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Kyrie, Pros Se katefigon; didaxon O Lord, to Thee have I fled; teach

me tou piin to Thelima Sou, oti

me to do Thy Will, for Thou art
Si I O Theos mou.
my God. Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria & All Africa
Oti para Si Pigi Zois; en to Foti Sou For with Thee is the Fountain of Archdiocese of Good Hope
opsometha Fos. Life; in Thy Light we shall see
Paratinon to Eleos Sou tis Extend Thy Mercy to those who
ginoskousi Se. know Thee. Sunday Matins Hymns
✞ Holy
O Theos, Agios Ishiros,
Athanatos, eleison
God, Holy Mighty, Holy
Immortal, have mercy on us.
9 January 2011
imas.[3] [3] Sunday After Theophany – The Eternal Kingdom of Heaven

✞Doxa Patri ke Io ke agio ✞ Glory to the Father, and to the T H E F E A S T O F ST POLYEUKTOS OF MELITENE, ARMENIA - ST PHILIP OF MOSCOW & ALL RUSSIA – ST SHEMAIAH,
Pnevmati. Ke nin ke ai ke is Son, and to the Holy Spirit, MAKRINA – ST EUSTRATIOS THE WONDERWORKER OF ABGAR MONASTERY

tous eonas ton eonon. now and ever, and to the Ages
of Ages.
Amin Amen
✞Agios Athanatos, eleison imas. ✞Holy Immortal, have mercy on
✞Agios O Theos, Agios Ishiros,
✞ Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy
Agios Athanatos, Eleison imas.
Immortal, have mercy on us.
R e s urre c t i on A p o l y t ik io n
Simeron Sotiria to kosmo Today Salvation has come into the
gegongen. Asomen to world. Let us sing praises to
Anastanti ek tafou ke arhigo tis Him Who is Risen from the
Zois imon; kathelon gar to
Thanato ton Thanaton, to Nikos Grave, and Who is the Author Tone (8) Plagal 4
edoken imin ke to Mega Eleos. of our Life; for, having Resurrection Gospel 11 – John 21 : 14 - 25
destroyed Death by Death, He Eothinon 11
has granted us the Victory and Katavasias Of Theophany II
Great Mercy!
The Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom begins
Our Eternal Gratitiude to God for the Original Text & Translation
by Father Seraphim Dedes -the Holy Monastery of St Gregory
Palamas - Archdiocese Of America

(To Be Used In Conjunction With The Matins Service Book)

Not for Material Profit

20 Tone (8) Plagal 4 –After Theophany – 9 January 2011

Thy Great Glory.
✞ Kyrie Vasilef, Epouranie Thee, ✞ Lord, King, God of Heaven,
Pater Pantokrator; Kyrie Ie
Father Almighty: Lord, Only
Monogenes, Isou Hriste, ke
Begotten Son, Jesus Christ and
Agion Pnevma.
Holy Spirit.

Kyrie O Theos, O Amnos tou Lord God, Lamb of God, Son of

Theou, O Ios tou Patros, O eron the Father, Who takes away the
tin amartian tou Kosmou, sin of the world, have mercy
eleison imas, O eron tas upon us; O Thou Who takes
amartias tou kosmou. away the sins of the world.

Prosdexe tin deisin imon, O Receive our Prayer, Thou Who sits
kathimenos en dexia tou Patros, at the right Hand of the Father,
ke eleison imas. and have mercy on us.
✞Oti Si i Monos Agios, Si i Monos ✞For Thou alone art Holy, Thou
Kyrios, Iisous Hristos, is Doxan alone art Lord, Jesus Christ, to
Theou Patros
the Glory of God the Father.

Amin. Amen
Kath’ ekastin imeran Evlogiso Se, Every day I will Bless Thee, and
ke enesio to Onoma Sou is ton praise Thy Name forever and
eona ke is ton Eona tou Eonos. to the Ages of Ages.

Kataxioson, Kyrie, en ti emera tafti Grant, O Lord, this day to keep us

anamartitous filahthine imas. without sin.

Evlogitos I, Kyrie, O Theos ton Blessed art Thou, O Lord, the God
Pateron imon, ke Eneton ke of our Fathers, and praised and
Dedoxasmenon to Onoma Sou is glorified is Thy Name unto the
tous Eonas. Ages.

Amin Amen
Genito, Kyrie, to eleos Sou ef imas, May Thy Mercy O Lord, be upon
kathaper ilipisamen epi Se. us, as we have put our hope in
✞Evlogitos i, Kyrie, didaxon me ta ✞Blessed art Thou, O Lord, teach
Dikeomata Sou. [3] me Thy Statutes [3]

Kyrie, katafigi, egenithis imin en Lord, Thou hast been our Refuge
genea ke genea. Ego ipa: Kyrie, from generation to generation.
eleison me, iase tin psihin mou I said: Lord, have mercy on me,
oti imarton Si.
heal my soul, for I have sinned
against Thee.

2 Tone (8) Plagal 4 –After Theophany – 9 January 2011 Tone (8) Plagal 4 –After Theophany – 9 January 2011 19
E le ve nt h E o th i n o n D oxa s t ik o n – T o ne (8 ) Pl ag al 4
Faneron eafton tis Mathites Sou, When Thou showed Thyself to the
Sotir, meta tin Anastasin, Disciples after Thy
Simoni Dedokas tin ton Resurrection, O Saviour, Thou
Provaton Nomin, is Agapis appointed Simon to Shepherd
antektisin tin tou Pimenin the Sheep, for the Renewal of
frontida Afton. Dio ke elege: “I Love, asking him to tend Thy
Filis Me, Petre Pimene ta Arnia Flock. And Thou said to him:
Mou! Pimene ta Provata “If you Love Me, O Peter, Feed
Mou!” O de Evtheos My Lambs! Feed My Sheep!”
endeiknimenos to filostorgon, But he at once inquired
peri tou allou Mathitou concerning the other Disciple,
epinthaneto. On tes Presvies,
showing his exceeding Love.
Hriste, ton Pimnin Sou diafilatte
Wherefore, by the Intercession
ek likon limenomenon aftin.
of both, O Christ, keep Thy
Flock from corrupting wolves.
Ke nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton Now and ever, and unto the ages
eonon. of ages.
Amin Amen
T h e o t ok i o n
The Congregation Must Stand
✞Iperevlogimeni iparhis, Theotoke ✞ Most Blessed art Thou, O Virgin
Parthene, dia gar tou ek sou Theotokos: for through Him
sarkothentos O Adis ihmalotiste, Who became Incarnate of Thee,
O Adam anakeklite, i katara
Hell is led captive, Adam is
nenekrote, i Eva ileftherote, O
thanatos tethanatote ke imis Recalled from the dead, the
ezoopiithimen. Dio animnountes Curse is made void, Eve is set
Voomen. Evlogitos Hristos O free, Death is slain, and we
Theos imon, O outos evdokisas, have been Endowed with Life.
✞ Doxa Si! Wherefore we cry aloud,
extolling in song: Blessed art
Thou, O Christ our God, in
Whose Sight it is thus well7
pleasing. ✞ Glory to Thee!
T h e G re a t D o x ol og y
The Bells Are Rung And All The Lights Are Switched On
✞Doxa Si to dixanti to Fos. ✞ Glory to Thee Who has shown
us the Light!
✞Doxa en Ipsistis Theo ke epi gis ✞ Glory to God in the Highest, and
Irini, en anthropis Evdokia. on earth Peace, Goodwill
among men.
Imnoumen Se, Evlogoumen Se, ✞We Praise Thee, we Bless Thee,
Proskinoumense, Doxologoumen
we Worship Thee, we Glorify
Se, Efharistoumen Si, dia tin
Thee, we give Thee Thanks for
Megalin Sou Doxan.

18 Tone (8) Plagal 4 –After Theophany – 9 January 2011 Tone (8) Plagal 4 –After Theophany – 9 January 2011 3
P s al m 1 17 / 11 8 - T o ne (8 ) Pl ag al 4 Enite Afton en kimvalis evihis. Praise Him with tuneful cymbals;
Enite Afton en kimvalis praise Him with loud cymbals.
Theos Kyrios ke epefanen imin. The Lord is God, and has alalagmou. Pasa pnoi inesato Let everything that has
appeared to us. Blessed is He ton Kyrion. breath praise the Lord.
Evlogimenos O ergomenos en
Onomati Kyriou! Who comes in the Name of the Pos Se Hriste, douli ton Despotin O Christ our Master, how shall we
Lord! axios timisomen? Oti en tis Thy servants worthily honour
Give thanks to the Lord, for idasi, pantas imas anekenisas Thee? For Thou hast Renewed
STIHOS 1: Exomologisthe to Kyrio, oti VERSE 1:

agathos, oti is ton eona to Eleos He is Good; His Mercy endures us all in the waters.
Aftou! forever! I thalassa id eke efigen. O The sea witnessed It and fled;
Iordanis estrafi is ta opiso. the Jordan turned back
Theos Kyrios ke epefanen imin. The Lord is God, and has
appeared to us. Blessed is He Si en Iordani Vaptisthis O Sotir Thou, O our Saviour, was Baptised
Evlogimenos O ergomenos en imon, ta rithra Igiasas, ti palami
Who comes in the Name of the in Jordan and hast Sanctified
Onomati Kyriou! tou doulou hirothetoumenos, ke
Lord! the waters: accepting a
ta pathi tou Kosmou iomenos.
All the nations surrounded servant’s hand upon Thine
STIHOS 2: Panta ta ethni ekiklosan me, VERSE 2: Mega to Mistirion tis
Head, Thou healest the
me, but in the Name of the ikonomias Sou! Filanthrope
ke to Onomati Kyriou iminamin passions of the world. Great is
Lord drove them back. Kyrie, ✞Doxa Si.
the Mystery of Thy
Theos Kyrios ke epefanen imin. The Lord is God, and has
Dispensation: O Lord Who
appeared to us. Blessed is He
Evlogimenos O ergomenos en
Who comes in the Name of the lovest mankind, ✞Glory to
Onomati Kyriou! Lord! Thee!

This is the Lord’s doing, and Ti Si esti thalassa oti efiges? Ke Why, O Sea, did you flee? And, O
STIHOS 3: Para Kyriou egeneto afti, ke VERSE 3:
si Iordani: oti estrafis is to
it is marvellous in our eyes. Jordan, why did you turn
esti thavmasti en ofthalmis
opiso? back?
Theos To Alithinon Fos Epifani, ke pasi The True Light has appeared and
Kyrios ke epefanen imin. The Lord is God, and has ton Fotismon Dorite. Vaptizete
Evlogimenos O ergomenos en appeared to us. Blessed is He bestows Enlightenment on all.
Hristos meth imon, O pasis
Onomati Kyriou! Who comes in the Name of the epekina Katharotitos. Eniisi ton Christ Who is above all purity is
Lord! Agiasmon to idati, ke psihon Baptised with us; He brings
A p ol y t i ki o n o f t he Re s u r re c t i o n – T o ne (8) Pla g al 4 touto Katharsion ginete. Sanctification to the water and
Epigion to fenomenon, ke iper
Ex ipsous katilthes O evsplaghnos, Thou descended from on High, O
tous Ouranous to noomenon.
it becomes a Cleansing for our
tafin katedexo triimeron, ina Tender7hearted One; Thou souls. That which is outward
Dia loutrou Sotiria, di Idatos to
imas elevtherosis ton pathon. I endured the three7days’ burial, and visible is earthly, that
Pnevma. Dia Katadiseos i pros
zoi ke i Anastasis imon, Kyrie, so that Thou might free us Theon imon anodos ginete. which is inwardly understood is
Doxa Si! from our passions, O our Life Thavmasia ta Erga Sou Kyrie! ✞ higher than Heaven. Salvation
and Resurrection: Glory to Doxa Si! comes through Washing, and
Thee! through Water the Spirit: by
descending into the Water we
✞ Doxa Patri, ke Io, ke Agio ✞ Glory to the Father, and to the Ascend to God. Wonderful are
Pnevmati Son, and to the Holy Spirit
Thy Works, O Lord: ✞Glory to
Ex ipsous katilthes O efsplaghnos, Thou descended from on High, O
tafin katedexo triimeron, ina Tender7hearted One; Thou
imas eleftherosis ton pathon. I endured the three7days’ burial, ✞ Doxa Patri ke Io ke Agio ✞ Glory to the Father, and to
Pnevmati the Son, and to the Holy
zoi ke i Anastasis imon, Kyrie, so that Thou might free us Spirit
Doxa Si! from our passions, O our Life
and Resurrection: Glory to

4 Tone (8) Plagal 4 –After Theophany – 9 January 2011 Tone (8) Plagal 4 –After Theophany – 9 January 2011 17
pity and Love for mankind. A p ol y t i ki o n o f T he op ha n y – T one 1
Enite ton Theon en tis Agiis Praise God in His Saints;praise En Iordani Vaptizomenou Sou When Thou, O Lord, were
Afton. Enite Afton en Him in the firmament of His Kyrie, i tis Triados efanerothi Baptised in the Jordan, the
Power. Proskinisis. Tou gar Gennitoros i Worship of the Trinity was
stereomati tis Dinameos Aftou.
Lord, although Jews had laid Thee Foni prosemartiri Si, Agapiton made manifest. For the Voice
Kyrie, i ke os nekron en mnimio,
Se Iion Onomazousa. Ke to
of the Father bore Witness to
Ioudei Se katethento, all’ os as a Corpse in a Tomb, yet Thee, calling Thee “the
Vasilea ipnounta, stratiote Se soldiers were guarding Thee Pnevma en idi peristeras
Beloved Son,” and the Spirit,
efilatton, ke os Zois thisavron, as a sleeping King, and they eveveou tou Logou to asfales. O like a dove, confirmed His
sfragidi esfragisanto: Alla sealed Thee with a seal as Epifanis, Hriste O Theos, ke ton Word as sure and steadfast. O
Anestis ke pareshes, aftharsian kosmon Fotisas, Doxa Si! Christ our God, Who has
Treasure7house of Life, but
tes psihes imon. Appeared and Enlightened the
Thou Arose and granted
world: ✞ Glory to Thee!
Incorruption to our souls.
Enite Afton epi tes Dinasties Praise Him for His Mighty Acts; Ke nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton Now and ever, and to the ages of
praise Him according to the eonon. ages.
Afton. Enite Afton kata to
plithos tis Megalosinis Aftou. greatness of His Majesty. Amin Amen
Kyrie, oplon kata tou diavolou, ton Lord, Thou hast given us Thy Small Litany .
Stavron Sou imin dedokas: fritti Cross as a Weapon against the F i rs t Re s u rre c t i o n K at h i s m a – T o ne (8) Pl aga l 4
gar ke tremi, mi feron kathoran devil; for he quails and
aftou tin dinamin: oti nekrous Anestis ek nekron, i Zoi ton Thou Rose from the dead, the
trembles, unable to apanton, ke Angelos Fotos, tes
anista, ke thanaton katirgise: Life of all, and an Angel of
dia touto proskinoumen, tin contemplate Thy Power; for Ginexin evoa: Pavsasthe ton Light cried out to the Women:
Tafin Sou ke tin Egersin. Thou Raised the dead and dakrion, tis Apostolis Cease your tears! Announce
made Death of no effect: evangelisasthe:Kraxate imnouse: the Good Tidings to the
therefore, we worship Thy Oti Anesti Hristos O Kyrios, O Apostles! Cry aloud in Hymns
Burial and Thy Rising. evdokisas sose os Theos, to genos that Christ the Lord has
Enite Afton en iho salpingos. Praise Him with the sound of the ton anthropon.
Risen, Who as God was well7
Enite Afton en psaltirio ke trumpet; praise Him with lute pleased to Save the human
kithara. and harp. race.
O Angelos Sou Kyrie, O tin Thine Angel, O Lord, proclaiming ✞ Doxa Patri, ke Io, ke Agio ✞ Glory to the Father, and to
Anastasin kirixas, tous men Thy Resurrection, filled the the Son, and to the Holy
filakas efovise, ta de Ginea guards with fear, but he cried Spirit
efonise, legon: Ti zitite ton zonta
meta ton nekron? Anesti Theos
to the Women and said: Who Anastas ek tou tafou os alithos, tes When Thou had Truly Risen from
on, ke ti ikoumeni Zoin do you seek the Living with osies prosetaxas Ginexi, kirixe tin the Tomb, Thou ordered the
edorisato.. the dead? Being God, He has egersin Apostolis os gegrapte: ke Holy Women to proclaim the
Risen and given Life to the dromeos O Petros, epesti to Resurrection to the Apostles,
whole world! mnimati, ke to Fos en to tafo, as it is written; and Peter,
I d io m e la o f T he op h any – To ne 1 oron kateplitteto: Othen ke coming at full speed, stood by
Enite Afton en timpano ke horo. Praise Him with timbrel and katide, ta othonia mona, horis
the Tomb and seeing the
Enite Afton en hordes ke dance; praise Him with tou Thiou Somatos, en afto
Light in the Tomb, was
organo. strings and flute. katakimena: ke pistevsas evoise:
struck with amazement. And
Fos ek Fotos, elampse to kosmo Light of Light, Christ our God has Doxa Si Hriste O Theos oti
sosozis apantas Sotir imon: tou so he both saw the grave
Hristos O Theos imon, O shone upon the world; He is clothes lying there alone,
Epifanis Theos. Touton lai Patros gar iparhis
God and He appeared to us: O without the Divine Body, and
proskinisomen! apavgasma.
all you people: let us worship he believed and cried out:
Him! Glory to Thee, O Christ God,

