private.
After the 3 challenging days experienced
by both student athletes, coaches and officials, the
Nicolas L. Galvez Memorial Integrated National
High School was hailed as the over-all champion
with 32 golds, 23 silver and 13 bronze.
The Nicolas L. Galvez Memorial Integrated National
High School Choir as they sing during the opening
program on the 2nd day which was held in Bay
Central Elementary School.

Prepared by:

Andres Kalikasan S. Sara