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CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY FLAG SERVICE ORGANIZATION May 26, 2020 City Clerk City of Clearwater RE: PUBLIC RECORDS REQUEST (W062853-042320) Dear Ms. Call, Thank you for the records produced in response to my April 23, 2020 request. Thave reviewed the documents produced and, unfortunately, it appears there are a significant number of records Mr. Bunker has not turned over for production in response to my request. We know you understand the importance of having Mr. Bunker gather all of the documents responsive to requests under the Sunshine Act. Pethaps part of his difficulty in responding properly under the statute is the fact that he posts items related to his position on the City Couneil on several personal social ‘media sites and on closed and members-only anti-Scientology sites rather than on his “Councilmember Mark Bunker” site, This makes it much more difficult for everyone to ascertain whether his production is complete. ‘As an example, on May 15th Mr. Bunker posted about his agenda item for the City Council work session on his personal Facebook page, advertising the work session and the fact he expected Scientologists to attend, and encouraging people to participate as part of “public comments”, This posting precipitated numerous comments ~ including from Outer Banks people — as far flung as the Bahamas and New Mexico. [TAB 1] (Note, some of the documents produced to us were highlighted, therefore relevant portions of documents attached are outlined in red so as to differentiate any already-existing highlights from what is being cited.) The next day Mr. callie flagorg + tienrolegy 50 on Bunker posted a notice of the work session on his “Councilmember Mark Bunker” page, but he omitted the references included on his personal site regarding public comment. [TAB 2] Similarly, on May 19", Mr. Bunker posted a video of his statement at that day’s City Council work session addressing his role as a member of the City Council on a personal YouTube page but only posted a link to the video on his Councilmember Facebook page. [TABs 3 & 4] This clearly causes confusion for all and inevitably leads to the failure to produce all records subject to a Sunshine Act request that we now see with Mr. Bunker. With respect to my request of April 23, 2020, we note the following examples of responsive documents Mr. Bunker failed to produce. This list does not by any means include all the documents responsive to my request and omitted by Mr. Bunker. Mr. Bunker’s posts may be found far and wide and it is difficult to track them all, despite diligent efforts. ENTIRE CATEGORIES OF RECORDS NOT PRODUCED 1. The records produced did not include a phone call log, incoming or outgoing for Mr. Bunker’s personal or city-issued mobile phones. Call logs were specifically included in our request. 2. No paper records of any kind were produced, including no mailed letters, phone notes or handwritten messages of any kind. 3. No records were produced from Mr. Bunker’s YouTube page, although he has posted a number of videos and statements to that page since March 17. As but one example, on March 31 Mr. Bunker posted a video entitled “Welcome to the Office of Council Member Bunker” taken in City Hall and prominently displaying a Mike Rinder bobblehead on Mr. Bunker’s desk. [TAB 5] The video may be found at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EB_wBZMPwog and a copy is included with this letter. Mr. Bunker also did not produce his response to a blog posting by Rinder, where Rinder posts “Mark tells me Bobblerinder will be a permanent fixture at his desk. It is quite an honor.” [TAB 6] Nor did Mr. Bunker produce any record of making this statement to Rinder. DOCUMENTS PRODUCED SHOW MISSING RECORDS In a text message to Mike Rinder on March 28, Mr. Bunker stated: “J told him [Bill Horne] about all the emails I’m getting from family members worried about the cramped conditions at hacienda gardens and how the flag buses are continuing to load and unload.” [TAB 7] No e-mails matching that description (“all the emails ... from family members worried about the cramped conditions at hacienda gardens”) were produced. : The first text message produced between Mr. Bunker and Aaron Smith-Levin is dated March 31. [TAB 8] Mr. Bunker met with Smith-Levin on Cleveland St on March 30. Considering Smith-Levin’s involvement in Mr. Bunker’s election, as well as their concerted anti-Scientology activities, it seems unlikely there was no communication between them from March 17 until March 31. Mr. Bunker’s production of text messages with Smith-Levin includes a message from Mr. Bunker that states “Dr. Gilbert Janelli, long history of noncompliance with property code enforcement.” [TAB 8] The production does not include what this message was in response to, nor any answer from Smith-Levin. In a text conversation with Smith-Levin on April 13, regarding Mr. Bunker’s request to be appointed to the Downtown Development Board, Smith-Levin suggested Mr. Bunker “explain to the mayor and lawyer about why the church could not / would not sue the city.” Mr. Bunker responded “I've put that in writing for them already but will bring it up again.” [TAB 8] That “writing” was not produced, nor was any follow-up document from Mr. Bunker produced. On April 14 Mark Bunker sent a text to Leah Remini stating the following regarding the Church’s precautions in the face of the current COVID-19 pandemic: “Zt will take public shaming in the press to actually get any more action. As far as the city goes, they looked into it and everything seems fine. The good news is the press is always happy to shame public officials and Scientology will give us constant reasons for the press to keep up the pressure.” [TAB 9] Mr. Bunker also provided an e-mail conversation from March 20 with Jennifer Heger from AMI (publisher of tabloid publications such as US, RADAR, Life & Style, OK! and In Touch), where Mr. Bunker states he would use the fact that two individuals who happen to be Scientologists were requesting a grant from the CRA to question them about property purchases in the downtown and “formally recommend the city ask state and federal officials to investigate what the hell is going on here. Since both Cassano and