16 Tone (8) Plagal 4 –After Theophany – 9 January 2011 Tone (8) Plagal 4 –After Theophany – 9 January 2011 5
because Thou Saves us all, E le ve nt h E xap os te i la r ion o f t h e R e s urr e c t i on
our Saviour: for Thou art the Meta tin thian egersin, tris to When the Lord, after His
Radiance of the Father! Petro: Filis Me? pithomenos O Resurrection, asked Peter
Ke nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton Now and ever, and to the ages Kyrios, ton idion Provato, thrice: “Do you Love Me?” He
eonon. of ages. provallete Pimenarhin. Os idon set him for a Shepherd over His
Amin Amen on igapa, O Iisous epomenon, Sheep. And when Peter saw the
ireto ton Despotin. Outos de ti? Disciple whom Jesus Loved
First Kathisma of Theophany Ean thelo: efise, menin touton, following Him, he asked the
Epifanentos Sou en Iordani Sotir, Thou Appeared, O Saviour Christ, eos ke palin erhome, ti pros
Lord: “And what is this?” And
ke Vaptithento Sou ipo in the Jordan and were Baptised se, File Petre?
the Lord said: “If I Will that he
Prodomou Hriste, Igapimenos by the Forerunner: and remain until I come again,
Ios emartirithis. Othen ke Testimony was borne to Thee, what is that to you, O Peter My
sinanarhos, to Patri Pefanerose. that Thou art the Beloved Son. Beloved?”
Pnevma de to Agion, epi se So were Thou revealed as Co7 E x a p os t e i la r io n o f T he o p h an y – T one 3
kategineto. En O ke Fotisthentes Eternal with the Father, and the Epefani O Sotir, i Haris i Alithia, The Saviour, Who is Grace and
Voomen: ✞Doxa Theo to en Holy Spirit Who descended en rithris tou Iordanou, ke tous Truth, Appeared in the streams
Triadi! upon Thee. Enlightened by en skoti ke skia, kathefdontas of the Jordan, and Enlightened
Thee, we cry: ✞ Glory to the Efotise. Ke gar ilthen efani, to those who slept in darkness
God in Trinity! fos to aprositon. (3) and shadow. For the
Unapproachable Light has come
S e c o nd K a th i s ma o f t he Re s u rre ct i o n – Tone (8) Plagal 4 and is revealed. (3)
Anthropi to mnima Sou, Sotir Mortals sealed Thy Tomb, O L a u d s : Th e Pr a is e s t o G o d - Ps a l m 14 8
Praises To The Lord From All Creation
esfragisanto, Angelos ton lithon, Saviour; an Angel rolled the
ek tis thiras apekilise: Ginekes stone from the door; Women
Pasa pnoi enesato ton Kyrion. Let everything that has breath
etheasanto, egigermenon ek Enite ton Kyrion ek ton praise the Lord. Praise the
saw Thee Risen from the dead, Ouranon. Enite Afton en tis Lord from the Heavens; praise
nekron, ke afte evingelisanto tis and it was they who gave the Ipsistis. Si prepi imnos to Him in the Highest. To Thee
Mathites Sou en Sion: Oti enestis Good Tidings to Thy Disicples Theo. praise is due, O God.
i Zoi ton apanton, ke dielithi ta
desma tou thanatou: Kyrie,
in Zion: The Life of all has Enite Afton, pantes i Angelli Praise Him, all His Angels; praise
Risen and the bonds of earth Aftou. Enite Afton, pase e Him, all His Powers. To Thee
✞Doxa Si! are loosed: Lord, ✞Glory to Dinamis Aftou. Si prepi praise is due, O God.
Thee! imnos to Theo.
O f t he Re s u rre c t io n - Ps al m 1 50 - T o ne ( 8) Pla g al 4
✞ Doxa Patri, ke Io, ke Agio ✞ Glory to the Father, and to the Let All Things Praise The Lord!
Son, and to the Holy Spirit
Pnevmati Tou piise en aftis frima To execute upon them the
Ta mira tis tafis, e Ginekes
The Women who brought spices
engrapton. Doxa afti este pasi Judgement that is decreed;
komisase, fonis Angelikis, ek tou for the Burial heard from the tis Osiis Aftou. such Glory will be for all His
tafou ikouon: Pavsasthe ton Tomb an Angel’s voice: Cease Holy Ones.
dakrion, ke anti lipis Haran your tears! And bring Joy Kyrie, i ke kritirio parestis, ipo Lord, although Thou stood at the
komisasthe: kraxate animnouse, instead of sorrow! Cry aloud Pilatou krnomenos, all’ ouk Judgement Seat being judged
oti anesti Hristos O Kyrios, O in Hymns that Christ the Lord apelifthis tou thronou, to Patri
by Pilate, yet Seated with the
evdokisas sose os Theos, to has Risen, Who, as God, was sigkathezomenos: ke anastas ek
nekron, ton kosmon ileftherosas, Father, Thou were not absent
genos ton anthropon well7pleased to Save the from Thy Throne; and Risen
ek tis doulias tou allotriou, os
human race. iktirmon ke Filanthropos. from the dead, Thou freed the
Ke nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton Now and ever, and to the ages of world from the slavery of the
eonon. ages. stranger, as Thou art full of

6 Tone (8) Plagal 4 –After Theophany – 9 January 2011 Tone (8) Plagal 4 –After Theophany – 9 January 2011 15
Ne, fisin, Outos, simfiis gonos had Begotten from the womb. Amin Amen
melon, Fotafgos exorousen “Truly,” said He: “This is My
anthropon genous, Logos te mou S e c o nd K a th i s ma o f Th e op h an y – T one 4
Offspring, of the same Nature
Zoin, ke Vrotos Promitheia. as Myself: bearing Light, He Iordani potame, ti ethamvithis O River Jordan, what have you
has come forth from theoron; Ton atheoriton seen to be amazed? “I have
mankind, My Living Word, in gimnon, idon ke efrixa fisi. Ke seen Him naked Who cannot be
Divine Providence become pos gar touton ouk emellon seen, and I trembled,” said he,
mortal Man.” frixe ke dine; i Angeli afton, “How should I not tremble
Eflexe rithro ton drakonton tas He Who stilled the heat of the orontes efrixan. Exesti Ouranos, before Him and turn back?”
karas, O tis kaminou tin flame of the furnace that ke gi etromaxe. Ke sinestali The Angels, beholding Him,
metarsion floga, neous ferousan mounted high in the air and thalassa, ke panta ta orata ke were afraid: Heaven was filled
efsevis katefnasas. Tin encircled the Godly Children, aorata. ✞ Hristos Efani en with wonder and the earth
diskathenton ahlin ex amartias. burnt the heads of the dragons Iordani, Agiase ta idata. shook, the sea and all things
Olin plini de, ti droso tou
Pnevmatos. in the stream of the Jordan: visible and invisible withdrew.
Resurrection Evlogitaria, Trisagion
and with the Dew of the Spirit Hymn, Theotokion & Small Litany ✞Christ has Appeared in the
He washes away all the Jordan to Sanctify the waters!
stubborn obscurity of sin. I p e r k o i o f t h e R e s urr e ct i o n
✞Enoumen, Evlogoumen ke ✞We praise, we Bless and we E Mirofori tou Zoodotou, epistase The Myrrh7bearing Women
Proskinoumen ton Kyrion worship the Lord!
ton mnimati, ton Despotin standing at the Tomb of the
Elefthera men i ktisis gnorizete. Ii The Creation finds itself set free, ezitoun, en nekris ton Giver of Life, were seeking the
de Fotos, is prin eskotismeni. and those in darkness are now athanaton: ke Haras evangelia, Immortal Master among the
Monos sternazi, tou skotous O ek tou Angelou dexamene, tis
made sons of Light: alone the dead: and when they received
prostatis. Nin eflogito sintonos
prince of darkness groans. Let Apostolis eminion: Oti Anesti O the Good Tidings of Joy from
ton etion, i prisn talena ton
all the Inheritance of the Kyrios parehon to kosmo to the Angel, they revealed to the
Ethnon pagkliria.
Nations, that was before in Mega Eleos.
Apostles that Christ had Risen,
The Magnificat misery, now Bless with granting the world His Great
eagerness Him Who has Mercy.
wrought this Change. Anabathmi - Tone (8) Plagal 4
9 t h Od e of T he op h an y Antiphon 1 Antiphon 1
Megalinon, psihi mou, tin Magnify, O my soul, Her who has Ek neotitos mou O ehthros me From my youth, the enemy has
litrosamenin imas ek tis delivered us from the curse. pirazi, tes idones flegi me. Ego beguiled me with temptations
kataras. de pepithos en si, Kyrie, of pleasure. But I, trusting in
O ton iper noun, tou Tokou Sou O Most Pure Bride, O Blessed tropoume touton. the Lord, have put him to
thavmaton! Nimfi Panagni, Mother, the Wonders of Thy shame.
Miter Evlogimeni. Di is tihontes Birth7giving pass all I misountes Sion, genithitosan di, Let those who hate Zion truly
pantelous Sotirias, epaxion understanding. Through prin ekspasthine os hortos. become as grass, before it is
krotoumen os efergeti, Doron Thee we have obtained Sigkopi gar Hristos avhenas uprooted, for the Lord shall
feronte, imnon evharistias Salvation in all things, and, as afton tomi vasanon. behead them with the cutting
is right and meet, we rejoice sword of Torment.
before Thee, our Benefactor,
Small Litany & Praises to God  ✞Doxa Patri ke Io ke Agio ✞Glory to the Father, and to the
bearing as Gift a Hymn of
Pnemati. Ke nin ke ai ke is Son, and to the Holy Spirit,
Thanksgiving. now and ever and to the Ages
tous eonas ton eonon.
of Ages.
Amin Amen

14 Tone (8) Plagal 4 –After Theophany – 9 January 2011 Tone (8) Plagal 4 –After Theophany – 9 January 2011 7
✞Agio Pnevmati to zin ta panta, ✞Life is in the Holy Spirit for all. K a t av as ia o f T he op h an y
fos ek Fotos Theos Mega. Sin He is Light of Light, a Great I I - T he I a m b ic Ve rs e s o f T he op h a n y
Patri imnoumen afto ke to Logo God. Let us praise Him with
Stivi thalassis, kimatoumenon Israelpassed through the storm7
the Father and the Logos. salon, Ipiron afthis, Isarail
Antiphon 2 Antiphon 2 tossed deep of the sea that
dedigmenon. Melas de pontos, God had turned into dry land:
I kardia mou to fovo sou skepestho, Let my heart, encompassed by Thy tristatas Egiption, kripsen ardin,
but the dark waters completely
tapinofrovousa, mi ipsothisa fear, be humbled, O Most idatostrotos tafos, Romi kratea,
dexias tou Despotou. covered the chief captains of
apopesi ek sou paniktirmnon. Compassionate, lest it rise and Egypt in a watery grave
fall from Thee. through the Mighty Strength of
Epi to Kyrion O eshikos elpida, ou He who trusts in the Lord shall the right Hand of the Master.
disi tote ote Piri ta panta krini not be afraid when Fire shall Osi paleon eklelimetha Vrohon, From the ancient snares have we
ke kolasi. Judge, and Punish all. Voron leonton sintethlasmenon all been set loose, and the jaws
milas, Agalliomen ke of the devouring lions have
✞Doxa Patri ke Io ke Agio ✞Glory to the Father, and to the
platinomen stoma, Logo
Son, and to the Holy Spirit. been broken: let us then,
Pnevmati. Ke nin ke ai ke is plekontes, ek logon melodian, O
Now and ever, and to the Ages ton pros imas, idete dorimaton. rejoice exceedingly and open
tous eonas ton eonon.
of Ages. wide our mouths, weaving with
Amin Amen words a melody to the Word
✞Agio Pnevmati pas tis thios vlepi ✞Every Whose delight it is to bestow
Godly person sees,
ke prolegi, teratourgi ipsista, en foretells, and works Supreme Gifts upon us.
trisin ena Theou melpon. I gar Wonders by the Holy Spirit. He Pirso katharthis mistikis theorias, Cleansed by the Fire of a Mystic
ke trilampi, monarhi to Thion. sings to One God in Three Imnon profitis tin Vroton Vision, the Prophet sang the
Persons. Although manifested kenourgian, rignisi girin, praises of the Renewal of
Pnevmati krotoumenin, sarkosin
as Three, the Godhead reigns mortal man. Filled with the
emfenousan arritou Logou, O
as One. Inspiration of the Spirit, he
ton dinastin ta krati sinetrivi.
Antiphon Γ Antiphon 3 raised his voice, telling of the
Ekekraxa si, Kyrie, proshes klinon I have cried to Thee: O Lord, Incarnation of the Ineffable
incline Thine Ear to my voice Word, Who has shattered the
mi to ous sou voonti, ke
katharon prin aris me apo ton and cleanse me before Thou dominion of the strong.
enthevde. take me from all that is here.
Epi tin mitera aftou gin dinon pas Everyone shall again return to
avthis analisi, tou lavin Mother Earth and at once be Ehthrou zofodous ke By the cleansing of the Spirit have
vasanous i gera to veriomenon. Vevorvoromenou, Ion katharsi
dissolved, to receive Prize or we been washed from the
Punishment in accordance with Pnevmatos leloumeni, nean
prosormisthimen aplani trivon, poison of the dark and unclean
their life. Agousan apositon is thimidian, enemy, and we have set out
✞Doxa Patri ke Io ke Agio ✞Glory to the Father, and to the monis prositin, is Theos katillagi. upon a New Path free from
Pnevmati. Ke nin ke ai ke is Son, and to the Holy Spirit. error, that leads to gladness of
tous eonas ton eonon. Now and ever, and to the heart past all attainment,
Ages of Ages which only they attain whom
Amin Amen God has Reconciled with
✞Agio Pnevmati Theologia Monas ✞By the Holy Spirit was bestowed Himself.
Trisagia. O Patir gar anarhos, Theology: the One Thrice7Holy Imerton exefine sin panolivio, Iho The Father in a Voice full of Joy
ex ou efi O Ios ahronos, ke to Godhead: The Father Patrir, on gastros exirefxato. revealed His Beloved Whom He

8 Tone (8) Plagal 4 –After Theophany – 9 January 2011 Tone (8) Plagal 4 –After Theophany – 9 January 2011 13
rejoices AT THY RISING FROM Pnevma simmorfon, sinthronon, Unoriginate, Who timelessly
THE DEAD, O MOST MERCIFUL! ek Patros sineklampsan. Begot the Eternal Son and from
K o n t a ki o n o f T he op han y – T o ne 4 Whom proceeded the Spirit 7
Epefanis simeron ti ikoumeni, ke to Thou appeared today to the sharing Form, Throne and
Fos Sou Kyrie, esimiothi ef imas inhabited earth, and Thy Light, Splendour with the Father.
en epignosi imnountas Se. Antiphon ∆ Antiphon 4
O Lord, has shone upon us,
ILTHES EFANIS TO FOS TO who with understanding sing Idou di ti kalon i ti terpnon, all i to Behold how good and beautiful it
Thy praise: THOU CAME AND katikin adelfous ama? En touto is for Brethren to dwell
SHONE FORTH, O LIGHT gar Kyrios epingilato Zoin together. For in this, the Lord
Eonian. promised Eternal Life.
O i k os o f T he op h a n y
Tou endimatos aftou O ta krina The One Who adorns the lilies of
Ti Galilea ton Ethnon, ti tou Upon Galilee of the Gentiles, upon the field commands that no
tou agrou kosmon kelevi, mi din
Zaboulon hora, ke tou the land of Zabulon and the
frontizin. one be concerned about their
Nefthalim gea, os ipen O land of Nephthalim, as the
Profitis, Fos Mega elampse clothing.
Prophet said, a Great Light has
Hristos. Tis eskotismenis faini shone Who is the Christ. To
✞Doxa Patri ke Io ke Agio ✞Glory to the Father, and to the
ofthi afgi, ek Vithleem Pnevmati. Ke nin ke ai ke is Son, and to the Holy Spirit.
those who sat in darkness a
astraptousa. Mallon de ek tous eonas ton eonon. Now and ever, and to the Ages
Radiant Dawn has appeared as
Marias O Kyrios pasi ti of Ages.
Lightning from Bethlehem. The
ikoumeni anatelli tas aktinas, O
Lord Born from Mary 7 the Sun
Amin Amen
Ilios tis Dikeosinis. Dion i Ex ✞Agio Pnevmati enoidi etia, panta ✞Contained within the Holy Spirit
of Righteousness 7spreads His
Adam gimni, defte pantes
Rays upon the whole inhabited ehete irinovravevtos. Thos is the Cause of all, in Perfect
ipodiomen afton, ina
earth. Come then, naked touto gar esti, Patri te ke Io Peace. For He is God of one
thalfthomen. Skepi gar
children of Adam, and let us Omoousion Kyrios
gimnon, ke egli eskotismenon, Essence with the Father and the
ilthes efanis to Fos to apositon. put on Christ so that we keep Son.
warm, for Thou Who art a Prokeimenon
Protection and Veil to the Vasilevsi Kyrios is ton eona, O The Lord shall reign forever:
naked, and a Light to those in Theos Sou, Sion, is genean ke Thy God, O Zion, from
darkness, Thou came and genean.(2) generation to generation. (2)
shone forth, O Light Eni, i psihi mou, ton Kyrion VERSE Praise the Lord, O my soul
S y n a xa r io n o f 9 Ja n uar y Vasilevsi Kyrios is ton eona, O The Lord shall reign forever:
Theos Sou, Sion, is genean ke Thy God, O Zion, from
Ti Θ’tou aftou minos, Mnimi tou On the 9th day of this month we genean. generation to generation.
Agiou Martiros Polievktou. Commemorate the Holy Martyr
St Polyeuktos of Melitene, Small Litany & Praises To God
Armenia. Gospel 11 : John 21:14 - 25
Ti Our Lord Jesus Restores And Commissions St Peter
afti imera, Mnimi tou Osiou On this day we Commemorate our
patros imon Evstratiou tou Righteous Father, St Eustratios Touto ide triton efanerothi o Iisous The third time our Lord Jesus
Thavmatourgou. the Wonderworker of the tis Mathites aftou egerthis ek showed Himself to His
Monastery of Agauros near nekron, ote oun iristisan legi to Disciples after He was Risen
Prusa. Simoni Petro O IIisous:”Simon from the dead, when they had
Iona Agapas Me plion touto?” eaten breakfast, Jesus said to
By their Holy Intercessions, O God,
Tes Aftone Agies Presvies, O have Mercy and Save us.
Simon Peter: “Simon, son of
Theos, eleison ke Soson imas. Jonah, do you Love Me more
Amen. than these?”

12 Tone (8) Plagal 4 –After Theophany – 9 January 2011 Tone (8) Plagal 4 –After Theophany – 9 January 2011 9
Legi afto: “Ne Kyrie, Si idas oti filo He said to Him: “Yes, Lord, Thou Legi afto O IIisous: “Ean afto thelo Jesus said to him: “If I Will that
Se.” know that I love Thee.” menin eos erhome, ti pros se? he remain until I come, what
He said to him: “Feed My Lambs.” Si akolouthi Mi!” is that to you? You follow
Legi Afto: “Voske ta Arnia Mou.” Me!”
Legi Afto palin defteron: “Simon He said to him again a second Exilthen oun O logos outos is tous Then this saying went out among
Iona, Agapas Me? “ time: “Simon, son of Jonah, do
Adelfous oti O Mathitis ekinos the Brethren that this Disciple
you Love Me?”
ouk apothniski. would not die.
Legi afto: “Ne Kyrie, Si idas oti Filo He said to Him:, “Yes Lord; Thou
know that I Love Thee.” Ke ouk ipen afto O IIisous oti ouk Yet Jesus did not say to him that
apothniski, al ean afton: Thelo he would not die, but: “If I
Legi afto: “Pimene ta Provata He said to him: “Tend My sheep.” minin eos erhome, ti pros se? Will that he remain until I
Mou.” come, what is that to you?”
Outos estin O Mathitis O martiron
Legi afto to triton: “Simon Iona, He said to him the third time: peri touton ke grapsas tafta; ke
This is the Disciple who Testifies
filis Me?” “Simon, son of Jonah, do you idamen oti Alithis estin i to these Things, and wrote
love Me?” Martiria aftou. these Things; and we know
Elipithi O Petros oti ipen Afto to Peter was grieved because He that his Testimony is True.
triton: “Filis Me?” asked him a third time: “Do Esti de ke alla polla osa epiisen O And there are also many other
you love Me?” Iisous, atina ean grafite kath’ things that Jesus did, which if
en, oude afton ime ton kosmon they were written one by one,
Ke ipen Afto: “Kyrie, Si panta idas And he said to Him, “Lord, Thou
horise ta grafomena vivlia. I suppose that even the world
Si ginoskis oti filo Se.” know all things; Thou know
that I love Thee.” itself could not contain the
books that would be written.
Legi afto O Isous: “Voske ta Jesus said to him:, “Feed My Amin
sheep. Amen
Provata Mou. Resurrection Prayer; Psalm 50/51, Salvation Prayers & Small
“Amin, amin, lego si: ote is “Truly, truly, I say to you: when Litany 
neoteros ezonies ke periepatis you were younger, you girded K o n t a ki o n o f t he Re s ur re c t i o n – T o ne (8) Pl ag al 4
opou itheles; otan the girasis, yourself and walked where Exanastas tou Mnimatos, tous On Rising from the grave Thou
ektenis tas hiras sou, ke alos you wished; but when you are
tethneotas igiras, ke ton Adam roused the dead and Raised up
se zosi, ke isi opou ou thelis.” old, you will stretch out your
Anestisas: ke i Eva horevi en ti Adam. Eve dances at Thy
hands, and another will gird
Si Anastasi, ke kosmou ta Resurrection, and the ends of
you and carry you where you
perata Panigirizousi, TI EK the world keep festival at Thy
do not wish to go.” NEKRON EGERSI SOU, POLIELEE.
Rising from the dead, O Most
Touto de ipe simenon pio This He spoke, signifying by what Merciful.
thanatodoxasi ton Theon. death he would glorify God. Ikos of the Resurrection – Tone (8) Plagal 4
Ke touto ipon legi Afto: “Akolouthi And when He had spoken this, He Ta tou Adou skilevsas vasilia, ke When Thou had ransacked the
Mi!” said to him: “Follow Me!” nekrous anastisas makrothime, Palaces of Hades and raised the
Epistrafis de O Petros vlepi ton Then Peter, turning around, saw ginexi Miroforis sinintisas, anti dead, O Longsuffering, Thou
Mathitin on Igapa O IIisous the Disciple whom Jesus Loved lipis Haran komisamenos: ke
met the Myrrh7bearing Women,
akolouthounta, ( os ke anepesen Apostolis Sou eminisas ta tis
following, (who also had leaned bringing them Joy instead of
nikis simvola, Sotir mou
en to dipno epi to Stithos Aftou on His Breast at the Supper sorrow; and to Thine Apostles
zoodota, ke tin ktisin
ke ipe: “Kyrie, tis estin O and asked: “Lord, who is the efotisas Filanthrope: dia touto Thou revealed the Symbols of
paradidous Se?”) one who betrays Thee?”) ke kosmos sigheri, TI EK Thy Victory, my Saviour: Giver
Touton idon O Petros legi to Iisou: Seeing him, Peter said to Jesus:
of Life: and Thou Enlightened
“Kyrie, outos de ti?” “Lord, what about this man?” Creation, Lover of Mankind!
Therefore, too, the world

10 Tone (8) Plagal 4 –After Theophany – 9 January 2011 Tone (8) Plagal 4 –After Theophany – 9 January 2011 11