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Healthy Life Plan Homoeopathic Consultant

Dr. Ch. Nasir Ahmad Sultani
(Daily Schedule) Single Remedy Physician

Note: This Schedule is preferable for those who do not follow tough physical routine.

Breakfast: 1 Tortilla (roti) of semi ground wheat or barley/Bran Bread. Egg; twice a
7:00 AM week without any kind of oil, Porridge and yogurt is recommended, No Pratha or fried
Bread, No tea before or with breakfast
Water: 2 Glasses; Avoid taking water during meals. In hot climate 12 to 15 glasses of
8:00 AM water, otherwise 8 to 10 glasses are recommended daily. Always take plain water, at room
10.00 Milk/Coffee/Tea: Not more than 150 ml cup, Full cream milk is recommended
(Daily coffee intake is not recommended for hot climate areas) To digest coffee or tea, we
need almost 6 hours. Tea leaves may not boiled with milk.
1:00 PM
Fruits: 250 g Without any kind of spices and salt (Use toothpicks/floss after every food
intake, including fruits)
3:30 PM Salad (Veg.): 250 g Without any kind of spices and cream

Meal: 1 Roti(tortilla) of semi ground wheat or barley/Bran Bread. Monthly Plan; Fish 150
6:00 PM g, Mutton 150 g, Chicken 150 g, (Broiler is not recommended as broiler broils your
digestive system), Vegetables 17 days, Beans 8 days, Meat 5 days, Meal should not be
cooked in any kind of oil, ghee, spices including red chili. No pulses without peel.
8:00 PM Water: 2 Glasses
9:00 PM Milk: 200 ml Full cream milk is recommended
PM. Go to sleep: (Early to bed and early to rise is recommended)
Avoid sweets/sweet dishes, beef, beverages and unnatural or fresh juices. If at all, take
very small quantities. Brown sugar is better than white.
Avoid all unnatural(secondary) products; E.g. Bakery and confectionary items, tinned and
packed foods, etc. (If in demand, take very small quantities)
Go Green: Keep greenery in your surroundings, avoid to face pollution and to spread
Daily Walk Schedule Morning Walk; 3 to 5 km before breakfast (Brisk walk is
recommended), Evening Walk; 1 to 2 km after meals (Avoid brisk walk), Try to walk for
some time bare footed daily in clean area.
Be cheerful, relaxed but careful.

After every 3 or 4 hours rinse your face, hands and feet with water, clean your teeth with
Miswak or toothbrush and take light exercise. Or you can be relaxed, cheerful and
healthier if you remain with Wuzu(ablution) and say Prayers regularly.
Take bath daily or at least twice a week. Keep yourself and your surroundings neat, clean,
airy and well lighted with sunshine, as possible.
Contacts +92-307-5432322, +92-333-5265485 +92-323-5018285, +92-344-5512285,
Online +92-314-5299985, +92-333-5611322, info@drahmadswhho.com, www.drahmadswhho.com

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