Emrani serve on the city’s Downtown Development Board, it brings up questions of potential corruption so I will seek an investigation of that as well. ... Not only should this project not get a nickel but it should be a gateway to bigger issues that hopefully down the line will bring justice and strip Scientology of their tax exempt status.” [TAB 10] No communication with media after this April 14 text was produced other than one e-mail and a handful of texts with Times reporter Tracey McManus, and one text conversation with full-time anti-Scientology blogger Tony Ortega (never a Scientologist but former editor of Village Voice who operated the sex trafficking website backpage.com). We would like confirmation that there are no additional communications between Mr. Bunker and media. In a March 19 Facebook private message, Mr. Bunker stated he had spent 17 hours responding to e-mails, looking at Facebook comments and on the phone, inferring that these communications related to the election. [TAB 11] (The blue highlighting that makes this difficult to read was on the document as received.) The records produced include six documents during that 17-hour period, of which three are e-mails and all are quite short. The documents produced do not reflect the volume one would expect for 17 hours of activity. SOCIAL MEDIA NOT PRODUCED . A review of the Facebook postings provided by Mr. Bunker against what is publicly visible shows more than 20 postings made by him not produced. There may be more that are not publicly visible. An example of a Facebook posting not produced is from April 1, where Mr. Bunker posted on his personal Facebook page the Times article regarding the Police Chief inspecting Church facilities for compliance to COVID-19 regulations. Although the Chief reported he found no issues, Mr. Bunker then followed up with comments to his own posting, including such statements as “Chief Slaughter was not permitted to enter the crowded berthing units which is where the trouble potentially lies. Of course, the public spaces for wealthy paying customers are kept spotless. Scientology has an (almost) unpaid naval fleet of workers to continually polish and disinfect the common areas. But they then go back to cramped quarters where the Sea Org members face possible contamination and widespread infection.” [TAB 12] In addition to not producing the posting, Mr. Bunker produced no documents indicating Chief Slaughter was not permitted to enter “‘crowded” berthing units. A second example of a Facebook posting not produced is from April 18 where Mr. Bunker posted a quote and photo shopped picture from another anti- Scientologist parodying Mr. David Miscavige and Scientologists who had spoken at City Council a few days prior (Paris Morfopolous, Shahab Emrani, Ray Cassano, Keanan Kintzel, Stu Sjouwerman, Steve Anderson and Brett Miller). [TAB 13] . Not all Tweets were produced. For example, a March 18 Tweet from Mr. Bunker on his “Councilmember Mark Bunker” Twitter account supporting and urging people to subscribe to the Zimes and re-Tweeting Times reporter Tracey McManus was not produced. [TAB 14] Another example of a Tweet not produced is a March 30 Tweet in response to Mike Rinder Tweeting about a “New video of bus with blacked out windows unloading dozens of SO members.” [TAB 15] IMPROPER REDACTIONS . Several of the Facebook postings produced included blacked out names, yet no explanation was provided as to why or how that information is exempt from disclosure as a public record. . Many of the Facebook postings and Tweets Mr. Bunker produced do not include the comments or responses, which are communications to Mr. Bunker and are public record. An example is an April 13 posting by Mr. Bunker on a private group, with Smith-Levin responding that “Pam Akin should know better. Her response is an embarrassment to the city of Clearwater in my opinion and such responses are why people have the impression that these folks are in the pocket of Scientology.” Mr. Bunker “liked” this comment using his “councilmember” Facebook page. Another commenter stated “You surely have the Mayor, Pam Aiken, and the Council members squirming Mark.” [TAB 16, document produced and TAB 17 document with all comments not produced, outlined in red, starting with Smith-Levin’s] Another example where Mr. Bunker did not produce comments is a March 18 posting by Mr. Bunker in a private Facebook group regarding the City’s decisions on closing the beach. One comment in response was: “This is Co$ chance to prove that OTs are immune from sickness. Put them all on the front lines of this pandemic. (Tongue in cheek as the mentally ill need to be protected as well)” Another response “It’s easy to protect the mentally ill, board up flag and keep them in. lol” [TAB 18] VIDEOS NOT PRODUCED 14. For years Mr. Bunker has claimed to be making a “documentary” about Scientology. In several Facebook postings produced, Mr. Bunker is pictured with what looks like a video being edited behind him. [TAB 19] Any videos created since March 17, 2020 on any of the subjects included in our request are public record. None were produced, although the video posted by Mr. Bunker on his YouTube page noted above shows Mr. Bunker has created video content. CONCLUSION The above listing does not begin to include all of the documents responsive to my request Mr. Bunker failed to produce. While the above is a representative sample, we have discovered hundreds of pages of documents not produced by Mr. Bunker responsive to our request. Your assistance in producing these additional responsive records will be greatly appreciated. If Mr. Bunker does not produce these records, we request an explanation be provided by Mr. Bunker as to why these documents are not responsive to my request. If you should determine to withhold any records responsive to this request, please identify what is being withheld and the reason for withholding. Lastly, no explanation was given as to why some of the documents produced were highlighted in yellow and blue. Please clarify for me, if possible, the significance of the highlights, i.e., the meaning of a yellow highlight or a blue highlight and who provided the highlighting. Thank you. Sincerely, len Corporate Secretary Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization